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Jahfree Marbles For Sale (Sold Out)

After a long wait, I finally am proud to say that Jahfree is in the Glass ORBits house! Jahfree, aka Jahfree Emerick Franklin, is a young and talented glass artist whose marbles get more impressive and epic every time I see them. He is already making large beautiful marbles that I consider masterpieces, and they are truly amazing. Some of his most fantastic creations are from his 'Surprise Inside' series, many of which require good light to look down inside the middle of the marbles where you discover wonderful treasures hidden within as you become a marbleous explorer.

This is an artist you'll want to collect early and often, as his work will become more and more majestic as time goes on, and these early masterpieces will be highly collectible. Ever since I've known Jahfree, he has been 'the opal guy', as he always manages to acquire THE BEST opals you will ever find. From the beginning I've been astounded at his opals, but he now has a special source which will allow him to amaze us more and more as time goes on. Jahfree also loves to use lots of my absolute favorite glass in the world - Draconis. Draconis Glass was made some years ago by a small company which produced this amazingly beautiful glass which has a truly satin-like quality to it, comprised of tiny, tiny grains of sparkle all blended together. It looks so smooth and silky that it's hard to believe it's glass. It's impossible to find any more, and for at least the moment, the recipe has been lost since the creator of this glass passed away a couple years back. Thankfully Jahfree still has a nice stash of it, and you'll see this gorgeous glass throughout his work.

Get this wonderful young artist into your collection!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

Radiating Dot Box Size: 2.41 Price: SOLD
:: "Radiating Dot Box" Size: 2.41" Price: SOLD ::
Photon Calamitas  Size: 1.94  Price: SOLD
:: "Photon Calamitas" Size: 1.94" Price: SOLD ::
Draconic Generator Size: 1.64 Price: SOLD
:: "Draconic Generator" Size: 1.64" Price: SOLD ::
Tequila Sunrise Size: 2.08 Price: SOLD
:: "Tequila Sunrise" Size: 2.08" Price: SOLD ::
Waffle Surprise Size: 2.67 Price: SOLD
:: "Waffle Surprise" Size: 2.67" Price: SOLD ::
Whiteout Surprise Size: 2.40 Price: SOLD
:: "Whiteout Surprise" Size: 2.40" Price: SOLD ::
Draconian Fingers  Size: 1.84 Price: SOLD
:: "Draconian Fingers" Size: 1.84" Price: SOLD ::
Satin Surprise Size: 2.90 Price: SOLD
:: "Satin Surprise" Size: 2.90" Price: SOLD ::
Asteroidal Elongation Size: 2.19 Price: SOLD
:: "Asteroidal Elongation" Size: 2.19" Price: SOLD ::
Radiator Size: 2.70 Price: SOLD
:: "Radiator" Size: 2.70" Price: SOLD ::
Spaceball Surprise Size: 2.65 Price: SOLD
:: "Spaceball Surprise" Size: 2.65" Price: SOLD ::
Lots of Dots  Size: 2.11  Price: SOLD
:: "Lots of Dots" Size: 2.11" Price: SOLD ::
Elemental Mystery Size: 2.32 Price: SOLD
:: "Elemental Mystery" Size: 2.32" Price: SOLD ::
Verde Lots o' Dots Size: 2.09 Price: SOLD
:: "Verde Lots o' Dots" Size: 2.09" Price: SOLD ::