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Blue eyed Pomsky boys

UPDATE: These puppies have been sold.
To see other puppies that are still available, please see

These Pomskies have one or two blue eyes and are part of the same litter as my 'World's Smallest Pomsky' - Pipsqueak.

Update: Both these puppies MIGHT be reserved, pending deposits being received. Thank you for your interest.

These boys have had their first shots and have been dewormed and vet checked and come with their vet documents. They were born Nov 20/18 and are now ready to leave home.

The largest boy is blonde with a bit longer hair and 2 blue eyes. I think he'll grow to be about 16 lbs. He's $3,000.

The gorgeous tricolor grey boy has one blue eye and should reach about 12 lbs. He has a white stripe down his forehead. He's $3,500.

Both parents of these puppies are Pomskies.

These puppies are good with other dogs and people, kids, cats and kittens.

Conveniently located in downtown Toronto, right on top of a subway stop.

(My email isn't completely working on my new computer at the moment, so if I don't reply to you in a reasonable amount of time, please give me a phone call. Thanks.)

Im in downtown Toronto right on top of a subway entrance near Bloor Street. (My phone is a LAND LINE - so I can't text you. Please email me to arrange a visit or call me when you are actually ready to visit.) Please email to get my address, or to ask simple questions.

Included with my puppies is well over a hundred dollars worth of great puppy supplies including pee pads and three different kinds of rawhide chew treats (about 25 pieces) and a bag of pig ears and a bag of (expensive) Benny Bully freeze dried liver training treats that puppies LOVE, a cow hoof chew treat and a whole bag of Bullwinkles (beef chew treat). I'll also give you, if you want, a solid pair of nail clippers, and a great quality metal comb with an ergonomic handle - to keep your puppy neat, and a super quality rubber glove to pull any hair off your puppy, and massage them, and the best there is Scotch lint brush to pick up hair off your clothing and furniture. I'll give you a collar with a bell on it to reduce the chance they'll get stepped on, and a tiny Kong tennis ball that squeaks when you squeeze it, and a couple of small squeaker toys that you can carry in your pocket to get their attention (and get them to look at the camera when you want to take their picture) and a laser pointer to play with your pet and give them tons of exercise (while you sit on the couch). And I've got a great bird toy to give you that makes lots of noise every time the puppies move it. I will also give you 60 disposable puppy waste pickup bags, and great stainless steel food bowl and stainless steel water bowl. And if you have an Oral-B electric toothbrush, I can give you a tiny toothbrush head that will fit well in your puppies mouth (smaller than a normal toothbrush head.)
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