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Dark Blue

"It is enough to say that this universe is but one miniscule spec of sand in relation to all of what is. The universe is a part of another larger universe, and that part of another larger still, so on and so forth. Each one having no measurable boundary or edge due to the continuous expansion of them which takes place at a speed unconceivable to man. Where each universe exists, an immeasurable spectrum of vibration resonates and oscillates, which facilitates all things in existence within the same space. This could be understood as infinite dimensional corridors that are living, moving, expanding, interweaving membranes. All things are happening. All things moving. All things becoming. All is a process. A process of Self becoming. The One is becoming that which is. This One is prime creator. For trillions and trillions of years will this expanding Self expression, Self-expulsion continue, until in an instant all shall return as One. Yet this One, this prime creator, the source of all things, this source process, this life giving mechanism is in itself just a miniscule fragment of something else. There is no end, all is a process of something else, even prime creator."

~Spirit Guide Sparrow
A Tear in Sky Paper
A Tear in Sky Paper