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Robert E Lee was actually a very good man, revered by southerners and respected by northerners. I hope his legacy can be preserved in some way.

Rex Kirkpatrick General Lee was offered Command of the Union Army. He was held in that high regard by President Lincoln. He chose to serve as Commander of the Confederacy, even though he was very conflicted, mainly because his beloved Virgina had chose to break away from the Union. His statue should remain in place.

Danielle Nichols Removing a statue isn’t going to change history or what happened all those years. You want change then be the change, live up to it everyday.

Pam Griffith Why does our American history have to be erased? These statues are part of our history as a honorable and respected symbol to the men and women for their courage and sacrifices that they made for our country.
Wake up America! People today are destroying our country right in front of your eyes. Why should we be forced to give up on our history of our country? Some have lost the family values and our the faith in God.

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They should be reminded that the confederacy lost and slavery was ended. The war between the states was the bloodiest and more american lives were lost than in any other. The cause was won and justice and equality prevailed. This is a teaching moment that can illustrate the struggle for equality and freedom that should never be forgotten.....and never repeated.

One nation under God with liberty and justice for all. This country will matter how bad you may think it is.....this nation is still a beacon of hope for the world.....level heads will prevail and effective change will occur. Some just want to stir things and create chaos. Those with legitimate gripes should be heard. Only a few are causing the problems whether cops or criminals and in some cases elected officials. Dont erase history to make you feel good. History is what happened before.....learn from it....avoid the mistakes of the past.

Patricia Watt They are trying to erase any of our history they can.
They do the Same thing in the schools they Refused to discuss anything that might have been controversial. Sad, so so sad. Pretty soon they're going to erase all of our ancestry so that they can't know what kind of citizens their ancestors were in a world that was much better than what it turning into today.

Robert E Lee was a West Point grad and consummate war fighter. In fact a great general. Grant was just a little better. Truth is God won the civil war as in his eye's we are all equal. Praise him for that. That staute is part of our history and to erase that record only means we will be destined to potentially repeat it.

Ramona McCullough Denison This isn't right !! This is history ! I'm so tired of all these people that want to change America to suit themselves.
Berta Hammock What does a Confederate Monument have to do with what's going on in our Country today? The Civil War, which was not civil at all. It was the war of the Northern States Oppression on the Southern States. Lincoln, a Republican President demolished Slavery. Nobody is a slave, nobody owns a slave!

John Mullies Gen. Robert E. Lee had my great, great, great grandfather and two others tied to poles and beaten to death in Richmond square. My great, great,great grandfather was a confederate soldier and fought many years with the North Carolina, 26th Regiment, Company C. After 3 tours, he was told he would be discharged to go home to his family and would not have to fight against 3 brothers in the North. This was not true. Instead, he and two others tried to leave and they were tracked down by Lee and beaten to death in front of Lee’s army in Richmond to send a message to his troops in the Confederacy. The muster records show he was discharged. My great, great,great grandmother found him dead in a jail cell after the beating and gathered his body by ox art and drove it back to North Carolina and buried him. Tragic events like this are seldom mentioned regarding Lee and will not be found in Washington DC archives. I applaud the removal of the General Robert E. Lee statue.

Linda Willis Baker History, real history, not changed history--needs to be taught in our schools again. That and Civics need to be back in our schools. History is the good, the bad, the ugly, the imperfect ones(that would be all of us) who actually did some good along the way, the ones admired who actually made mistakes along the way. No one is perfect--NO ONE!

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Antje Jarvis He should be removed, he's feeding the evil. Kids need to know about our history and know how far we've come, but there's an underlying evil element that wants to incite hate, without hate, evil would disappear. Look at the extent they will go to destroy our president and country. I believe he's trying to make all of us great, to live the American dream and make this nation strong against all evil.

Steven Gibson Greatest General in our history. His Army of Northern Virginia held the vastly superior northern Union armies at Bay for four years until Grant with overwhelming numbers of men and money, and the infusion of 200,000 African American troops wore him down. He was first, last and always a Virginian and this is how his legacy as a General, closely followed by the equally controversial Patton is being destroyed.

Barb Matschke The liberals cannot deconstruct history by taking down statues. The Civil War happened; it's part of our country's history. Both Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S Grant attended West Point. Maybe the liberals don't like to be reminded because Genl Lee was a Democrat.

Rhonda White This is so heartbreaking. If people would study history they would know the Civil War wasn’t just about slavery. Thank goodness it ended slavery. Robert E. Lee was a man of great character that we could learn from. One thing we never need to forget is how horrible war is and how we need to stay united. These statues and monuments are reminders of good and bad. Never forget so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Heather Mooney-Roberts Sad that this nations history is being removed. It’s what makes us the great country we are.
History is so important to know and understand not to try and erase it

Cindy Howe-Cole It's so sad to see our historical monuments being desecrated and torn down. You can remove our history but you can't erase it. I hope this goes down in the history books so that future generations can understand.

Rondo Harding Lee is part of American history. This is typical left wing revisionism. Next, he'll be removed from our history text books. This is how a society becomes the collective pawn of a dictatorial, tyrannical government. Can't these people, for once, think for themselves? We are in a world of hurt.

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