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Ken Leonard | all galleries >> Galleries >> SoCal Coast 2005 Vol. #1 > Wayfarers Chapel Glass Church - Designed by Lloyd Wright (son of FLW)
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Wayfarers Chapel Glass Church - Designed by Lloyd Wright (son of FLW)

Wayfarers Chapel website here:

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Samuel Askling 13-Dec-2017 14:24
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Samuel Askling 13-Dec-2017 14:24
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Guest 19-Jun-2015 05:31
Cool building desgin lots of congruent lines.
Allison Lowe 24-Mar-2013 22:43
Reply to Daniel Bowling..
I completely disagree!! This is beautiful and amazing! Wow, I can't believe this is the house of the Lord.
Allison Lowe 24-Mar-2013 22:42
This is so beautiful! I would love to go there someday.
Guest 26-Dec-2012 19:47
Gay gay gay
m&m 16-Nov-2012 18:58
i like triangles
m&m 30-Oct-2012 18:19
tehe theres triangles <3
m&m 30-Oct-2012 18:19
tehe theres triangles <3
GUEST 16-Jun-2012 03:15
I believe that with all those triangles it would be very supportive
Briana B. 01-May-2012 18:34
I agree with you Arthur, it does give the chapel a very artistic look while supporting itself.
Briana B. 01-May-2012 18:18
This chapel is very symmetric with many similar triangles in it.
lauren 14-Feb-2012 14:47
i agree with the guest. that structure is amazing and it shows that geometry is used every day
Guest 19-Dec-2011 18:59
Arthur Guisasola 05-Dec-2011 22:37
Aaron, I agree with you on the point you made that triangle means power. Since it is a fierce shape it adds strength to the building
Arthur Guisasola 05-Dec-2011 22:35
The triangles in the Wayfarers Chapel Glass Church I think are mainly used to support the weight of the glass. The triangles also all come together to make one larger one. My brother thought that the triangles used were really just to give the chapel a better and more artistic look. However I know that the architect was trying to make this a beautiful church with geometrical roots.
Guest 16-Sep-2011 21:45
its beautiful and i but i bet it gets so hot inside...and most people dress up to go to church....i have a scion tc and that glass roof heats up quick...i cant imagine a whole buildings roof.
Guest 16-Sep-2011 00:12
This Glass Church is beautiful. The architecture is outstanding and it helps you see how geometry is related to everyday scenarios.
Javier Sanchez 07-Sep-2011 19:44
The triangles preform as a sustaining support for the glass forming this church. Building this church must have taken some serious time and precision. It would seem difficult to be able to build those obtuse triangles with the structures to support the walls and the ceiling. For Lloyd Wright, he has precisely angled all of these things correctly.
Ken Leonard30-Aug-2011 00:25
Beauty and structural strength. Remember geometry?
Mason 18-Aug-2011 17:18
I think that triangles in this church must have been used simply for beauty. They seem to serve no other purpose.
Emmanuel Little02-Aug-2011 02:30
@Jordan O'Brien

I bet it is a beautiful place to be. And i think the triangles also are a sign of unity. Also a sign of power, that everyone is united in the church.
Jordan O'Brien 01-Aug-2011 16:29
The Triangles probably mean unity within the chapel. The triangles are used to hold up the structure together as well. But the beauty of this chapel is absolutely beautiful and when the sunset is at it's peak it is probably the most beautiful place to be.
zeerak 26-Jul-2011 16:56
@ tristian haha same! and wow the beuty of this church due to the glass allowing the light in is amazing
Tristan papouyan 20-Jul-2011 17:20
@Airel Brown

Yes true, without the triangles it wouldnt be really able to keep its structural integrity fully intact.
This is for an FLVS assignment, hah!
Sydney Hauer 07-Jul-2011 17:57
racheal Elwell

I agree with you! You can totally tell that he look his time within the church. I love the glass and the way that during the sunset you can definitely see it shine through the glass. Lloyd Wright took his time making this so the people inside would get a warm feeling from being inside I believe. I love the use of the same triangle just smaller. He used the same triangle just "similar" in the forms of the architecture. Lots of obtuse triangles fitting within other ones.
Guest 25-Jun-2011 15:04
Waleska, I agree. It’s very creative and pretty.
Guest 25-Jun-2011 14:51
Wayfarers Chapel, also known as "The Glass Church" is located in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. It is noted for its unique modern architecture and location on cliffs above Pacific Ocean. As with many of Wright's buildings, the chapel features geometric designs and incorporates the natural landscape into the design. The triangles in the roof are getting smaller when they get closer to the middle of the biggest triangle that makes kind of a frame. It makes the design very pretty; it’s very uniform and makes the building more strong.
Sammie 24-Jun-2011 02:44
Racheal, I agree. The triangles give it a different dimension and unique architecture that makes this church a one of a kind.
Guest 19-Jun-2011 00:05
its so ugly!!
Waleska Santiago 29-May-2011 16:09
i think the triangles help support the chapel while adding more light, and a pretty design, and i think that the acute triangles come together to form a square which is very creative. and its located in Palos Verdes Peninsula.
Guest 25-May-2011 15:00
this church looks sooo beautiful...where is it located?
Say what? 19-Apr-2011 19:49
OMG, it's gorgeous <3
racheal Elwell 08-Apr-2011 14:53
The Wayfarers Chapel Glass Church is beautiful!! I love how it looks like its in a jungle the designer did a great job. The church just looks amazing you can tell Lloyd Wright enjoyed building it. Most of the church sealing has acute triangles with glass build in to it so you are able to see the sky and it just makes the church brighter.
racheal Elwell 08-Apr-2011 14:49
The Wayfarers Chapel Glass Church is beautiful!! I love how it looks like its in a jungle the designer did a great job. The church just looks amazing you can tell Lloyd Wright enjoyed building it. Most of the church sealing has acute triangles with glass build in to it so you are able to see the sky and it just makes the church brighter.
hope arbogast 21-Mar-2011 18:44
the congrent triangles make the roof work. it opens up the roof and has a pattern .
Guest 16-Mar-2011 17:09
it seems like everyone here is from flvs
Guest 14-Jan-2011 23:27
this is rachel stacy adding a comment for airel brown
its a beautiful church
i didnt know who build it
Airel Brown 14-Jan-2011 23:25
Aaron i agree with you
there used for support an d i didnt know how in cultures the triangle is a symbol of power
Airel Brown 14-Jan-2011 23:23
The use the triangles as support.
the poles are used to hold them up cuz the triangles are a akward position but they give the best support to a buildings structure. then they used other triangles to accsess the pattern ( while giving it structure. a win win)
Blondie:) 12-Jan-2011 02:21
This is beutifull! I just dont know what to say about the picture in the assigment! haha
Alex 20-Dec-2010 01:28
The use of triangles in this structure is amazing!
Jaden Glass 10-Dec-2010 16:02
YAY for FLVS! haha
Delilah Richardson (Li) 09-Dec-2010 17:40
This is so beautiful! I am using this building for Geometry and explaining the importance of congruent triangles. This place is amazing...God is so good!
avan 30-Nov-2010 18:59
Wow, this is amazing. I am doing report for geometry and have decided to use this because it is so gorgeous.
Melika 05-Nov-2010 02:22
It is very beautiful, I think it would be wonderful to go to it all alone at sunrise and pray. And at sunset gather in it to worship the Lord with our brothers.
jorge torres 05-Nov-2010 00:28
i found this chappel to have very creative patterns, especially with the use of its congruency of triangles.
Heather 29-Oct-2010 00:43
The perfect place to see God's creation and worship Him. Amen.
Heather 29-Oct-2010 00:26
This is the most amazing and beautiful church I have ever seen. Just... wow.
Anna Kvalvik 22-Oct-2010 14:07
The architecture of this building is just amazing it blows my mind.
jervontae 28-Sep-2010 23:38
i would love to visit it is very beatiful
shanice 25-Sep-2010 19:20
Its wonderful <3
Guest 15-Sep-2010 23:10
its vary pretty and i have never seen anything like this architectual beauty
Taylor Oliver 22-Aug-2010 22:02
This is beautiful!! Imagine this in the evening with a sunset or at night time :)
Guest 16-Aug-2010 15:48
this building is fascinating
Nicole Williams 12-Aug-2010 21:03
Very pretty.I bet it gets warm in there during the day tho. Its kinda like a greenhouse.
-Nicole Williams
Teyla Zarren 24-Jul-2010 19:35
lolz...hi Classy Cassy =) we know eachother lolz. I am also writing a report for Geometry and I fully agree with Classy Cassy. This beautiful and remarkable place truely represents God's power of creation.
Classy Cassy 20-Jul-2010 22:29
I am writing a report on this for Geometry. This place is so beatiful! I love the fact that the beautiful windows showcase God's Indescrible Creation.
Guest 20-Jul-2010 09:48
the glass church is beautiful and i like that he uses triangles as a symbol of power
Jared Triplehorn 16-Jun-2010 20:10
In the Wayfarers chapel which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright the triangles are used to space out the beams to make more of an opening to let in light but also used to support the two adjacent beams next to it and connect them to other triangles which are acute to form a square. On the ceiling of the chapel there is a big obtuse triangle with a bunch of smaller triangles fitting in the big one. It is all designed to used triangles as a way to hold the structure together which is very creative.My mom gave me an idea as to use triangles as actual beams themselves and to have other triangles fit those beams together but the problem is finding the right type of material that could support that weight and design.
guest 11-Jun-2010 12:30
i think its a creative building
Ken Leonard28-May-2010 20:50
The Church is very close to an area of Palos Verdes called Portuguese Bend which is very unstable. Fortunately the land that the Church sits on appears to be quite stable and there is not viewable damage that I can see.

Ken Leonard
judis28 27-May-2010 20:41
Jayne Mansfield was married in this church. the last time I heard anything about it it was involved in the movement of the land and that it would eventually be destroyed, is it still in usable condition, it is a beautiful work and it is in Palos Verdes Ca not Fla.
Aaron 18-May-2010 03:02
ken i agree, this chapel is in Californian
Aaron 18-May-2010 03:01
this chapel uses triangles for support, and decoration... in some cultures the triangle is a sign of power, and helps bring out the beauty in this structure... the triangle is the perfect choice chosen by the architect to create a blending of fine wood, mosaic floors, and a glass ceiling. this Wayfarers Chapel Glass Church is located in Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
Ken Leonard17-May-2010 23:05
Hmmm, maybe I am misunderstanding. But I took the picture of this church in Palos Verdes, California. (not Florida)
jasmine 16-May-2010 20:52
Im ganna make sure I see this church one time
shaleigh rivera 15-May-2010 20:22
To jasmine - The church truly is a sight for sore eyes. Its amazing its located in Florida.
shaleigh rivera 15-May-2010 20:16
The 30 St Mary Axe building is composed of verticle angles all throughout the structure. The verticle angles allow the building to have a rather versatile and unique shape. The vertical angles also help the building by giving it graceful symmtery. These triangles are manipulated to stand out by the coloring of the triangles and the direction the patterns go in.
Guest 15-May-2010 16:41
Wow i wuld love to have church in there one time! its gorgeous:)
jasmine 12-May-2010 22:53
this is the most beautiful chruch i've ever seen ^-^
Lynn 13-Apr-2010 22:19
It's an amazing site, very beautiful! No wonder I'm choosing this art for my paper.
Aphline W. 21-Feb-2010 17:06
for Christ sake, this Church is awesome:)
yea.. buddy,I gotta find my way 2 dat Church someday:)
Ben Connor18-Feb-2010 16:05
Nice Church! Gotta visit there sometime...
Ken Leonard14-Dec-2009 03:58
The Church is located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula (near San Pedro, CA) close to an area known as Portuguese Bend.
twinkleye 13-Dec-2009 23:58
Where is this church?
Wendy15 07-Dec-2009 23:19
We buy alot of 'epenisive' stuff for ourselves. so i beleive why not use a little extra money on something that is for God. is god not more important than us? why should we get expensive stuff and not HE? Just something 2 think bout
Guest 19-Nov-2009 22:58
Wow thats pretty I am glad I chose to do my project on the Wayfarers Chaple its a beautiful sight.
Ken Leonard19-Nov-2009 22:47
Wayfarers Chapel website here:
Stonerrrr :D 18-Nov-2009 19:56
It is a very beautifyl. i have never seen a church like thisone. im studying the dimensions and angles for geometry. i am going to the church in real life next weekend.!!!
GUEST 18-Nov-2009 14:54
OMG Im not christian but this place is beautiful!
Erin Makenzie 04-Nov-2009 13:22
This church is really beautiful. A great work of art :)
Guest 26-Oct-2009 22:08
This chapel is so beatuiful...i would love to be able to get married in a place as beatuiful as this. :)
Guest 06-Oct-2009 17:56
wow, that place is so pretty
Guest 05-Oct-2009 13:50
Wow! That's so incredible and very unique. That would be an awesome place to do a wedding.... :)
Guest 05-Aug-2009 18:31
That's crazy. I believe there is a small chapel somewhere near Twin City, Georgia constructed of glass circles and rectangles, very much like this one.
Guest 28-Jul-2009 17:15
Thats amazing... Im not religiouse but thats %&*$#*@ amazing...
the cute Geust 16-Jul-2009 01:05
this church is really amazinq.OMG!..Im actually writing a paper on it now..
Kayla 14-Jul-2009 17:45
WOW!! that is amazing I love it it is so pretty
Michelle 04-Jun-2009 19:15
Guest 03-Jun-2009 20:47
Wow, that is too cool!
Deniz 30-May-2009 00:27
it looks pretty!
Ken Leonard04-May-2009 06:56
Palos Verdes Peninsula, just past Portuguese Bend, or just before if you are coming from the west side.

guest 03-May-2009 14:09
where is this beautiful church located at?
Guest 28-Apr-2009 22:18
OMG that is sooo beautiful!!! :)
cici 19-Apr-2009 22:15
OMG!!!!!! when i first saw it i thought it was a gorgeous house but then i saw the rows.
Guest 14-Feb-2009 03:21
where is this at? its georgeous!
Guest 13-Feb-2009 15:45
wow! how beautiful! i bet that god fills that place!!
Zena Gatch 07-Jan-2009 13:56
Wow! The strutures in this church are absolutly amazing. I would love to be able to just walk through the church and look around. =]
Guest 11-Dec-2008 18:01
Awestruck Observer 09-Dec-2008 15:00
Correction: with at least 6 weddings a day
Awestruck Observer 09-Dec-2008 15:00
For mr. Lloyd Wright, for all those people saying this church was a waste of money I would have to absolutely disagree. If u've got the money, why not build a MAGNIFICENT church like this just for the Lord. And u know with at least 6 churches a day which Im guessing doesnt come cheap, u know it makes money, and a portion if not most of THAT money can go to charity. God can be close to his people anywhere, why not here?
brad jasper 12-Nov-2008 20:35
this is an amazing structure i cant beleve the shapes of the glass its amazing.
Amy Cobert 23-Oct-2008 21:22
I've got to say, this church is absolutely amazing. But, I think I'm going to have to agree with Daniel. As he said that God doesn't need a million dollar church to be close to us. Instead of spending all that money on such a beaytiful church, it could have maybe gone to charity. I know that's how I would have done it. Dispite all this, I still think this is one of the most beautiful churches I've ever rested my eyes upon.
Ken Leonard13-Sep-2008 11:37
The church is primarily used for weddings. It is not unusual for this non denominational Christian Church to host 6 or more weddings on a weekend day. To be sure it is a moneymaker.

Daniel Bowling 11-Sep-2008 19:30
It is as beautiful as beauty could portray, but, It is a complete waste of money, I would much rather put that money towards a nice facility that holds a desent amount of people (for a church) and bank the rest. God does'nt need a million dollar facility to be near his people, he would rather that money was put to some real kingdom work and his people just met in a shack. no offense to Mr. Wright, but I just thought I would voice my oppinion. But it is a really beautiful place.
Guest 03-Sep-2008 23:36
GORGEOUS!!! ONGOODNESS!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! that is something that appear to have come directly out of God's own hands! Beautiful!Only He can create such Beauty!
latoria 31-Jul-2008 20:36
have any of you guys herd of the book called "THE WRIGHT 3" by blue balliet. her book talks about a house that loyld wright built a long time ago that was going to be demolished. thats how i find out about loyld wright. but i think this chapel is very beutiful.
kris pettit 28-Jul-2008 16:16
although beautiful, i bet it gets rather warm in there.
Ken Leonard27-Jul-2008 21:58
I have many other (better) shots in my galleries here.

boaz 26-Jul-2008 23:02
it looks really nice but i think it is too bright!!(LOL)
Guest 21-Jul-2008 15:54
Beautiful! I'm going to write a paper about it!!
Kasey 24-Apr-2008 15:15
Ive been there and its wonderful. nice picture!
China Jasmin 26-Mar-2008 22:39
WOW I Bet the presence of the Lord is in that place. Its soooo beautiful and amazing. WOW!
Guest 15-Jan-2008 17:55
This is how a chapel should look.
Taniqua Jones 06-Jan-2008 21:46
this is so beutiful it is really amazing
Gin 05-Jan-2008 20:25
O.O *gape* wow! thats all i can manage...Wow.
becca 21-Nov-2007 18:09
wow, its amazing, it almost blends with nature
Phyllis 12-Nov-2007 16:05
very beautiful, hope a tree doesn't fall on it.
marcquise 31-Aug-2007 02:15
this church is a beautiful sight and i like the way is designed.
Emma 16-Jul-2007 17:38
TIERRA 15-Apr-2007 21:30
guest 20-Dec-2006 17:30
this is at florida southern!!!
Stratmiely 06-Dec-2006 23:18
I concure it is rather difficult to distingush the two.
Mike Hunt 26-Nov-2006 23:40
I love it. I love you, I love everything
--me-- 25-Nov-2006 22:01
this glass church is soo beautiful! i wish i could go and visit it!
Ken Leonard18-Jul-2003 16:47
Thanks for the correction. Beleve it or not I solicite corrections and any info you can give.
Guest 18-Jul-2003 11:06
I'm sure you have been told many times before, but this chapel is not by Frank Lloyd Wright but his son, also an architect and confusingly called Lloyd Wright.
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