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Anna 20-Apr-2012 14:18
Your whole Gallery of pictures is stunning what a collection you have gathered it brought back memories.My parents came from their and I visited Transylvaina 6years ago and hope to go back this year.Thank you for sharing these great shots!
alexander perlos 20-Mar-2011 15:38
I enjoyed pictures of bitola and bukovo. I was born in bitola1930 but been in us since 1940
Alan S Grant 27-Oct-2010 13:58
Great Photos!
Elisabeta 09-Aug-2010 16:51
Dear Mr Alan Grant,

Your Balcanology Galleries are just fantastic! Congratulations and millions of thanks for sharing them. It's been such a pleasure to see them. I feel far richer in my mind and soul now. Frankly speaking, I envy you a bit for all your travels and also for your photography art. Thank God you do exist.
Congratulations and millions of thanks for sharing them.
Best regards from Romania,
P.S. I have just one regret: you haven't visited my town yet, Targoviste. I do hope there will be a next time, a next visit to Romania. Best of luck !
Renee 05-Aug-2010 07:50
I was surprised that someone from Ireland whould show so much inetrest on Balkan. Photos are WONDERFUL and I can only thank you for sharing this with us!
wishing you all the best for days to come!
Guest 20-Jul-2010 14:35
Wonderful collection of galleries. I really enjoyed going through the photos and seeing the places you have traveled through your eyes. Thank you for sharing!
Guest 12-Feb-2010 15:18
Hi Alan,
nice pics of my Bosnia
Russell Biggs 05-Jan-2010 00:50
Hi Alan

I stumbled on a piece of family history recently and discoverd that I my grandparents (great 3 times!!) originally came from Athy (grandfather) and Monasterevin (grandmother). It sparked an interest in finding a little more about the area (and County Kildare in general.)

Looking through some of your pics and the landscapes of the area has motivated me to try and find out a little bit about them. Living so close to the River Mersey (Birkenhead) and seeing the streams/rivers of Athy made me smile, picturing these two new arrivals to England looking across to Liverpool and wondering why nobody had built a bridge or viaduct like they had back home!!

Cheena 21-Nov-2009 14:57
This is really great, I love to see all the pictures here...Thanks for sharing.
Najeeb Khan 11-Sep-2009 13:01
Dear Alan,
I visited all your gallaries.
Really great pictures.
In fact the best I could find on the net.
I loved the stillness of the views in your pictures.
You refreshed my memories of Praha.
Have you ever been and shot photos of the Northern Pakistan.
We have some amazing views in the lap of the Himalyas.
If yes please let know where I can find them.
With your camera eye it would be splendid.
My best regards to you and your family.
Najeeb Khan
Guest 22-Aug-2009 21:53
brilliant pictures, keep on.
Amir 04-May-2009 17:20
Alan, great pictures, thank you for sharring with us the beautiful world.
Photos of my birth place Montenegro are 10 out of 10
Thank you,
INES 21-Mar-2009 14:17
quest 23-Feb-2009 12:02
Dear Alan,
I saw your pics from Slovakia. I was there on most places you mention. I am buying these days a A2 KM. I like the handling with it. What I am wondering, how do you process thec pictures, I saw you do it in Adobe elements 2, I do posses this, is your splendid quality releted tho lightning and processing?

Olga 14-Feb-2009 21:15
Hi Alan,

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!Keep up the good work, show the beautiful world to us.

spyros delalis 18-Nov-2008 10:58
hi Alan

i saw all your fotos from Albania
great work
perfect photoreader so perfect photographer

come to kefalonia my island one day

my best regards
Anika 22-Aug-2008 10:46
Dear Alan
Thank you for the pictures of Macedonia. Gorgeous!
Stirs up childhood memories and emotions.
Brilliant work!
niti 03-Aug-2008 17:00
great pictures from albania
nickeya12-Jul-2008 08:49
One of my favorites on pbase. Keep up the good work.
Guest 07-Jul-2008 15:03
Hello Alan!
I've been browsing your galleries and am very impressed with your work! I'm a travel addict as well, and am just learning more about my new Nikon and can happily say that your photos have inspired me to learn more about photography!
What are your next travel plans?
Thank you!
John Wenban 15-Feb-2008 14:22
Great pictures Alan. Stumbled upon them by accident when researching places to visit in Slovenia.

Interested to know what photographic kit you travel with.
Allison 02-Feb-2008 00:57
Alan Grant,
I think your photography is amazing! I do a little photography but mainly I'm an artist. I'm only a freshman in high school but I hope to capture the greatness of your photography in anything I draw! I think it's great that you're traveling the world and taking pictures of your travels for other people's enjoyment. I know I enjoy them...Keep up the good work!
Pete (pjw) West 14-Jan-2008 22:08
Hi Alan,
Such a broad travel experience. Why are you interested in this area of the world? (I mean I am too, but I could never explain to someone why, just that it´s like my interest, an energy, a passion.) I like your stuff here. I guess we´ll stumble across eachother on the Thorn Tree now and again. Thanks alot for your input in answering my questions.
darko 04-Dec-2007 17:44
Dear Alan
I wuld like to sey thank you for the wonderful photos of Republik of Macedonia,and I wuld like to help you, to tell you some butifle pleyses in Macedonia if you came again soon.
Angela 13-Oct-2007 06:08
Dear Alan,

Beautiful photographs of Serbia! Thanks for the memories that have left my heart longing.
matt_in_sha18-Aug-2007 04:29
Beautiful travel galleries. Thanks for sharing!
Guest 20-Jun-2007 08:20
Pure talent.
Yves Rubin09-Jun-2007 00:14
Dear Alan,

I just discovered your galleries, and must say you have an amazing collection of travel photography. Beautiful work! I will be back to study your many galleries and enjoy the virtual trip.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:11
Great work, your photo galleries are fantastic.
Guest 13-Feb-2007 21:06
Hi Alan

after following your directions I decided to take a look at your galleries. I really like your images, they make me want to jump on a plane and head to europe. Thanks for sharing them.

Bob 14-Dec-2006 01:34
Your photos are the best I've seen of Croatia; I hope I can take some that even approach these in style and quality. I will travel to Croatia in June 2007 for the first time. I am awash in information and overwhelmed. Where do I stay? what do I see? how do I get around?
Can you offer some suggestions to an inexperienced traveler? I want to focus my trip in the Split and Dubrovnkin area. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you have.
What camera do you use? I have a Nikon D50 and will soon purchase a D80.
Alan Grant09-Dec-2006 20:58
Thanks Enriq, I agree that there is much more to Spain than Andalucia - I will hopefully add some photos from another part of Spain in January.
enriq 08-Dec-2006 00:15
Ok, I´m from Spain, and is the first time I see The Objetive Spain tke it by foreing people, whithout many topics. Congratulatnions, nice photos. Just one thing, less Andalucia and more the rest of Spain. The foreing people think Andalucia is Spain and finished. Spain is much more and we want the people can know it
Alan Grant30-Nov-2006 19:42
Hi Jasmina, I've used a few different camera over the years, but at the moment my main one is a Minolta 5D DSLR (which isn't made any more, as it happens).
jasmina 30-Nov-2006 11:31
i enjoy each time looking at your photos, they make my day. thanx for bringing us so authentic the landscapes of this beautiful planet. please tell me what type of camera do u use?
Gerard Koehl23-Nov-2006 12:57
Merci pour ces voyages virtuels. C'est un vrai enchantement, et vous me donnez envie de voyager vers l'est.

Ileana 20-Nov-2006 17:46
Thank you for taking pictures from my country, Romania!
Thank you for posting them on your page, so other people can see what a beautiful coutry we have!
Deseree 17-Nov-2006 18:04
You make my travel bug itch....such beautiful photos - I've bookmarked your website and when I get tired of using my own photos for desktop wallpapers, I use yours! Thank you for sharing!
Alan Grant10-Nov-2006 19:16
Jasmina - thank you, and yes, you are welcome to download and save photos from my pages for non-commercial use.
jasmina 10-Nov-2006 15:08
i look at your photos with my mouth open, aqmazing. u r an extraordinary artist. the best photos of serbia i have ever seen. is it downloading allowed?
Guest 27-Oct-2006 06:39
Oh my gosh, is there anywhere you haven't been? Your galleries are impressive...the shots of El Puerto de Santa Maria (near where I used to live) brought back great memories. It's still beautiful, charming. You are so talented--thanks for sharing pieces of your life with us!
Alex 31-Aug-2006 17:13
Beautiful photos. Having just recently completed a 2 week trip through the former Yugoslavia, I can't blame you for focusing on the natural beauty, and historical landmarks because they are stunning, especially the former in BiH. But where are the photos of everyday life? Of bomb-scarred buildings, pot-holed roads and communist era tower blocks? These are the reality of life for most people in the Balkans, and though for a "westerner" they may be initially off-putting, "beauty" is subjective; for me, they give the tourist draws a run for their money. The landscapes and old churches and mosques will stay in my memory forever, but the bullet scarred interior of a tiny flat in Sarajevo or the interior of a traditional house in rural Serbia without running water will always occupy the larger place in my heart -- it is in these places that I learned about true hospitality and the resliliance of the human spirit.
Australia 14-Aug-2006 11:58
What a true talent.
Keep up the good work Alan,and thank you for bringing up in me The beautifull memories of beautifull Bosnia...
Canada 06-Jul-2006 23:13
You have real talent as a photographer! Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them.
India 03-Jul-2006 07:29
beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them with the world
Cristi 16-Jun-2006 06:43
Great job Alan!!! You helped me remember a lot of unique places from Romania, my home country. Thanks a lot.
Odinn Thor 09-Jun-2006 11:50
You have very good website here.
So I put my step in your guestbook.

Welcome to my website as well

Best greetings from Iceland 27-May-2006 22:20
Looked through your site. Good work! Ken.
Alan S Grant 12-May-2006 21:49
Great pictures and a great name!!
Guest 07-May-2006 18:23
I loved your photos Of Argentina as I was there last year & brought back great memories of the place. Well done.
T J Khamas
Guest 04-May-2006 19:07
Wonderfull pictures!

Good galleries to learn.

Thanks 19-Apr-2006 14:34
Fabulous site.
Chris Lock17-Apr-2006 06:31
I like your photo galleries. This gives me some ideas for my next trips.
Antonio 16-Apr-2006 17:06
Felicidades por sus excelentes fotografías y muchas gracias por compartir su visión.

basak 12-Apr-2006 15:13
absolutely wonderful!
Alan Grant07-Apr-2006 19:07
Stefan - no, my job is not related to photography. I haven't decided where (or when) to travel next.
Guest 07-Apr-2006 18:11
All your galleries are excellent I must say, I am also wondering where are you planning to go next? Also, is photography your job?
Leonid 06-Apr-2006 16:20
Good site. Me very much has liked.
Pierre Schneider22-Mar-2006 23:38
This is a TOP gallery. To my favorites.

Sincères salutations
ALZ 20-Mar-2006 19:50
I'm in Alaska and looking at your pictures gives me shivers. I must say you have aided discontentment! :) You are very talented; these pictures are wondeful.

Being hungry for travel and longing to see these different places it is nice at least to be able to look at pictures of them. (though if it helps or just makes it worse I'm not sure!)

Great Photography!
Guest 03-Mar-2006 19:45
Thanks Alan, for your suggestions in the Forum (reduce Collum/Width) I will try as soon as I have a chance... Have been looking at your Photos...WOW, Nice!! Thanks again for taking the "time" to help me!
Best regards,
Stephen Conner 13-Feb-2006 04:47
Hi Alan, I saw your picture of the Alexander Nevski Reflection from Sofia. I think is was great to use the puddle to achieve an unusual perspective.
maria 31-Jan-2006 00:44
Alan, Great pictures of my home town Krakow. What touched me to wtrite is the fact that we were there at the same time shooting the "Corpus Christi" procession. I'm ashamed I haven't posted my images yet, but I'm frantically working on them as I write. In a couple days I should have them on my website, I invite you to visit it, (
Helen Bitaxis 19-Jan-2006 03:30

Just had to comment on how much I have enjoyed looking at your photos. You find the beauty in wherever you travel. Your framing, use of light and the way you capture the flavor of the places is outstanding. Keep traveling and giving the rest of us vicarious pleasure.

Barbara 08-Jan-2006 01:15
Hello Alan,

Your photos are wonderful! You are a very talented photographer! I've been to some of the places you have posted and your photos make me want to see more (and take more pictures while I'm there). How is it that you get to travel so much? You are living my dream!
Best of luck to you,
Ian 05-Jan-2006 07:43
Hey Alan,

Eastern Europeans are really impressed by their countries :-}
Sounds like they never been there!
You are a magician!

Sasa & Britta 31-Dec-2005 00:05
Hi Alan,
This is amazing. We love all your photos. Great job. Despite the fact that we are living in Minnesota, USA, where my wife is from, our hearts are beating faster while watching photos of my hometown Sarajevo. We left 2 years ago, but will be back..Hvala puno jos jednom..

Sasa & Britta
Alan Grant28-Dec-2005 18:53
Janice - thanks for your comments, I am glad you enjoyed the gallery. You are right, there are not many photos of people - for some reason it is something that just doesn't come naturally to me. But I am working on it - look out for the "Buenos Aires - Events" gallery (to be added in the next few days) which will actually feature some visible faces ;)
Janice 28-Dec-2005 17:35
Hi Alan,
I'm sitting at work with nothing to do and came upon your galleries looking for pictures of Slovenia- to ease missing the country. I ended up going through most of the galleries. Would it seem redundant for me to say that they are magnificent? I especially enjoyed the parallel gallery. That is so incredible! I feel like I have just been on a pleasant trip to see other parts of the world. I didn't see a lot of people. I'll bet you could capture the hearts of people well in pictures too. Are there any tucked away that I missed? I hope to come back and "travel" some more. Thanks for making a day in the office much brighter!!
Deniza 07-Dec-2005 21:21
Hi Alan,

I loved the pictures of my home country, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All the best,
Guest 07-Dec-2005 01:48
By the way, thank you making Sarajevo look beautiful as it is :>
Oggi Tomic 07-Dec-2005 01:46
You are such a great photographer.I am working on a photography since I was 13 and I you can take a look on few photos I did, hope will like them. the best in future work,
27 IDX 106 - Odinn 04-Dec-2005 13:05

Good website, you have here.
I put my step in your guestbook.

Welcome to my website as well

Best greetings
Chris Wyman 26-Nov-2005 02:58
Hello Allan,
Amazing pictures you got here of Romania. I was born there so thanks for makeing Romania look good. Great job and keep it up.
Zlatina 24-Nov-2005 13:54
Hello Allan,

thank you for these amazing photographs! I am Bulgarian and I just loved the images from my country. I like the viewpoints you've chosen, you've looked at things and places in a different way than most people. Great work!
claudia 21-Nov-2005 22:16
Guest 03-Nov-2005 08:22
Excellent photos very well organized. A nice view of most countries.
Guest 28-Oct-2005 14:32
Your pictures are really special and interesting. Keep going:)
Guest 25-Oct-2005 10:58
Just returned from this year's Montenegro hols in Becici / Budva, where we travelled up and down the coast and into the hinterland.
Thought Ostrag, Monastry & journry to be supreme.
Wish that I'd found you site before going to Montenegro, and to Croatia, last year.
andrei 22-Oct-2005 07:08
Congratulations Alan! Great pics from Romania
Doncho Pachikov 16-Oct-2005 18:04
Hello, dear Visitors!
Please, support our new project by visiting the project pages about Bulgaria .
Comments, questions, requests - look at blog area.
Best regards,
Guest 04-Oct-2005 16:25
Actually it is in message below
Guest 04-Oct-2005 16:24
Greatwork, Alan,

These photos transport me to places I probably will never be able to visit in person. I am wondering if any of your readers would enjoy making a postcard trade with me. I collect city views only and would love to hear from some great people world-wide. (USA)
Sanja 02-Oct-2005 06:16
Hi Alan,
I am soo glad that u took those pics of Sarajevo since i havent been there for 7 years. It is nice to see ur home land after such a long time. I hope u post more pics since i really love my Bosnia.
rosie222 23-Sep-2005 23:15
Wow an amazing collection of photo's here.
Matthew Haswell23-Aug-2005 16:00
I dug up your collection here several months back and just stopped in again to see your latest updates. Fantastic pictures from Ukraine...that's one place high on my list in Europe (along with Macedonia and Serbia & Montenegro). In fact, the whole lot of galleries here is excellent. You've got a great eye for composition - I really admire your work.
Alan S Grant 21-Aug-2005 20:18
great pictures and a great name.
emo 21-Aug-2005 01:57
Hi Alan.
I am just wondering how can You get so nice bright and sharp photos ? Were you waiting until the moisture clears up ? Or You were just lucky for great weather condition ? ..thanks
Magdalena Kamirova 11-Aug-2005 15:13
Hi Alan,
My name is Magdalena and I live in the United States, but I am originally from Prague. I wanted to check some pictures of Prague (have been a little homesick) and your site came up. You have captured the magic of Prague in your pictures and I absolutely loved them. Thank you! After I was done loking at them I have realized that you have been in so many places. I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! Thank you for sharing it with us.
Guest 06-Aug-2005 20:18
Hi Alan, nice galleries.. very inviting to travel through your photograph.
Best regards,
Guest 05-Aug-2005 11:12
Ah - fair play to you, so! I hope to do the same myself some day.

Chantal01-Aug-2005 18:59
Hi Alan. Your travel photos are absolutely stunning!!! Makes me realize how little of the world I have seen...Thanks for sharing.

Guest 31-Jul-2005 16:39
Hi Alan

Sorry for my very late reply to your message posted on the Q&A forum about frustrated photographer. Your reply was really kind and full of very useful advice. One advice in particular about quotes - I am gradually moving away from that. And starting to shoot local landscape.

Viewing your galleries are great joy. As I could not go there myself, looking at your images are like seeing through a great traveller's eyes. Thanks for sharing. I have left some comments on some of your images.

Wonder if you would be shooting any Irish landscape. I have had the opportunity to visit Ireland twice but unfortunately I did not have a camera with me then. Ireland is one of the most stunning place I have ever been. I especially love Dingle and Connemara.

Once again thanks for your comments

John Geddes 30-Jul-2005 01:50
Hey there, Alan. Great photography. I've been to many of the places you've photographed, particularly in Bosnia dn Croatia and Istanbul and you've captured unique views of common places. You have a real eye for the sweet shot!
Alan Grant28-Jul-2005 13:19
Sinead - the answer is that I took a year off from being an office drone ;)
Guest 28-Jul-2005 13:16
Oh and if I may be so nosy - do you work freelance? Being an office drone, I can only dream enviously of so much time off! :)

Guest 28-Jul-2005 11:10
Alan, those are really stunning pictures. I've been to some of those places, and it took me back in a wonderful way on a dull day at work. Also made me determined to acquire a digital camera! Thanks for that.

Halifaxtom 27-Jul-2005 12:52
Your photos are so dramatic and well composed that (although a senior citizen in Daytona Beach, Florida) I am "going to school" on your techniques and processes. Thanks for the education.
Guest 25-Jul-2005 20:34
fantastic photos romania especialy (i have been in zarnesti , busteni, timisoara , sinaia , brasov, bucuresti, constanta, moldavia and is very nice) george stevens
Danny Cambré24-Jul-2005 14:26
Hello Alan,
enjoyed going true your new galleries.
Particularly the Slovenian onces, since I just spend some time there myself.
Marji Johnson 17-Jul-2005 18:18
Just beautiful....I'm traveling vicariously through your wonderful work, thank you.
Marji Johnson, Michigan, USA
Guest 14-Jul-2005 13:24
Dear Alan
Fantastic photos, it gave me great memories about some of these places I have been (Greece, Andalucia, Slovenia, Romania especially). Even the pictures of my home town, Brussels, make it looks better than it is (as for the Bruges ones, they are trully amazing). I'm going to Croatia/Bosnia/Kotor soon and I can't wait after having seen those pics.
Anyway,thanks again
Stéphane, Brussels, Belgium
Andrys Basten14-Jul-2005 06:45
Alan, I came here while looking to see if I should get
an S500 to replace my stolen S400 and was wow'd by your
skills and that incredible eye for form and color.

I wondered why you seemed to have given up the
S500. But the KM-DiMAGE's image quality ie extraordinary,
though not so much when in others' hands.

Thanks for your beautiful work!
Jeff Harti 21-Jun-2005 22:10
Hi Alan,

Awesome pics. Amazing the places you've been. I'm the one who's going to the Adriatic in the fall and your advice about going from Croatia down through Greece does makes sense, i'm sure the plan is going to be re-worked alot.
- Jeff Toront, Canada
Alexandra 10-Jun-2005 22:29
Dear Alan, The pictures of Poland are truly fabulous. I have just returned from a wonderful trip to Poland and it was marvelous to return through your beautiful photographs. Thank you for doing what you do so well.
Anita 22-May-2005 12:11
Wow... I am sooo mightily impressed! Your eye for composition, attention to detail (especially the little things regular people don't 'see' or, take for granted), balance of contrast and grasp of colours... It's rare to see such a high level of visual comprehension. I'm no expert, but I reckon you don't need to be one to recognise genius. If you don't actually get paid to take photographs, I suggest a change in profession :)
Guest 12-May-2005 10:35
all your pictures are great. I particularly enjoyed those of Sarajevo.
Thanks for sharing!
Jan 11-May-2005 19:49
Great Photography of great places. I love Eastern Europe and put up a similar (but not as big and good) gallery.
Ksenija 09-May-2005 17:46
Thank you, Alan, for the photo gallery that is truly extraordinary in the sense of its geographic extent and particulary in the scope of its beauty. You have managed to see the soulful essence of many of the places you visited and convey it as visual poetry.
If this is not magic I don't know what is.
Your images awaken a particular type of thirst for travels and stir up yearning for more such beauty.
Mark L03-May-2005 12:32
Thanks for your comments on my CSS. It was very helpful.
You have some excellent pictures on this site. I will come back and view all the ones I miissed soon. Mark (Wamberal, Australia)
Robin 28-Apr-2005 16:46
Very Impressive photos. Mine aren't half as good, but please feel free to look at them. As one might expect, my site is much much better on broadband, though.
Jocelyn 19-Apr-2005 04:08
your photographs are lovely - well done. Is this a hobby or a profession? I hope both.
It has inspired me, My husband and I are taking 5 months to travel through Europe this summer and fall.
I have a question for you, I hope you don't mind, which areas should we hit in Croatia and Greece, you seem to really know your way around! ANy suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Alan Grant14-Apr-2005 20:02
Thanks James, glad you enjoy the galleries. And I'm on dial-up too so I know what you mean!
James Ross14-Apr-2005 19:45
Hi Alan,
As usual your galleries are well worth the wait. I have a wander through your galleries quite often and the new galleries will keep me going for a while yet (Dial up connection)

Keep up the great work.
tabibito 10-Apr-2005 21:42
Thx for signing my guestbook ( - I really love your picture
"Nevski cathedral reflecting in a puddle" (the others, too, but this one is special).
Happy trails!
Moe 09-Apr-2005 05:49
You have inspired me
keith 30-Mar-2005 08:02
Enjoyed your pictures, but where are your pictures of Ireland? or are you one of those who have fallen out with your homeland? best wishes
jill 22-Mar-2005 21:25
Breath-taking! I so appreciate seeing other parts of the world. Keep photographing! and Thank you!!
Ramona 19-Mar-2005 00:05
As a Romanian living abroad, I simply cried with nostalgia while viewing your superb photos of my native land. Your entire gallery is a masterpiece!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest us. Gratefully, Ramona.
George Petkovic 14-Mar-2005 18:47
The pictures you posted are beautiful and they show what beautiful things that human kind has build over all these years. You have also captured natures beauty in a way like no other. I was impressed by al of your photos and would like to suggest a few places: Avala which is in Belgrade Serbia, and another good place is the Highlaner church in Montengro this is the church that was built in a mountain.
Ivan 15-Feb-2005 08:13
The Pictures are awesome!!!Thank u very much
Sylvia 09-Feb-2005 11:17
Dear Alan,
My words are not enough to express how deeply impressed i am by your pictures. They are much more than simply showing a place, they have so much heart in them, they give the visitor a wonderful feeling of calmness, beauty and love. I am from Bulgaria, i am in love with Turkey and generally i consider myself "a Balkan" if i can say so. So naturally i first checked Turkey, then Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia.. There were photos that absolutely took my breath away. You are really good at what you do. May inspiration always be with you! Wish you many new trips and exciting places!
Monica 07-Feb-2005 21:12
I just want to say that I loved your pictures, mostly those of Budapest, as I lived there and traveled to probably half of the places you show I was delighted. I would love to hear from you and from your travels, I loved the kerepesi cementery in Budapest as only a few people who went there knew about it. I found it by accident when I was on the tram, saw it and couldn't resist to get off and have a look. Also loved you paired photos. take care and again congrats on your pics.
Jeff Cochran06-Feb-2005 16:04
Impressive work. Cheers.
Judy 02-Feb-2005 04:14
Hello Alan,

Your pictures are stunning, especially the ones of the Budapest Parliament. Am purchasing a new digital camara, (my previous one was drenched--and destroyed by the dolphins at Sea World in San Diego). I had a Canon A300. Your pictures are fabulous. What is your camera--I see that it's a Minolta--any advice or downsides to this one. Will be purchasing soon. Can't wait!!!!
Thanks, Judy
John R 24-Jan-2005 02:12
Hi, Alan!

In May and June 2005 my family and I are travelling through Austria, Germany, Belgium, then via London to Ireland.

Since you've obviously travelled extensively, would it be possible for you to email me any information about the best way to get from London to Dublin. We've looked at this website, but all the info seems out-of-date:

Erin go bragh!

John R <><
Adrian Calin16-Jan-2005 19:17
Frimpong is inviting you to see his vision of Bucharest, leave a comment, and perhaps a vote, at:
Patricia Bee 15-Jan-2005 23:37
Alan, I am now homesick after browsing through your photos.
Why haven't you photographed the Atomiun in Brussels? It's amazingly mistic during a foggy, rainy day. Go back and see what I mean.
Leo Perunovic 20-Nov-2004 10:33
Dear Alan,

i am making a website about Montenegro and when i was surfing for some info i found your photo's which i liked very much and i wanted to ask permission to publish them offcourse with all rights and links to you. I probarly if you give permission will put them under wallpapers and pictures.

My site is
You can contact me at

Sincerely Leo Perunovic
petra 18-Nov-2004 13:30
Hi Alan. Beautifull pictures!! I have a question. I'am looking for a abandoned villages in Portugal and Spain to start an ecovilaage. Is it possible you tell me were Serra da Lousã is. There is a picture of the village in your gallery.
Kind regards,

freaky flashplayground:
pohang 08-Oct-2004 15:54
thanks for sharing the photo, i like it very much especially those taken in eastern europe

i am from hong kong
paka 02-Aug-2004 13:09
Congratulations Alan! Great pics.
Specially thanks for so nice views from SCG. I realy enjoyed it :-)
Best regards from Vienna.
Stjepan Nikolic 24-Jul-2004 08:26
Dear Alan,

I just want to make a compliment for your photos, especially photos taken from Serbia and Montenegro.

Thank you
Stjepan Nikolic
Melbourne, Australia
Alan Grant23-Jun-2004 15:43
Thanks Robert. If everything goes to plan I will indeed have get the chance to visit Macedonia and Albania before the year is out. If I do, rest assured that the pictures will appear here!
Robert 23-Jun-2004 13:18
Great pics. Former Yugoslavia looks like a magical kingdom to me. So beautiful.It's good to discover it before the tourists start flocking there as well.
You only need Macedonia for a full picture of former Yugoslavia. Waiting for pics from there (why not Albania too!)
Cassio 22-Jun-2004 11:28
Hi Alan,
Congratulations... you got a worderful photo album... I've been in Ireland 2 years ago. I was looking for some pictures and I found your page. And, to be honest, It bring me some good memories. Thank you to share it with us.
If you want to visit Brazil some time, you'll be very welcome.
Greeting from a sunny Brazil,
Guest 15-May-2004 20:25
thank you for sharing your pictures through this page. i havent tried to travel outside my country. by the way, i am a filipino. i've seen the pictures and its really nice... why dont you try to visit our country? i maybe not lucky enough to go around the world but i can say i am blessed enough to live in our place. people are nice and hospitable.. there are many places in our country that are beautiful... i will be very proud that the next time i look at this page, i'll see my country being captured here.... thank you mr. alan grant.
Emil 04-Apr-2004 10:52
Great job, Alan! Now I live in New Zealand but am originally from Bulgaria. Your photos brought some good memories back in me. I'm going back there this summer and will surely follow your example to share some of the experiences through the magic of photography! Well done, mate!

CM Collins 12-Mar-2004 13:08
Hi Alan,

Putting together a set of links about Bulgaria for the 2004 Carnival Cities Convention in Sofia-Pernik in May and used one of your fotos to link to your page. Hope this is OK with you. Happy to take down if not.

You can check it out here.

Thanks for your great work.

Vlada Marinkovic17-Feb-2004 12:48
Excellent photos
Wonderful story about Montenegro, why do not visit Serbia?
Best regards,
pippa 04-Feb-2004 18:57

Loved your photography - im a photography student myself in england and so loved seeing things other than snapshots from ppls hols! Just wondering due to your wide travel experience if you could give me your top 5 eastern europe spots. I know that i want to go to e europe this summer - i have such a soft spot for it. i have been to czech rep, slovenia, but that is it - i want somewhere cheap, and am happy to travel around a bit - any thoughts? (ooh and i want good photo material also!!)


Guest 03-Feb-2004 20:07
Hi Alan

Thanks for very much for your help with my style sheet problem in Mozilla, posted a while back in the forum. Your suggestion worked just fine, so thank you! Lovely photography on your site BTW. Best wishes, Steve
Guest 29-Jan-2004 01:43
Hi Alan,

You have taken some great photographs of beautiful destinations. It was a pleasure to view these places through your eyes. Sometimes people go to places and miss an interesting perspective. You are indeed lucky to have seen so much in a few years. Thanks for sharing your experience. Regards

black white18-Jan-2004 19:58
It is a great pleasure to browser through your gallery, having combined with a photographer’s sharp eyes and a traveler’s footsteps, you did a great work!!

Guest 27-Dec-2003 16:10
Great travel pics... I've done some travelling of my own lately. It was fun to compare :) Keep up the good work!
robin statfeld15-Dec-2003 23:37
My compliments on such wonderful images!
Ivan 24-Nov-2003 21:12
Hi Alan,
Thanks for the fine pics of Sofia and Plovdiv (Bulgaria).
They are so lovely ... viewed from Argentina
Buenos Aires
Independent 29-Oct-2003 09:01
I just had a look on the Sofia photos. For a long time I have been looking for pictures of my town and can tell that yours are the best (and perhaps the only ones with that quality) that I had ever seen.
Nikola Gruev28-Oct-2003 17:26
Hello Andy,
Wonderful pictures in your galleries. Thanks for sharing them. Enjoyed every one.
Alan Grant24-Aug-2003 15:54
Hi Andy,

I've just read your message, I hadn't logged on to the site in a while. I'm glad you liked my Prague photos, please go ahead and include them in your site. Maybe you could include a link back to my main page here at PBase.

Best wishes
Andy Gray 04-Aug-2003 22:03
Wonderful photos of Prague.

Would you be happy for me to include them in a family web page with a reference to yourself as taking them?

Please let me know.

Melanie 13-Jul-2003 03:34
Hi Alan,
I just finished looking through all your pictures. They are wonderful! It makes me want to get to Ireland as quick as I can and it also makes me want to travel to any place I can! Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed all those pictures immensley, thanks for giving me this site address!
Hope to hear from you soon,