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AQ Explorers Blog...

gallery - The 2006 Basic Explorer Program! 04-May-2006 04:18:25

Howdy Everyone!!!! Tuesday nights just aren't the same anymore.
It was a pleasure getting to know all the explorers and advisors.
Hope to see you around.


Sean Lee gallery -
The 2006 Basic Explorer Program! 03-May-2006 06:26:11

It's Tuesday night. I'm so deprived with out the roar of a distant 737 out on the reef runway.
Spending nights like these on the ramp is a lot better then spending them on chemistry tests, like I'm doing now :)


gallery - The 2006 Basic Explorer Program!
28-Apr-2006 06:36:58

I can't tell you guys how much I miss you folks!
What am I going to do on tuesday nights now?! ** Tear **
I am so proud of all your 10 weeks of hard work and most
of all glad that I have met all of you. You guys are the
reason why I love being an advisor! I wish you all the best
and may your dreams bring you nothing short of happiness! If
you guys ever need anything, you know where to find me.
Mahalo Nui Loa and Lets Fly!

guestbook 28-Apr-2006 06:30:09

Aloha! I can't find the words to express how glad
and proud I am off all our explorers! You guys are
the reason why I become an advisor every year.
Its a pleasure and honor to show you the ropes of
Aloha Airlines operation. May all your dreams and
wishes bring you nothing shy of happiness and contentment.
You will always be a part of our Aloha family.
This is not a goodbye, but a farewell until next time.
Aloha A Hui Hou!

love much princess
gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006
28-Apr-2006 00:31:35

i had the most wonderfulest time of life with everyone
hope to see you all around. you know you guys made me cry..

love much princess
gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006
28-Apr-2006 00:31:35

i had the most wonderfulest time of life with everyone hope
to see you all around. you know you guys made me cry..

gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006 28-Apr-2006 00:29:55

I will miss eveyone and i hope we all only explorers and advisors see each
other again i will never forget all the good times we had!!! this is the one and only
PRINCESS never 4get me..

Torres 26-Apr-2006 08:22
Good Question, why spoil the answer?

Now that the program is over, what are you going to do on Tuesday nights?

Thanks everyone for forwarding your pics for our Maui Trip!

Sean Lee
gallery - Maui Trip 2006
25-Apr-2006 05:12:39
Great trip! Thanks to all who made it possible.

I will sure miss AQ explorers come next week.
It was a great ride. Too bad it has to end.


AQ Explorers
gallery - Maui Trip 2006 23-Apr-2006 06:54:53

Too bad we couldn't stay on the plane and go to Kaua'i
and then to O'ahu and then to Maui again and then back home
to O'ahu! LOL For sure we would have got a sunset shot!
When you can...please email me your sunrise pic for the

Mahalo for sharing!

gallery - Maui Trip 2006 23-Apr-2006 06:42:26

Awsome trip!!!!!! Lets do it again.

Aldrin Cabasa
gallery - The 2006 Basic Explorer Program! 18-Apr-2006 00:54:35

Daym i hella miss aloha explorers, hey billy i'm coming to oahu like next month for a vacation, ha cant wait sitting my but here in las vegas, Can explore again? hahaha...well Billy whats ur Email Address? well i hope all you new explorers have so much fun okay peace...

gallery - Airport Fire Station Night 2006 13-Apr-2006 07:42:59

That's all I've got to say!!!
Nah, it's always a great night with the blue team. Mahalo.

AQ Explorers guestbook
jonathan gallery - Air Traffic Control Tower Night 2006 07-Apr-2006 00:53:31
Another great night!!Cant wait till to c everyone next week!

gallery - AQ Explorers Blog... 05-Apr-2006 22:29:19
I agree Shantel. Watching those planes take off and land was pretty cool.
Expecially looking threw the binoculars!

gallery - Air Traffic Control Tower Night 2006 05-Apr-2006 22:27:12
I have to say, After Air Traffic Control Tower night, It makes me re-think my goal to becoming a Pilot. Who knew that a Control Tower would be so cool. The view was incredible and so were the Radar Room computers.
Very Neat.

gallery - AQ Explorers Blog... 29-Mar-2006 02:03:56

that was the coolest watching planes take off and getting on base!

gallery - Extra Exploring 2006 with Chad 28-Mar-2006 07:18:39
Hey Uncle Billy!!!!!
Thank you for showing me what's it like to shadow Mr. Aloha.
I had a great time helping with the preschool tour. Thanks again for the opportunity.


gallery - Awesome! F-15's Night 2006 27-Mar-2006 09:43:59

Those F-15's were AWESOME.

Feel the heat of those afterburners. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experence.


Hickam was great! Chris Sakamoto and Adrian Kinimaka headed the tour
for us, culminating in watching the F15's taking off on the reef
We were literally 30-feet away from the runway...we've never been that
close before. Very memorable and the kids had a great time.

gallery - The 2006 Basic Explorer Program! 24-Mar-2006 04:19:13
ahhh Man! I missed F-15's. I'm so jealous. Everyone knows that F-15's
used to be Advanced Explorers best night....*tears* *tears* *tears*
...Anyways i'm on spring break next week so i'll probably stop by for a
quick visit. I'm glad everyone having so much fun.

gallery - Awesome! F-15's Night 2006
22-Mar-2006 21:39:16

Last night was great...i can't believe how close we were...what an experience.
Well im so bummed that i am going to miss next week but hey try not to miss me
that i will definitly bring back some good stuff from vegas for everyone...
i will see everyone in two weeks.*tear*


Greg Chilson
gallery - Awesome! F-15's Night 2006 22-Mar-2006 20:27:41

Great time last night team. We've never been as lucky as last night,
with Sock and Adrian taking us as close to the runway as I've ever been.
What a great feeling. Hope everyone enjoyed the evening as much as I did.
See everyone next week at Cargo & Maintenance Night. Aloha.

Advisor Greg.

AQ Explorers
gallery - The Best Night! CSA2/RAMP AGENT/AQ737 21-Mar-2006 18:38:37
Over the years you get to tweak the program
and after so many trials and errors
you come up with a culminating activity "
CSA/RAMP/AQ737 Night", exploring all career fields
at one time. The Explorers get to see everyone working
together to make an airplane fly...from reservations,
customer service, flight ops, maintenance, inflight,
dispatch, cargo, ramp service & cleaning. When we go on
our real flight to Maui in April, you will see how much
work and dedication it takes to actually see how many
departments and people get the job done! "Let's Fly" and
have fun!

Thanks Sean for being a part of the program!

Sean Lee
gallery - The Best Night! CSA2/RAMP AGENT/AQ737 21-Mar-2006 09:05:21

I agree, CSA night is the best.
It's always fun to see the "other side"
of the equastion (not as the passenger.)

I loved taxing around in that $25 mil "toy"!


AQ Explorers
gallery - The 2006 Basic Explorer Program!
21-Mar-2006 06:09:11

Hi Ashley!
How are you doing?
Hope to see you again soon.

~El Mario
gallery - Mario 20-Mar-2006 06:57:23

ah, cool

Don't worry, I changed it.

~El Mario
gallery - Mario 17-Mar-2006 07:54:44

I want to fly for MARINES
Not Air Force.
Why'd I put that?


Every tuesday night makes my week. Seeing the pictures from them are awesome.
Thanks Shaun for volunteering to take pictures.

Aloha, till NEXT weekend.

image 57297558 - IMG_3390.JPG 15-Mar-2006 23:04:01

SOOO thats what my hair looks like from the back.
Hahh, thanks Shaun.

image 57297557 - IMG_3388.JPG 15-Mar-2006 23:02:39


image 57296053 - DSCF6692.JPG 15-Mar-2006 22:58:53

HO! Shaka Brahh!


Friendships TRULEY grow with such a great group of people.

image 57295234 - DSCF6681.JPG 15-Mar-2006 22:56:58

"We 'place' bags NOT throw." ;]

image 57295230 - DSCF6676.JPG 15-Mar-2006 22:55:42

And.. that's my hand pointing to the other nice bag.

image 57295229 - DSCF6675.JPG 15-Mar-2006 22:55:14

THAT was a nice bag.


gallery - The Best Night! CSA2 - RAMP AGENT - AQ737 15-Mar-2006 22:50:16

look at these pictures, they are awesome

k.kerch image 56687580 - DSCF6335.JPG hide | delete 15-Mar-2006 22:48:34

In a few more years, this will be how it will be for real.
Bob and Kristen Kerch. Captain and Co-Captain.

K.Kerch gallery - Kristen 15-Mar-2006 22:45:11

I really enjoy the way Billy set things up on this AQ Exploreres page.
It's a great place to look back on good times.
May there be more to come! Lets all keep in touch!

Myspace: Http://
(It's all pretty easy. I check both my Email and Myspace Daily)


k.kerch image 56116670 - DSCF5820.JPG 15-Mar-2006 22:40:53

A- is for ALOHA
also for the BEST group for Exploreres 2006.

image 57295240 - DSCF6687.JPG 15-Mar-2006 19:00:30

this was the fun part :]

gallery - Extra Exploring 2006 with Naupaka 15-Mar-2006 07:43:09

hey uncle billy sorry it took me so long to comment back but THANK YOU soooo much for taking time out of ur long double shift to show me the ropes...sorry i was so shy but maybe next hope that you got the bag of goodies i left for you with jamie i felt bad for eating ur chips on sunday so i hopefully replenished your supply of you again for taking me and tonight was walk really fast btw...well see you next week tuesday...have a great week and try not to work too hard...




guestbook 14-Mar-2006 22:16:21
hey everybody see you tonight!

gallery - Extra Exploring 2006 with Jonathan 12-Mar-2006 20:46:28

thanks again for everything i had an AWESOME TIME...i learned so much and got to meet so much nice people..and the pictures im going to burn it on a cd and give it to you on tuesday if thats fine..hope everything went well with that plane incident after..thanks again Billy!!


AQ Explorers
hide | delete 12-Mar-2006 22:41
The CD will be perfect. Everything went well....a spare plane was ready for the
passengers and crew when they arrived back in HNL. Mahalo for everything....
thank God for praying too.

Pizza Fellowship Night...
My bad too....i advertised it on the website "snack" and had it printed on
the night's agenda "snack" kids Michael (32), Kanani (29), Shelley (25) & her boy
friend Marco (26), Jonah (21) and Liane (15) say "Mahalo Greg & Jaime" and my two
grand-kids Noah (5) and Lucy (3) say "Mahalo Uncle Greg & Aunty Jaime" for the left over pizza & wife Shirley says, "Great, we don't have to order another pizza!" (It's pizza night every Tuesday at my house since "Papa Billy" is at the Airport for extra pizza at my house can go like that...puff!)

Greg Chilson
gallery - Reservations & CSA Training Night 2006 10-Mar-2006 03:07:59

Shame on Jaime for saying it's only a snack and not dinner.
Turns out we had too much pizza and I couldn't force it on anyone.
Next time, bag chips! Great job Billy, Chas, Shay, Amber, Kristen
and Marla! Res Night Rocks!
Advisor Greg.

gallery - Lani 09-Mar-2006 00:20:03

If you'd like to learn a lot about becoming a pilot, what the life is like, what the job demands, how frustrating it can often be, and also how rewarding, go to: Once you're there, click on The Hanger. It's the most active and interesting forum of professional pilots on the web. PS: I'm a chick. I'm a pilot. If you work hard, long and well, you can do it. Good luck and God bless you!

See you all next week at the HONOLULU STATION!


~El Mario
mage 56686595 - DSCF6309.JPG 07-Mar-2006 06:04:37

I was contemplating on sticking my head in the jet engine and taking a look around..

07-Mar-2006 06:01:17

hey this is really coming along nicely, those pictures are real funny!
mahalo for pilot night!

~El Mario
image 56390077 - DSCF5979.JPG 07-Mar-2006 06:00:30

I need a haircut.

gallery - AQ Explorers Program 03-Mar-2006 23:48:36

i just love looking at our pic. see you on tuesday..
ALOHA, princess

gallery - AQ Events... 02-Mar-2006 22:32:07

Aloha explorers Group A is Always bettah than group B

Guest gallery - AQ Explorers Program 02-Mar-2006 22:30:29
hi and thanks for putting my beautiffulll pic. on the computer!
nah jus joking well gatta go back to class cause i stay in school
right now>
Holla at the PRINCESS********

Jamie Wagatsuma
gallery - The Winning Team of Advisors & Mentors! 04-Mar-2006 02:31:48

Goota love those lovely lips of yours, Keone. Man, they're sexy!!!
gallery - AQ Explorers Blog... 03-Mar-2006 05:19:07

Pilot night was the best night yet.....I learned a lot and I am
now really determined to be a pilot because of how fun the activities were
.....Can't wait till next week....see you all there!!!!

gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006 03-Mar-2006 02:36:00

wow...what a fun night...i never knew that pilots did that much...well i
cannot wait till next week...n e one got a myspace...well if you do post it...

Ashley gallery - The 2006 Basic Explorer Program! 02-Mar-2006 07:22:38

Hi everybody! Oh wow! The pictures are awesome as usual. Geez, I really miss the program brings back so many happy memories and the explorers look like their having tons and tons of fun too. Thats great. By the way for those of you who don't know me my name's Ashley and I'm a past explorer. So whats on the agenda for next week? Well I hope everyone's having tons and tons of fun make this experience one that you'll remember for the rest of your life because not alot of people can do the things that your doing in the classroom and out on the ramp. Good luck, study hard, the final exam is really hard. Nah just kidding. Ehh, Billy if I answer the questions to the quiz you have posted on the front page what do I win...hahahah! yeah I miss you guys. I'll stop by real soon.

gallery - AQ Explorers Blog... 02-Mar-2006 07:06:59

i had a blast on pilot night! i learned so much about becoming a pilot!

guestbook 02-Mar-2006 07:03:56

thanks for the great pictures! and a fun night!

gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006 hide | delete 02-Mar-2006 07:01:48
sorry, that comment down there was mine... i forgot to put my name :P
gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006 02-Mar-2006 07:00:43

pilot night was so awesome! i had so much fun! gosh i can't wait till next week already... :D

image 56686603 - DSCF6322.JPG 02-Mar-2006 04:34:31

This is a nice picture!

gallery - Exploring the 200 02-Mar-2006 04:29:30

That night was awesome, I had so much fun.
Can't wait until next week! Okie Dokies

*****AQ Explorers*****
gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006 ete 02-Mar-2006 04:24:57

For the past 15 years, Pilot Night is one of my favorites.

I tried my best taking the pictures...the lighting was tricky.
The blue sky at dusk was beautiful!

gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006 02-Mar-2006 03:52:20

Great Pictures!!!!!!! I had lots of fun and look forward to many more.

gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006 01-Mar-2006 22:56:37

howzit billy...yah agree wit everyone nice pictures..
one of the BEST nights so far i LOVED IT..well c ya next week

gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006 01-Mar-2006 20:15:22

I really learned a lot from the pilot night.
It seems complicated with all the different buttons
but it seems like a fun occupation.

gallery - Aerospace Engineering 101 01-Mar-2006 20:11:07

i think making our own plane was kind of hard.
but it was fun and i'm happy because mine flew the farthest! :)

image 56679522 - DSCF6167.JPG 01-Mar-2006 17:22:52

You Da Man Dad!
hahaha :)

image 56680850 - DSCF6204.JPG 01-Mar-2006 17:21:42

This part of the night, was a real learning experience.
It made me realize, there is more to the job than take
off's and landing's. It opened up my eyes to where and
how i should start learning about in insides of the aircraft.
THIS was my whole reason for signing up for Aloha Airlines
Explorer Program... To Explore. :)

gallery - PILOT NIGHT - FLIGHT OPS 2006 01-Mar-2006 17:17:20

Awesome Pictures!

I loved every part of Pilot night.
Even with the rainy weather, the experience was great!
Thank you,
Kristen Kerch

***** Again Sean, Thank you for your assistance last Friday.
Hope there will be more Explorers ******
interested in doing some Extra Exploring!

Sean Lee
gallery - Extra Exploring 2006 with Sean 26-Feb-2006 08:55:12
I canĺt begin to thank you enough for that wonderful experience!

It was an experience I surely wont forget, I learned a huge amount of what goes on behind the scenes in an airline.


guestbook 24-Feb-2006 21:15:45
Hey Guys....had a great time last week and looking foward to the comming weeks.
Aloha Chad

guestbook 24-Feb-2006 21:00:18
last week was fun! yay!

Sean Lee gallery - AQ Explorers Blog... 24-Feb-2006 05:11:00
I had a wonderfull time on the FA night! Dawning and inflateing the life vest was a lot harder then I expected,
and its not every day where I get to play inside a -700. Looking forward to next week!

SQ is Singapore Airlines and code sharing carriers.
Oh and AQ Aloha Airlines, that was a cool assignment to look up.
Thanks and Flight Attendant night was an awesome night too.
Aloha Explorer,

image 40346796 - Get Ready for Pilot Night...Next Week! 23-Feb-2006 06:51:43
Looking foward to it!!!!!!!

Chad image 56390697 - "Let's Fly!" 23-Feb-2006 06:46:39
Hey Billy!!!! Great Picture. Thanks for a great night everyone

gallery - Weekly Dairy & Journal of Events... hide | delete 23-Feb-2006 06:00:35
WOW...I didn't expect that the pictures will be up on the day Uncle Billy took pictures, the last 2 weeks were soo fun can't wait for next week, im starting to think that 10 weeks is just too short and we should have that advanced one like the past, flight attendant night was fun, we finally get to go on an airplane and learn about where the food is stored and that secret lavatory lock thingy, it was a great experince, can't wait for more!!!

Ryan guestbook 23-Feb-2006 05:53:01
Hey the pictures were like uploaded on the day it was take, the last 2 weeks were fun, flight attendant night was great can't wait till pilot night!

image 56390073 - What Airline is SQ? 22-Feb-2006 20:18:17
SQ is it Singapore Airlines...

gallery - Flight Attendant 737 Training 22-Feb-2006 19:45:49
That night was pretty awesome! i really learned a lot about being a flight attendant.

image 56390073 - What Airline is SQ? 22-Feb-2006 11:47:34
hey billy...i'm gonna find out what that code is 2moro at work...easy access w/SHARES....but promise.....i won't tell anyone...take care....Aloha, Chas

gallery - Weekly Dairy & Journal of Events... 22-Feb-2006 07:48:53
sorry i left so many comments...don't know how to work this thing called a computer...

gallery - Weekly Dairy & Journal of Events... 22-Feb-2006 07:47:45
wow tonight was super fun...i cannot believe this is only week two...its going by so fast though...flight attendent night was fun...i can't believe i fit into that overhead compartment...well thanks for the great times and the many more to come...pilot night next week YAY...

gallery - Weekly Dairy & Journal of Events... 22-Feb-2006 07:47:20
wow tonight was super fun...i cannot believe this is only week two...its going by so fast though...flight attendent night was fun...i can't believe i fit into that overhead compartment...well thanks for the great times and the many more to come...pilot night next week YAY...

gallery - The 2006 Basic Explorer Program! 22-Feb-2006 07:22:00
howzit billy..had choke fun tonite it was really cool doing all that flight attendent stuff got to learn new things..but i think i got the answer to the SQ? is it singapore airlines?..but thanks again see u next week

image 56117210 - DSCF5885.JPG 22-Feb-2006 07:17:22
"B" for best hahaha...good job team B we rock!

guestbook 22-Feb-2006 07:15:10
hey everyone great flight attendent session...definitly what i would like to do...
aloha, naupaka

gallery - FIRST NIGHT 2006 16-Feb-2006 07:31:23
Hey guys and gals... First night was a blast. I think Kristen and I were more excited about Jeopardy than the students!!! I am very excited for another wonderful year & can't wait til next week! See you then...

gallery - FIRST NIGHT 2006 15-Feb-2006 22:40:36
Great fun last night everyone.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment.
Can't wait for next week and Flight Attendant Night!! Woooohooooo.
Advisor Greg.

AQ Explorers
gallery - FIRST NIGHT 2006 15-Feb-2006 08:44:54
Wow, Sean! You are the first to check out the site!
I am still posting pics...the Jeopardy Pics will be up soon.
Glad that you had fun tonight! Billy

Sean Lee
gallery - FIRST NIGHT 2006 15-Feb-2006 08:41:35
Wow. Very quick to post!

I much enjoyed tonight; and to think that it was merely a classroom session. I cannot wait until next week!
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