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What's Missing From Windows 11 Photos
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What's Missing From Windows 11

Windows 11 will be released later this year, and at that time Microsoft was working to improve Windows 10 in several places.

Some people believe that Windows 11 will lose some features, which were originally in Windows 10. A thread on the online community Reddit reviewed some of the features and options that users believe will be missing from the new operating mechanism.

Here's a list of features that users believe will be missing from Windows 11 and some of the user's wishes:

Feature Drag and Drop to Taskbar to open files with taskbar programs. This possibility is a special argument that makes users lazy to switch to Windows 11.

The power to switch the Taskbar to any side the user wants.

The unifying feature is active only when the Taskbar is full. This is to see whether the use of stamps can work efficiently or not. Or maybe it doesn't really fit together for users who prefer it that way.

Remove new unrelated "conditions". Users admit that the devices they have that don't actually support Windows 11, even run very well, then Windows 10. On the other hand, users have the opinion that not everyone can buy a new computer because it just doesn't have the TPM module and Windows 11.

Folders in the Start Menu.

Force open another instance of the program that is already running by sliding-clicking the icon on the Taskbar.

Delete the 'Recommended Section' permanently and leave all the free space for installed programs. Possibly the option of swapping the program list for something like that program drawer feature would be nice.

Many users don't want Cortana back but unfortunately, the trick is over and how useless Cortana is compared to Alexa or other companions. Anyway, when Cortana comes back, it should be 100% optional.

Users in that thread gave him suggestions on better ways to set default programs, added an option to separate folders and programs on the Taskbar, and provided off-line account support for Windows 11 Home.

Since Windows 11 is not finished yet, some of these features may be placed. Some features, such as the option to switch the Taskbar to any side of the monitor, are more likely to be provided, than Microsoft's removing the minimum requirements for Windows 11.

Even so, users will have to wait and watch to find out what Microsoft will do before Windows 11 comes out.

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