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David Rosenfeldt aka 'Shipwrecked' Marbles For Sale

David Rosenfeldt was one of our greatest furnace marble artists back in the 90's and early 2000's, but sadly he is no longer making marbles. He and his wife worked together to form their shop called Shipwrecked Glass, and at the end of his career it was just David working. David was a master at using dichroic glass in his marbles, with dichro in all shapes and sizes decorating the outside and sometimes insides of his marbles. They are bright blinging wonders that are beautiful to gaze at.

David became most famous for his H2Orbs, in which he would create hollow clear marbles, fill them with glass cane, dichro chunks and milli, then almost fill the sphere with silicon oil (leaving a bubble to handle atmospheric changes), and finally plug the marble with a small milli piece. The glass inside the sphere is then free to slowly flow through the oil as you spin them around in your hand, absolutely wonderful works of art! These spheres were often used by David and others as the focal points for kaleidoscopes, producing wonderful moving glass-filled viewing windows for the scopes. David's scopes were created out of glass in his furnace as well, usually covered in bright dichro, incredibly beautiful pieces.

David and Shipwrecked Glass hold a special place in the history of contemporary art glass marbles, and you'll definitely want some of his beautiful work in your collection!!

Please click on a gallery to see more images of each item and to purchase available pieces. I ship worldwide.

#11: Lucy's Cloud Monster Size: 3.47 Price: $280
:: #11: "Lucy's Cloud Monster" Size: 3.47" Price: $280  ::
#14: Jumbo Carnivale  Size: 2.27  Price: $160
:: #14: "Jumbo Carnivale" Size: 2.27" Price: $160 ::
#16: Mini Carnivale  Size: 1.36  Price: $70
:: #16: "Mini Carnivale" Size: 1.36" Price: $70 ::
#17: Candy Twist  Size: 1.39  Price: $80
:: #17: "Candy Twist" Size: 1.39" Price: $80 ::
General Carnivale  Size: 1.77  Price: SOLD
:: "General Carnivale" Size: 1.77" Price: SOLD  ::
Dichro Purp  Size: 1.64  Price: SOLD
:: "Dichro Purp" Size: 1.64" Price: SOLD ::
Dichro Verde  Size: 1.39  Price: SOLD
:: "Dichro Verde" Size: 1.39" Price: SOLD ::
Cobalt Mosaic  Size: 1.64  Price: SOLD
:: "Cobalt Mosaic" Size: 1.64" Price: SOLD ::
Forest Mosaic  Size: 1.57  Price: SOLD
:: "Forest Mosaic" Size: 1.57" Price: SOLD ::
Darkchro Mini Size: 1.26 Price: SOLD
:: "Darkchro Mini" Size: 1.26" Price: SOLD ::
Darkchro Size: 2.16 Price: SOLD
:: "Darkchro" Size: 2.16" Price: SOLD  ::
Dichro H2Orb Size: 1.72 Price: SOLD
:: "Dichro H2Orb" Size: 1.72" Price: SOLD ::
H2Orb Size: 1.36 Price: SOLD
:: "H2Orb" Size: 1.36" Price: SOLD ::
Dichro H2Orb Size: 1.34 Price: SOLD
:: "Dichro H2Orb" Size: 1.34" Price: SOLD  ::
Lucy's Cloud Size: 2.19 Price: SOLD
:: "Lucy's Cloud" Size: 2.19" Price: SOLD ::
Luck of the Dichro Size: 1.72 Price: SOLD
:: "Luck of the Dichro" Size: 1.72" Price: SOLD ::
Dichro Dark Size: 1.38 Price: SOLD
:: "Dichro Dark" Size: 1.38" Price: SOLD ::
Cobalt Size: 1.34 Price: SOLD
:: "Cobalt" Size: 1.34" Price: SOLD ::
Mosaic Size: 1.35 Price: SOLD
:: "Mosaic" Size: 1.35" Price: SOLD ::