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johnsquires11-Feb-2024 20:20
Armando, I'm hoping you can connect me with Mike Pawlas. I see he posted a question in 2006. Perhaps his contact information is still good? I own his 914-6 GT now and I'd love to find a way to speak to him about the car. Wonderful resource you have created. It's helped me a good deal. Best, John Squires

Here's the note from Mike:

mike pawlas 01-May-2006 04:52
I have a 71' 914-4 converted to m471 6 in germany.Imported to canada in the early 80's.I will try to send pictures if you would like.
DAVID Rémi 04-Nov-2023 15:31
hi Armando, Writing from France. I am the happy owner of 9140430023. A really loving car. Enjoy saving and reborn this automotive jewel. Thank you very much for your valuable information to rebuilt my GT. So that I would like to share pics of my rebuilt to enrich your fabulous site. I sent you a message:, no reply.
Please say me a valid email or other way to send my photo folder
Thanks again read you soon
William Lanphear 25-Aug-2023 21:17
Hi Armando, Bob's Big Boy Address: 4211 West Riverside Drive Burbank, CA 91505
Lauran Howard 29-Dec-2021 20:22
Are you selling a 914 Six rear valance? If so, please email me at
Desi Erasmus 20-Jun-2021 09:20
Hi. Thank you for the most informative web site on the mostly unloved, but iconic little giant killer, the 914/6. Specifically the GT.
The amount of clones out there are testament to the big heart this little Porsche has pumping.. I finally have a running 914/six, 2.2 T with 2.7 P&L.
This is my 6th 914. After many years and funds permitting I have a 1970 signal orange 914/6 tribute. Apart from my caged Simpson Hybrid 914 V8 with rare Premier body, and still tobbe completed track 914/6 GT replica with Audi V6 2.7 TT., using a Audi O1E transaxle.. and 930 Brakes..
This website has been my inspiration ever since I came across it some 10 years ago.
Great work, keep the 914/6 GT dream alive😎💥⭐️
Guest 14-Dec-2020 11:49
I am NOT so LUKLY to have one 914-6 BUT I am rebuilding one 74 914 4 2.0 Your Database is very complete and interesting- WELL DONE-
I deeply regret the 80 Years wen I have under my bottom a 1972 911S 2.4 Targa FlapOIL
Marvin Strand 28-May-2020 15:47
Hi Armando, Long time no talk, you and I got together to purchase 914GT headlight opener kits from Germany around 2005ish. One of my gas charged struts is beginning to fail and I am looking to replace it. Do you have a source for the strut OR a source for the specifications? Thanks in advance. Marv
Sam 05-May-2020 23:55
I'm restoring a 914 6 that had some rust issues under the battery. I want to get it fixed as close to original as possible and was hoping someone to tell me with Authority if the 6 had the same 2 oblong holes for the fuel lines through the engine tray?

Did the six have a plug for one of the holes?
914-6 GT20-Jan-2020 05:04
Hi Achim! Awful nice of you to post, it is my pleasure and a great compliment coming from you in Germany.

PS: We use the word "awful" in a positive connotation so please don't misunderstand me. LOL :-)
914-6 GT20-Jan-2020 04:59
Hello Mr. Rubli and thank you for your post, nice to hear from you again. Since I don't seem to have your current email account and I don't see it listed in your last post, please email me all the details at your convenience. My email is AJSERRANO at MSN dot COM - :-) Thank you!
Guest 04-Jan-2020 20:41
Hello Mr. Serrano
Maybe you still know who I am? Years ago you had pictures of my restorations and conversions including the GT parts that I sell on your website.
If you are interested in the new GT parts that I sell as well as the price list. Can I send you pictures and the price list by email. Best regards. Dante Rubli
Achim 18-Dec-2019 15:55
Ohne of the best pages about the 914. Thank you for keeping the history of the 914 on this Page.
Achim from Stuttgart
KentAdela 06-Dec-2019 20:24
Christy Frostrom 24-May-2019 17:30
Hi Tony:
I am Rob Frostrom's sister & was trying to reach you.. Rob died on May 5, 2019... Mark, Gregg & I are having a Memorial service for him on June 1st here in Pocomoke.
Please let me know if I have the correct "Tony Budash'... Thanks-
Paul TETAZ 13-Jul-2018 14:23
Hi 914/6 GT

I'm french and I'm looking for a 914/6 Gt

I found one that come from america and had raced in SCCA. The car lived in california and florida and had been imported to france 4 or 5 years ago.
I want to know if the car could be an original dealer mounted 914/6 GT, the VIN is 914.043.1871.
Do you have any information on this car

It would be very helpful to know a part of the history of this car

thank you very much
GEORGE E ALLAN 23-Mar-2018 18:30
Hi, I'm doing a 915 to 916 conversion using Martin Bott's kit
I had some questions regarding the speedo sender pickup
I see you are using a different pickup from factory
Did you have any problem with warpage due to welding the side cover?
Did you have to use the stronger magnets that Martin supplies?
914-6 GT29-Jan-2018 21:43
Hola Pablo, me gustaria ver su progreso, estamos en contactro, Gracias. :-)
pablominiaturas 29-Jan-2018 15:22
Una pagina para perderse mirando las maravillas de restauradores y piezas, ideal para modelistas exaustivos.
probablemente en un futuro empezare la construccion desde cero de un porsche 910. Gracias por este sitio
BB 16-Sep-2017 20:48
Enjoyed looking around your site on the 914GT.
Thank you for doing this.
Well done.
Guest 28-Jun-2017 18:02
HI, I see you have new Scheel runners for your seats. where can I get these?

914-6 GT12-Nov-2016 19:21
Hello Charlie, back in 2002 I had a rare opportunity to buy a complete 908 race engine for under 135K, I too had the great idea of doing a 914-8 recreation of sorts. At the time the acquisition cost of the nearly new 908 motor was daunting, little did I know how good a deal that was. I calculated the conversion to be too expensive since it was not just the 908 motor cost, but the correct fabrication expenses related to the installation, the gearbox and linkage, the new exhaust, the VDO 10K chronometric mechanical tach just to name a few.

I'm not sure where you're going to find an original 908 crankcase, not to mention the rest of the very expensive 908 components, such as; Magnesium Cam Housing/Covers, crankshaft, camshafts, heads, BOSCH MFI pump, injectors, Mag Fan assambly, etc., etc. Don't be surprise to learn you will be committed at least for 250K, IMHO, more for a correct 908 engine.

Give the guys at Jerry Woods Enterprises (Morspeed) in Northern California a call as they may be able to help with a few 908 engine reproduction parts. Not sure what's left for 908 original parts. email:

Good luck!
charles Toepfer 11-Nov-2016 18:03
Hi having owned a 914-6 sn 2001 for a while I am now looking at recreating the 914-8 so either I need a block to build up or need to scan one and look at machining one from scratch....ideas are most
Bernd Buschen27-Sep-2016 19:58
So where is the Citroen Basalte Gallery?
Guest 30-Aug-2016 16:47
Great site! Thank You for sharing all of this treasure.
Maraldi Alessandro 23-Feb-2016 21:39
Ciao Armando possiedo una 914/6 GT come faccio a inviarti qualche foto ....
JOhn 08-Oct-2015 20:37
Hi Armando
I was wondering if you could email me as I have two 1970 914-6's. Both were converted into GT race cars early
on and raced all over North America. I was hoping you might have some info on these cars.
Franco Lombardi 02-Oct-2015 09:47
I would like to hear from anybody of you having knowledge of a Porsche 907/910 8-cylinder engine available. I am also interested in incomplete projects and parts.
Thank you for your attention
Franco Lombardi
914-6 GT30-Sep-2015 22:34
Hello Max, thank you for the post. Yes, I'm familiar with the YouTube video you mentioned, GREAT DRIVING!!! Wow!

Love to see some photos of your car, you can email them to AJSERRANO at MSN dot COM if you like. Thanks again!
max ronconi 26-Sep-2015 14:22
very nice site.
I have some 914/6, one is a GT 1970 racing car
if you like you can see Ronconi Bondone 914/6 this is an old youtube,
now car is performing much better
I race with 9146/gt since 1973
have a nice week end max
Guest 01-Sep-2015 05:14
Great site, very useful and informative. Keep up the good work!
eric 07-May-2015 17:25
I have a 915 RSR tail cone for sale, contact me if you would like at eric @ herg. net
The add is up on pelican, RL, and early S registry with photos.
Frank 08-Feb-2014 20:13

I have some pictures of a 914 rotisserie that I build, what is your email adress so I can send you some pictures of it?

John R 03-Feb-2014 06:13
Armondo, You have a great site. I bought a super customized 914 last year, and am trying to figure out everything about it. I stumbled on your site and had a blast going through the pics and stuff. Very cool. If I can figure out how to post on here, I might put up a pic of my car. Take care.
Marco 28-Mar-2013 07:29
I've bought a set of 914-6 headers that I expect to be original GT parts.
I've uploaded a picture of the set on the 914-6 part of
Would be nice if you can tell where these are from.

Best Regards
Guest 14-Oct-2012 14:19
A wonderful site! I do not own a Porsche, but I spent hours of watching all the details. Keep at it!
Best regards, René
Mike 04-Mar-2012 23:53
Is it possible to get a GT Front Oil Cooler Protective Screen reproduction made. If so I'd like to find out any details. Thanks for your time.
Tony C 23-Feb-2012 05:59
Armondo, I'm trying to gather information about making a set of custom rear trailing arms for a 914-6 race car. I wasn't able to find the link to your site that was mentioned in another post. If their is any info you can offer I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Tony
Terry 08-Dec-2011 22:41
I now own 1306 and have for a few years. Almost hurt it on track so now I run a conversion for that purpose.
Heriaempare 01-Oct-2011 18:41
I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.
annopenlipvon 16-Sep-2011 15:40
I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!
erik 21-Aug-2011 09:34
Hello Armando,

I have a complete 1969 2.0 S injection system for sale. Since you found one recently and sold it, maybe you know people looking for one

Greetings from Holland

Erik Kouwenhoven
Arrercelf 08-Jul-2011 14:21
Great Post. I add this Post to my bookmarks.
Belinda 29-Jun-2011 21:54
Hey Armando,

This is Belinda @ Tell steel. Our website is Check it out!
We are located @ 2345 W. 17TH St. Long Beach, CA 90813

Thanks Belinda Deman
Marc va Gestel16-May-2011 22:00

Look on this Dutch site and find two picture's from a original 914-6 GT.

Kind Regards,

Marc van Gestel
LarryP 20-Sep-2010 20:29
I am looking for an original 914/6 GT racecar. I posted this on 914club as well. If anyone knows of an available car, please PM me through there.

Many thanks.
Turbo6 20-Aug-2010 23:50
I have a 72 914-6 it was a barn find it has been off the road for 32 year in great shape
just put the engine back in. but no spark and no power to the coil checked everything and found no power to the coil from the Relay board wire is good . do you think the board is bad . or is their any other way to check. ''Help''
Guest 20-Aug-2010 23:49
I have a 72 914-6 it was a barn find it has been off the road for 32 year in great shape
just put the engine back in. but no spark and no power to the coil checked everything and found no power to the coil from the Relay board wire is good . do you think the board is bad . or is their any other way to check. ''Help''
Alan 11-Apr-2010 18:58
I have a factory 914-6.Do you know where to get the clips for the fuel rail?
There are three on them that mount to the body of the trunk in the engine
compartment,Any help would be appreciated,Love your site..
Thanks Alot,Alan
Michael 23-Feb-2010 03:58
I just bought a 1971 914-6 #0372; I am the 3rd owner. The first owner had the car until 1974, the second owner until I bought it a couple of weeks ago. The car is an original CA car and it decent shape. Unfortunately it has a 3.0 SC motor with webers and was color changed to black. The car has 89K original miles and everything works except the defroster/blower motor.
Paul Levin 12-Jan-2010 20:36
I bought last year.....a ONE owner car...needs a LOT ! 9140432387....engine out...2.2l pistons and jugs at the ready...
Frank 05-Jan-2010 20:01
It`s me, Frank. owner of 9140430730 in Germany. I like Your ecellent photos`s of technical details very much. If you are intrested in more pictures of some parts i buid for my car such as bushings for rear arms, oil connectors made of Aluminium, rollcages with connection to the rear shock, replicas of inner side pannels, just send an email.
Best regards
turbo617-Dec-2009 05:54
what can you tell me about the 72 914-6.
why do they have the 914-4 ignition on the colunm.
what do you think about this year car .
914-6 GT02-Dec-2009 05:33
Hello Denis,

Go to Dante Design in Switzerland, they can make you a replica 100 liter fuel tank out of steel. Here is their website

…or, you can also order one made from plastic, like this one

Let Dante know I sent you

Happy Holidays!

Armando Serrano
Denis 17-Nov-2009 22:31
I would buy a big tank fuel (100 l)for my 914 /6.Were to find This Parts please
Sorry for my englich
best regards Denis
Marc va Gestel17-Nov-2009 21:02

I found a "original" Porsche 914/6GT for selling in Belgium
200.000 Euro

Kind Regards,

Marc van Gestel
mathias22-Sep-2009 20:29
Hi there,
great site, great place to get input. What about Oscar Wilde´s apt quotation: “ The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. In this sense, pictures of my 914-6 restoration upgrading to GT- Sport Kit attached.
Regards from the beautiful Niederrhein

a hardcore 914 lover ;o)
Tom Dixon 13-Aug-2009 12:52

Dear Armando:

I am trying to contact Richard Corey Smith. Any help in this area?

Tom Dixon
Director, Aerospace Design Exhibit
NASA Headquarters,
Washington DC, USA

Email: Phone contacts; cell; 804 815 1921, office: 804 642 6423

Best regards,

Tom Dixon
John Sutton 27-Mar-2009 12:33
Hi I am building a 914/6 Monte Carlo replica, and I am having problems getting hold of the rear suspension legs. If any one could push me in the right direction it would be appretiated.
rolf czyppull 01-Dec-2008 15:25
Hi Armando,

how are you? We had some contact in the past about porsche parts....hope you remember?

I will build up a 2.0 liter racing Engine with a friend of mine.

He got some titanium rods left from his active race time.

The rods are for the 916,917 and 908 engines. But we are missing the so called bund bearings for the rods.

Do you have an idea where we can find some?

I tried your email where we had contact in the past. Does not work. So I try it here.

greetings from germany

Jeffery Patterson 26-Oct-2008 16:12
I am trying to find a used 914/6 heater control wire. They are shorter than the standard 4 cyl wire. HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!
Guest 09-Sep-2008 09:01
a greatest gallerie of the nicest cars ! Like my 914-6.
Anne from Germany
james booth 18-Jun-2008 19:12
i am building a replica of the No 40 Sonauto 914/6 gt car ( 1970 Lemans class winner)
does any one know who owns the original car if so can anyone put me in touch with them ???
many thanks
James (in the UK)
Armando Serrano 07-Jun-2008 02:29
Hello "DN", can you please email us some photos of your 914-6 which you had professionally appraised? We will love to see it! As a licensed real estate appraiser, it should be interesting to see an "automobile appraisal" and how it is layed out. Can you please share with us? That will be fantastic! Thanks!
Chuck 06-Jun-2008 18:15
Armando it is Chuck in Tucson. Do you know where I can find value's for 914-6 with 85,000 original miles?
Guest 04-Jun-2008 01:06

Is anyone out there looking for a factory 914-6 to purchase? Mine was just professionally appraised at $45,000. Cdn.

Bruce Allison 21-Apr-2008 13:25
Hello AJ,

Do you have any genuine 10,000rpm Porsche Tachos ,needs to suit '73 wiring.

Mike Holloway 21-Feb-2008 00:06
Hi Armando-
I own chassis no.914 043 1689. The car was used to knock down an oak tree by a colleague of mine, who was road testing it, just prior to handing it back to his customer. He ended up buying the hapless customer a replacement 14/6 ( this was back in the days when they weren't worth much), and he ended up owning the crashed car. He eventually repaired it , using some front end panels from of a standard 914. In the process he removed the chassis plate, ended up losing it. There is no question over the provenance of the car; it was quite well known over here in the UK, on the club racing scene in general, back in the eighties.
When I approached Porsche Cars head office, hoping to get a new chassis plate, I was told 'no problem, but you will need to tell us the build number, which is stamped in the right hand rear corner of the rear luggage compartment.'
My understanding is that 14/6 cars did not have this number, as the bodies were built by VW, and the cars delivered to Porsche did not,naturally, have a VW build number stamped into them.Porsche did not stamp their own build numbers into them, as they did not actually build the bodyshells. My car is absolutely standard and original, apart from the front end repair work, and it does not have any number of any kind stamped into the luggage compartment floor. The '14/6 expert' at Porsche Cars GB says that it should have a build number. Mind you, he also thinks that the chassis plate should be identical to a 911 of the same period....
Can you offer any definitive advice on this one???
Many thanks,
Mike Holloway
United Kingdom
jan hyde 26-Nov-2007 15:29 is founded by Jim Gessner, Wayne Ellwood and myself, Jan Hyde. It will take us years to reach the scope and breadth of your work but many of our goals are similar. We "built the car, tested, fired it up and are on the pace laps".

Any comments, advice, always appreciated. I remembered Ralph Meaney from my college days in Boston and spent some quality time with him at Rennsport III.
Jerry McCarthy 25-Nov-2007 09:13
Hi Armando,
Wow, what can I say? I've been a hard core 914 lover since I first saw one come out and have always wanted to convert mine into a GT. I've been restoring 356s, early 911s and 4-cam Spyders (718 models) for KAM Motorsports in CT in my early days and you have asked about the center park brake set up, specifically the ratchet type. Yes, the Spyders (RS 60 & RSK) have them however the release mechanism is a bit different than yours. Oh hell, early 356 got them under the dash.
anyway, I look forward to hear you driving the car and I hope it would be soon! I'd love to have a chit chat with you in person, hopefully some day!

Good luck and stay on it,'re getting there!
Jerry McCarthy - Pleasanton, CA
Jcc 10-Nov-2007 08:54
I am a Belgiun owners 914/6 restored by my.
I am many pictures of my car.for restoration and Rally Histotic
Help my for post pictures of the site.
Sorry for my englich
Si quelqu'un peut m'aider en Français ce serait super sympa
Best regard for you
Jean-claude Cogneau Belgium mail

914-6 GT09-Nov-2007 04:44
Hello Jim, yes, I took hundreds of photos during the installation of my factory GT steel flares. Please go here and click on any of those galleries which I created for each corner of the 914.

Hope this helps...
Jim Christopher 08-Nov-2007 21:57

This is an excellent site. I am in the final phases of my restoration/modification. Is there a chronological listing detailing the installation of metal flares. I would really like to learn a little more before beginning this.... Thanks.
Bruce Brown 24-Oct-2007 18:08
Great site. What is the part# for the light fixture used to illuminate the number on the door? Is it a Hella part? If not could you share with me your source.
Guest 22-Jun-2007 05:12
Awesome photo gallery.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:13
I have great respect for your work.
John Falkenstine20-Jan-2007 02:27
Great collection of images. I came over to the States In Feb of 72 as a mechanic. The car: a 914-6 ex factory with the 12-plug Carrera engine and all of the lightweight fiberglas items, which were very, very fragile and needed constant attention. The owner lived in Statesboro Georgia. The car was fast, the resources limited and too many cooks spoiled the broth. Turning off the front straight at Daytona, the car was wrecked with Bob Stoddard driving who survived but a bit bruised. It also raced at the Sebring 12 hours in 1972, but a malfunctioning ignition switch caused the car to take off with an engaged starter and ruined the electrical system (I had flagged the switch as an item, but was overridden by the same expert who also ruined things). A pit accident in which an entire dump can of fuel ended up on me and not in the fuel tank feathered my urge to stay in the racing business. I turned down an offer to move to another, better team, moved to Tucson Arizona and never looked back. The picture galleries are really excellent, altough the 914 was never my favorite race car. Altough the layout with the engine was terrific, as with many cars from that era, the customer was part of the final design process, and Aerodymanics for race cars were still in their infancy. When I arrived in the States in '72 I was very, very disappointed with the manner in which the 914 was campaigned in the States. There appeared to be an almost Luddite-type resistance to fuel injection, and backward rules by the SCCA seriously interfered with the 914-6's potential. On the plus side, safety regulations and rules in the US were, far, far better than those in Europe, where drivers were considered something as macho types who died in style with their vehicles at an alarming rate.
Guest 04-Dec-2006 19:47
I am in the process of doing a six cylinder conversion, and am at a loss as to where to either find or modify the engine lid so that the front panel is also the open grillework. Is a GT engine lid available somewhere, or do I modify the present lid?
Thank you.
Rory Gallagher 19-Oct-2006 02:33
Hello Armando
We spoke recently about some "GT" parts listed on ebay and you were good enought to advise me that they were not for a GT at all.
I actually have two 6's (one restored ,one to be a 3L R Gruppe sleeper). I am hoping that you can provide me with a copy of the factory 914 6 race preparation parts list and any associated illustrations. I'm asking for this to help me find or fabricate parts for my oil cooler system and other parts of the car.
Thank you
914-6 GT09-Sep-2006 01:19
Hello Michael and thanks for the great post.

My recommendation is very simple; What ever you decide to do to your factory 914-6, do the best you possibly can to do it 'correctly' as doing something less is very easy to do. I only say this to you because at the beginning, I failed to put my ‘best foot forward’ ending up doing it all over again in some cases (I always recommend doing the mods the factory way, it looks very “Porsche” and nothing else).

Should you decide to put flares on your factory 914-6, please don’t use fiberglass, you will decrease its value. I guarantee it. If you use the steel flares, then have someone that has done it before that you can trust to do a great job (not just a good job, a great job). There are many ways to welding steel flares on a car but probably not many ways to do them right.

Regarding the front oil-cooler. This will get complicated and expensive in a big hurry if you plan to implement it ‘a la factory GT’… Let me explain;

• Front Oil Cooler “correct” reproduction $1,200 to $1,500 (probably $1,500)
• Front Oil Cooler Steel Shroud repro $1,500 (or more?) Not sure yet as we are not done with the templates. Two piece kit, all steel, exact replica.
• Front Oil Lines to Oil-Cooler $ ? (2 oil lines needed).
• Hard-Brass Oil Lines $1,250 (go on side of driver rocker panel) Custom ordered, can take several months…
• Oil-Lines for engine compartment $ ? - They will ALL have to be custom made (price, not available yet)
• 911S Oil-Thermostat $375 to $550 depending where, when and if you find it one.
• 914-6 GT Oil Filler Neck Repro $1,200 to $1,500
• 911S Oil Console $495 or try to find a use one if possible for less (Magnesium corrodes, later made in Aluminum).
• 914-6 GT Oil Console Extension, a reproduction $250
• 914-6 GT or 911 RSR Oil-Pressure By-Pass Valve $1,500 if you can find one.

As you can see, it’s not going to be easy and I’m not sure what you have in mind as far as the implementation of the front oil-cooler. If your 914-6 has racing history of any kind, then I highly suggest to start saving your dollars to do it the right way, the factory way. If not, then you can always do what others have done and that is replace each of the above components with what ever works and does a similar job. It will never look correct but it will for sure be a whole lot cheaper.

Where are you located? Let me know… Feel free to call me on the cell if you want to chap of have any further questions.

All the best! Armando Serrano
Guest 22-Jul-2006 00:44
Your collection of photographs from the restoration of your 914-6 is simply amazing.....I just brought home my first Porsche (1970 914-4) and your photo-documentation will be "PRICELESS" in my efforts to refreshing the car to its original glory.
Thank you again for sharing your labors with us.
slidevalve911rsr15-Jul-2006 15:25
Thank you all for your collective post. Evidently, time well spent! : )
Kenneth 15-Jul-2006 15:03
You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it
James 11-Jul-2006 12:57
Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.
Tom Bridgers 07-Jul-2006 11:49
Very well done. This is a wonderful place to spend a few hours. The level of attention to detail(s)is beyond reproach. 04-Jun-2006 12:09
Looked through your site. Good work! Ken.
Mike 03-Jun-2006 12:12
Hello Armando, I own 9140431306 currently with a 2.7RS MFI and original 2.0L in garage. I've owned the car for 18 years. It's about to be sent out for M471 flares and restoration. Your site reinvigorated me to get the car out of moth balls (has sat for 8+ years) and start to enjoy it again. Thanks for all your efforts!

After much debate, I've decided to go "modern" and am installing a 3.6L DME motor, 915 trans w/ZF LSD and so on. In my youth I was a mechanic and still work in the car business -- I guess I've just become spoiled by how well current technology works. Having said that, the finished car will retain ALL of the other original and correct aspects of a M471 optioned model. Again, thank you for putting all the terrific content on your site. Mike
mike pawlas 01-May-2006 04:52
I have a 71' 914-4 converted to m471 6 in germany.Imported to canada in the early 80's.I will try to send pictures if you would like.
914-6 GT13-Apr-2006 22:38
Hello Dino and thank you for visiting my GT site…

To be honest, I have no clue on a 914-4 to 914-6 conversion as my 914 is a factory 914-6 and NOT a conversion. I have never done a conversion from start to finish, specially using the late motors as the one you mentioned. My suggestion is very simple and it provides you lot’s of already true and proven implementations…

Go to the Pelican Parts 914 Technical section as well as the 914 Technical Articles and don’t fail to also visit the 914 Club by going here and post your questions there as well as searching their database. You will certainly get plenty of information from those two sources.

Sorry that I can’t help you in that area and thanks again for contacting me first.

Armando Serrano
Dino Bertucci 12-Apr-2006 15:33
Hello Armando,
I'm actually looking at doing the upgrade of a 3.6 engine in my 74 914. Is there any way I can ask you some questions about your conversion. I've took a look around your site first and still have questions concerning the difficulty of mounting the engine in the 914. The older engines mount no problem as there are plenty of engine/firewall mounting kits for the 3.2 and older 911 engines. They also have no trouble bolting up to the 901 tranny. But I've heard that the mounting of a 3.6 is another story altogether.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Dino Bertucci
Toronto, Canada
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Tim 11-Apr-2006 14:05
An absolutely great site. The pictures are just brilliant at telling the story! It is a great source of shared knowledge for me.
Oh!, and by the way, I am in the process of converting my 914-6 ( which was a 914) into a GT replica for Tarmac ralley racing in Australia.
On that note I have a tailshift mechanism and trying to keep it as original as possible but still have a direct shift, I am in the process of removing the offset to the shift rods just after they pass through the fire wall, installing a universal joint and then fitting a direct rod back to the gear box whilst still clearing the exhaust headers.
Dohave any photos in your file system showing your solution??? and do you know any secret to getting the most positive gear change???
Steve Hurt 23-Mar-2006 04:20
I really enjoyed your site and the restoration efforts. It reflects your love for the 914-6GT. Orginality is hard to accomplish especially getting all the required parts in the smallest detail; having to manufacture the missing ones and the ones there is no longer around. The effort of commitment, support, and commitment is self evident. Your efforts are at the highest professional level. Keep going and I will return to enjoy again and again.
slidevalve911rsr16-Mar-2006 17:01
Thank you Chuck. I wish my GT was already done so I can drive it. Maybe one more year or so... : (
Chuck 16-Mar-2006 04:16
The Porsche family tree respectfuly honored in words and pictures, well done!
I wish my 914-6 was a GT. Take Care
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Fernando Campos Ferreira 01-Mar-2006 18:32
Congratulations on your site. I'm the (Portuguese) owner of the 914-6 GT (ex-Waldegaard, Sports Club Sweden) featured in your site. Best regards,Fernando
914-6 GT12-Feb-2006 19:23
Hi Steve!

Glad to see you had a chance to log on to the site. There are an awful lot of photos, specially the “vintage” race photos. They’re timeless! I hope you decide to keep your 911 as I do look forward to some day being able to go out and have fun with our Porsche’s.

Let’s stay in touch. All the best!

Armando Serrano
Steve C. Landis D.C. 11-Feb-2006 23:38
Nice to see you at lowell the other day, awesome site ! Thanks, Steve
Patrick 11-Jan-2006 19:29
is there any shop here in CA that can do my 914 to a GT??
Guest 04-Jan-2006 17:02
This place is great!!!
Thanks, Armando
914-6 GT03-Jan-2006 20:06
Thank you Peter for your comments about this GT site. Glad to hear you appreciate it. Armando
mulu 06-Dec-2005 14:13
If Somebody would like to see a great Porsche 914/6 watch on
Henri 30-Nov-2005 22:45
Hi Armando, a year ago, I got re-interested in the Porsche 914. I found a genuine 1970 914/6 wreck to restore. Just recently started to strip the car to prepare for bodywork. Each time when I get back, somewhat disappointed, I regain hope and lots of useful stuff when looking at your work. Keep up the spirit and congrats for your fabulous work!
914-6 GT26-Nov-2005 18:51
Makes it all worth while to hear from you all! Enjoy the project! Armando
moon(S'pore) 26-Nov-2005 04:22
Awesome collection all your galleries.
You are excellent photographer man
SABART 15-Nov-2005 23:39
Justin 21-Oct-2005 12:31
Hey there I own an orange 74 with a 1.8 and your website is the basic equiv. to porn for me. Thanks for posting all these great pics!
Marv Strand 18-Oct-2005 14:57
Do you know of any source that replicates the GT headlight cable actuated kit?
BTW I emailed back in March, my original 6 has been apart since then and I have gone "over the top" as far as making a GT (update) car. Car is at paint now, nothing has been untouched on this car, should start going back together late this year.
Doug Shelton 31-Aug-2005 17:36
Hello Armando!

Wonderful web site. I've just recently become "re-interested" in the 914-6 and find the photo galleries and surveys of recent sales to be quite helpful in deciding whether my interest is realistic, or just a pipe dream. Thanks for this great effort.

maurice 13-Aug-2005 09:42
hallo,aim looking for the fiberglas cooling 930 engine
Tony Budash 03-Jul-2005 16:37
Hi Armando,
First, I would like to complement you on your 914-6 GT web site. Your dedication to the marque speaks for it self. I recently completed an 8 year restoration on 914-6 ser # 914 043 2638. I decided to follow the path you've taken, create a 914-6 GT for the street. If you would be interested, it would be my privilege to provide pictures and data about my Porsche.
Either way, thanks for providing a source this project.

David 03-Jun-2005 14:43
A friend of mine has just bought a 914-6 with the chassis no. 914 043 0248 which was imported into the UK from the USA some years ago where we think it was raced. Does anyone know this car? Maybe was originally Green - now Gray.
914-6 GT25-Mar-2005 20:03
Thank you for the "heads-up" Jeffery on the Marelli cap and rotor! My friend Bill Noon is currently bidding those parts and hope that he gets them. Thanks again and good luck with your project. ;)
Jeffery Patterson 25-Mar-2005 18:54
I don't know if you are interested but there is a 12 plug Marelli distributor cap on ebay. The item # is 4537827807. I hope I was able to help you in your search as I have a 914/6 that I have been putting back together for the past 20 years.

Marv Strand 13-Mar-2005 15:14
Armando incredible site!! I too am a GT fan, and a 914 fan for 35 years. I have an orig. 6 with many upgrades, 3.2 motronic, 915 trans, 911s suspension etc. Are in the process of transforming to "GT look" and will be installing my new 3.6 euro 993 engine. I have used your site for inspiration and reference. Great work, keep it coming.
DionRonio 13-Jan-2005 20:18
Armando,This is a fantastic site for 914 fans. I currently have a 914 73 2.o The pictures and info on this site is just incredible. I find myself spending too much time on the computer instead of in the garage!
914-6 GT12-Jan-2005 01:07
Hello Steven, I would start by looking in the current and recent past issues of "Panorama" (you will find several ads of factory 914-6 cars for sale). Place a "WTB" (Want-To-Buy!)ad at the Pelican Parts Classifieds as well as the Rennlist site. I would also join eBay and create an automatic search for a "914-6" car, you will be notified as these cars become available. Glad to hear you like the 914-6 GT site. Hope this helps...
steve sammut 11-Jan-2005 22:53
Coulld someone help me locate a nice original 914/6 not a conversion
Great Web site!
914-6 GT10-Dec-2004 19:58
Thank you for the complimentary words and taking the time to post your comments! The workmanship, engineering and fabrication, ALL belongs to a very talanted man by the name of Mark Spraker, owner/operator of Euro-Tek. ; )
Perry Kiehl owner 914 Network 10-Dec-2004 05:45
Excellent website! Detail not found everywhere.

Very high quality workmanship.
Guest 06-Dec-2004 19:53
hello, i found this great site in google and I´m looking for a 914-6. So congratulation to this site.
Martin Baker 29-Sep-2004 22:30
AJ, it was good to pick your brain on you vast amount of your 914 GT knowledge. You are a great person to know in the 914 community. Hope to stay in touch. Take care.
Justin 12-Jun-2004 18:37
I am amazed of of your dedication to details Armando!
Mark 09-Jun-2004 23:13
Armando, you have an awesome site. Not too many people go to the level of detail in photographing, narrating and organizing thier photo's. Of course all the old porsche racing stuff is really neat to see. I am curious as to what they constructed the velocity stacks out of on the 8 cylinder racing engines. Looks like plastic? or some sort of resin?. I suppose just like with the injection lines they turn more brown from the fuel with the more use they get. I know that the red RSR stacks were plastic (although I have seen some of the 2.8 rsr stacks in steel), but appear to be simpler in design. Would love to know the answer.
CHad Hallmark 24-May-2004 15:27
Great site. Please keep updating it. This is the best 914 site out there. I have some pics of my GT if you are interested. It is almost complete. These cars are a ball to drive on the street and track and I hope enthusiasts keep bringing them back to life.
thorsten 27-Apr-2004 17:53
hi armando excuse me, but my english isn't so good. So i wright a little only.
it's a very nice site and i enjoy the photos. i like the 914 - 6 so mucht and i'm so glad that i couln'd drive them but i thank you vor the pictures
greatings from germany
Guest 21-Apr-2004 07:19
Thanks for sharing these images. I am a car fan too. Take a look at my gallery.
914-6 GT20-Mar-2004 21:27
You bet! Won't miss it for the world! I will be rigging up the Lufthansa 914-6 GT of Mark Allin with 3 Hi-Res Color video cameras and 2 audio sources to capture part of the event. I also hope to do the same for Carl Thompson's new 917. These would be an awesome video! Hope to see you there.
Jon Wactor 20-Mar-2004 16:16
Armando: Fantastic! Are you going to Daytona?
914-6 GT17-Feb-2004 23:38
Hello Tom! Glad to hear you like the GT site. Keep visiting as you will see more content added almost daily.
Best regards,
Guest 17-Feb-2004 18:51
i'm new in 914 business, just bought an 75' 2.0l and restore it.
so i'm looking for sites and people who done this job bevore.
i fond this site an..... speechless.
its great.
best greetings and wishes from TOM
Germany formaly known as federal republik of germany
GARNIER 13-Nov-2003 11:30

great ! just great
I began a flat6 conversion based on a '73 2.0l, and I found there lot of help
I speak german and i must say that the documentation about 914/6 and 911S is a real gift you made to me
thanks a lot
Guest 07-Nov-2003 18:23
Hi Armando,
really like the detailed 914 pics. I'm a 914 nut myself. Together with my dad we own 2 914's (unfortunately "just" two 1973 2.0 914-4's haha)
As I said, love the pics and I can look at them for ever, they really get my hands itching to do some work on our own 914's.
Have a good one!

Jacco de Haan
Delft, the Netherlands

take a look at: if you want to see our 914's
Ivy Tavia, Chan 18-Oct-2003 08:30
Fabulous photo site !
914-6 GT14-Oct-2003 17:53
By the way, your vintage race photos are welcome so don't forget to email them to me should you decide to contribute to this site. Enjoy! :)