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Open Windows Explorer, find the drive assigned to the SD card, right-click the SD card drive, then click to select the 'Tools' tab, and then click 'Check Now' in the 'Error Checking' section Button, to scan the SD card without making any changes to the SD card, please also uncheck 'Auto Repair', connect the formatted SD card to the Mac and start Disk Drill, click the recovery button next to the SD card to check For the files you want to recover, use the preview function to help you determine which files to recover.

12 29 Compared with the lost controller, recovery is even more difficult. diskgetor sd card recovery is physically damaged, but the controller and flash memory Intact, this may be the best you want. Similarly, because the memory card is small and fragile, you can\xA1\xAFt do anything at home, but the chance of professional recovery is higher. Step 1 Choose SD card or memory card storage area Make sure the SD card is connected to the computer, select your SD memory card in the disk list, click the 'Start' button to process, step 2 Scan the SD memory card and search for data recovery SD card recovery software will start scanning your SD card, It will take a few minutes to fully scan. 6 8 Soouya RecoveryMaSter is a simple and fast SD card recovery application. It supports all types of memory cards. In addition to memory cards, RecoveryMaster can also recover data from traditional hard drives. 3 27 Download Download Click the download button above to install FonePaw Data Recovery on your PC or Mac, insert the formatted SD card into your computer, select the data you want to recover from the SD card, and then select the card,

< p> 28/05/ Please follow the steps below to recover deleted photos from the SD card on Windows: download and install the Disk Drill software application under the system privileged ID, data recovery connect the device containing the SD card to the Windows PC , Start Disk Drill and select your SD card 12 26 If you want, you can also simply connect your Android device (with SD card), on the DrFone app, go to the \xA1\xB0Recover from SD card\xA1\xB1 option and wait for a while, Because the system will detect the connected SD card, click the 'Next' button to continue, recover lost data from the damaged SD card or pen drive if you delete the file or format the SD card/pen type by mistake Drive, you can use Sandisk Rescue Pro to recover data, p>

If you want to find more information about how to recover the SD card, you can go to this page, which describes how to recover the SD card information

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