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White Pocket 2015

Within the desert expanse of the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs National Monument near the Arizona/Utah border sits a little known but magical spot called White Pocket.
Relatively unknown until recent years and not easily accessed, White Pocket is fast becoming the next photographer's paradise for capturing uniquely strange and colorful rock formations.

I have been taking small group workshops out here with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.
I did two trips this year back to back as they were so popular. We had the most amazing and spectacular conditions for both trips.
Clouds, skies, pool, light. Amazing food, great company and hours upon hours of photographic exploration.

White Pocket-125.jpg White Pocket-30.jpg White Pocket-126.jpg White Pocket-22.jpg White Pocket-23.jpg
White Pocket-27.jpg White Pocket-92.jpg White Pocket-97.jpg White Pocket-98.jpg White Pocket-91.jpg
White Pocket-142.jpg White Pocket-145.jpg White Pocket-35.jpg White Pocket-143.jpg White Pocket-131.jpg
White Pocket-33.jpg White Pocket-24.jpg White Pocket-25.jpg White Pocket-26.jpg White Pocket-56.jpg
White Pocket-14.jpg White Pocket-13.jpg White Pocket-118.jpg White Pocket-119.jpg White Pocket-12.jpg
White Pocket-51.jpg White Pocket-52.jpg White Pocket-53.jpg White Pocket-48.jpg White Pocket-54.jpg
White Pocket-19.jpg White Pocket-17.jpg White Pocket-31.jpg White Pocket-146.jpg White Pocket-43.jpg
White Pocket-148.jpg White Pocket-38.jpg White Pocket-55.jpg White Pocket-107.jpg White Pocket-40.jpg
White Pocket-41.jpg White Pocket-42.jpg White Pocket-45.jpg White Pocket-46.jpg White Pocket-87.jpg
White Pocket-88.jpg White Pocket-89.jpg White Pocket-10.jpg White Pocket-15.jpg White Pocket-113.jpg
White Pocket-116.jpg White Pocket-102.jpg White Pocket-114.jpg White Pocket-115.jpg White Pocket-44.jpg
White Pocket-133.jpg White Pocket-138.jpg White Pocket-64.jpg White Pocket-84.jpg White Pocket-149.jpg
White Pocket-39.jpg White Pocket-49.jpg White Pocket-50.jpg White Pocket-132.jpg White Pocket-134.jpg
White Pocket-79.jpg White Pocket-80.jpg White Pocket-81.jpg White Pocket-82.jpg White Pocket-16.jpg
White Pocket-137.jpg White Pocket-3.jpg White Pocket-122.jpg White Pocket-123.jpg White Pocket-18.jpg
White Pocket-29.jpg White Pocket-47.jpg White Pocket-139.jpg White Pocket-140.jpg White Pocket-94.jpg
White Pocket-57.jpg White Pocket-78.jpg White Pocket-8.jpg White Pocket-104.jpg White Pocket-117.jpg
White Pocket-2.jpg White Pocket-77.jpg White Pocket-93.jpg White Pocket.jpg White Pocket-101.jpg
White Pocket-128.jpg White Pocket-106.jpg White Pocket-108.jpg White Pocket-11.jpg White Pocket-127.jpg
White Pocket-99.jpg White Pocket-95.jpg White Pocket-96.jpg White Pocket-111.jpg White Pocket-124.jpg
White Pocket-105.jpg White Pocket-5.jpg White Pocket-6.jpg White Pocket-103.jpg White Pocket-112.jpg
White Pocket-32.jpg White Pocket-21.jpg White Pocket-28.jpg White Pocket-37.jpg White Pocket-4.jpg
White Pocket-85.jpg White Pocket-141.jpg White Pocket-62.jpg White Pocket-72.jpg White Pocket-66.jpg
White Pocket-110.jpg White Pocket-7.jpg White Pocket-129.jpg White Pocket-135.jpg White Pocket-136.jpg
White Pocket-58.jpg White Pocket-59.jpg White Pocket-60.jpg White Pocket-63.jpg White Pocket-68.jpg
White Pocket-69.jpg White Pocket-71.jpg White Pocket-76.jpg White Pocket-83.jpg White Pocket-9.jpg
White Pocket-120.jpg White Pocket-121.jpg White Pocket-144.jpg White Pocket-36.jpg White Pocket-20.jpg
White Pocket-90.jpg White Pocket-100.jpg