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Savinelli is an Italian brand of tobacco. The company's know-old reputation is passed on from father to son ever since 1876, cementing its impeccable reputation as the most distinguished brand in the tobacco industry. Today, Savinelli pipes have become a widely known reference in the entire pipe-smoking sector. This brand is famous for the perfect blend of body and spice, it's smooth and mellow taste and its luxurious aroma.

Many pipe smokers from all over the world have come to love the distinctive taste of this brand. One of the top selling products of this company is its Cruises Collection, which includes three pipes: Corkscrew, Queen Anne and the Savinella. Each of these three pipes is crafted with an Italian lavender shade and topped with a gold plated bent stem. Each of them has a unique shape that represents its style. A description about each of these pipes is as follows:

Corkscrew Made of Italian Murano clay, each of the three pieces is hand flattened and made smooth for packing and presenting. They are then decorated with colorful Venetian Murano crystals to give it a luxurious look. They have a tapered design, with the center portion of the stem conveying a straight stem look. When opening the corkscrew, the soft aroma of the tobacco permeates your nostrils. The beautifully shaped mouthpiece, made of clear glass, perfectly reveals the smoking experience that awaits you.

Queen Anne Made of the finest Venetian glass, each of these luxurious pipes is elegantly designed in three pieces that match each other and add elegance to your smoking experience. Made of the highest quality of glaze, these luxurious smoking pipes will leave a stylish statement on your dining table. A description about each of these exquisite products is as follows: "The base is a simple round, faceted glass, affording a comfortable smoking area while giving you a subtle hint of Mediterranean aromas. The three crowns, topped by a faceted, silver plated stem, are designed to cater to your preferences and give you a smoke that will set your pulse racing."

Pignolo Made of the finest Venetian glass, each of these remarkable pipes is handcrafted by the world's best glass artists. Each comes enclosed in a heavy lacquer box. A description about these amazing products is as follows: "The box is built from the finest Venetian glass of the best quality, offering a sturdy support and secure display. The three crowns are constructed from a single piece of glass, affording an airy feel. Inside the box, you will find a collection of eight individually wrapped tubes. Each tube has an individually determined air release timer, which regulates how fast the smoke fills the pipes."

What is BestReviewsTips? Pignolo Series I - The first series of pipes from Sav Levinson and exclusively available on the internet, Pignolo Series I pipes are made of Italian Murano clay. Each pipe in this series has a unique hand-painted appearance and each is individually stamped with the name of the importer and the year of manufacture. The hand-painted pots come in five different colors and the design of each pot changes each year. With a detailed description about each of the five pots as follows: "The base of this pot has a single, smooth matte brown vein, running across its entire surface. Three black, twisted tapers slowly guide you as you push each pot, finally arriving at the grand finale: a sleek, black-colored stem with a single color pearl."

Pignolo Series II - In series II of Savalinine pipes, a new series of products is introduced. Each pot has a completely different, individual design, which is attributed to the artistic vision of each artisan. A three-stemmed, curved bowl makes it easy to smoke exotic blends of tobacco. It has an open one-piece body, which allows smoking to be very atmospheric and natural. Available in single, double, and king-sized bowls, these pipes look extremely beautiful.

Savalinine Series III - With the series III of Savalinine pipes, the dream of Italy is once again being realized. These hand-blown pieces of art once again display the wonderful artistry that is associated with Savalinine. The three-stemmed bowl is now available in two beautiful, natural colors: a brown/black combination, and a lighter golden brown/rose color. Each of the three-stems is stamped with the name of the manufacturer. The two-pieces bowls are made in the same way, but in this case the rose colored one has an open round shape, while the other has an equally beautiful, black bowl.

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