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South Georgia Island by Bill | South Georgia Island by Linda | The Falkland Islands | South Orkney Island by Bill

South Georgia Island by Bill

South Georgia Island is located in the Southern Ocean, a large and treacherous body of water that is the only ocean that completely circles the globe uninterrupted by land or continents. This isolated wildlife paradise is located 1,000 miles from Tierra del Fuego at the tip of Argentina and 700 miles from the Falklands with the only way to reach South Georgia Island is to travel by ship. It is roughly a 2 day sea voyage from the Falklands and is largely uninhabited except for a few people on two research stations. South Georgia was an British colony discovered by Captain Cook. It now has its own governing body located in Stanley, Falklands and is part of the United Kingdom. It is located below the Antarctic Convergence so its weather patterns are heavily influenced by Antarctica but unlike the very dry and desert environment of the Antarctic Continent (the driest continent) it gets 300- 360 days of precipitation with very actively changing and extreme weather patterns. It is common to experience katabatic winds of over 120 knots coming down over the tops of glaciers to the sea with almost no warning along with blowing rain, ice or snow. We have visited South Georgia Island several times on National Geographic Expeditions ships where we would typically circumnavigate the island stopping each day at two or more bays and / or small local islands to explore the amazing abundance of wildlife. Beyond the stunning landscapes and icebergs the most outstanding feature of South Georgia is the abundance of wildlife. King Penguin colonies with 100,000+ pairs of birds, miles of beaches literally covered with thousands of Elephant Seals, Fur Seals, Blue Eyed Shag colonies, nesting Wandering Albatross with their 12 foot wing spans, Gentoo and Rock Hopper Penguins and the relics of old whaling stations from the early 1900s. The Islandís mountainous topography is very rugged with a frayed coastline and over 160 glaciers with no trees, 25 plant steps and 1 shrub. This is an amazing place like no other on earth.

Our photo galleries reflect our visits to the islands' many bays, harbors and small local islands.

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Gold Harbor South Georgia
:: Gold Harbor South Georgia ::
Fortuna Bay, South Georgia Island
:: Fortuna Bay, South Georgia Island ::
Stromness Harbour South Georgia Island
:: Stromness Harbour South Georgia Island ::
Godthul Harbour South Georgia Island
:: Godthul Harbour South Georgia Island ::
St. Andrews Bay South Georgia Island
:: St. Andrews Bay South Georgia Island ::
Elsehul & Right Whale Bay South Georgia Island
:: Elsehul & Right Whale Bay South Georgia Island ::
Grytviken Whaling Station
:: Grytviken Whaling Station  ::
Prion Island South Georgia Island
:: Prion Island South Georgia Island ::
Hercules Bay South Georgia Island
:: Hercules Bay South Georgia Island ::
Wandering Salisbury Plain and other South Georgia Island Hotspots
:: Wandering Salisbury Plain and other South Georgia Island Hotspots ::