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Phanx is a new vibrator that combines the power of two revolutionary toys: the vibrator and the massager. Phanx is the ultimate male enhancement product. Like the powerful waves of orgasms, beckon for the most intense and pleasurable to orgasms and climaxes to intensify and complete your intimate sex act! The PHANX Wave Motion Prostate Massager applies advanced wave motion technologies that the vibrator transmits back and forth across the prostate to stimulate and caress your prostate, delivers a hand-loud massager as your partner pleasures that feels like an acupressure in your prostate, Unlocking the potential of a guy to achieve the best orgasm of his life. As your partner rocks in his seat and reaches climax, you'll still be close enough to whisper "stop" before they both finish at the same time.

This vibrator has been clinically proven and approved by doctors to be safe to use in both males and females. The Phanx vibrator has been created using medical grade materials. It's also lightweight and waterproof. It has an advanced electronic control board and microprocessors that provide a stable source of powerful vibrations to target the prostate. With its powerful motor, this vibrator can produce up to eleven thousand vibrations a minute, targeting and stimulating your prostate with ease.

When it comes to vibrators, the Vibrator Exotic is built like no other. It has two speed settings that are suitable for users at different levels of arousal. The vibrator has three intensity levels, suitable for users of all skill levels. This toy is not only safe to use, but extremely powerful when it comes to size. It easily stretches up to four inches long when fully aroused.

In terms of comfort, the Phanxys is one of the most comfortable toys on the market. The massaging, cushioned neck offers extra support to the area as it vibrates, providing a comforting sensation. Its head has a circular button that allows you to control the vibrations. One of the best parts of this toy is that it also contains an auto shut off feature, meaning that you don't have to constantly adjust the toy while you're lying on the bed. You can enjoy the full benefits of this amazing prostate massager without ever leaving your side.

One of the main benefits of using Phanxy is the unique medical grade technology it uses. It is designed to provide superior prostate massage through powerful vibrations. The Wave Motion sensor ensures that your partner receives the full prostate massage without interruption. The massaging action penetrates deep, bringing intense pleasure to both partners. This gives the two of you even more of an enjoyable and exciting time.

This toy has some of the best vibrator technology on the market. The vibrator has two separate wave motion systems that provides a realistic feeling of a hard penis. The Wave Motion Sensitive Ring allows the user to adjust the intensity of the vibrations. The Wave Motion Sensitive Ring is also waterproof and durable. If you ever find yourself in the position where you have limited mobility, this vibrator is the perfect answer to your problem.

The Phanxys vibrator has several other advanced features as well, such as the remote control. This toy comes with a unique auto shut off system, which means that you can enjoy hours of pleasure without ever leaving your side. The vibrator is also waterproof and durable, making it perfect for those adventurous couples out on a trip or vacation. You do not need to worry about the Phanxys vibrator running out of power either, since it has a long 2 hour warranty. The rechargeable batteries have a life span of up to six months, so you never have to worry about this vibrator needing to be recharged again. phanxy In addition, the remote control has an auto shut off feature, which means that your partner will never be left in the dark ever again!

The toy has received a lot of positive reviews from happy consumers, so there is no doubt that Phanxys Vibrator is a great addition to the ever growing list of Phanxys sex toys that are available on the market today. This vibrator is recommended to those who are looking for a realistic, full-body experience that will leave their partners speechless. Users are raving about how realistic the vibrations are, which makes this the perfect addition to your collection of sex toys. For a low price and high quality, the Vibrator by Partorisca may just be the right choice for you and your partner.

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