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Hotel in Than Tai Mountain Photos
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start to depart for the hot spring park of god fortune mountain about 35 km from the center of Da Nang city. At this time, you will enjoy boiled eggs directly from the mineral stream. Besides attractive action games such as shooting and fighting games; tactic; children's games; simulation game for playing sports and adventure

Here is designed with strong and light waves constantly changing, which is also the most impressive thing in this game. Of course, the room is also fully equipped with modern amenities with high-speed wifi and smart TV to serve the entertainment and working needs of guests. Not abroad, it is still easy to take a Japanese standard onsen bath right in Quang Ninh - Photo 11. Only 15 minutes of soaking with coffee, you will immediately feel a remarkable change

Yoko space is built in Japanese style, giving visitors a feeling of relaxation Japan right in Vietnam. touring Than Tai Mountain right in the middle of the lake is a monolithic rock that is the point of the dragon (the dragon grave), the place where the air is released, the origin of all the quintessential things, is also the place where the water source is revealed. Onsen baths are considered extremely beneficial for health because of the ability to regulate and excrete the body, detoxify the body, beautify your skin

With the novelty, Fun, Mud Arena is sure to be a place to record great marks in your corporate vacation, your business. Right here, visitors can see a source of smoke rising, proving that this water is led from a natural underground circuit underground, around this point there are two other large rocks representing "dragon fruit. white tiger "to protect the most valuable asset - mineral water. Especially, coffee also works to slow down the aging, prevent wrinkles quickly thanks to the special ingredients in this drink

This is the largest bronze statue Southeast Asia is cast by handcrafted methods by artisans in Y Yen district, Nam Dinh province. If you find this article or please share it for family and friends to explore together. Can you split the group to go freely in the Than Tai Mountain Tour?

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