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David Licht09-Nov-2022 22:44
Hi Walter. Just wanted to say thanks for responding to my question in the forms (about single images in root galleries). Thanks even more for giving me the excuse to visit your wonderful collection of galleries! Many great images that attest to your talents and adventures!!
Neil Marcus13-Jun-2022 22:47
You and Jane interpreted as I did
Marcel de Jong21-Jan-2018 19:30

Can you host the next show and tell as runner up ? I will be out for a while.


Carl H. Johnson01-Jan-2018 12:56
HAPPY 2018 Walter!!!
Carl H. Johnson25-Dec-2017 00:51
John Medlin26-Nov-2017 02:18
RE your comment on composition in the Art in the Kitchen competition--I thought your triangular crop, or frame, or whatever, contributed in some way to make it seem more military formation than egg-carton. And thanks for your encouragement re: future contests. JM
Hugh Rooney23-Oct-2017 20:11

Hi Walter
I see you have the Nikon D850.I know its probably early days yet but how do you find it. I have looked at it in store and it sounds impressive. I would be coming from my trusty D800 so I am sure there is quite an improvement. Its not the camera or the finances that bother me but all the knock on effects with my software.

Long Bach Nguyen18-Dec-2015 01:38
Hello Walter
My wife and I wish you and your family a lovely Christmas and healthy and prosperous 2016
Long and Katherine
Andreas Weber28-Oct-2015 18:58
Lieber Walter,
vielen Dank für die freundlichen Kommentare zu meinen Bildern.
Ich bin schwer beeindruck von deinen Bildern und Galerien.

Gruß aus Deutschland
Andreas Weber
cremetti27-Jun-2015 21:40
A pleasure to "meet" you here, sir.

Evaristo Buendia Carrera17-Jun-2015 20:40

Congratulations!!!! Winner of the 364th Show and Tell Competition: "Distorted Architecture".

Avoir une belle peau01-May-2015 13:23
I love your style !
lovediary24-Dec-2014 19:21
Merry Christmas to you my friend, all the best.

hamery01-Nov-2014 00:25
hello, thanks for come by. i love your works; it's great. thank you. is nice to meet u from hong kong.
hermankervel05-Mar-2014 09:07
nice pictures
Ogidi 12-Nov-2013 11:44

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John C. de Freitas18-Jun-2013 18:19
It is a pleasure to browsing your galleries. Very well done. I have added you to my favorites list, so I can visit again. John de Freitas
Guest 31-Dec-2012 02:35
Beautiful work.Thanks for sharing!
artist04-Aug-2012 12:56
Hi ... you are so creative .I like your works so much....I am an artist from Udaipur , India.i paint on canvas, paper etc .. I hope we can be good friends ....

what more can i say .. except keep-smiling ..
Rick Bricker06-Jul-2012 00:46
Looking on your gallery to see if you captured the 16 second fireworks display that's been a highlight of our news here.
That was a huge oops!
Robin Rice 26-Apr-2012 20:18
The rodeo pix are amazing. Great color and action. You did a great job. rr
Anthony Bunting25-Mar-2012 03:49
Very nice galleries. YOU are a photographic artist!
Guest 01-Jan-2012 21:04
Stunning galleries. Thanks. Best. J
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 22:54
Hi Walter ~
I just wanted to wish you and Mrs. A a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
Jerry Zona 01-Oct-2011 00:14
Great pictures. I served on the USS Midway

Guest 17-May-2011 15:27
Very nice Galleries
Jean Chiasson09-Apr-2011 17:53
Thank you for you visit and encouraging Walter Bye
rocky31-Mar-2011 15:58
Hi, Walter! Congrats on your Show & Tell win. I especially like the shot of the elephants. =Rocky=
Jean Chiasson05-Mar-2011 00:13
Hey I went to cuba and I'll be back soon.
Guest 06-Jan-2011 03:13
Hi Walter,
I'm impressed with your work and the ultra high quality of your images.
If I may offer a suggestion about viewing the images. When I see a thumbnail I like, I click on it to view the larger image, BUT, the ones I've clicked don't show up until I scroll down a ways. Frankly, I find that annoying. I try to arrange the first image in a gallery to be the title image. Then it is always the first one after opening the gallery.
Guest 28-Nov-2010 08:57
Not, not, not. That is the word that goes in front of "insulted" in my comment to you Walter. Sorry about that.
Guest 28-Nov-2010 08:53
I hope you were insulted with my comments on your Midway photo. You did a great job. I only wanted it to be better for the viewer. I didn't know you were a profession photographer. I did flew the photo Crusader my first two cruises on the Coral Sea and Ticonderoga. I also spent four months learning the photo business in Photo B School in Pensacola while flying the F9F-Photo Bird. Had to learn photography from the ground up. We loaded our own film and carried it out to the plane. A photo learned to appreciate how the image got on the film for use by the intelligence team. I have a little feel for your job and know that learning it didn't come easy. I thank you for what you have done for those who will use your Midway photo to show their family what Daddy did in the Navy. Thanks for the outstanding job. By the way, my first squardron VFP-63 at Miramar had the F-8, F-9, A-3 and SNB photo planes when I got there in April of 1959 plus 3 F9F-8Ts. We had over 50 officers and pilots at that time. After my first shore duty in the Pentagon, I came back to fly the F-8 fighters in VF-211, VF-124 and VF-24. I was playing softball in a ship's tournament when Saigon fell. All fighters and excess squadrons were off loaded in the Cubi Point while the Hancock came back with over 5,000 VN survivors which I had the honor of helping get on Air Force planes back to the US within 5 to 6 hours of processing at Grande Island in Subic Bay. These are days I shall never forget. What do I tell my grandchildren when they ask me "And what did you do in the war Grandpa?"
Jean Chiasson10-Sep-2010 20:31
Hi Walter I use both Cameras Pentax 20D Canon 50D Thanks for your encouraging comment
Kat15-Aug-2010 08:09
Hi Walter
Thank you for your latest comment. Would you believe it, it is comment No. 1000!
I'm very happy that it would come from you. Wish I had a prize to give away ; - )
All the Best
debbieps21-Jul-2010 17:27
Walter, thanks so much for doing this Beatle song challenge. I am really enjoying it and it is a great way to get to know my way around Pbase!
Guest 20-Jul-2010 20:50
Nice Gallery's
Rosemarie Kusserow06-Jul-2010 07:58
Hello Walter, thanks a lot for your idea for the July challenge about the Beatle-songs, I was not a great fan before but now after hearing so many beautiful songs I begin to understand my husband (he past away 4 years ago and je was a big big Beatle fan), kind regards, Rosemarie :o)
Tony van Aarle05-Apr-2010 15:07
Hello Walter,
I live in the Netherlands and lived in San Diego from November 2000 till November 2002.
Your pictures of San Diego bring back happy memories of that time.
Thank you very much for that!
You make awesome photo's
All the best, Tony van Aarle
Kat01-Mar-2010 13:26
Hi Walter
Thank you for the vote on my cat "Babie".
She had an operation on her thyroid glands a few months ago. She doesn't seem quite herself any more, as if the operation has turned her into an old girl. She does like her cuddles though. I'm hoping that she will come to life a little bit more when she can sit outside in the sunshine.
Liebe Gruesse
Ron 26-Feb-2010 05:30
You and yours family are in our prayers.
Guest 09-Feb-2010 22:20
Very nice
Bill Sturrock08-Feb-2010 15:37
Walter, I publish a monthly newsletter for our non-profit club of model builders here in Victoria (~50 members). I wish to use in this month's issue (The Binnacle) a couple of your shots of the B-39 with proper credit to you. The article is about the B-39 and it's history by a club member.
Thanks, Bill.
Guest 31-Jan-2010 05:40
Hi Walter!
Thank you for your nice comment.
Your work is excellent! Congratulations!!!
Best Regards,
norbi30-Dec-2009 19:51
Danke Walter für Deine unermüdlichen Kommentare.
Alles Gute für 2010 - Norbi
lorand15-Nov-2009 00:59
Hi Walter!
Thanks for you comment on my gallery.
John Glines24-Aug-2009 21:35
Thanks for the complimentary comment you left on my Food and Drink gallery.
Guest 09-Jun-2009 19:40
I love your collection of galleries! You are an amazing Photographer...I look forward to viewing more, what a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing. dcs
Dave Perez29-May-2009 14:16
I see that you have surpassed the one million hits on your Pbase site ..... Sorry I'm a little late.

That's quite a milestone! I'm sure that you will reach the two million mark much sooner with all of the rich creative things that you do. You are certainly an inspiration and a gifted photographic artist!

Congratulations and thanks for sharing you terrific works!

Paolo Peggi (aka Bracciodiferro)16-May-2009 14:34
Ok Walter,you are in my "favorite" righ now!
My compliments to you and your Art!
Rosemarie Kusserow02-May-2009 05:55
It is always a plesure to view your beautiful works again and again Walter, thanks for sharing your works with us, Danke für deine freundlichen Kommentare und dein beständiges Interesse an meinen Fotos Walter, ich wünsche dir ein wunderschönes Wochendende! Rosemarie :o)
Nikon Mama - Birgitte Ott06-Apr-2009 20:29
Please receive my deepest respect for your very beautiful art work! Pheeeeeeew - stunning! Gives me goosebumps ...
Hilsen Birgitte :o)
Ron Herndon 11-Feb-2009 00:54
I very much enjoyed our meeting today at the zoo. I was a little too embarrassed to admit what a light-weight I am in photography but after seeing your photos here I am so impressed.
I wish we would have disclosed our love of classical music sooner on our encounter. I have no freinds who share that interest with me.
Hope to see you soon.
Guest 25-Jan-2009 08:41
Hello Walter,
If you can spare some time, I would appreciate very much your comments on the gallery:
Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

Dominga 04-Jan-2009 21:55
I was admiring your forum, thank you for your vision. It has been quite inspiring.
I am just beginning to do dig photo.
I look forward seeing more of your work.
Roberto Bonnaud 01-Dec-2008 15:40
muy buenos trabajos, excelente calidad de fotografía,
Fay Stout07-Nov-2008 12:03
Oh dear... can't believe I spelled "road" wrong. Must be toooo early in the morning. I guess Pbase does that to you!
Fay Stout07-Nov-2008 12:01
Good morning Walter... Have been enjoying your galleries, particularly food, Diego, the jellyfish, self portraits and the multitude of photos that show your great sense of humor. If you see someone traveling the rode waving like a wild woman you will know I have spotted your license plate! Happy shooting... Fay
Doug Cruden06-Nov-2008 08:24
Hi Walter, just thought I'd let you know how much I've enjoyed visiting your gallery over the past few months.

It really is a superb collection of photos of the highest quality, certainly one of my very favourite galleries on Pbase - the individual shots themselves are so clean, balanced and full of detail and finesse, and it's been a true source of inspiration to me in my attitude & approach to and execution of architectural B&W photography.

Fantastic stuff, hope to see much more like this from you on Pbase :o)


Paul Levesque14-Aug-2008 21:40
Dave your macro gallery is simply amazing.
Just got my macro and still have lots to learn.
Thank you for sharing
Dave Perez11-Aug-2008 02:41
I continue to be amazed at your photos Walter. You have a great mix of terrific subjects. Nice work!

I hope that all is well with you and the family.
Pawel Kazmierczyk08-Aug-2008 14:43
Hej Walter, amazing galleries.... You have a great eye for photography, and a unique sense of style. I have truly enjoyed going through your galleries - the range and variety of topics, the originality of viewpoint, and the quality. Well done, keep it up ! Greetings from Poland. Pawel
Guest 07-Aug-2008 11:38
Beautiful travel photos. you know you should really make an album in this site and show people (friend, family,site etc ) where you get to travel like I suggested some friends here.

like this gallery:

its free and you can share with us the places you traveled to on the map. takes 3-4 minutes...
(this is NOT a site to replace PBASE, it's for sharing albums with music and send to friends and share here with your photos)
María Cano28-Jun-2008 07:33
Hi Walter

I have take a quick look into your Pbase and I like it a lot. All the galleries are spectacular and I'm not be able to choose only one. You'll see me diving into your collections. A question .. UCD? I have been for 6 months but I haven't any photos. Regards, Maria
Chad Ramsey24-Jun-2008 02:57
Walter, I really like your VIBRANT photography!
So many bright colors and sharp images...
A joy coming back again and again! Thanks for sharing!
Darbowski20-Jun-2008 10:21
Thank you for your visit and comments ! You'll have beautiful work in your gallerys and i'll be back regularly to visit !
geonni banner09-Jun-2008 02:58
Hey again... Well, a few hours later and the situation is slowly fixing itself. Now instead of the blue titles I have the little white "creating thumbnails" boxes appearing and I'm able to open the Original size picture... Aren't computers fun?
geonni banner09-Jun-2008 02:04
Hey Walter. Are you having any problem with uploading images? Today I uploaded 12, and they "appear" in my galleries, but only as a blue title with the regular title underneath. I looked at the help section, FAQs, etc., but no mention of this. Plus I find nothing in the forum. Wassup? D'you have any idea??
Dave Perez29-May-2008 21:02
Walter, I have a question.

By chance, do you know Herbert Knufken? He is on Pbase and he lives in San Diego.

He left a comment on under one of Sarah's photos recently, so I visited his galleries. I am very impressed with many of his photos ....... especially this recent one at:
Joaquim 20-May-2008 07:56
Thank you for visiting my photo galleries. Your comments, criticisms and observations are always welcome. (
CM Kwan02-May-2008 22:12
Thanks so much for visiting my photo gallery and giving me encouragement, Walter! Your galleries are amazing and I like the way you express your idea thru' your camera. I shall come back regularly to learn from you. CM Kwan
Vivian Beks18-Apr-2008 16:47
I truely love your work, you're very talented!! I've added you to my favourites, so i'll be back more often!!! Greetz, Vivian
Guest 18-Apr-2008 15:36
Great gallery

website :
BleuEvanescence25-Mar-2008 14:05
TU es invité(e)(pas obligé) à la 4e édition du Challenge PBase...
YOU are invited (no obligation) to the 4th Edition of the PBase challenge...
Chad Ramsey09-Mar-2008 23:17
Thanks Walter for your many visits and encouraging comments! I'm glad the Tamron lens is working out for you and adding to your all ready fantastic line up of photos!!! Keep up the great work and I'll be sure to keep coming back to see what more you add. Kind Regards~Chad
Greg Little13-Feb-2008 21:12
Hi Walter,

Thanks for the nice comment in my gallery.

Cheers, Greg
Gar Cropser12-Jan-2008 05:13
Hi Walter,
Thanks for taking the time to view our galleries. I took the opportunity to look at some of yours, as well. You've got some wonderful images, very creative, good use of complementary colors. I wish you continued success with your photography.

Gar Cropser
Charlie McCartney10-Jan-2008 19:26
Hi Walter,
I've enjoyed a look through your galleries... I like you style, you have some superb images.
Thanks for sharing .... Regards, Charlie.
kimene S01-Jan-2008 05:20
Happy NEW YEAR Walter! Ever inspired!
Love your work!
Guest 27-Dec-2007 01:36
i really liked ur work, very nice work, keep it up!
Rehan Siddique, UK
Kat24-Dec-2007 16:44
Merry Xmas to you Walter and a Happy New Year
Alles Gute fuer 2008!
Guest 24-Dec-2007 08:41
Thanks for visit my galleries. You have an interesting site. Diego is fun!!
Martin Broeze23-Dec-2007 10:27
Hello Walter,
you've got a very nice diversity of galleries and photographs!
You must be a happy man, living in sunny Southern California ;-)
Ralph4619-Dec-2007 16:47
Hi Walter,

thanks for your kind comments. Now I will have some time to look at your galleries. Have a good Christmas!!

Jurgen Treue Photography19-Dec-2007 03:57
Thank you Walter for your kind comments..Laos has so many wonderful photographic opportunities..

DiploStrat08-Dec-2007 20:49
Wayang Golek! Bagus sekali!

Glad you liked the CAR photos! Terima kash1.

HuffmanImage07-Dec-2007 02:46
Hi Walter,
Thanks for the recent comments on my photographs, it is always inspiring to receive positive feedback. Your photos are amazing! I'll keep trying.
Happy Holidays,
Bill Friedlander 02-Dec-2007 23:43
Hi Walter
Yours is the first comment I got for my photos so it will
always be very special for me.

Bill Klein29-Nov-2007 00:32
Hi Walter,
Thank you for taking the time to look at my gallery and to comment on it.
After viewing your galleries I consider that an honor.
I shot these JA shots in RAW-first time. Now I see why a lot of photogs are shooting Raw.
All the best,
Guest 20-Nov-2007 12:45
Hi Walter,

Thanks for the kind words on my gallery, which in turn pointed me to your gallery. I usually make it over to your coast about once a year, and really enjoyed seeing pics of San Diego from your fresh perspective! It's cold and rainy here in Baltimore and I wish I was watching the dogs frolic on Dog Beach... Great galleries, and a great reminder to keep off the beaten path when in San Diego!

RSantos02-Nov-2007 01:01
Thank you sir, in behalf of the smurfs. I enjoyed your galleries as well. Keep shooting!:)
martinrr29-Oct-2007 23:40
Hi Walter,

vielen Dank für deinen netten Kommentar zu meinen Pfeifenseiten. Allerdings hast du dir dazu die am wenigsten geeignete beziehungsweise die optisch am ärmlichsten daherkommende Seite ausgesucht: Das ist nur meine Zwischenstation, von der aus ich die Bilder an ihre richtigen Plätze verteile.

Trotzdem nochmals vielen Dank! :-)

Herzliche Grüße aus good old Germany (deiner alten Heimat?),

Paul Riley14-Oct-2007 13:22
Hi Walter,

Thank you for visiting 'Indonesia from the Passenger Seat 2007'.

The traffic, particularly around Jakarta, will have grown out of all proportion since you were biking it in 1973. I lived in Indonesia from 1972 to 1999 and then 2003 to date. I noticed a big increase when I came back in 2003 and the number of motorbikes in particular grows at an alarning rate. I will continue to take photographs from the passenger seat to the gallery as it passes the time since I seem to spend so long in a car each day.

Regards, Paul
Aud Elise Sjøsæther28-Aug-2007 20:26
Thanks a lot for your comments on my pictures. I really enjoyed your galleries : )
Greg Little17-Aug-2007 21:15
Hi Walter,

Thanks for the nice comments on my Architectural Patterns gallery. You've got some great stuff here as well. I've enjoyed browsing through them and will certainly be back.

Ciao, Greg
Carol Muse Skinner01-Aug-2007 16:30
Walter - thanks for the recent visit to my Abstracts gallery and my new Sunflowers gallery and for the nice comments you left - it lifts my spirits - I really appreciate your taking the time to comment.
Nikola Gruev31-Jul-2007 19:21
Man, every picture of yours is a piece of art. Bravo!
Rosemarie Kusserow30-Jun-2007 16:58
Thanks Walter for your kind comments and votes on my galleries, I´m glad you liked them so much, have a nice sunday, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 22-Jun-2007 05:22
For some reason, your pictures really cheered me up.
Carol Muse Skinner14-Jun-2007 17:46
Hola Walter. Many thanks for the nice comments you made on some of my galleries. If you don't mind my asking - how did you find my images - out of the millions of photos on pbase??

I have enjoyed looking at your photos - and have added you to my favorites list - so I'll be back.
Mark Eaton22-Apr-2007 02:10
Hi Walter. Thanks for the nice comments on my prison gallery. I hope they still apply now that I've finished 'construction': adding many more photos and attempting to organize them some. I enjoyed several of your galleries here, especially 'Little Italy'. Keep it up.

Kat03-Apr-2007 18:20
Hi Walter
How's it going? I hope you're feeling much better again now.
Thought you might want to add Diego to this guy's gallery, I think it's good idea.
Babie is already on there.
Schoene Gruesse
Giorgio Gregori26-Mar-2007 16:27
Hi Walter,
many thanks for your kind comment.
I have been in San Diego two years ago for a congress ( with a little trip to La Jolla ) and I've took back beautiful memories and some good pictures.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 12:01
Great work, your photo galleries are fantastic.
Kat19-Jan-2007 22:50
Hi Walter
The snake was actually not that big, maybe 1.5m. I took the shot from the window of our hire car, I didn't actually get out, but I could get a nice zoom on it while it looked annoyed. I started a new job in October, so my "way to work and back" gallery should contain some new images soon. I'll have more chance to do the shots after work when the clocks change again and it's still daylight.
Bis dann
Kat19-Jan-2007 21:15
Thank you Walter for your very kind comments on my galleries. I haven't looked through all of your pictures yet, I will take my time. Your in my "Favourites" now and I will keep coming back.
It really is a small world! One of my brother's works and lives in Cologne, it's a nice city.
Take care
Guest 06-Dec-2006 01:38
Hi Walter. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. The wrestling pictures were taken at Arena Coliseo in Monterrey, Mexico. I hope to post some more soon.
tomr-photos27-Sep-2006 22:18
Hi Walter. Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)
Michael 06-Jul-2006 22:44
Hi Walter.... Schoene und interessante Bilder...... Scheint ja wirklich ein neues Hobby von dir geworden zu sein....
Bis hoffentlich bald.

Michael und Phoebe
alanm20-Apr-2006 02:23
Not THE (Star Trek's Pavel Chekov) Walter Koenig, :-)... Hey Walter, thanks for your comments on my photoshop_funnies gallery. Glad I was able to make you smile. I've never taken one of those PS seminars, let alone, a PS lesson, but I'm having a ball. I'm a big fan of La Jolla. Nice pics. Be well.
Emidio Machado11-Apr-2006 15:31

Thanks for the comment! ;)
Michael15-Mar-2006 19:22
Hallo Walter,

danke für Deine freundliche Nachricht, aus San Diego von einem Koelner zu hoeren ist etwas besonderes.

Ich habe Deine Gallerien besucht und sofort wurden Erinnerungen wach. Ich war vor einigen Jahren für ein paar Tage in San Diego. Ich erinnere mich an den großen Hafen ohne Schiffe (zumindest habe bis auf zwei Kriegsschiffe ich keine dort gesehen) und an ein ausgezeichnetes Sushi-Restaurant. Auf jeden Fall ist San Diego ganz anders als Koeln, nicht nur weil es am Meer liegt. Vermisst Du Koeln hin und wieder?

Die Fotos aus dem Botanischen Garten gefallen mir ebenfalls sehr gut, ich habe aber noch nicht alles gesehen. Das hole ich in den naechsten Tagen nach.

Viele Gruesse aus Koeln