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Aiden Week 49

("23rd Update" FROM JENNIFER & BILLY)

Enjoying Life!

Thank you so much for continuing to follow Aiden's Journey. We haven't updated since day 100, we've been busy enjoying life. Selfishly, we have stepped away from the site, spending every extra minute living like a 5 year old should. We are reminded every day that life's simple pleasures bring the greatest joys.

Aiden is cancer free….and living life! Here are some of the special "first times" we've had since day 100 after living in a "zip-lock":

We have…

-Been to the Zoo three times, even had a play date with a pretty friend

-Played at a Park… scary for mom, but Aiden LOVED it!

-Taken weekly trips to the "Wood Thrush", the bird store owned by our friend Mr. John

-Had a picnic in the grass at Cheekwood, after a long walk around the grounds

-Played freeze tag, daily!

-Played Hide and Seek… and pee'd on a tree!

-Hosted several play dates….BJ, Katie, Zoe, Chloe, and Amelia

-Completed an art project with Ms. Crystel, his art teacher from school

-Eaten chicken and french fries, loving the prizes in the "happy meal"

-Taken "night-time" drives, with popcorn and music

-Danced on the sofa, to Selena Gomez….of course

-Walked the neighborhood collecting "nature" items

-Planted seeds

-Held a worm

-Fed the Ducks at Centennial Park

-Eaten at a restaurant, on the outside patio

-Had lots of visitors, and so happy for it!

Aiden is doing GREAT! In fact, it's hard to believe just a couple months ago he rarely got off the sofa. His strength has more than recovered, he is stronger than he was a year ago. We have witnessed a miracle and thank God every day for His grace on our family.

We still make trips to clinic every other Tuesday, and will until 12/13/13. After the first year post transplant, visits will reduce to once a month. Each trip requires blood draws to check labs/counts. Without a central line, this means getting poked and is no fun for anybody. He is so brave and continues to amaze us as he handles the challenges with maturity a 5 year old shouldn't have. He still takes his meds twice daily, and will for the first year. But he is scheduled to take his last dose of the anti-rejection medicine on July 17th, as long as there are no complications. This is the last of his immune suppression meds. Once he's no longer taking it, life gets even better with fewer restrictions and more fun.

His hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes are back and BEAUTIFUL! His hair gets blonder each day and he now has curls. He still has the NG tube through his nose for administering meds. Although it could be removed, he won't allow it. Taking meds has always been a challenge for Aiden and the NG tube makes the daily task much easier for him.

This past year has been emotionally and physically daunting. Thank you for your constant faith, hope, and love. We could not have done this without you. The journey is not over, but together "We Got This" with our Amazing A leading the way!

For now, please keep praying!

News Channel 2: Aiden's Story

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