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When it comes to action and sports, you always want the best and the latest technology. The new Apexcam 4K Action Camcorder from Axis Communications is one of the latest products in action and sports cameras today. sport camera This camcorder is a high definition camcorder that has a lot of unique features compared to others. It also has an amazing feature called the Extreme Noise Reduction Stereo Microphone. This microphone reduces all the noise when shooting videos from your camcorder and gives a clearer and more enjoyable experience.

One of the unique features of this camcorder is the ability to turn off the sound if there is a sudden drop in the temperature. You also get to turn off the video recording without having to switch off the camera. This means that you can take action shots and still capture great video with your Apexcam without worrying about draining the battery or damaging the housing of your camera.

The main problem with amateur videographers is that they do not know what frames per second (FPS) means. FPS is the standard measurement used to rate the quality of a video. If you are an amateur photographer or someone who likes to take action shots and you do not have a clue what frames per second means, you may be wondering why there is such a big difference between this number and the normal rate for video. Frames per second (FPS) tells you how fast the action happens on the screen and hence how long it takes to record the footage. If you are recording footage while the camera is moving, it will take more time to record more footage. You can however make the camera move at a much higher rate so that your recording time is reduced.

Another advantage of the Apexcam is the built-in image stabilisation and flash systems that come with it. These two features help you reduce the shaky effects when you are taking action shots because the camera is tracking the motion of the object so is not likely to be affected by jitters or shakes. This is a big plus point for the camera and definitely something that you would not want to miss out on.

Having taken that deep breath, let us move onto the cons for the Anexcam. Firstly, this camcorder is not waterproof as claimed. It has water-resistant up to M rated for up to a maximum of one hour. You do have the option of using the provided strap when you are on the go but if you are on a mission for example then you might want to keep the extra battery life in mind because you could end up needing to use the power adaptor which is not generally available.

Image stabilization and high quality audio are another problem area. The camera does have an external microphone, but the sound will not be as high quality as you would hope from an inexpensive digital camcorder. For some this is not a great deal because you can capture good action videos without the headaches of slow-mo. However, if you are looking for professional results or want to reduce blurring when shooting moving scenes then you will find the image stabilisation feature to be a major disadvantage. You can also see that it is not going to be very flexible when shooting in different settings.

The last major problem with the Anexcam is that unlike many other brands it does not have an HDMI output. This means if you do intend to record your video in 4k, you will need an additional cable to connect to your TV. Other brands offer a full-range HDMI connection and the ability to connect directly to your TV so you can easily capture the perfect video quality.

These are all important factors to consider when it comes to choosing a digital camcorder. However, Anexcam offers everything you need to take great high quality images and videos even at a higher price. It is well worth checking out their other models such as the HD-si and the HDS Mini Pro. With all the features and affordable prices this is one camera you cannot afford to miss out on.

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