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Vinyl is used to create dirt bike graphics/decals. There are two kinds of vinyl thicknesses: matte and gloss. Thicker products will cost more. Modern graphics have perforated edges to prevent bubbling , and also to keep the fumes of combustion to escape.

How Can You Create Your own graphics?
So after looking into this further, I've decided that creating your own dirt bike graphics is not an option unless you are already involved in the business of decals.

I did find dirtbike graphics where you can create your own custom graphics online and they will print, cut, and mail them to you. This is the most effective way to create unique and customized decals. It's definitely worth looking into. Visit for more hints on dirtbike graphics.

What are the thicknesses of Dirt Bike Graphics?
The thickness of your decals may differ depending on where you purchase the decals from. Certain companies will offer different sizes and finishes, while others will just declare what they offer as an choice.

Dirtbikegraphics for example allow customers to choose between thin, medium and thick graphics. The thinnest choice is 160 microns. Medium weight is 395 microns. The largest is 533 microns.

Most companies will offer a single option in the middle of the 400 micron range, which is often comparable to the medium thickness.

The more robust the graphics are, the more reasoning goes. However, thinner designs can be more flexible and may be useful for contours.

How can dirt bike-related graphic be removed?
If you're changing graphics You'll need to be aware of how to get rid of the adhesive. This is what I learned as I tried to repair my plastics.

If you're in a position where you are still trying to remove the graphics then use a heat gun to gently apply heat to the decal, then slowly take it off. This should then remove the majority of the glue with the graphic.

In the case of glue that remains, there are a few options you could test. The first is to use a small piece of the decal you just removed by using the clean or graphic side. Then, apply the glue, and then peel it off again using the heat torch and get it to come off using the decal.

If you've exhausted all other options, use a solvent such as White Spirit. It is readily available at most shops. It is possible to use it to coat the glue with an abrasive. This should eliminate any leftover.

If that fails, you can use using the heat gun directly on the glue, but it could be messy and generally the last option.

The Best Place To Buy Dirt Bike Graphics
Graphic kits can be bought from literally hundreds of places. Below is a list of the companies I've dealt with or highly recommended.

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