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Why hosting Helium hotspot is becoming a lucrative business
Passive income discussions have dominated the world of finance and investment for quite some time. And for a reason. Passive income is possible one of the most important and central ways that the rich use to get richer. The phrase “making money while you sleep” has been used to describe passive income, and no trend is picking up lately to fulfil it more than the Helium Network. In the last few months, we’ve had a new trend on the internet where ordinary people make passive income by simply hosting hotspots in their apartments.

What is helium miner UK ?
Helium Hotspot is the latest technology that enables anyone to own and operate a wireless network for low-power Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Providing hundreds of miles of connectivity and transmitting data at a fraction of the cost of a cellular network, it uses an open-source LongFi architecture, which combines the loRaWAN wireless protocol and the Helium blockchain.

Cubify hosting service and how you can benefit
Helium Network’s hotspots act as miners on the Helium blockchain, hence allow owners to earn a new cryptocurrency, HNT, for building the network and transferring IoT device data. Cubify provides a hosting service allowing you as a host to make money monthly. Cubify uses Helium’s LoRaWAN wireless protocol and the Helium blockchain to provide COTX-X3 Helium miner for hosts. In other words, Cubify has been given the copyright to become the seller of the miners.
As the IoT is taking shape around the world, Cubify is here to help you make passive income through the Helium Hotspot Network. Wondering where the money will come from? Well, the IoT is just beginning with smart pet collars, bike trackers, environmental sensors, and many other compatible IoT devices that can connect to Helium Hotspots without Wi-Fi.
The innovation is enabling new use cases, and now Cubify is bringing the technology to the United Kingdom and beyond. All you need is to connect the hotspot box to your internet at home, provide internet to Helium Network, and set up yourself to earn passive income in the form of HNT.

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