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Yoshinori Kondo, Rose Roads & Daisuke Saito: "Team Japan - Aotan" Size: 2.59" Price: SOLD

These Team Japan marbles are, quite simply, THE BEST marbles that have ever been created, BY FAR! Nothing preceding these even comes close, and it's hard to imagine that a group of artists will create marbles more amazing than these. These are suitable for any glass museum in the world, suitable for any palace in the world, to be marveled at by kings and queens. If you are able, if you have the means - this is the glass that you want to have in the centerpiece of your collection. It won't get any better than this, not for a while anyway. Prepare to have your mind melted if you get to see these in hand! Only 9 of these Team Japan marbles have been created - 5 in 2013 which were sold in Toronto at the Treating Yourself Expo, where Team Japan won the prestigious flameoff; 3 in 2014 at the first Team Japan show held in Tokyo, Japan; and then 1 in 2015 at the next Team Japan show held in Tokyo. None have been made since at this point, and it's hard to say if there will be more. Yoshi puts all of the marbles together, using sections from Junichi Kojima (Rose Roads) and Daisuke, and they are such an intense amount of work that he finds it very difficult at this point to find the time to work on marbles of this magnitude. I hope we see more, but right now, these 9 are all that exist in the world.

This white based jewel is one of the 3 that were made in 2014, and it is the first one from that year which I have sold (I have one of the three in my personal collection). In one half of the marble core we see a mind-blowing section created by Rose Roads, exceedingly perfect, beautiful and colorful, and a match made in heaven for Yoshi's magnificent white dot stacking. In the other half of the marble core is a stack of 4 incredibly fiery opals, with a section of Daisuke's fuming wrapped around them in the foreground, with sweet UV brilliance woven through the design. The whole ensemble together is a huge marble that is an absolute masterpiece of technical construction, created by the only glass artist in the world who can pull something like this off - the legendary Yoshinori Kondo. You will find yourself gazing into its depths for hours as you contemplate how in the world a pile of glass rods could somehow be manipulated in intense flame to become this perfect sphere that is so exceedingly complex and stable. The wonders of glass and human achievement, wrapped together in one stellar package that will widen the eyes of onlookers for millenia to come!!

It probably goes without saying but I'll say it anyway - this is an exceedingly rare opportunity to own one of the legendary 9 Team Japan marbles, so if you've been looking for the best - here it is. It is signed by all 3 artists - RR for Rose Roads, Daisuke's Kanji, Yoshi's signature opal, and then a '14' for the year. **Please contact me if a different payment option is needed.**

To showcase his amazing creations, Yoshi has created special boxes to ship, display and store the marbles in. The last two pics show one of these boxes, and it comes complete with a removable black felt base which the marble can rest on either inside or outside of the box, depending on where you want to place the base. There are two nice little black pillows inside the box which hold the marble in place as the box clicks shut. It is a heavy, extremely well-crafted box that is lacquered to a deep, shiny black finish. This box then comes inside another black storage box. The whole design is extraordinarily brilliant, bringing a touch of class to marbles that deserve it far above and beyond all others. Yoshi is an artist at the highest level of artistry, and he respects his work on a level like it truly should be respected. Please forgive the bright shining dust in the pics - some of those particles fought a tough battle in trying to cling to this beautiful box. The box is WAAAAY better in hand, trust me.

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g10/17/390417/3/165322382.OtCjOfrK.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322383.3oYyxCkB.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322397.oMyf6NR0.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322384.SdXZebJo.jpg
g10/17/390417/3/165322385.vKhLIUgv.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322386.QWktjU0V.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322387.pXDMQFvv.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322388.Hj6VglMp.jpg
g10/17/390417/3/165322389.gt95ogWn.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322390.KZOkShgK.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322391.DjIRCYU5.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322392.mjaARe16.jpg
g10/17/390417/3/165322393.r3XM2Oog.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322394.HKnL4A1I.jpg g10/17/390417/3/165322395.cdHDZ438.jpg g9/17/390417/3/160942661.ztqUcTl0.jpg