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Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd09-Sep-2017 12:31
Thanks Tom, we're staying put because our townhouse is solid with new impact windows and shutters over those in most places. Going out of town would drive me nutso and would take too much time and effort. Thanks again!

Tom Beech09-Sep-2017 11:40
I hope you are way out of the area at this point in time Don... best of luck with Irma for you and yours, stay safe don't take chances, see you on the Sunny side of things
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd22-Oct-2016 01:52
Hi Donald, I apologize for the delay in responding but I don't check this site often except to add more photos which I did today. I'm sorry to say that Rex passed away at the age of 77 in 2002 in Oveido, Florida. I have a personal site with my friends' photos and I have a separate gallery for my Coast Guard friends and co-workers. That gallery is located at:
In that gallery is a closeup scan of CWO4 Coulson and this is the direct link to it: - this page has every thing I know about Rex and I hope it is helpful to you

Again, I'm sorry for the delay in responding.

Donald Severson 06-Jul-2016 02:19
Dear Sir:
My name is Donald Severson. I served with Rex Coulson at North Superior lIfe Boat Station in Grand Marais, Minnesota in 1951-52. At the time he was BM1 and I was SN. We kept in touch for several years through Christmas greetings, but we lost touch many years ago. Could you bring me up to date on the current status of Rex and his family. I believe his sons were Rickey and Danny. I think that Danny was born in Grand Marais in 1952.
Thank you for your help.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd25-Dec-2015 17:24
Suzette, no, I don't believe we have met, sorry. Thank you for your nice comments!

Jim, no, I was in the Hialeah High class of 1965.

Bill, no, I'm not related to Dan Boyd but I remember him from his 7th CG District days. People would confuse us in the USCG because of the name similarities.

Bill Wood 16-Dec-2015 16:04
Don: By any chance are related related to Dan Boyd who was a Coast Guard photographer assigned to the 7th CG District office in the early 1970's?? Bill Wood
Suzanne C Johnson 19-Jul-2013 20:08
Hi Don,
We, at NAL, appreciate the picture you posted on our public NAL page on FB. One that I would love to see larger is the upstairs lounge on our B-747. When you have time, could you post it on our public site? I am moving out of state next week, but will have one of my adms watch for it.
Thank you....The Sun Still Shines!!
Suzanne "Sam" NAL 1963-1977
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd13-Feb-2010 19:47
Thanks Jim, I'm hobbling about with a slight temporary limp but that's a whole lot better than before. I'm walking daily at the mall and using the exercise bikes at Sears and it gets better day by day.

Jeffrey Lewis Knapp19-Dec-2009 06:18
hi Don. I vote. Great pictures. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Happy Holidays. God bless you. Is the 787 up now. Jeff K
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd29-Aug-2009 17:35
Thank you for your comment!

revoprod 15-Aug-2009 15:28
Wow! Your photos are awesome!
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd12-Feb-2009 16:58
Hi Drew, I'll send you an e-mail about the photos.

Drew Mosher 11-Feb-2009 04:31

I found your site as I researched Curtiss Field where my grandfather was a flight instructor. I have several pictures of him with his planes and was wondering if you'd be able to identify the planes for me if I sent you a few of the pictures.


Drew Mosher, California
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd29-Dec-2008 05:57
Thank you for your comments, JDVegas, I appreciate them. I loved the DC10's when they were in their prime and I'm still shooting the cargo birds. They'll be around longer than me I suppose since FedEx is still converting them into MD10's for years of package freighter service.

Guest 27-Dec-2008 16:39
Wow, for an airliner junkie and former cabin crew member on those beautiful DC-10-10's and 30's, I love your galleries Don, thanks so much! I really like the incident photo's. Opening the door and inflating the slide/raft was always on my mind, and it's good to see that people can get out when they have to. 'Open seat belts, come this way, run, jump, get away from the plane!'
BleuEvanescence04-Nov-2008 08:14
Those galleries are a fine tribute to the magic of aviation
and to the wonders pilots do with those birds, too often unnoticed
and taken for granted.
I will warmly recommend a visit of your galleries to my friend C.
one of the finest pilots in Holland with an exquisite eye for photography.
Thank you for sharing with us.
My friend's site:
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd01-Jul-2008 16:28
Hey Jim, thanks for your comments. I heard you were still drilling at the Air Station when some Coastie airdale tried to tell me I couldn't take photos of a C-17 parked on the AirSta ramp, even though I was twenty feet to the north of AirSta property on county property.

I figured you were still at Avborne but I don't get by there often. I'll send an e-mail.

Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd25-Jun-2008 05:13
It was my pleasure, Captain. It was an awesome opportunity to shoot the gorgeous BERTHOLF at Miami and we really appreciated the tour and your hospitality. We will always have the best memories of you, Michelle, your crew and your cutter.

Don & Karen
Patrick Stadt 24-Jun-2008 17:35
Don, thanks so much for the exceptional photos you took of BERTHOLF during our recent stop in Miami. It was great to meet you and Karen and show you some of the ship. Thanks for posting so many beautiful pictures both in our gallery and througout your site!
CAPT Patrick Stadt
Commanding Officer
Guest 18-Feb-2008 15:59
stelle 07-Feb-2008 00:00
lived in miami all my life and loved it. it was a wonderful place to grow up in
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd02-Feb-2008 03:04
Thank you for your comments Russ. They were grand times indeed and anyone fortunate enough to be working for an airline had it made at the time. Delta could have made a killing with Pan Am's routes, especially to South America and the Caribbean but it was not to be. Those of us lucky enough to be involved with the commercial aviation in the 70's and 80's saw things that will never be again.

Best regards,

Guest 01-Feb-2008 18:37
Dear Don: I appreciate your recall of aviation. It is a history on times never to be seen again--the color, the fun, the loyalties, the camaraderie. I've been blessed to have had the good fortune of being with the finest people; Eastern, PSA, Pan Am and World. Would I do it over again? You bet but only if I could be with the same teams. The only downer for me was the sudden ending of Delta's interest in making Pan Am a "go". Sincerely, Russ Ray
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd19-Dec-2007 07:21
Hi Patty, thanks for writing. Now you're going to drive me crazy trying to remember you or which girl you are in the Immaculate photo. I'll send you a private e-mail to discuss this further. I'm impressed by your airline experience, of course. If you found the Immaculate page then you were on my personal website with the Old Hialeah etc. photos and memories. We grew up at a great time in a great place with great friends and we should be thankful for that. Best regards, Don
Patricia McLoughlin (Patty) 18-Dec-2007 17:36
Hi Don
I went to grammer school with you at Immaculate Conception. Matter of fact our pic is on the same page. I worked for EA, Trump Shuttle, US Air and now NW airlines in MSP as a Business Analyst. I am so thrilled to be able to look back at the pictures and see not only the airlines that have meant so much to me, but our much more simple lives in Hialeah. I guess no one will ever understand unless they lived through those years with us. We had such basic and we were so happy.
Ivan Cholakov28-Jun-2007 12:41
You have a great collection of rare aircraft. I have just started exploring the photo opportunities in South Florida and hope to one day see and photograph as much as you have. Keep up the good work!

Pembroke Pines, FL
Guest 20-Jun-2007 11:23
One of the best photo collections here.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:00
Stellar job! Can I get your signature?
Guest 10-Dec-2006 21:31
Excellent Galleries...

Well done...
Stephanie 10-Dec-2006 01:53
Best regards from NY!
matt 21-Nov-2006 13:44
Hey guys! I love your site! Come over to to check out our new Cessna apparel. They are licensed by Cessna. We are the only company in the USA licensed to print Cessna apparel. Please help spread the word about us! See ya later!
Roy M. Antigua 21-Nov-2006 01:26
Hi Don, Im Roy from Miami,FL. My Mentor Bob Beziat flew out of Air Station Miami. Because of him my life is full of gratitude. From Flying HU-25-A to Crossing the North Atlantic.
Today Im with the Coast Guard Aux working with CG Recruiting Command. It so rewarding for me to serve in this capacity. Your photos bring joy and pride in my heart, knowing that today Im part of the US Coast Guard. I would like to get some of you photos for the Recruiting (South) Office in Miami. Thank for this wounderfule Web-site. / Roy
Roy M. Antigua, CG-AUX 21-Nov-2006 01:25
Hi Don, Im Roy from Miami,FL. My Mentor Bob Beziat flew out of Air Station Miami. Because of him my life is full of gratitude. From Flying HU-25-A to Crossing the North Atlantic.
Today Im with the Coast Guard Aux working with CG Recruiting Command. It so rewarding for me to serve in this capacity. Your photos bring joy and pride in my heart, knowing that today Im part of the US Coast Guard. I would like to get some of you photos for the Recruiting (South) Office in Miami. Thank for this wounderfule Web-site. / Roy
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd31-Jul-2006 07:25
Hi Brian, I believe the Ocean Station cutters (4 in the Atlantic and 2 in the Pacific as I recall) ended back in the 70's. That was pretty grueling duty from what I've heard. Don
brian downes 25-Jul-2006 14:02

while serving on norwegian merchant ships in the pacific i could never forget how much we were handling things in heavy seas and there was a coast guard cutter doing its job do those cutters still do their job in the sea lanes in the pacific?
brian downes 25-Jul-2006 14:00

while serving on norwegian merchant ships in the pacific i could never forget how much we were handling things in heavy seas and there was a coast guard cutter doing its job
jim Fleming 28-May-2006 02:17
Don, i just got in from a test flight of a beech baron D55 in which we just put 7 cylinders on and return with no problems we flew to marco island and back to the aero club You have to come and visit us at the aero club we have many planes to fly and shoot pictures Thanks again for a great time at the air n sea show Jim Fleming
Steve Devakow 24-May-2006 03:32
Don who would have thought we would meet again at the show 2 years later we have to do this each year. Thanks for the beers great conversation and photo. We had a nice spot as we could eat,drink,smoke,shoot and watch chicks you gotta love it! A big thanks to Kevin for taking the shot. Your photos are amazing keep up the good work you are an asset to aviation photography, stay in touch.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd21-Mar-2006 04:04
Hi Susan: I'm sorry, I did not get a shot of Mark's remembrance at the reunion. Mark was one of us way back when at Hialeah High and his death in Vietnam was tragic, along with other classmates who were either killed or wounded over there. We won't forget him. I have a page for Mark at - I don't know if you've seen it or not.

Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd31-Jan-2006 18:38
Thanks Jason!
Chris Gay 20-Jan-2006 06:37
Thanks for the Nostalgia Don!
Sarah Elwood 28-Dec-2005 12:48
Nice design, good work !
Romaine Kobn 27-Dec-2005 18:01
Nice design, good work !
Chas Flask 24-Dec-2005 17:56
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Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd04-Dec-2005 16:02
Thank you, Lori. Thank your hubby for serving in the Army for me.
Guest 03-Dec-2005 12:39
Your photos are amazing! I can't wait to show my husband. He has a love of flying and all aircraft. He use to be a paratrooper in the army.
Matthias Knocke 28-Nov-2005 18:18
z0349667fc792b7ba3f101e0d77d85c3dz Good work, nice webpaqe.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd26-Nov-2005 18:04
Hi David, sorry but that is the only photo(s) I have of the damage to N6808E. Sorry your old bird suffered the damage that it did.
Guest 26-Nov-2005 16:51
Hi. I had the privilege to be a previous owner of Kristina Prichett's Cessna 175 N6808e. I had put a lot of sweat and $ in that old bird. If you have a better picture of the damage, I would appreciate an email. Thanks, David. (
Peter 15-Oct-2005 18:52
Hi! I ocasionally found your site and I think it is very informative. I've found very much interesting stuff for me... Thanks for your site!
Vixi 15-Oct-2005 15:58
Wat een prachtige vernieuwde website. Heldere opzet en ook een goede kleurstelling. Mooi.
Mijn complimenten!

Met vriendelijke groeten
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd14-Oct-2005 12:41
Hey Mike, not really - most of those photos are still packed somewhere. Keep Spirit going, we need them down here.
Mike 14-Oct-2005 12:04
thanks Don...lots of nice memories in this site!
most of this stuff was plastered on the walls of your "sanctuary" at MIA...right?
All is well at Spirit!
carmine 19-Sep-2005 20:23
thank you for the excellent ''mouthwatering''plane pix.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd13-Jul-2005 05:01
Thanks Jason!
Jason Livermore 11-Jul-2005 21:26
i-2d05cba25f37f47b7bbd8766afcf8ac5-i Very good work, nice webpage.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd09-Jul-2005 04:53
Thank you John, and thank you Thomas!
John Angus 08-Jul-2005 18:54
o-2d05cba25f37f47b7bbd8766afcf8ac5-o Very good work, nice webpage.
Thos Ashenfelt 07-Jul-2005 00:05
x-2d05cba25f37f47b7bbd8766afcf8ac5-x Good work, nice webpage.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd03-May-2005 16:15
Hey Lynda, it'll be good to see you and Ray again at the reunion. He must be an old guy by now, eh? Haha.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd03-May-2005 16:13
Thanks Brian for your comments. Your websites were interesting reading and viewing.
Lynda 03-May-2005 01:04
Hi Don,
Looking forward to the class reunion. I figured you would be going. Ray and I will see you there.
Brian Rueger 02-May-2005 13:45
Hey Don,

Saw the link for your photography via something to do with Hialeah High. I graduated from HHS in 1967. I too am a photographer and an aviation buff. Great photography!!

Brian J. Rueger | Hampton Div. of Fire & Rescue | "Who dares wins"
Lt./Paramedic | Fire Communications Officer | Hampton, VA.
B.S.Comm/I/SEL Pilot| MSgt, USAF (Ret.) 49199 | NREMT-P
Check out my personal home page: My photography:
"Life's too short to drink LITE beer!"
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd19-Sep-2004 06:13
Thank you Eddy, I appreciate your comments and message.
Eddy Meuwese September 7th 2016 4.000.000 pageviews18-Sep-2004 10:20
Hi Don, just a quick note to express my admireation for your photowork. I just love airplanes and sunsets. Good work! Eddy
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd01-Jul-2004 06:37
Thanks very much Nate. I appreciated your time and all the information that you gave me. I'll be in touch.
Nate 26-Jun-2004 21:11
This past week I gave you a quick tour of the Air Force Thunderbird hangar. I wanted to let you know I checked out your photos and they are awesome. Hope you enjoyed your time in Vegas and if you need anything T-bird related...let me know.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd13-Jun-2004 04:57
Thank you for your comments. I have a few more buried somewhere yet to scan, including one of former President Nixon and I standing together which he autographed a year later.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd13-Jun-2004 04:54
Thank you Trisha. He was a really down to earth class act when I took the ramp shots in the 70's; he shook my hand and asked how I was doing before he boarded his flight. His death a week ago has really impacted me and I have watched hours of various events on TV regarding his funeral.
savbygrac 11-Jun-2004 19:44
Thanks for you letting us see your photos. Really liked your celebrity section. If you have anymore appreciate seeing them. Thanks
Guest 10-Jun-2004 23:36
Thank you. I stumbled upon your Reagan photos. Wonderful work.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd12-May-2004 03:32
Thank you Anson, I appreciate your comment. I've had a lot of enjoyment photographing aircraft in my lifetime.
Guest 11-May-2004 16:19
looking at your images makes me envy's , imagine the enjoyment & pleasure you had .
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd11-May-2004 02:53
Thanks for the great conversation and the beer! Too bad Ian Groom crashed and died while we were talking. I'll be in touch privately.

Steve Devakow 01-May-2004 20:35
Hi Don,
I love your site it is awesome. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Air & Sea show practice Jim and I had a great time with you. All of your photos here and on are great! The ebay store is also awesome I'll be checking in all sites from time to time. Remember if you want to go to BCT give Jim a call. Thanks again for the great conversation and for informing me of this site along with your ebay store. Keep up the excellent work you are an asset to aviation photography!
Take Care
Steve Devakow
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd29-Apr-2004 21:49
Thank you Michael, I appreciate your comment.
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd29-Apr-2004 21:48
Thanks PJ! You have a great site and I've been to it before you wrote. Keep building the site with great photos.
Michael Hunt 26-Apr-2004 15:25
Great stuff!
PJ Verschaeve 11-Apr-2004 12:42
Hi!, great site, keep up the good work.

if you have a moment, please visit my site aswell and sign the guestbook. It's about military aircraft

Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd18-Jan-2004 16:27
Thank you, I do know that I am lucky and wish I had more time to take more photos.
Guest 18-Jan-2004 06:32
I LOVE your galleries!!! You're lucky to be able to see all of the aircraft that you do.
John Slymick 20-Aug-2003 23:23
Great site. I'm hoping to see pictures of older jets like L-1011, Convair 880s and 990s...
BOB KLINE 18-Mar-2003 18:09

heins 18-Mar-2003 06:10
Nice pics of CGAS Miami. The control tower looks like an albatross all by itself!!Sure does not look like the old V.D Finks base of the 1970s!!
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd07-Nov-2002 14:55
On the root directory page - you either make as many galleries as you want or keep everything in one gallery. I find it simpler for viewers to find the gallery they want rather than search through hundreds of photos.

Guest 06-Nov-2002 08:37
How do you post all galleries or all all images in one page?
Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd12-Sep-2002 05:53
That's because you won't loan me any?
Dilbert Hornsnooker 12-Sep-2002 03:39
nice pictures, but we need to see more nudes
doug richards 29-Aug-2002 17:32
did'nt see any crotch shots of susy baby.dr