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Peter Renardo 29-Jan-2018 21:29
Hi Franz, Remember me? I was in Sicily in 2016 visiting my cousins in Leonforte and Nissoria. I still like to look at your photos. Ciao ciao
ellen 20-Jun-2014 00:48
My sister & I are planning a trip to Sicily this September (2014) and are planning on viviting Gangi as our grandfather, Salvatore Scavuzzo and his twin sister were born there probably around the late 1890"s to 1900. They came to America via Ellis Island when they were either 2 or 5 years old. After reading the comments at your site, I came across a Santo Ciappina who has a relative with the name ciappina scavuzzo. Is there any way ti get in touch with them to see if they know if its the same scavuzzo as us? Also, need to know about transportation in Sicily as we are not renting a car during our stay there.
robert lewis 30-Jan-2014 06:03
Schöne Bilder in Cluj. Aber es wüde viel helfen, wenn Sie die Strasse und Hausnummer auch erwähten.
Erik Wierts17-Apr-2013 21:31
My next visit will be not so accidental!
Regards, Erik
Regina Reichelt Vriesenga 09-Feb-2013 21:10
Just discoverd your site. Awesome pictures and will visit again. Beautiful pictures of the
Friedenskirche in Swidnica. I was born in Breslau 1941 and now live in Texas.
Ivonne 02-Nov-2011 22:14
Dear FRanz thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. I have been to Vienna so many times, but I have not seen this wonderful places. There is so much to see in Vienna. Thanks again, Ivonne
Guest 17-Sep-2011 20:18
Hi, Franz, vielleicht kannst du dich noch an mich erinnern! Wir trafen uns mal in WORMS bei Harald und Roswitha. Mein Name ist Jürgen und ich war mit dem Kleinen Lukas da. Bin ja auch ein begeisterter Fotografierer, aber deine Qualitä erreiche ich doch nur manchmal durch Zufall! Aber jetzt, wo Lukas größer wird, können wir auch die Natur erkunden, und da bieten sich immer gute Motive! Hoffentlich bis bald mal wieder in WORMS! Jürgen Schönhals
Guest 07-Jun-2011 16:20
Herausragende Bilder!
Deine Galerien sind neben dem Träumen gut für die Urlaubsplanung.
Werde bald mehr Alben von Dir bestaunen, denn ich habe nur nach Horni Mala Upa/Tschechien gesucht und so Deine Werke gefunden.
Deine Fotos sind eine tolle Erinnerung, z.B. an Polen, Norwegen, Timisoara und Riga.
Die Stadt Dresden,in der ich wohne, hast Du sehr gut fotografisch entdeckt.
Kathrin Häuser
Guest 22-Apr-2011 04:43
Great photos. Of clarity and color. Thanks for sharing.
Lesley Wyle 30-Mar-2011 17:14
Dear Mr. Bauer,

I just came across your wonderful photographs of Jugendstil buildings in Vienna, especially the one of Reisnerstrasse 29. I would like you to know that I have many fond memories of the place as I lived there from 1921 (when I was one year old)until just after the Anschluss in September 1938, when I immigrated to England because Mr. Hitler had decreed I should leave meine Heimatstadt.


Lesley Wyle (geborene Ilse Eisinger)
Gabriela 25-Feb-2010 12:35
Hi Franz,
Thanks so much for the photos of Gangi,Sicily, the town where my grandfather was from. He emigrated to Argentina when he was very young and spent most of his life in Buenos Aires, but he never could learn how to speak Spanish! You're an awesome photographer, congratulations -Gabriela
Emil 24-Feb-2010 12:43
Danke für die Jugendstil Architektur aus Arad/Rumänien.
Weiterhin viel Erfolg,
Emil (ein Arader)
Paraschiv Calin 07-Feb-2010 09:10
Oustanding gallery, especially the art nouveau collection ! I can't belive how many beautiful buildings were right under my eyes since I live here. Big thanks !

Greetings from Timisoara, Romania
Dublin03-Jan-2010 11:32
Ireland Photos.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful Ireland photos.
Best Regards,
Brian Whelan (Dublin)
Margot Lackner 21-Nov-2009 00:32
Thank you for sharing these beautiful picture of Taormina. I have just returned Oct 22, 2009 from a Mediterranean cruise and visited Taromina, I was very impressed with the beauty and scenery of the city and surroundings and your photographs captured it so well - I was very impressed. Thank you. (Monterey, California, formerly Bad Toelz, Germany)
XWA 01-Nov-2009 14:58
Harry and Sally Shultz 17-Sep-2009 14:03
Hallo Franz
Your pictures are wonderful, but where are the pictures from Worms ??
Greetings from Harry and Sally
matin moskof 26-Jun-2009 16:26
Franz Bauer ---
you are an international living treasure
a heartfelt thank you for all the work
you're doing.
Herwig Pimiskern Architect 17-May-2009 20:07
Hello Franz Bauer I am inspired again by your work
Herwig Pimiskern Architect
Herwig Pimiskern Architect 17-May-2009 20:07
Hello Franz Bauer I am inspired again by your work
Herwig Pimiskern Architect
Carol 08-Mar-2009 21:09
Hello Franz

Thank you for the wonderful pictures of madeira..

Toncho Rusev14-Dec-2008 22:45
Very nice galleries
Brigitte Huber 19-Nov-2008 20:16
Hallo Franz,

ich habe heute Deine Seite entdeckt. Deine Bilder sind einfach toll.
Mach weiter so.

Liebe Grüße
von Deiner Cousine
Brigitte aus Backnang
Guest 03-Nov-2008 20:17
Thanks for your gallerys.
Joan Loof 18-Oct-2008 05:31
hallo Franz! Your fotos are an inspiration. Keep up the updates! Joan Loof - NYC
Long Bach Nguyen25-Aug-2008 15:35
Hello Franz, you have a very nice collection of aerial images and had a closer looked that those in Germany and the Alps. I spent a few years in Europe and drove around those area and was great to see them from the air. Also some of your US pictures are cool. Looked to me you had a great time taking pictures from the air. I would to share some of my aerial pictures in Washington state.

Keep looking down and keep shooting.

Holocau12-Jul-2008 06:04
So amazing, so skilled and so brilliant.
Anna Maria Schweigkofler 30-Jun-2008 19:01
Hallo Franz - ich liebe den Wiener Jugendstil wie Sie. Selten aber habe ich so schöne Fotos von Wien gesehen. Ich werde im November wieder nach Wien kommen und die mir noch unbekannten Gebäude aufsuchen. Pers Zufall bin ich auf Ihre Seite gekommen.
Herzliche Grüße aus Vorarlberg!
Anna Maria
Guest 09-Jun-2008 22:06
Stunning pictures. Love your work.
heather mchugh 05-Jun-2008 23:04
Hello franz.....
I came across your photos of the Mani Peninsula on Greece and was curious if you could recommend a place to stay. (you have one photo with what appears to be a stone guest room...) I will be visiting in July as I research art and architecture on a fellowship with the National Endowment for the Humanities. Any opinions/advice you could give would be appreciated!
Many thanks....heather
Herwig Pimiskern 04-Jun-2008 17:07
Mr.Bauer:I enjoy your photos
Herwig Pimiskern
Guest 02-Jun-2008 03:46
Franz-I enjoyed your gallery on Mostar. I will be going there this September and now know the best place to
get photos of the town is from the Minoret.
kay welsh 09-Apr-2008 12:17
I will be travelling to Madeira for the first time in August and was so pleased to find a site which gave me such a wonderful pictorial idea of what I can expect to see. The island looks stunningly beautiful. The photos are amazing and as a keen photographer myself I appreciate the quality. I will make sure I take plenty of memory cards with me as I think my SLR will get plenty of use.
jojo 08-Mar-2008 02:35
I was overwhelmed by the beauty you have captured ,thank you for lifting my spirit. You have afforded me the pleasure of travel. I long to see these sights and though not there have reveled in your eyes visions. Jojo
Laurie LeMond 07-Feb-2008 19:30
Franz, my son will be heading to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia in about two months. I wanted to get an "idea" of what he'll be in store for. So many of your shots simply took my breath away... Thank you, as he obviously has so much beauty to take in!
Guest 23-Jan-2008 02:50
I loved all the Croatia photos. It reminded me very much of my visit. Thanks so much. Your other galleries are fantastic as well and I'm anxious to travel again...Kathy
Guest 22-Jan-2008 22:57
Franz, You have some really amazing photographs in your many galleries. Thanks for sharing. I love every single one of them...Kathy
Craig Williams 17-Jan-2008 08:59
Hello Franz

My name is Craig Williams

A friend and I operate a website called

We are doing a series of stories on Funchal Airport

Would are wondering if we may be able to use the two pictures you have of the Funchal Airport.

We would of course give you full credit for the photos and also link to your gallery if you would like us to do that.

We will also make sure that the photos are reduced down to 500 pixels wide and reduce the quality of the jpg image so that it is not possible to enlarge the image for printing

Thank You

Craig Williams
Guest 20-Nov-2007 02:04
Servus Franz, I am really enjoying your beautyful Photos, will come back often to see more! Thanks!! Hans, Chicago
cristian 19-Oct-2007 09:34
Dear Mr.Bauer,
I'm Cristian, the italian guy who visited with you the "Capilano suspension bridge" in october.
I'm asking to you if it is possible to see and to download all the pictures at the park and on the suspended bridge.I found only the picture while I'm huging the big tree.
All your pictures are very nice and I hope to recive a your answer.
Don't esitate to contact me if you want to come to Trieste in Italy for take a milion of pictures, will be my pleasure to show you the best places.
Guest 07-Sep-2007 18:31
Hey Franz,

Thank you for your friendly comment. I enjoyed to see your photos to.

Cheers Thomas
Greg Little16-Aug-2007 21:41
Hi Franz,

Thanks for the nice comment in my Frankfurt gallery. You have a nice collection here. I've never been to Vienna, but you've convinced me I must visit.

I enjoyed browsing your galleries.

Regards, Greg
Guest 14-Jul-2007 14:51
Very nice gallery
Dominique Schreckling08-Jul-2007 10:09
Super Photos aus der ganzen Welt, Franz. Du scheinst, wie ich selber, ziemlich viel unterwegs zu sein.

Gregehr 27-Jun-2007 21:19
Mr. Bauer-
I am working on a school multimedia project (for educational purposes only) and wondered if it might be possible to use a few images of yours, with full credit of course. Thank you for your consideration.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 07:30
Great work! Hope you post more pictures soon.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:06
Great work, your photo galleries are fantastic.
Guest 04-Mar-2007 01:06
Nice Gallery
Federico D'Incą23-Feb-2007 22:25
Hi franz me again ...I love your new photos ....the light and colours in your photos is great ...well done !
Federico D'Incą11-Feb-2007 04:33
Great photos Franz ...tks for sharing !
Guest 12-Dec-2006 20:04
Beautiful Galleries...

Well done...
Isa 06-Nov-2006 14:24
i enjoyed looking at your pictures. Will you put in any pictures from saturday and sunday.
Today I learned a very important word in english. Loof means Lufaschwamm. ;)
I think it's bad, that there are no smileys to put into this message. (Wouldn't happen at my side)
Look at my side, I got a new guestbook. Well, I have to go or I will miss my bus.
So, I hope we'll see soon.

P.S. If you forgot my adress
Guest 03-Oct-2006 04:32
I enjoyed your entire gallery. Breathtaking! You help me bring back so many memories of my travels and of the places I will one day go! I can't wait to see more of your fantastic shots.
Your friend in San Diego,
cris 20-Aug-2006 23:52
The owl pictures are magnificent. I am a teacher and we study owls during the fall so my class will be back for a visit.
Yvon Schmitz 13-Aug-2006 21:05
Hello Franz,
The most beautiful gallery pictures on the net.Great photos!
Thank you for sharing with us.
Best regards from Montreal
Joseph 25-Jul-2006 05:23
Excellent, love it!
Guest 04-Jun-2006 12:41

Hi Franz

It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries!

One of the best galleries I have seen. Simply beautiful!

Well done! Your pictures are really stunning. Best Regards Tad Janocinski
Dori 04-Jun-2006 02:25
Good site. It would be desirable to return again and again!
Margus 16-Feb-2006 16:46
Was very intresting to see how photographer sees world trevelling with camera. I hope you will soon visit Estonia too. It will be intresting to see what you can caught here! ;) With all best wishes! Margus
Emmanuelle 05-Feb-2006 13:52
Hi Franz,

I was searching for pictures of Umbria and found your galleries and got lost in beauty!:-)
I really,really enjoyed your pictures very much! Those of Greece were also truly amazing, all of them actually, but because I live in Greece I was able to appreciate these even more.
It is so refreshing and wonderful to see such beauty all in one place!:-)
Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Be well and happy

Guest 01-Jan-2006 14:52
Hi Franz,

Thanks for leaving messages on my gallery.

WOWWW... Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I was so impressed by the albumn "Piano Grande" which makes me want to explore that area when I come back to italy in April 06.

May I ask you how to get to Piano Grande by public transportation? Any tips or suggestions to visit there?

Thanks very much for sharing your wonderful photos!!!!
Rick Osterfeld Jr.27-Dec-2005 02:03
Your pictures of Vienna are the best I have found on the net. I hope one day to take such fine pictures. I come to Vienna twice a year to vist family and have feel in love with this city. The photo of the entrance to St. Stephens in the snow is one of the best I have ever seen. Love is not enough to explain what this city does to you. You can read about this city you can watch TV programs about it. But until you have stood and waited on the 2 on the Ring you have not breathed. Short story my Mom grew up during the war and my Dad was in the US Army They have moved here to be close with her remaing family.
Richard A Osterfeld Jr.
Guest 23-Nov-2005 21:36
What incredibles galleries! Many thanks!
Jim Woodworth16-Nov-2005 22:33
Franz, it is difficult to find something to say that hasn't already been said about outstanding images.

I will simply say thank you, for taking me through one of the most picturesque regions of the world - and beyond.

Outstanding galleries!
Bryan Murahashi10-Nov-2005 17:59
Thanks for all the great photos of the alps regions. Brings back a lot of memories as my
and my friends rode our bikes thru the Swiss, Italian, and Austrian alps way back in '97.
Great pics and TFS.
Syun Ogasawara 28-Oct-2005 10:03
Many thanks for your nice shots of "Piano Grande "
Marc Vermeulen06-Oct-2005 23:25
Amazing galleries!
Bart Boodts Photography05-Oct-2005 16:36
Wonderful galleries!! I was looking for Belgium, but... You'll have to come over to Belgium. I'll get you into my favorites.
Bart Boodts Photography05-Oct-2005 16:36
Wonderful galleries!! I was looking for Belgium, but... You'll have to come over to Belgium. I'll get you into my favorites.
Gul Chotrani08-Aug-2005 03:30
You have an amazing travalogue here.... but it needs Asia and Africa. GO!
Thanks for visiting my gallery....
Harald Schillhammer05-Aug-2005 08:59
Hallo Franz!

Wird wohl ein Weilchen dauern bis ich durch all deine tollen Gallerien durch bin. Jedenfalls danke für's vorbeischauen. Du scheinst ja ein ziemlicher Globetrotter zu sein.

Ein paar Antworten auf deine Fragen:
1) Panorama: die Datei-grösse hat sich in Grenzen gehalten weil ich nicht an tifs sondern jpgs gearbeitet habe (zw. 100 mb und 500 mb ist ja doch ein Unterschied). Ich glaube andernfalls hätte mir mein PC den Stinkefinger gezeigt. War in erster Linie für ein animiertes pano für die homepage der Felsenbühne Staatz gedacht. Unter
und dann >Information>Felsenbühne kannst du dir's ansehen.

2) Midi-files. Ist eine verlockende Vorstellung, aber was mache ich dann mit dem Gesang? Da wären schon Audio-files nötig. Die Jekyll&Hyde Bilder werden in ein paar Monaten ohnehin auf ein Best-of reduziert. Zur Zeit gebe ich den Darstellern und sonstigen Mitwirkenden eine Gelegenheit die für sie interessanten Bilder herunterzuladen.

Sag mal wo bist du eigentlich zu Hause - hab da einige Bilder aus dem Weinviertel gesichtet. Nur so eine Frage, weil ich jedes Wochenende in Mistelbach verbringe.

Also, deine site wird mir noch viel Zeit kosten, aber es lohnt sich.
Guest 20-Jul-2005 06:24
Cool PBAse space. A lot good pics and wordenfull images. And a lot of sites to see for your visits.
I've visited recently Vienna. The city is so beautifull , but seeing your pics , It's more, how gorgeous galleries ...
I also love the pics from my land (Andalucia).
You can see my pics of Costa del Sol and Vienna y my galleries.


My best regards,


My best regards
Guest 11-Jul-2005 10:42
you have outstanding photographs from all over the world, I am impressed! In particular I loved the Norway, Ireland, Sweden, and many others! I have bookmarked your site for future visit, it's impossible to look at all the pictures in one day and I definitely will want to see all of them. Thank you for your comment on one of my galleries, I did really appreciated. My only little advice is to go a little wider on your landscape. I had a 10D and upgraded to a 1DmkII and now I am quite happy with my 17-40 real wide shots.
Look forward to see more.
jim 08-Jun-2005 04:02
Cool site, great pictures. I should be adding some sites of land in arkansas at
holgi 23-Apr-2005 16:45
beautiful pics, really ! proper work. i also have got a webpage with pictures of tenerife but can´t mess with yours, hope i will have time too, to travel all around the world and take some pretty pics. will return, see you ! just visit my one
John Glines17-Mar-2005 10:08
You have some of the finest galleries on PBase. They're brilliant! Congratulations!
Jeff Cochran13-Mar-2005 07:03
I always enjoy your galleries. Great collection.
Leonard Ridley 04-Mar-2005 21:45
I came across your photos while visiting the web site, and I really enjoyed browsing through them. I’m contacting you to see if you will allow the Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas to use one of your photos on our Study Abroad web site. The photo we have in mind is the one of the Matterhorn (#23050386). We will not use the entire photo, just a portion of the photo, as the area we are working with is 618x120 in size. Of course we would display the proper credit for the photo.

Thank you for your time,

Leonard M. Ridley
Director, Interactive Media
Sam M. Walton College of Business
University of Arkansas
Web Site:
Kent Burnett22-Feb-2005 04:55
Franz, I have enjoyed your gallery for years. I just returned from my own European trip. My Italian itinerary complements yours. Next trip I must go to Venice and venture out into Tuscany after seeing your images. Keep up the great work!

chris 21-Feb-2005 01:00
viewing your beautiful photos of Vienna makes us feel that we are back there once again.We live in Canada but our son lives in Vienna so viewing your photos keeps us close. thank you.
chris 20-Feb-2005 05:32
Your photos of Vienna are beautiful. I especially enjoyed the Christmas photos as we have never been there at that time but have heard of it's beauty and magic.
Antonis Sarantos30-Jan-2005 21:56
It is great that you gave me the opportunity to see my country with a foreigner's eyes. Awesome collection of pictures, thanks for sharing.
Rosi Blaurock21-Jan-2005 22:15
Es ist immer wieder ein Erlebnis die "Reise" durch die
wunderschönen Fotos anzutreten. Gruß, Rosi
Guest 17-Jan-2005 09:11
Wow! You have the most impressive gallery of places I have seen! I enjoyed my visit to your galleries! It was a long visit and worth the time! THANKS for sharing your great photos! Kind Regards, Audra
Manfred Bachmann01-Dec-2004 22:00
Ich kann nur sagen, TOP Bilder hast Du da angesammelt! Leider ist Pbase momentan ein bisserl langsam und es würde Wochen dauern bis ich da komplett durch bin:) Trotzdem hab´ich Dich als Favorit markiert...ich muß da einfach durch!
Guest 12-Nov-2004 04:00
I love to see places with my own eyes but since I havn't been to all these places, thanks for sharing what you see.
Guest 11-Nov-2004 21:11
Hallo Franz,
ich habe gerade Ihre ausgezeichneten Bilder angesehen.
I must say wonderfull. I really can feel the essens of the countrys you presented.
Jag kan bara säga helt underbart.

Sophie Cotter 01-Nov-2004 15:54
Dear Franz,
I am writing on behalf of a writer who is shortly to publish a book on the countries of the European Union. I was impressed with your images of Ireland on PBase and would like to ask your permission to include one of the photos in the book. Would you mind emailing me at the above address to let me know? If you would like more information regarding the book and author I am happy to provide it.

Best regards,
Sophie Cotter
Guest 14-Jul-2004 17:48

nico 30-Jun-2004 12:09
Ciao, spero che ti ricordi di me: sono quel ragazzo rappresentante di libri che hai incontrato presso l'hotel Castello di Petralia Sottana (PA)nel mese di Aprile 2004, quando ti ho aperto la porta e ho chiamato al cellulare la titolare dell'hotel.
Ho visitato la tua galleria di foto: è semplicemente fantastica, sei un grande.
Mi piacerebbe molto che tu rispondessi, dicendomi magari dove ti trovi adesso.
Spero tanto di rincontrarti, di nuovo, sui monti delle Madonie.
Ciao e buon lavoro.
Guest 12-May-2004 02:09
Hi your photos are fantastic, I start by putting a few “SUPERBE PHOTO, BRAVO.” On some photos but I stopped because there’s too many to do so and they worth a different comment for each. I prefer to rite this note in the guestbook. I put you in my favorite artist, I did not saw all but I will and be back for more after. What impresses me is your “perspective”, your photos are crisp and you go to the borderline of dark and you do it very well the textures and contrasts are fantastic. You’re Gooood!
Mattana11-May-2004 20:48
Thank you very much for you compliments on my Tuscan Towns and Churches Gallery. I have been following your work for awhile and think it is superb. It makes me realize that I still have a long way to go. Tuscany just blew my mind and I do agree with you that it isn’t easy to show those beautiful things with small images.

photokhan03-May-2004 10:08
Hi Bauer!
Thanks for your kind comments on my "Óbidos" gallery. I love your galleries especially the Portugal ones, of course, but also others - like Ireland...!. You really have travelled through out Europe, haven't you?
This is funny since, apart from having also a "Óbidos" gallery, we’re "related" in other ways. You have a photo of a plane from the company I work for (F-100, CS-TPC of PGA- Portugália Airlines) and a photo (Lisboa bridge3) from a perspective very similar from my "Mass Belief" one.

Great photos! Keep them coming, I'll be stopping by...


Guest 27-Mar-2004 03:30
Hi, thanks for your compliment on my Arches gallery... I really appreciate it. Your galleries are awesome. You definitely have a talent for capturing great images!
Anna Pagnacco25-Mar-2004 00:13
I think you are the same "Bauer":-)...I have just come to PBase and found out your magnificent galleries.Congratulations on some very wonderful images and travel reportages..Ciao, Anna
Guest 20-Mar-2004 23:40
You have some of the finest images I've seen. I hope you make your living from photography. Otherwise, I need to spend much more time taking vacations like you!
Guest 20-Mar-2004 03:24
SAVERSE ! All awe inspired.If I had to choose a favorite gallery,it would be Ireland.
Guest 12-Mar-2004 10:16

Guest 21-Jan-2004 17:55
Hi Bauer,

Your galleries are super impressive, especially the Mt. Blanc and Greece galleries, the images are stunning.

rudy lamadrid 11-Jan-2004 05:24
I enjoyed your pictures, you are a truly professional. You have the eyes if a master

Bunny 05-Jan-2004 14:32
I assume you took many of these photos on a sturdy monopod, if not a sturdy tripod, as they are so sharp and well composed. What techniques did you use to keep the background without eliminating the detail in the foreground? Can you share any technical details with us?

I surfed into your galleries, looking for areas to visit in Austria and Switzerland. Yet, regardless of the countryside you visited, your capture of the light is superb! What wonderful memories and images you share. Thank you.


"Bunny" Snow,
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Guest 04-Jan-2004 23:59
Thank you for visiting my galleries and for leaving complementary comments. After seeing your beautiful images I appreciate your remarks even more. You are a very lucky person to have seen so much of the world.

I hope you had time to soak it in. At the very least these beautiful images will continue to bring your pleasure as they will to all of us members at Pbase. I vote for your and and will visit again at leasure when I have more time. Best wishes for 2004. Arif
Andy Cerrona 31-Dec-2003 04:33
Thank you Bauer for convincing me that Swizterland is pretty much the most beautiful place in the world. Extraordinary views, great quality and creativity.
Guest 24-Nov-2003 17:25
damn you! i just love your pictures, they're soo beautiful! and the fact that you are able to go around the world and take shots of them. i'm in budapest now and it's really beautiful too! you should definitely come here for more photo ops! by the way, i really liked the venice pictures, that was one of my best italy memories. i just love the way you were able to capture seemingly ordinary details! till here, enjoy your sojourns! i envy you..
Guest 27-Oct-2003 18:46
Dear Franz,
Thanks very much for the very generous comment you left in my Roma gallery. It's very encouraging coming from someone who's images are such an inspiration!
Cheers, Lisa
Jal27-Oct-2003 17:51
Hi Franz,
Thanks for leaving such nice comments.
The nice boy is my son. He is 2 years and 9 months old. He is a great subject when he stands still. Most of his images are a blur.
Anand 17-Oct-2003 16:53
Amazing pictures!! REally professional!! You capture the beauty of the place!!
Bud Downs 01-Aug-2003 00:20
I just got back from Italy and loved the Amalfi drive. I stopped long enough in Amalfi to see most of the sights you have here. Your beautiful composition of these sights and your lighting brings the whole thing back to me in fond memories of a beautiful town. Thanks.
Miro 01-Jul-2003 15:54
This is a professional artwork, beautifull and impressive in every aspect. Thanks for your dedication and shearing your images with all web-community.
It is very kind of you. All the best in your future enterprises!
Guest 21-Jun-2003 11:40
great gallery, as everyone has said, thanks for sharing..
Guest 08-Jun-2003 15:16
HI Franz,

Your photos left me speechless! Capturing the world in the way you have is no easy task. I've only seen the tip of the iceberg; and haven't visited half of your other galleries! Trust me, I'll be coming back again and again and again. I've put you on my favorites list. If you have the time, swing around my gallery and take a peek.

Guest 05-Jun-2003 04:25
Hi, really nice photos! I made almost same trip to California/Vegas. Unfortunately my camera was robbed with 900+ pictures on the card. Can I download some of your photos and show them to my family? Would be great! Thomas
tomr-photos01-Jun-2003 23:32
Hi Franz. Thanks for the comments. I couldn't use my 10D because there was a problem with the sensor. My fault. I didn't turn the camera off when changing lenses (not supposed to leave it on). How do you like your 10D? I'll have to get back when I have some more time (darn slow connection). – Tom
Dan Chusid31-May-2003 22:59
Franz: A very impressive catalog of your travels and some top-notch work. Looks like (if you're not) you should be working for the travel magazines, as there is much that pleases the eye and shows the locales perfectly. PS: Thanks for your kind words in my portfolios. - Dan
Ender Oztas 21-May-2003 07:58
Very nice shots, thanks for sharing them.
I noticed that Switzerland photos are actually scans from slides. May I ask you what scanner you used to scan? Regards
Jal15-May-2003 16:58
You have been very quite for a while.
It is time we see your fantastic work again.
Reinoud 20-Mar-2003 22:27
Thanx for giving me this URL. I really like your Switzerland pictures a lot ! Very good scans, a joy for the eye !
Dias dos Reis19-Mar-2003 12:21
Olá Franz,

You have wonderful images in all your galleries. Keep up the the good work.

António Reis
eliZZZa 16-Feb-2003 21:37
ich würde einige der Bilder gerne für eine "inoffiziell" Schönbrunn-Seite verwenden. Ist das - unter Nennung des Urhebers & Link zu Deiner Galerie - erlaubt?
Roswitha u. Harald 02-Feb-2003 15:41
Hallo Franz,
viele Grüße aus Worms. Wir haben uns einige deiner Bilder angesehen; sie sind sehr schön.
tomr-photos29-Jan-2003 17:54
Back again. If circumstances were different and I could do a lot of traveling, I'm sure I would wear out my cameras! You are blessed, not only with the means to travel, but with the talent to record the experiences. Great work, Bauer. – Tom
alex 18-Jan-2003 21:51
zwei daumen hoch - ich bin echt beeindruckt

vor allem die irland fotos sind genial

grüsse alex
Georgia Roessler10-Jan-2003 13:13
Why am I just now becoming aware of the existence of your galleries?? They're wonderful! A travelogue and art gallery all in one! You're on my list. I have only just scratched the surface here; I'll be back!
Guest 13-Dec-2002 19:40
your galerie its some bigger :-)) a lot of work! bauer, I went to the fishmarket this morning,,, if you like take a look... thanks best regards magus
Guest 13-Dec-2002 09:06
Thank you too. You are welcome to Shanghai. I have updated the Shanghai-gallery. I have added a new ganllery named xintiandi, which is a very famous old-building museum, and also a famous amusement arcade in Shanghai. Welcome to my galleries!
Guest 05-Dec-2002 05:10
I like your photoes. Wish you can take more beautigul photoes. Thanks.
Guest 15-Oct-2002 14:32

Wunderschön !!!
I am impressed... so many wonderful pictures from all over the world. Keep on going!!!

Andreas Stoeckl10-Sep-2002 16:20
Hallo Franz,
ich habe gerade Ihre ausgezeichneten Bilder angesehen, Kompliment! Zu einer Reise nach Venedig im Karneval kann ich auf jeden Fall nur raten, Motive im Überfluss ...
Meine eigene Gallerie zu diesem Thema ist zur Zeit noch etwas klein, wird aber, sobald meine Zeit es erlaubt, weiter ausgebaut.
Digital GreetinX