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Kaj Beck Marbles For Sale (Sold Out)

These are simply amazing marbles, incredible works of art, and Kaj is creating glass art that flat out nobody else is doing. They resemble beautiful sunsets, and are even more astounding when they are backlit with either a natural or artificial light source. The light shines through the glass and lights up the sunset as if it were life itself. In front of a window, receiving indirect sunlight works especially well and looks SOOOOO awesome.

I find that some of my pictures are almost too good, ha - especially with the smaller marbles, they tend to show every tiny little detail in the glass, whereas in real life, you don't see these little things, and the whole image and effect blends together so much better. Simply put, these marbles look WAY better in hand, regardless of what you think of the pictures, good or bad.

Each gallery shows several shots of each marble as it rotates around, and then there is a top shot of the marble, usually with the moon and stars, and also a shot of the bottom which you don't actually see during display. Each marble is signed and dated on the bottom.

Collectors have been absolutely raving about Kaj's Sunset marbles over the years! Comments like "they are SO much cooler in hand" are prevalent. You've gotta see one for yourself!

Kaj is being featured in 2009 at a very exclusive marble exhibition in Japan, along with 11 other American artists and 6 Japanese artists. Quite an honor to be invited to this show, being held at the You-yuusya Gallery.

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

Happy Wag  Size: 1.37  Price: SOLD
:: "Happy Wag" Size: 1.37" Price: SOLD ::
Sunset Rhinos Size: 3.51 Price: SOLD
:: "Sunset Rhinos" Size: 3.51" Price: SOLD ::
Passionate Pyro Size: 2.22 Price: SOLD
:: "Passionate Pyro" Size: 2.22" Price: SOLD  ::
Sunset Giraffes Size: 3.49 Price: SOLD
:: "Sunset Giraffes" Size: 3.49" Price: SOLD ::
Cane-o-tron 3000  Size: 1.64  Price: SOLD
:: "Cane-o-tron 3000" Size: 1.64" Price: SOLD ::
Serengeti Sunset 3 Size: 1.85 Price: SOLD
:: "Serengeti Sunset 3" Size: 1.85" Price: SOLD ::
Sultry Serengeti Size: 3.26 Price: SOLD
:: "Sultry Serengeti" Size: 3.26" Price: SOLD  ::
Glass Addiction Ransom Note  Size: 1.75:  Price: SOLD
:: "Glass Addiction Ransom Note" Size: 1.75: Price: SOLD ::
White Rhino Sunset Size: 3.28 Price: SOLD
:: "White Rhino Sunset" Size: 3.28" Price: SOLD  ::
Elephant Parade  Size: 2.37  Price: SOLD
:: "Elephant Parade" Size: 2.37" Price: SOLD ::
Sunset Frolic  Size: 2.89  Price: SOLD
:: "Sunset Frolic" Size: 2.89" Price: SOLD ::
Purple Sahara Sunset Size: 3.43 Price: SOLD
:: "Purple Sahara Sunset" Size: 3.43" Price: SOLD ::
Sunset at the Oasis  Size: 3.34  Price: SOLD
:: "Sunset at the Oasis" Size: 3.34" Price: SOLD ::
Giant Gaza  Size: 3.43  Price: SOLD
:: "Giant Gaza" Size: 3.43" Price: SOLD ::
Opal Fumer  Size: 1.98  Price: SOLD
:: "Opal Fumer" Size: 1.98" Price: SOLD ::
Sunset on the Lioness Size: 1.64 Price: SOLD
:: "Sunset on the Lioness" Size: 1.64" Price: SOLD ::
Gaza  Size: 2.79  Price: SOLD
:: "Gaza" Size: 2.79" Price: SOLD ::
White Rhino Sunset Size: 1.70 Price: SOLD
:: "White Rhino Sunset" Size: 1.70" Price: SOLD ::
White Rhino Sunset 2 Size: 1.58 Price: SOLD
:: "White Rhino Sunset 2" Size: 1.58" Price: SOLD ::
Giraffe Family Sunset Size: 1.64 Price: SOLD
:: "Giraffe Family Sunset" Size: 1.64" Price: SOLD ::
Arizona Sunset Size: 1.63 Price: SOLD
:: "Arizona Sunset" Size: 1.63" Price: SOLD ::
Serengeti Sunset 2 Size: 1.61 Price: SOLD
:: "Serengeti Sunset 2" Size: 1.61" Price: SOLD ::
Sunset on the Sahara Size: 3.65 Price: SOLD
:: "Sunset on the Sahara" Size: 3.65" Price: SOLD ::
Coyote Sunset Size: 3.59 Price: SOLD
:: "Coyote Sunset" Size: 3.59" Price: SOLD ::
Desert Sunset Size: 1.61 Price: SOLD
:: "Desert Sunset" Size: 1.61" Price: SOLD ::
Serengeti Sunset Size: 1.58 Price: SOLD
:: "Serengeti Sunset" Size: 1.58" Price: SOLD ::
Giraffes  Size: 3.35  Price: SOLD
:: "Giraffes" Size: 3.35" Price: SOLD ::
Elephants  Size: 3.32  Price: SOLD
:: "Elephants" Size: 3.32" Price: SOLD ::
Oasis  Size: 3.38  Price: SOLD
:: "Oasis" Size: 3.38" Price: SOLD ::
White Rhino  Size: 3.38  Price: SOLD
:: "White Rhino" Size: 3.38" Price: SOLD ::