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'Happy' Harold Cooney Marbles and Pendants For Sale

Harold Cooney (known affectionately to his friends as 'Happy Harold') is one of America's premiere and greatest beadmakers, and has compiled one of the greatest collections of beads from one artist that the world has ever seen. He is focused, dedicated to his craft, and determined to perfect this art form he has grown to love so much. The breadth of styles of beads that he creates is awesome, and he is actually working on a project that has a unique style for each of the 50 states!

My favorites of course are those that look guessed it, MARBLES!! These beads are made hollow and are perfectly round (well, not perfect, marbles are never 'perfect' in roundness, but you know what I mean). They start out with one small hole in one pole and Harold then drills two small uniform holes on each pole to allow these to be strung as beads. The holes are so small though that they look just like marble to me and I love 'em! Harold does REALLY nice, controlled glass work, with beautiful designs and patterns. Always nice to have some 'versatile' marbles in your collection, woohooo! These 'marble beads' are all lightly sand blasted to give them a matte finish, but the colors and fuming still pop and shine.

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each marble and to purchase available marbles. I ship worldwide.

#13: Zanfirico Zing Size: 1.35 Price: $290
:: #13: "Zanfirico Zing" Size: 1.35" Price: $290  ::
Zanfirico Fire 2 Size: 1.43 Price: SOLD
:: "Zanfirico Fire 2" Size: 1.43" Price: SOLD ::
Zanfirico Zing 2 Size: 1.34 Price: SOLD
:: "Zanfirico Zing 2" Size: 1.34" Price: SOLD  ::
Harold Cooney and Kevin Engelmann: Zanfume Size: 1.48 Price: SOLD
:: Harold Cooney and Kevin Engelmann: "Zanfume" Size: 1.48" Price: SOLD  ::
Ventricular Lifeflow  Size: 1.40  Price: SOLD
:: "Ventricular Lifeflow" Size: 1.40" Price: SOLD  ::
Zanfirico Peak Size: 1.32 Price: SOLD
:: "Zanfirico Peak" Size: 1.32" Price: SOLD ::
Creamsicle Wag Size: 1.34 Price: SOLD
:: "Creamsicle Wag" Size: 1.34" Price: SOLD ::
Life Float Size: 1.48 Price: SOLD
:: "Life Float" Size: 1.48" Price: SOLD ::
Harold Cooney and Kevin Engelmann: Moonfirico Size: 1.52 Price: SOLD
:: Harold Cooney and Kevin Engelmann: "Moonfirico" Size: 1.52" Price: SOLD ::
Wiglet  Size: 0.76  Price: SOLD
:: "Wiglet" Size: 0.76" Price: SOLD ::
Green Fire Size: 1.79 Price: SOLD
:: "Green Fire" Size: 1.79" Price: SOLD ::
Zanfirico Fire Size: 1.46 Price: SOLD
:: "Zanfirico Fire" Size: 1.46" Price: SOLD  ::
Clown Zanfirico 2 Size: 1.29 Price: SOLD
:: "Clown Zanfirico 2" Size: 1.29" Price: SOLD  ::
Carvazul Size: 1.30 Price: SOLD
:: "Carvazul" Size: 1.30" Price: SOLD  ::
Carvaream Size: 1.33 Price: SOLD
:: "Carvaream" Size: 1.33" Price: SOLD  ::
Clown Zanfirico Size: 1.38 Price: SOLD
:: "Clown Zanfirico" Size: 1.38" Price: SOLD  ::
Whizooo Size: 1.22 Price: SOLD
:: "Whizooo" Size: 1.22" Price: SOLD ::
Whizinator Size: 1.14 Price: SOLD
:: "Whizinator" Size: 1.14" Price: SOLD ::
Red Whiz  Size: 1.14  Price: SOLD
:: "Red Whiz" Size: 1.14" Price: SOLD ::
Crossings Size: 1.42 Price: SOLD
:: "Crossings" Size: 1.42" Price: SOLD ::
Whizatorium Size: 1.23 Price: SOLD
:: "Whizatorium" Size: 1.23" Price: SOLD ::