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lorand23-Aug-2009 21:25
Thanks for your comment on my gallery.
Ted Aanensen21-Aug-2009 18:26
amba, a small gift of flowers from my garden shared with passer byes as I work in my garden brightens folks lives and our small town ( you can see many of my flowers in my very modest gallery), not sure this would qualify as deserving, but it is the first thought that comes to mind.
thanks for your kindness and sharing concept, it is beautiful
Lisa Onuma27-Jan-2009 01:05

amba, I like your photo very much, I am learning how to take nude photo, can you let me
see the nude photos.
Guest 02-Aug-2006 06:03
Hi Amba.

Thanx for your nice comments again. I like the new format of some of your pages. I wonder why I don't have access to these formats. I see them in the samples area but these templates are not in the pop-up list for me to choose.

Thanks again Amba
Guest 23-Jun-2006 15:08
american version of "Rudy can't fail"
in the context of his "exotic" hunting
Guest 16-Jun-2006 09:57
Your pictures are very nice. Could please give me the password for you protected galleries?

Guest 10-May-2006 22:54
Love the message on your profile. Inspiring.
Your galleries are very interesting.
I'll have to think a bit and add to your Good Samaritan rundown.
Nice job.
Guest 13-Jan-2006 16:15
I would also love to view you tango password protected photo's and wondered if you would let me look. I also have a keen interest in dance and the performing arts but have not as yet undertaken any shots nude, perhaps in time!
Phil. a link to show my intersts in the same as yourself.

Link to some of my performing art shots.
Magreb Eriberto 05-Jan-2006 21:37
Your dance pictures look great!
What have I to do to get your password to tango galleries?
Terry Urness 14-Dec-2005 04:51
Rudy, You have been near our stomping grounds with your Ross Lake/Diablo Dam photos. The area looks more inviting in the summer.

I always enjoy checking in on your galleries. Terry
paul yung17-Sep-2005 16:42
Interesting galleries, intriguing subjects. Congrats!
Guest 14-Sep-2005 13:22
Thanks for visiting my album! Especially your encouragement!
24:00 09-Apr-2005 02:29
amba...thanks for coming my gallery...
come here to take a'll like it...
24:00 19-Feb-2005 06:32
i love your gallerys soooooooo much.........
Mark Koeppen16-Dec-2004 15:59

A longtime admirer of your work and obviously your beautiful choice of models. Each has their own very unique personally that emits through your lens.

For years I have worked in an upscale part of a large city. Recently, a neighboring building was converted into a soup kitchen that provides meals to those less fortunate. I found it hard to 'connect' with our new neighbors, most of whom lived in the streets and alleys in cardboard boxes adorned with shopping carts from the grocery stores nearby. Handouts for spare change and extra fruit from my lunch was an everyday occurance knowing that our neighbors are no different than I, just a little less fortunate.

One day, the owner of the kitchen stopped in to say hello and ask for some assistance in moving some equipment in the building. After getting acquainted I offered my help with anything they may need in the future. He asked if I would like to help in the kitchen. Being more than fully employed with my career and family, I offered to help in the kitchen during my lunch hour. This was my time to do as I please. I felt that helping others would be my offering to the community to those who needed it and maybe just someone to talk wtih.

So I started spending my lunch hour in the kitchen washing dishes, I mean A LOT of dishes. It was very busy work to say the least. I later served plates, dished out food, cleaned tables, whatever was needed. Being able to listen to our new friends and their history was very moving. If you could see the look in their eyes and feel their pain, it would change your way of thinking, I know it did for me from that moment on. I have always taught my children to respect others regardless of their economical position.

My small donation of time to the community and our neighbors is very fulfilling. Like is about how you spend your time and not your money.
got 31-Aug-2004 17:08
Your gallery "Arbor in August" is really nice. What the name of the model? She 's so sexy.
amba grafix26-Aug-2004 00:29
For everyone who wants to see the ladies on the password protected sites, here's what I propose. If you really want to see those galleries, do one nice thing for someone, male or female, really unexpected, write to me at about what it was, and then if I think you genuinely helped someone, big or small, I'll email you the password.
Guest 23-Aug-2004 18:43
I'm a big fan of you since last year.
I'd love to see the protected areas, could I have your password please?
pinchie 16-Aug-2004 18:42
i am having the same problem. i have viewed your pictures for a long time but now they are password protected. is there any way you could let me contiune viewing them? thanks
Chris 27-Jul-2004 17:16
Another one of my favourite pbases is being password protected! I guess it's my fault for not posting praise earlier? How do we get to see the rest of the selection?
Alex 21-Jul-2004 01:40
Hello, I have recently stumbled upon your page here at pbase and have used many of your inspired pictures to learn and base my new pictures on. Would there be any way to be granted access to your protected areas of your collection?

Hope to hear from you soon, keep up the good work!

Guest 17-Jul-2004 06:31
Hi amba grafix,

I must say you did a very wonderful job in presenting, expressing, and promoting the beauty of the women!!

I will be in Washington D.C. from July 18th to 24th. Hopefully, I will be able to see you and your models (especially Jennifer) there. :))

Keep up the good work!

Bob 09-Jul-2004 18:25
Did she cut her hair, a lovely story but a sad ending I would hace appreciated the gift more is had kept it long
Ulli der Chaot17-Jun-2004 14:31
Hello amba grafix,

your whole pbase-gallery is phantstic to view!
Now there are two new folder, but with protection, why?
Is it possible to view this, ore is this only 4your friends?

Best regards

Jason 14-Jun-2004 15:17
I appreciate your work very much and have to say that your art begins where others ends...everyting is so ordinary but that makes it so special. Looking at your pictures you get the feeling that anybody could make such photos but then you see that each picture has its own soul and is, as i said very special. I like that very much!

I wonder what is behind hte password-section?! I would appreciate it if you would let me enter.

Best reguards

your first german fan
Dan 23-May-2004 11:12
your work is exceptional and your models are truely exquisite, especially Julie. Thanks, Dan
Emjay 22-May-2004 23:08
Thanks for that, wonderful shots of a very beautiful model. Love the shot with the beads!
Emjay 19-May-2004 11:29
What an excellent photographer you are, mind you, with models and friends like you have, you could't fail! Keep updating and any chance of the passes for the locked albums.
Many thanks and keep up the good work,
Yowzah 04-May-2004 20:31
It is obvious that you like women's feet, as do I. You certainly picked some great subjects!
The shots of a sweaty Savannah are very erotic.
Keep up the excellent work!!!
amba grafix13-Apr-2004 19:27
Dennis -

Thanks for your compliments. Some of the photos were taken at the National Arboretum in DC, by the old columns of the Capital Building. They've been reassambled at the Arboretum to resemble greco-roman ruins, beautifully done. May make the gallery viewable again in the future, perhaps with more photos of tangaera.
dennis 10-Apr-2004 19:06
Id like to see some more shots of Tangaero- she looks lovely....
where were the outside shots done??
Carlos Moran03-Feb-2004 20:25
Its always nice to see some pictures of "the girl next door", very natural and some wonderful images. Please visit my galleries and leave me any comments that can help. Thanks for Sharing
purple 13-Dec-2003 04:19
long time haven't visited your album, .....
many many great photos here~!!! so nice~!!!!

>> old album is ""
>> new one is ""

Guest 28-Nov-2003 06:43
Post more of thoses hot girls, makes me all wet and horny
Guest 28-Nov-2003 06:42
Hey very pussy is soaking wet after looking at thoses girls. Post more
Guest 27-Oct-2003 11:28
Lovely work. I espeacially liked the Yulia series. Very natural in your approach which creates the relaxed look. Look forward to seeing more in the future.

Thanks for sharing,
kinkin 17-Oct-2003 15:59
good work.
hope can share your experience with me...many thanks
Man 22-Jul-2003 15:20
Hope to see more Asian or black models....:)
Alvin Chung04-Apr-2003 02:48
I get the impression you have a deep appreciation for all women and their're perhaps a true romantic?
Guest 17-Mar-2003 15:26
the model of my photos , who isn't my girlfriend, is me.