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There are several smartwatches on the market today for women, but which is the best smartwatch for women? Some of the most popular and highly rated timepieces come from Fossil, especially the recently launched Gen 5. Favourite is the Fossil Gen 5 Julianna which provides high quality features while also boasting an elegant, classic design.

The Fossil Gen 5 Julianna has two colour choices, either black or stainless steel, and the large LCD display providing you with accurate time and displaying the day's date in either colour or day/night modes. It also features built-in GPS functionality, so you can find your way in the dark even when you're not wearing gps enabled watch. Other features built-in in these watches are watch faces that you can personalise. You can choose from a wide selection of faces such as the polarised 'Bucks'. This watch face is slightly less severe and has a softer look to it, ideal for those who don't like bright colours on their watches.

The new gen 5e series is an improved version on the original Gen 4 watches and introduces a host of innovative features such as water resistance, fitness routines, heart rate monitoring, calorie counting and more. These watches have been designed for a number of functions and you can have fun trying out different features to see which suits your needs the best. These watches also boast a large memory with up to 2mb of space available onboard, so that you can store information for future use or when you need to reference specific information.

If accuracy is your main criteria for selecting a timepiece, the Pro's version of these watches are worth considering. The accuracy of these smartwatches is unrivalled and they are able to measure your heart beat rate, speed and other vital statistics. The watch faces of these new gen watches are more colourful and detailed than ever before and you can have numerous customised settings for the different aspects of your workout. The only downside to these watches is that they don't feature any standard heart rate monitor or calorie counting features.

If you are looking for a smartwatches with GPS then you will certainly want to consider the Nike Ridex. This watch features a vast amount of innovative and cutting-edge features that make using it extremely convenient. You can get notifications on your wrist wherever you are - it is battery dependent so you do not have to worry about constantly recharging it. You can also track your fitness routines on a map with the Nike Ridex Live. You can use this app to view your stats on the screen of your Nike Connect mobile phone where you can see exactly where you are in real time, just by viewing the app.

You can also get notifications on your wrist whenever you use one of your favourite apps on your iPhone. These smartwatches use the Apple's Push Engine to let you stay informed about the apps you are using. For example if you are working out at the gym and want to know if a new workout program has started then you simply tap on the workout section of the app to instantly see what is happening. If you are using any of your favourite sports apps, then this watch will allow you to receive live scores and messages from your favourite athletes. You can also use the iPhone's built in clock to set reminders and to track your calorie intake. This is how these new smartwatches for women can make you more productive.

The Fitbit Afterburn is another great option. It also features a wide range of features and functions and is built in with the Fitbit brand of fitness equipment so it is extremely user friendly. The built-in heart rate monitoring system allows you to set up alerts to your pulse rate and other factors that can be of importance to you and your fitness goals so you can better manage your fitness efforts. It also comes with lots of other features that make it more useful than the previous Fitbit Aside from the built-in pulse rate tracking. These features include the Nike FuelBand system, the Customizer which lets you personalize your watch to suit your style, the Distance View that allows you to compare your distance covered with the number of miles you have gone, the Customizer again which helps you personalize your watch, the Myework band and the calorie counter.

However, none of these watches will help you unless you take care of them. This means that you need to maintain and look after them so that they continue to work as well as they should. If you want to know what the best smartwatch for women is, you need to look for fitness features that make them work harder for you. Look for heart rate monitors that have the highest accuracy and features that keep you always-on. Look for watches that feature the best materials, smart functions and great looks at the same time.

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