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#1: Customize Your Landing Pages

Let's say you have several emails you are running for a variety of products you have. You put up one landing page and hope that it all works out. The problem is, once the reader goes from your email to the landing page, they may have no idea if they are at the right place, unless the landing page alerts them to the message they are looking for.
Instead, be sure that your landing page is specific to the email you sent out. The best way of doing this is having several landing pages. Each page should correlate with the email by mentioning the product or service. If your email is promoting your new product, your landing page should relate to it as well. This allows the reader to feel like he or she is at the right place.

#2: Get To The Point, At The Right Pace

Some sales emails are so long and boring that it just begs to be closed and forgotten about. You do not want this to happen to your own emails. Therefore, remember that your email marketing message is not a sales letter. email marketing software Rather, it is a tool to get people to your landing page by sparking some interest in them.
While you do want to get to the point, you also want to ask for the sale. Make a pitch to the reader that is relevant. Don't avoid the pitch, and don't go on and on without getting to the point. This will result in better success down the road.

#3: Sign Up For Your Competitors Emails

The only way to know what works in your niche is to know what is working for your competitors. Sign up for your competitors emails and find out what they are doing. You may notice what they are doing right: such as using specific marketing messages each month that seem similar. You may also notice things that they are doing wrong: such as an unappealing font or design that really turns you off. Try to remain impartial. Ask yourself, "Would I buy from this email? Does this email make me want to click on the link?" If so, or if not, ask yourself why.

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