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Jeff 04-Sep-2010 16:09
Keep up good work!
Anna Cieslukowska02-Oct-2008 19:15
I've been coming back to Your galleries for a couple of months by now. I love the way You see people and their relations, very intimate and emotional. I love the stories that I can see behind Your photographs. I'm waiting for more Your work! Best regards, Ania.
Christophe Lecoq 01-Sep-2008 09:18
Hi !

Just to say I realy like your shots !


My gallery :
Guest 13-Jul-2008 23:52
Dear Ms Zhou

Thank you for sharing. I found your site when I was looking on some Chinese shots at Smugmug. Still, I've been to Shanghai a couple of times and I really enjoy your shots. You have managed to capture some of the finest Shanghai pictures I've ever seen


Tom Alisier20-Apr-2008 23:11
Hi Jennifer,
I looked for the first time tooday through your gallery ,and i saw some great images.
i like the atmosphere , your point of view and how you put those picture together.
i 'll be back for sure !

frank schacht 08-Apr-2008 15:44
my profile is
flickr com people frankschacht
frank schacht 08-Apr-2008 15:43
your pictures are very to watch is my pleasure to show
everyone in germany how beautiful your country is and your people how friendly.
my profile
Guest 11-Feb-2008 04:07
Hi Jenn: I came by your galleries quite a while ago and was truly impressed by the feeling of depressiveness yet liveliness of your pictures. It so happened today I ran into your place again and I remembered it right away. It's a pity you've not been updating your works for a while.
Guest 11-Sep-2007 09:02
your imges are really impressive...especualy the ones you had bee aing in shanghai, you have a great sese for capturing the street life in that city...

thank you for sharing your work,
its truly great.
Guest 13-Jun-2007 17:27
Awesome photo gallery.
flowsnow31-May-2007 00:28
Jennifer, I looked through your gallery and I am impressed in fact totally inspired. I think I have an addiction to come back again and again and I will do that! Well done. Cheers
Ezekiel 2007-Apr-2007 11:35
Congratulations on having your own exhibition Jennifer - I've been a fan of your work for a while. I hope you continue to produce works of art and inspire the many who visit your site.

Zaid Kurdi27-Mar-2007 12:27
Amazing photos,thanks for sharing
Guest 08-Mar-2007 04:31
Fantastic gallery.
goobernaculum05-Mar-2007 23:19
G'day Jennifer
You have an awesome collection of photos here. What I love is how there is always something deeper in the photo, whether it be a beautiful transient moment you captured, an emotion you want to share or just something to make us think. It really feels like you are communicating with your images, which is just awesome!

keep up the good work!
Guest 31-Dec-2006 07:29
Hi, Jennifer,
I am from Nanjing, China and I have lived in Vancouver for more than 4 years. I can truely understand how the beauty of this city can inspire someone to take on photography. Your landscapes are amazing. However, it is your street photos in China, that really put me in owe, with the quality of work and your talent behind it. These photos are reminders for us not to take things for granted and to have symphayty for people that are less fortunate. You must have a sensitive heart and caring sole. Please don't let the sadness and irony of society hit you too hard while revieling them.
Wish you a very successful 2007!
Henry Liu22-Dec-2006 04:01
Leo 01-Dec-2006 09:41
1699925, 75 more page views its going to hit 1700000... congratulations!
Guest 05-Nov-2006 20:23
我地神啊, 玩了三年就照的这么好了
Guest 03-Nov-2006 21:55
Hi Jennifer,

I've just found your gallery today, and I must say, "Your work is breathtaking" Very impressive documentary and storytelling. Very admirable. Thank you for sharing. - Tony Quan.
Guest 29-Oct-2006 08:20
very intersting galleries, i like a lot "all had one history", thanks
D Chan23-Oct-2006 21:38
You have a wonderful eye to capture photo, you can find something we miss in out daily life and show it in a beautful image.
Guest 22-Sep-2006 08:26
Hi! Jennifer
I'm alloc.
I had seen your photos long time ago.
And I looked around your gallery again this afternoon.
You have already taken much more amazing photos.
Many ideas & thoughs are worthy to learn for me.
I have some photos and I want to share them to you.
If you have time, it's a great honor to receive your comments.
Here is the website:
Guest 18-Sep-2006 10:18
not too bad.......
good cs color ~~~ skill

Åĵò»´í~~! ^^
Guest 10-Sep-2006 06:04
You are an amazing photographer, I truely admire your work and your style. Your passion for photography is undeniable, in the way you capture and interact with your subjects. I have much to learn about photography and your galleries will serve as my class room to observe and learn from. You have truely inspire me to capture my world through photography! Thank you and keep pressing the shutter!
Berry 27-Aug-2006 12:03
Great content! But have some suggestions about improvement. Will contact you.
Thank you.
Guenter Eh17-Aug-2006 18:43
Jenn - if you feel like stepping in a goldmine discovering my galleries - so I would like to say to you: I`m addicted with YOUR galleries and I need my daily dose like Dracula need`s a girl`s bare neck! > mmmh...obviously I`m going to far with this statement ;o)
Seriously - I`m really amazed and impressed by your works and btw the competent comments of Phil to your pictures are "photographic lessons"! That`s a great deal for me!
Josh Bornstein28-Jun-2006 19:53
Just lovely work. Brought back such fond memories of my (short, alas) trip there a few years ago. I especially like your Black & White photos. --josh
zeubl 28-May-2006 00:05
très jolies photos, très jolies galeries.
simplement délicieux.
Guest 26-Apr-2006 09:46
A great collection of what the world will be, from a female's camera. Not a sexist myself but I do find myself have limited point of view and enclosed in a world of technical specs......great work
jei abanto 17-Apr-2006 21:17
exquisitely breathtaking
Jeremy22-Mar-2006 13:36
WOW. You have an impressive collection of galleries here. I will return to view the photos in detail. Keep posting. Cheers.
Guest 06-Mar-2006 18:28
david procter06-Mar-2006 13:35
The narrative strength of your work is astounding. I'm am very new to photography and i find your approach nothing short of inspirational. Well done and thank you for sharing yout rich talent.
Guest 26-Feb-2006 03:43
Stunning work, Jennifer. I especially enjoyed your Cityscape series, which will be my ongoing project in 2006. Hope to see more of your take in this world of imagery.
There is much I can learn from your eyes. cheers, rosmini
Guest 16-Feb-2006 05:25
I am so impressed. Lots of touching pictures and lots of small stories ! I can also learn a lot here.
Best wishes !
Wei O'Connell06-Feb-2006 02:40
Hi Jennifer,
Your gallery is absolutely beautiful - creative, rich color, and ...
I love your "My Sky" the best. Thanks.
tiong 24-Jan-2006 04:48
excellent, i like your photo all, it is a beautiful gallery.
but i cannot see your heart from your photo.
Leo 04-Jan-2006 02:40
It's the beginning of 2006, and the beginning of your fourth year of photography life... I wish you best of luck and please continue improving your skills, your have much to learn and you have the ability to learn well, thank you for sharing your photos with us.
Ashley Hockenberry30-Dec-2005 04:05

So many high-quality, professional galleries. You are at an expert level in your craft.
Ashley Hockenberry
tai 22-Dec-2005 21:09
Hi Jennifer:

I am very impressed with your work, excellent. very impresive.

I have the impression that you are a young Chinese lady that has been raised and educated in Shanghai , China. If my assumption is correct, than I am stunned to find the following qualities in your work.

- Your English is excellent, direct and straight forward, in very much like the " Reader's Digest " style. it is also very expressive while using a most direct structure, very much like Ernest Hemingway¡¯s writing.

- Your observation of China through your picture is very unique, very detail and has a ability to let the theme jump out of the fram.

Can you let us know more about yourself?

One of the most famous American architects is "Frank Lloyd White". His style of using natural material and simple structure which bland within the surrounding is very much ins sync with the Japanese¡¯s house and garden design. Surprisingly Mr. White developed this style on his own with minimum exposure to the Japanese culture.

May be you are another "Frank Lloyd White" ? That your keen oberservations are self developed. May be your proved to us again that talent is a gift at birth that can not be learned?
Guest 21-Dec-2005 04:50

̳×ÓÀï´ó¼Ò¶¼ÊÇÂÒ¿ªÍæЦµÄÇë²»Òª¼û¹Ö. ÎÒÊÇÕæÐÄϲ»¶ÄãµÄÿһÕÅÕÕƬ, ×Ô´ÓÔÚ¼ÓÎ÷¿´µ½ÄãµÄÄÇÕÅOverwhelmed, ¾Í¾õµÃÕâƬ×ÓµÄ×÷Õß²»¼òµ¥.

Leo 20-Dec-2005 02:03
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
Harald Schillhammer25-Nov-2005 08:39
Jennifer, I had bookmarked your page long ago, but I have no idea whether I ever made any entry either here or in your galleries. All I can say is: You're a genius! Each image a gem.
Guest 24-Nov-2005 02:20
I was fortunate enough to come across your work today. I admire your views very much, especially your photojournalism work...fatastic.

Guest 02-Nov-2005 23:00
Great galleries, great composition and timing, inspiring shots keep up the good work!
Peng Liang30-Oct-2005 15:06
Seeing what every one has seen, but capturing no one has caught. A great atribute of a talented photographer. I was in your home town for the first time last month. Loved the city, and danced at Bei Le Meng all three nights when I was there! Can't wait to go back again.
Guest 13-Oct-2005 05:57
Wa! nice photo to get truth of life.
Cougar 27-Sep-2005 06:06
wow, your photos are all excellent~ like them very much~
Daniele Zappavigna20-Sep-2005 07:14
I've found a great photographer!
Guest 18-Sep-2005 08:02
Hi Jennifer, compliments for your pictures, they are amazing! particularly those shot in China, I made a trip to your country this summer and took thousands of shots; comments and criticism from a "chinese eye" should be most welcome; you can find them at Again compliments for your galleries. Carlo.
timothy 17-Sep-2005 04:40
many interesting photos with human care and concern, you got eyes for composition and light- capture.
Jennifer Zhou24-Aug-2005 05:38
Thanks Chris for your kind words. I use Canon 10D with three lenses: sigma 15-30, canon 55 F1.8, and canon 70-200 F4.
Chris from USA 21-Aug-2005 05:05
Hi! I just wanted to say that you're galleries are amazing. I've only been to go to China once. What kind of eqiupment do you have?

A 07-Aug-2005 20:55
Just wanted to ask you to shoot me. But I live in Hong Kong.
Anyway, your photos are of very high quality.

best wishes,
Guest 06-Aug-2005 12:56
Hi Jennifer,
your galleries are just amazing! I will need time to go around them and enjoy, and that's why I'll come back again.
Best regards,
lulu 31-Jul-2005 15:02
lulu 31-Jul-2005 14:29
Guest 09-Jul-2005 13:51
Hi Jennifer!
First time I looked at just each photograph in someone site.
Your work is absolutely delightful!
I've bookmarked your site for future visit, look forward to see more.
Guest 02-Jul-2005 21:28
i need more time to watch your galerie
but i seen a lot of great picture there
i will take my time to watch and enjoying
your work.
Guest 29-Jun-2005 14:59

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Alex23-Jun-2005 03:36
Hi Jennifer, thanks for the kind words. Yes, my trip was awesome, but it's hard to get back into work after it. You know, I deliberately left China off the list for my trip because I wanted to do it properly! I just hope I can do it sooner rather than later. It looks so beautiful, my favourite place so far is Laos as you see from my gallery. I think it wise though to have a good digital camera, developing just costs too much ;) All the best. Alex.
Guest 15-Jun-2005 16:13
Jennifer. Your photos are vivid and refreshing. I greatly enjoyed viewing them.
Somehow I was still searching for one particular photo which you posted years
ago right after you returned to China on a photography friends get-together party,
where you stood posting for a bunch of photographers during the party.
Steven 05-Jun-2005 16:01
Hello Jennifer,
I just wanted to say that your photos are excellent, especially 'Street Photography and Photojournalism'. My I add, without being forward, you have a great smile too. Good luck in all your pursuits (photographic and otherwise).
Guest 04-Jun-2005 22:15
I tried to go through images and comment on which ones were my favorites but I'd be typing forever..thank you for sharing your amazing images..
Guest 02-Jun-2005 13:55
Hi Jennifer, I love your work, you are a true gifted photographer with too many amazing shots to comment on here... thanks for sharing. Shannon x
Ana Carloto O'Shea20-May-2005 23:37
What can I say other than I loved your galleries?? This comment won't win me any points for creativity, but I am just being honest ;)
Keep working Jennifer, you are very creative. I am glad that Phill Douglis gave me the link to your galleries, it was great being here!
Guest 06-May-2005 05:24
all the good words have been said... you are one remarkable artist with great talent.
you have been a great inspiration...
keep up the good work!
Guest 29-Apr-2005 07:16
love your works. they are beautiful, fantastic and sometime powerful. the subway series is my favorite.
Tommy Oshima 21-Apr-2005 18:37
Just one word....WONDERFUL!
Your gallery is the only one that I am bookmarking!
I'll keep the track on your latest works.
I'm totally knocked off.
With warmest regards,
Leo 15-Apr-2005 02:29
I see, you've uploaded some new pictures! They are nice, and I want to see more of your new works.
Krisztian Kormendi01-Apr-2005 05:26

Really nice pictures!
I especially like them, because it's the same I am trying to do: to make a visual expression of what I feel at different places and situations.
I've been living in China (Zhuhai) for the last 6 months (and staying for the next 2 years), and been looking for photographers with similar interests.
So next time I'm in Shanghai, you can teach me about how to take such great pictures! :-)


Guest 28-Mar-2005 07:20
Hi Jen,
Can't imagine you made all of these wonderful pictures at your leisure time. They really invoke a great feeling of nostalgia. Keep up with all these good works. Hope I can go back China soon to take some pictures too.
Thanks for sharing with us!
Guest 18-Mar-2005 20:40
Wow! You've been doing this for only 2 years? Now that's Talent!
I've spent a lifetime taking pictures I'm not even close to what you've accomplished.

Best Regards from your newest fan!

Guest 10-Mar-2005 04:00
I really enjoyed looking at your gallery and reading Phil's comments. I look forward to seeing more work from you! And I love shanghai too!
Guest 25-Feb-2005 07:05
Talent works! Amazing!
23-Feb-2005 16:27
Benot Jolivet22-Feb-2005 21:45
wow ! very beautiful ! i'am totaly impress by your ability to do a very large kind of pictures. That's inspire me !! Thank you for sharing your work

Peter Chou11-Feb-2005 01:46
Fantastic photographic vision and I love your street work of China very much! Do take a look at my humble gallery and I appreciate your advice and comments.
Guest 08-Feb-2005 20:10
^_^ ÐÂÄê¿ìÀÖ£¬ÉíÌ彡¿µ£¬¹¤×÷˳Àû£¬¶à¶à³öƬ ^_^
Jean-Luc Elias21-Jan-2005 07:29
Hallo Jennifer, thanks for leaving a comment on my pictures at pbase here.
You have a remarkeble collection of artfull photo's as well . I put you in my favourits because I want to see more of your work.Are you a professional photographer?If not you should ...
Kind regards,Jean-Luc from Belgium.
Guest 15-Jan-2005 20:12
Best galleries about China I have seen so far, intelligent and relaxing, nostalgia while full of energy...this girl got the eyes and heart of an artist as well as a simple hopeful and curious human being...
Leo 13-Jan-2005 06:15
Congratulations on the ONE MILLION HITS~! Hope to see more of your nice pictures.

with LOVE,
Chris Ward26-Dec-2004 17:21
I've enjoyed looking through your galleries. There are so many great shots. I particularly like the landscape pictures with fantastic colour in the skies and clouds. Chris
Eddie Ling25-Dec-2004 18:32
Bravo Jennifer! Keep up the good work and show us the other side of China!
Don Guo24-Dec-2004 01:18
Jennifer £¬Ê¥µ®¿ìÀÖ£¬ÍòÊÂÈçÒ⣡
Guest 05-Dec-2004 06:39
Great stuff throughout. Good quote by Dorothea. Brooks Jensen also speaks about photography as a Way of Life.
Don Guo25-Nov-2004 07:27
btw,ÂÛ̳ÀïµÄvote for my favorite ,¿´µ½ºÜ¶àÈËÌáÃûÄã¡££º£©
Don Guo25-Nov-2004 07:24
Guest 13-Nov-2004 17:12
your pictures are definitely one of the best that i have ever seen on
xianan11-Nov-2004 05:02
hi, Jennifer: Happened to find your galleries at pbase. They are so wonderful. There are lots of stuffs I can learn from you.
Best and keep on nice job.
Guest 10-Nov-2004 20:38
Wonderful pictures... I chanced upon your page while exploring pbase and I must say your pictures are awesome! The pictures of China brings back so many memories for me and makes me want to go back even more to explore. Thanks!
Guest 06-Nov-2004 19:20

I stumbled upon your gallery while slacking off at work. Your body of work is very inspiring to me. I will visit frequently to see your progress.
Peter Rackham05-Nov-2004 02:33
Hello, Jennifer,

Ironically, I was just talking with my niece in Vancouver an hour ago so your images of that city made me think of her again.

I have not seen all of your images, but I plan to when I have a bit more time. I have seen enough, though, to congratulate you on your fine photography. You have a serious shutterbug eye! Great composition, colour, technique -- and very eclectic in subject matter and style. You must carry your camera with you at all times! Thanks for the view!

hugh 02-Nov-2004 11:20
Hi Jennifer!

I rarely leave messages in guestbooks but couldn't bypass yours without commenting on your wonderful photographs. Such emotion in every shot. A thousand words in every image. Fantastic.


Guest 01-Nov-2004 07:21
Stumbled upon your galleries... very exciting and very nicely done. I am so impressed with you angles and your ideas. Keep shooting and keep sharing... I have you "bookmarked" now =)
Guest 31-Oct-2004 00:09
Oh my ,you have such a Lovely Elegance spread through out these wonderful galleries !!
Can't wait to visit B.C. again. Cheers , robin.
Guest 28-Oct-2004 11:50
Dear Jennifer,

There are a lot of good galleries posted on PBASE, yours are among the very best. It’s not just your pictures that are emotionally captivating, so are your words. At this moment you are definitely my very favorite artist.

Alain-Philippe BAUDRY-KNOPS27-Oct-2004 10:10
i'm really to fill with wonder by your work
You are very talented
Best regards
Chuck Kuhn23-Oct-2004 01:23
Jennifer...beautiful galleries...If interested in promoting each others galleries, just let me know...thanks for sharing
Tasty Orange19-Oct-2004 02:04
Jennifer... you really inspire me to get a better camera and get back into this.
Guest 11-Oct-2004 15:00
ÎÒ´ÓÄãµÄÏàƬÀïѧµ½Á˺ܶ࣬¹þ¹þ£¬Phil DouglisµÄÆÀÓï±ÈÊé±¾ºÃÉÏ100±¶
Ezekiel 2011-Oct-2004 08:53
I saw some stunning images in your gallery. Keep it up!
Leo 09-Oct-2004 04:06
I can't remember the exact date, but it's almost (if it's not already over) 2 years since you started to take on photography with D-40. Congratulations on what you have accomplished so far, and best luck to your future photographical journey.
Guest 25-Sep-2004 12:38
You have developed a good series of gallery, which present you own style and thought.
Meaningful and tasteful, very willing to visit more photos from you.
Thank you for your sharing and support. You are my favorite artist too!

H. Jablome 08-Sep-2004 21:18
I enjoyed surfing this site.
Guest 01-Sep-2004 12:48
excellent work u have here, great gallerys!
night@shenyang 17-Aug-2004 09:09
Jenny:Welcome back to Carche Club
Graeme 14-Aug-2004 12:32
Your pictures are stunning, you have a real sense of visualisation, keep on creating, from one photographer to another, thanks for sharing your world with us.
stinky tofu 14-Aug-2004 06:11
excellent gallery. keep up the good works. great to see a chinese female in the photography scene.
Phil Douglis09-Aug-2004 22:01
You are among the most talented young photographers now on pbase, Jennifer. You have a keen eye, an elegant sense of design, an artists touch. It is hard to believe that you have only been shooting seriously for a year or two. You have come very far, very quickly. Your most recent work (late 2003-mid 2004) seems to be gradually moving from lovely photo-illustration to straightforward photojournalism. What you are doing is very impressive and at times even courageous. Keep up the good work.
Lee27-Jul-2004 11:00
Impressive work!
vic 21-Jul-2004 13:51
U've done a fantastic job you know?
I love all ur fotos. :D
They're just as pretty as you are.
Keep going.
Guest 19-Jul-2004 13:27
I like your work, Jennifer. Thanks for sharing it!
- Alfred
David Warren20-Jun-2004 06:44
Jennifer, you do magic! I come back again and again in hope of assimilating some of it.
fruit 05-Jun-2004 21:46
really nice work!
GUYMAN 31-May-2004 08:26
Guest 26-Apr-2004 14:19
Very good album,
Love your work.
Leo 20-Apr-2004 06:50
Keep up the good work. I know you want me to leave message, and here I am. Soon we can take more photos of Shanghai, and show them to the world~

Love you~
Fei Wang 20-Apr-2004 05:26
Dear Jennifer,
I am very moved seeing your photos. Life is beautiful in your eyes! May you be an angel and bring a stream of light to the world touched by you!
You definitely have lightened up my day today!
Keep up the good work.
Love your work.
Guest 11-Apr-2004 09:52
Beautiful photos:)
welcome to my image bank ,NIKON D100 Gallery
Guest 09-Apr-2004 18:13
VERY impressive
I mean
VERY impressive!
Guest 14-Mar-2004 08:31
excellent work, jennifer. thanks for sharing :)
Guest 01-Mar-2004 05:42
Very beautiful
Brian Lai29-Feb-2004 15:19
Jenny, it's good to hear you're in Shanghai. Hope to see photos of "Jiang Nan"(the area south to Yangtze River) through your eyes. Brian
Vinay26-Feb-2004 03:05
You have some unusual and beautiful compositions that are stunning to behold.

Jennifer Zhou13-Feb-2004 10:32
Thanks RTV, Hope you have a nice one too!
֮ҹ 13-Feb-2004 09:14
rtvfan 07-Feb-2004 11:34
rtvfan 05-Feb-2004 08:36
Daniel 30-Jan-2004 00:37



Peter Kwok26-Jan-2004 05:52
Welcome back.
Just love your photos.
rtvfan 25-Dec-2003 11:16
Jennifer Zhou24-Dec-2003 19:15
rtvfan 24-Dec-2003 04:04
Jenny:Merry Christmas! Welcome back to

rtvfan 17-Dec-2003 10:25
Guest 15-Dec-2003 09:45
Simply the best shots of Vancouver I've Im impressed!

Jennifer Zhou13-Dec-2003 12:09
I want to thank all of you for visiting and leaving messages here!!!

Wafa, I really like your card design, and NICE website too!!!
Wafa 13-Dec-2003 10:39
Ops! I have a mistake in the link of my website, sorry.
Wafa Harib 13-Dec-2003 10:36
Hi Jennifer,
I hope you are fine as well as me. Finally I published my website and till now I used 4 pictures from your gallery in my graphics. By the way, I put the link of your website in my reference page. This is the link to my website, and I hope you like it:
Thank You
jimmy 13-Dec-2003 07:49
Guest 11-Dec-2003 11:32
I am just in awe of your work! Love it! And its all taken in the lower mainland as've truly capture 604 at its best! :)
herovista 11-Dec-2003 10:25 Ãâ·ÑΪ´ó¼Ò½¨ÔìÒ»¸ö¸ü¹ãÀ«µÄƽ̨£¬


Keng 11-Dec-2003 07:51
Excellent! It really widen my vision for photography!
corona 09-Dec-2003 01:33
Dear AnAn:
I am DPN Corona, it's my first time to visit your galley here and see lots of more great pictures than DPN.
Hope you can post more pictures in DPN.
Bill Baird05-Dec-2003 19:10
Jennifer, I just spent a very enjoyable hour or so viewing your images. You have some really great shots! You gave me some ideas for photography projects. Thanks for sharing. Regards Bill Baird
Don Thompson04-Dec-2003 16:18
I love you photos, especially the B&W and the Memories galleries. You have quite an eye.
Thank you for sharing.
paul yung04-Dec-2003 09:09
Excellent composition! Great work! You have an exceptional eye for all things that are beautiful.
Guest 20-Nov-2003 06:04
hi Jennifer, I'm a fan of your work and am interested in purchasing some prints of your work! Can you contact me either via e-mail ( or in my guestbook...I am in Los Angeles now. Thank you!
Tre 08-Nov-2003 02:06
I'm totally envious of your pictures. I take pictures myself and now that I've seen your page, it makes me want to pull out the old camera and start shooting once again. Good work Jennifer...keep it up!

Check out my page:
M L Wong07-Nov-2003 13:53
Hello Jennifer,

You took many excellent 10D photos. But you seemed that to discard your OM C40z.... :(
Could you take more photos by OM C40z in future???
A Reid03-Nov-2003 02:26
Jennifer, Great gallery. I've been to Vancouver a few times and it is a beautiful city. Your photos prove that. I've added you to my favorites so keep up the good work.
Guest 30-Oct-2003 06:32
Great photos of Vancouver which reminding me the days when I was also in Vancouver. Look forward to seeing your new works!
Guest 27-Oct-2003 07:54
Minutes and hours define time. Jennifer, through your lens,you share your life. Thanks for the generosity.
E. Cheung
Louis 26-Oct-2003 07:32
Love all your incredible works....Thanks!
Brian Lai24-Oct-2003 08:22
The photos on Oct.23 are the best one-day shots of all your works since you've got a 10D.
loren 24-Oct-2003 02:55
It is clear that you work hard at making photographic images and are enjoying your surroundings. I had lived in Vancouver for many years and had travelled so many places about the coast but without a camera. Speaking and enchanting by the use of photography is more than ever a great vehicle now that we have digital cams and ready web access. So much education and mutual experience amongst people is truly wonderful. Some things deserve wider publication expression and access to people's view. Your pictures are an achievement to be proud of.

I shall post some photographs as I also feel inspired by your colourful dignity and perserverence.
Guest 13-Oct-2003 06:17
Jennifer, I looked at your photos and I feel like I just came back from heaven. You certainly have that "eye" for photography. Keep up the good work!
bigchen 06-Oct-2003 01:32

Guest 30-Sep-2003 03:29

Wow, I have been living in Vancouver for quite a while now and I have never had seen sites that you have had. You have a pair of very ""photographic eyes"". Please do keep on posting new pics! Great work!
Guest 28-Sep-2003 15:28
I was checking your galleries quite frequently these days and seem to be able to find something new and touching every time. Looking forward to more great works like this.
Wafa Harib 28-Sep-2003 10:07
Hi Jennifer,
I hope your fine .. Your website is amazing .. I liked the photos and the way of taking them .. Well I want to tell you that am a student in e-Commerce and I have to publish my own website .. I have to take a permission from you, because I would like to use some of your photos in my artwork .. So please reply me as soon as you can, because I have to start working on the website. Hope to from you as soon as possible. Thank You
Jennifer Zhou26-Sep-2003 07:58
Thank you all, Dean, Todd and Ed!!! :))

Ed: I will go to SFU next week, hope come back with some nice photos..:)
Dean Swope26-Sep-2003 07:02
Miss zhao, just to say thanks for the refreshing views. the rich saturated colors make my mouth water. i really liked the boats with the sunn peeking through the cloudy sky. it is always inspirational to see nice works keep it up and you will go far. Good luck to you..

Guest 26-Sep-2003 06:33
Hi Jennifer,

Just took a quick look through some of your galleries. You have some excellent photos displayed! The night shots were very good and I took a quick peek at the Autumn shots. I am going to try and get some this year.

Ed Fang 26-Sep-2003 05:26
Hi, Jennifer, it is a coincidence that I saw your pictures online and i am totally amazed by the great city you showed to me through your lence and that is exactly the city that I have dreamed of. I studied and lived in Vancouver for 2 years and now in US. I love the city very much and had a lot good memories about it. Thanks for bring them all back to me again.
One little request: could you take some more pictures on SFU. That's where I studied and I just miss so much every detail about it. Many thanks.
Best luck for your life and future endeavors.
Guest 21-Sep-2003 05:44
Thanks for your comment. I am sure I would learn a lot from you too. I particularly like your photos of sky and clouds. Keep going, you've done a great job.
Guest 21-Sep-2003 05:12
forget this again:
Guest 21-Sep-2003 05:12
i mean I could NOT believe that's the same city i live in. sorry for the typo :P
Guest 21-Sep-2003 05:10
this is my album. welcome to drop by and any comments are appreciated

Guest 21-Sep-2003 05:06
Hi, Jennifer, I really enjoy your pictures. Your gallery is just so amazing. I could believe this is the city that I live in. You really get a pair a different eyes. Maybe they're angel's :)
rtvfan 20-Sep-2003 01:57
"Recently I bought myself a Cannon EOS 10D, and I enjoy it very much!"

Jennifer:It's "Canon",not "Cannon".

Please post more photos in

Jennifer Zhou19-Sep-2003 02:49
Hi Julio:

I am so happy you enjoy my pictures! If possible, I really would like to see some of your works. That would be fun to see this city through other people's eyes..

In fact, the Science World Center and Gastown shots were taken with my little point and shoot camera(Olympus C-40ZOOM). And I think I haven't taken any better night shot with my 10D so far...So, I believe it is very true that people do not necessarily need a better camera to take a good picture. But 10D is really a good one, I've never regretted buying it..

Oh, that telephoto lens is Canon EF 70-200 f4 L USM; a good lens with a good price! But I wish I could afford a lens with image that I don't have to carry my heavy tripod all the time....:(

Good luck and happy picture taking!!

Guest 19-Sep-2003 01:01

Wonderful photos! I also recently got an EOS 10D and I have been going around Vancouver shooting everything as well. Your treatment of the Science Center is better than anything I have managed so far, and I love your shots of Gastown at night.

One question. Which 200mm lens are you using? The sharpness and contrast in those photos is superb.

Piedad 17-Sep-2003 19:34
Hi Jeniffer, is amazing, you was one of the first galleries i visited when i started in pbase, and i was very impressed with your pictures, are lovely...and you are the first person to say something in my guestbook...THANK YOU!!!
Guest 16-Sep-2003 13:32
Your photos are GREAT! I am amazed youve only been doing this for a little while. You are very talented. Great compositions and shots. Keep up the good work. You should pursue photography as a career
Guest 15-Sep-2003 06:32
Hi,this is Kingston.Thanks for your message and I love your pictures,too.
windtalker 14-Sep-2003 20:52
You take better photos than ever before.

If you like, you can go to to meet more friends who come from China with the same hobby.

Happy shooting!
Guest 13-Sep-2003 16:15
Nice shoots, I like it!
Brian Lai11-Sep-2003 16:27
Happy full moon day.
Guest 08-Sep-2003 17:30

Piedad TENORIO-JIMENEZ25-Aug-2003 18:41
Hi Jennifer!
lovely pictures, go on never stop. CONGRATS! Piedad.
Guest 24-Aug-2003 11:03
Hi jennifer,

Beautiful photos. It reminds me how beautiful Vancouver could's been at least 5 years since I was last there. Keep the photos coming!
M L Wong20-Aug-2003 11:01
Hello Jennifer,

§Ú¤]¬O¥ÎOM C40Zªº¡A§A¼vªºC40z¬Û¦n¹³ÁÙ¥X¦â¹L10D§r¡A¦ý§Ú¼vªº©l²×³£¤£¤Î§Aªº¬ü¡A¦³ªÅªº¤]µ¹§Ú¤@¨Çcomment§a¡AÁÂ
Brian Lai20-Aug-2003 08:52
Jenny, nice photos with your 10D. I saw you enjoyed 200mm very much and the moon was so clear. The 15mm(actually 24mm for 10D) was not so wide as your olympus c40z but also wonderful.
Guest 15-Aug-2003 05:29
Hi Jennifer! Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my 'blue' gallery (and glad you seemingly had a fun time visiting it)! :-) I have been constantly checking back to your page for latest photos -- I especially like the 'my sky' gallery (we live under the same sky, but how come the sky shown in your photos are so much more beautiful than that in mine?? :-), as well as the 'snapshot' one. Looking foward to seeing new photos with your brand new powerful Canon (I am jealous! I want one too)!!! :-) Keep on clicking! many cheers, Vera.
Jennifer Zhou14-Aug-2003 16:07
Thanks to you all for visiting and leaving comments here, I appreciated!!:))

Brian: I am working hard......haha, thank you very much!!
Brian Lai14-Aug-2003 14:30
Guest 14-Aug-2003 09:40
ur pics are very beautiful....
welcome to my web show and my web... thanks
good luck!!!
shy 13-Aug-2003 19:41
Guest 12-Aug-2003 17:22
your photographs are fantastic.
great stufff!!!!!!
Guest 11-Aug-2003 08:59
Hi Jennifer,

Good Job~!
very good sense in art,
I've bookmarked & often come here~ :)

Patrick Ho
Brian 09-Aug-2003 06:29
Jenny, they're right. OK, there are so meny good photos here and enough for me to spend more days.
Tao Chun Liu08-Aug-2003 18:25
Dear Jennifer:
Your shoots are truly beautiful.
I enjoy them so much.
Jennifer Zhou08-Aug-2003 08:04
Thanks Brian! My friends said my old arrangement is better because they can find the photos they want easily! haha, so I changed it back. But I deleted some photos which I do not like anymore....
10D is really heavy and big to me!!! but it is lot more fun to play with it.
Now, I have to think nothing but study! My finals are coming next week...It is hard!!!So I have to hide my camera and forget it for a while!:(
Brian Lai 07-Aug-2003 00:11
You got a new arrangement of your galleries and a new powerful 10D. Congratulations! Can't wait the new photos.
Guest 31-Jul-2003 04:40
I've enjoyed your galleries for the past few months and always look forward to new images from you. You have one of my favorite galleries on all of pbase. I really like how you have edited some of the pix. Good to see other young aspiring photographers on pbase!
Guest 29-Jul-2003 07:33
You go Vancouver girl. Great stuff.
David S.27-Jul-2003 09:13

Excellent galleries, I've added you to my favorites

Guest 13-Jul-2003 17:32
Have been inspired by your work. I used to live in Vancouver and cherished those laid-back and liberal days. Now I am in HK and rarely enjoy these moments as lifestyle here is hectic and too fast-paced. I recently got a new camera and took some pics. Will continue to practice more. Really enjoy your eye for beauty. Good work.
Guest 01-Jul-2003 04:40
Hi Jennifer I loved your ppl photos..those are my fav kinda photos..its hard to capture emotions and amazing the way you did it..well done. i've added you to my favs :)
Rahul Dutta28-Jun-2003 03:24
Hi Jennifer , thanx for visiting my gallery & ur kind words ....its given me an oppertunity to see your work too ...which is fantabulous :) . I invite u to join (photography club , I run ) .

Regards ....

Rahul Dutta
Brian 27-Jun-2003 09:12
You really amazed me. Your tiny camera is Olympus D40Z, but your works are so outstanding. What a born photographer you are! Jenny, keep on trying, you'll be the tops.
Brian Lai 25-Jun-2003 11:44
Thanks for sharing these, i have spent hours here and had good time. I left some comments in your galleries. Good jobs!
Bonnie Valles 20-Jun-2003 18:39
I am very interested in talking to you about a job shooting the Lion's Gate bridge. Please contact me asap.

Bonnie Valles
626-585-3505 x 7272
Jennifer Zhou16-Jun-2003 09:22
I wrote you email, but it was failed. Anyway, I am very glad you like my photos!
and you want some of my pics, sure! Just give me the numbers or links of the photos you want, and I will prepare the higher resolution files for you.
you can also reach me at
Daniel J 12-Jun-2003 21:27
I am sorry the title of previous message was cut off. Here it is:

Hi Jenny, do you have those raw files or high resolution files for all your pictures?
Daniel J 12-Jun-2003 21:25
If you do, could I (I know it's hard to ask) have couple of them? (or we could exchange with something) I want to print them out and fram them up.
Guest 12-Jun-2003 08:08
Really nice photo, give me a peaceful feeling....
I like the way u see the world>>>
Vancourver become amazing beautiful under yr camera.
Emily Tran 11-Jun-2003 07:16
Nice pictures!!! Keep up the good job.
lovella 10-Jun-2003 13:12
very nice photos! my favorite is NATURE. You are very talented. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing
Jennifer Zhou10-Jun-2003 06:25
Daniel 09-Jun-2003 22:42



Lim Yaohui09-Jun-2003 03:52
impressive photos.
been looking at your gallery every now and then for inspiration.
Jennifer Zhou07-Jun-2003 05:31
Thank you for the question, Tak Wai.
My camera is olympus D-40ZOOM, and I use Photoshop7.0 to do some editing works.
Guest 06-Jun-2003 07:05
Very nice photos.. few questions,,
1. What camera are you using?
2. Did you touch up the photos before posting?
3. How did you manage to bring the color out so vivid?
Jennifer Zhou25-May-2003 03:19
WOW!! your site and your work are fantastic! and you are indeed an excellent photographer!! I hope someday, I can take pics like yours, haha...It is my pleasure to meet you!
d.w. 25-May-2003 02:35

In some ways the eye resembles a camera. The iris acts as a shutter to control the amount of light that enters the eye, and the lens serves, as it does in a camera, to focus the image. Structurally, the eye is far more complex.

In a camera, the lens is moved toward the film or away from it in order to focus the image.

In the eye, the lens'shape is actually change by tiny muscles directed by the brain. They squeeze or expand, and the lens changes shape in order to focus the image on the retina...
d.w. 24-May-2003 06:13
I know you have a bird-eyed sight already, in your own words, angel-eyes, no matter what, Stephone could broaden them much wider...
Jennifer 24-May-2003 05:28
I'll hold a part on the next weekend in Richmond (Lansdowne), and please drop me a line if you want to come.


Jennifer 23-May-2003 04:57
You can reach me @
d.w. 21-May-2003 07:37
Very impressed! Your pics are so beautiful just like you're.

I'm in Vancouver too, hopefully, someday could meet you to appreciate more photos you take!

Richard Young11-May-2003 06:43

You have great shots of objects, people, and Vancouver. You make buildings come alive. Your comments on the photos are an added bonus.

Guest 04-May-2003 21:21
Nice photos!! I don't think you need to learn photography, you already a good photographer!!!!!!!
Guest 27-Apr-2003 10:10
Your photos are so good.
Guest 25-Apr-2003 16:30
nice work.
u like them vertical shots, dontcha?
Guest 12-Apr-2003 17:51
hi..jennifer ,

So impressed in your wonderful gallery !
Perfectionist photographer..
likely to know more from u !

Are u born in Canada or just working here ?

Conan ( Hong Kong )
Guest 19-Mar-2003 07:02
can't comment much, but must say, a nice work of art and colours
Guest 19-Mar-2003 06:58
can't comment much, but must say, a nice work of art and colours.
19-Mar-2003 06:33
wonderful, u wanna try getting some photos about food next time?
Rodney 18-Mar-2003 19:59
Hi Jen,

I've seen your work on photosig, and now found it here. I was wondering how you did that screen effect for your self portrait??? It's quite cool. Thanks in advance and look forward to more photos from you. -- Rodney
JOB MAN 17-Mar-2003 10:54
Marvin Lee11-Mar-2003 07:27
very nice photos:)
Rain 06-Mar-2003 10:23
Qingqing 23-Feb-2003 04:49
ÕæµÄ²»´í£¬ºÜÌرð¡£×îϲ»¶NATUREµÄµÚ¶þÕźÍMY STORIESµÄµÚ¶þÕÅ¡£
Shu Ming Tong 23-Feb-2003 00:09
Very nice shots.....all of them! You are very talended!
19-Feb-2003 15:18
Guess I can learn something everyday...
Guest 15-Feb-2003 04:52
Guest 05-Feb-2003 10:28
Your photos still keep on best quality, keep on.
I think i need improve my skill more than you.
Jennifer Zhou30-Jan-2003 08:24
RTVFAN 30-Jan-2003 07:35
RTVFAN 30-Jan-2003 02:46
Steve 28-Jan-2003 19:04
Based what I saw on your galleries, I know you are very gifted and talented photographer, I don’t think you need any assistance to improve your skills.
Guest 28-Jan-2003 03:03
Your photos are GREAT !!! keep going!!!
27-Jan-2003 07:35
photos r soooo cool~~~
I love them all~
Guest 27-Jan-2003 01:20
you have the eye
Ernst Sch26-Jan-2003 10:23
Thanks for giving a comment to my gallery of the decorated town of Zurich. In the mean time I looked at your pictures and liked the extra dimension that is given by the words in many of your works. There is a deep content. Thanks!
Guest 26-Jan-2003 10:18
Hi Jennifer,

These are absolutely outstanding photos. The compositions are very strong and you have obviously mastered lighting and the digital medium as well. I'm sure there is more in store!

JB - an aussie in Hong Kong
Course 26-Jan-2003 09:43
u r so beautiful
Guest 24-Jan-2003 20:03
Jennifer, thank you for sharing the fantastic galleries. I really enjoyed watching them, especially the night scenes and your favorite foods. Please keep up the good work!

Dias dos Reis10-Jan-2003 12:03
Dear Jennifer,
It is indeed a delightful experience, to watch your galleries.
Guest 04-Jan-2003 05:33
thanks for you comment. i like your photos as well, they are beautiful. by the way, what program do you use for those fancy frames on your pictures? (the ones in 'my story')
RTVFAN 31-Dec-2002 04:26
Happy new year!
RTVFAN 31-Dec-2002 04:25
Jenny:Take more beautiful photos in 2003!
hui 28-Dec-2002 07:37
Wow... waht a talented girl.your works are don't know how much i am jealous of your

talent.i'v been involved in this business for 6 years but unfortunately i am far away from you

and instead i'v became a "camera bug"(my wife was so angry that i spend all our money on cameras

but did nothing with them .haha!).by the way you still haven't answerd my question which has

been posted on "Chinasmile" couple of weeks ago ,the question was "what kind of the camera you

are uesing".thanks!this is my web site in China) or (server in Canada) it's all about my graphic design and 3d stuff, nothing

particular just for fun .welcome to drop in .Any comment will be welcome and appreciated.
Guest 17-Dec-2002 07:09
love ur photos!
RTVFAN 15-Dec-2002 03:27
Angel's eyes,beautiful sights!
Guest 07-Dec-2002 06:43
Great Photos. You have a good sense of composition. Keep up the good work.
Guest 07-Dec-2002 00:30
I love your pictures and your way to see things from different point of view. I am not any close to be a photographer. Hope you can take some pictures for me and for my website.

Guest 05-Dec-2002 20:46
Your created arts are beautiful and YOU ARE TOO.
Guest 30-Nov-2002 20:13
I enjoyed looking at your photos. Take a look at mine if you'd like, from a different Pacific Northwest city (Portland).
Guest 19-Nov-2002 06:40

ur pics are incredible.. bet u are a naturally born photographer.. they are real gd.. no joke. muz realli applaud u manged to capture and moving stream. Once again, 2 thumbs up!

cheers and keep those pics in
Guest 17-Nov-2002 09:03
Really nice photos and composition. You have eyes of a photographer.
Come to visit my photo album too.
Louis (Singapore)
zayne 12-Nov-2002 12:36
Amazying! Beautiful pictures by beautiful girl.
Sean Chen 12-Nov-2002 05:33
I can not believe it when I scan your pictures. Those are really wonderful.
RTVfan 10-Nov-2002 00:01
Hi!Angeleyes,I like your photos very much!
Best wishes from Shenyang!
Have a nice life in Canada!
giswong 07-Nov-2002 22:35
hey, you did a good job !
Guest 05-Nov-2002 06:58
Photos are so beautiful.....
I can't believe that...^_^...Wish I could have chance to see these..
I'm Kelven Chang from Taiwan....
Kevin 04-Nov-2002 00:40
Great shots! I'm also a Vancouverite and really enjoyed your photos.
Lee Teft30-Oct-2002 22:23

Thanks for your visit to my Galleries and your kind words. When people visit my galleries, I make a point of visiting theirs. You have a wonderful eye for composition and many of your photos are really very well done in my opinion. My wife and I liked the totem, tree and Vancouver shots very much. Your picture of the Vancouver Public Library (a very unusual architecture) was particulrly enjoyable for us as we had visited the library often to use their internet access. No, I am not Chinese but I do have a longstanding interest in and respect for Chinese culture and history. Keep up the good work! Hope you visit me again - I will keep an eye on yours. Lee Teft