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Brian Bowden | profile | all galleries >> Glass ORBits - Contemporary Art Glass Marbles and Other Art Glass For Sale! >> Gateson Recko Marbles and Pendants For Sale (Sold Out) >> "Solid Gold Moon", Size: 1.70", Price: SOLD tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

"Solid Gold Moon", Size: 1.70", Price: SOLD

This is definitely one of the coolest Universe marbles ever, and is very, VERY hard to let go of. This Universe has a SWEET gold moon, and Gateson says this is the only time he has ever had a gold moon do the tiny bubble thing like this one achieved. Check out some of the closeup pics of the moon - those bubbles are AWESOME! The moon looks to me like it has just been cosmically created and has exploded out of the plasma behind it. Only super extremely hot temperatures in our universe - the kind you get from a Supernova explosion - create the heavier elements like gold, so this is a great way to show this particular gold moon.

In addition, this Universe has two VERY nice planets - I especially like the sweet textured red and yellow planet - and both of the planets have 'atmosphere' around them (fuming). There are also lots of other smaller stellar bodies within, and some of the coolest fuming you'll ever find.

This is one HOT Universe marble, wooohooooooooooo!!!!

About the Gold Moon Series:
All Gold is formed in the fiery heart of a collapsing star also known as a supernova. It takes an explosion of this magnitude to create heavy elements of 30 protons or more. Gold, with 79 protons, is extremely rare especially since nature likes the stability of even numbered elements.

The Gold Moon Series of Universe Marbles celebrates this precious metal. Each gold moon is a solid ball of 24k pure gold floating within the marble. Based on the proximity of Earth to past supernova, the gold in these marbles has traveled some three million light years in its lifetime.
g5/17/390417/3/105485251.liFlCPtt.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485253.DlIAOpX3.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485256.wBm4rMjt.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485258.1OhMxRiN.jpg
g1/17/390417/3/105485259.e4Sr6LMO.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485261.TbkbjbOJ.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485263.xGzfyrZo.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485265.tI8IYQQ1.jpg
g1/17/390417/3/105485267.FjoDX6wV.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485268.4OlAxFUD.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485270.KNbpc2Yf.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485272.yDPzZODo.jpg
g1/17/390417/3/105485273.D1v3cAap.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485274.t8LS86IW.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485275.QaZmH3ve.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485276.b3X8h1j7.jpg
g1/17/390417/3/105485277.MRPKbiaj.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485278.1nv9rUWe.jpg g1/17/390417/3/105485279.iZ6uV2f9.jpg