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Welcome to the Thailand Dog Handler's Photo Gallery.

All (7) USAF K-9 Units Located in Thailand during the Vietnam War, have merged into one VDHA (Vietnam Dog Handler Association) Sub-Group named "Thailand Dog Handlers", effective November 1, 2005.

We literally have 299 galleries with 7,148 photos of USAF Thailand Bases, Dog Handlers and their Military Working Dogs (MWD), Off Base photos, Aircraft photos, etc. As of January 25th, 2023, page views totaled 6,238,567. All photos can be linked to or downloaded and saved to your computer. Please read our copy-write statement at the top of this page.

If you have any problems, questions, or comments on pages or photos, please feel free to use the "add comment" box located in the lower left-hand corner of almost every page, or e-mail me at

I have converted the original 635th SPS Website to include the other 6 Thailand Units and you can view it at

We request that anyone who leaves a comment, please consider leaving a reply e-mail address so that we can reply to your comment!

Kindest Regards,
John Homa
PBase TDH Photo Gallery Administrator
Thailand Dog Handlers Honors
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Old Dawgs & Pups
<< "Old Dawgs & Pups" >>
8th SPS - Ubon
<< 8th SPS - Ubon >>
56th SPS - Nakhon Phanom
<< 56th SPS - Nakhon Phanom >>
355th SPS - Takhli
<< 355th SPS - Takhli >>
388th SPS - Korat
<< 388th SPS - Korat >>
432nd SPS - Udorn
<< 432nd SPS - Udorn >>
631st CSG - Don Muang
<< 631st CSG - Don Muang >>
635th SPS - U-Tapao
<< 635th SPS - U-Tapao >>
Nemo-A534 Sentry Dog Hero
<< Nemo-A534 "Sentry Dog Hero" >>
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Website Awards
<< Website Awards >>
War Dog Memorial Dedications
<< War Dog Memorial Dedications >>
Website Clipart
<< Website Clipart >>
Sargent-4M59 Gets a Root Canal
<< Sargent-4M59 Gets a Root Canal >>