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Mom and Heidi's Visit

Mom and Aunt Heidi came to visit/ galavant around Japan for 2 weeks. (still updating)
full day #1:  starting at the Miyako Odori (Maiko dances) outside Gion Corner kamo-gawa..from Shijo Pontocho
eating 100 yen sushi it comes on a revolving belt walking to the Heian shrine getting tired by this point Heian shrine
resting relaxing again...hurry , run! green tea ice cream:  not that awesome walking towards kiyomizu
barcelona and koshka in Japan Kiyomizu-dera out of order: at the Heian torii again
at kiyomizu-dera mom and heidi living on the edge
standing on the platform of the temple view of kyoto tower and some of the city sunset at kiyomizu token kimono-at-temple shot more ladies in kimono
walking along the kamo-gawa home base me and lisa's rooms outside Nijo castle mom!
mom and castle! gardens at Nijo-jo i accidentally  scribbled
bridge over the moat on our way to climb hachiman mountain tranquil steps along the moat
rice fields from the top blurry photo not ala me japanese toilet boats in Arashiyama Arashiyama
lunchtime wisened old man don't look into their eyes view from the monkey park
kyoto tower from the other side of the city flying away bebe
this was the last time we saw Heidi i love the maple leaves wild animals Arashiyama still
bambooo wildflowers
kinkaku-ji (the golden pavilion) springtime crepe making izakaya food
so very japanese mom's there rock zen garden barefoot temple exploration
perhaps my favorite sign in all of japan thus far waiting out the thunderstorm IMG_0684.JPG
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