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Malta-Mason-Jesuit (CIA)

No Monthly Fee Debit Card

Industrial Security and Scientific Racism. Crusaderist, misogynist, racist.

Odessa, Opus Dei, P2, Gladio, "no greater love" than Order of St. John Shickshinny Knights of Malta, Hospitaliers, Templars, William the Conqueror's papal-authorized crusaders of Rosy Cross(Rosicrutians) were taught kabbala by Jews at Jerusalem, these and all neo-zionists manifestly characterize themselves as 1) crusaderist 2) misogynist 3) racist.

British al-CIA-duh and Bush-Gehlen-Odessa's Muslim Brotherhood, salafist, Sunni wahhabi, political islamist jihadists, mirror crusaderist, misogynist, racist, medievalist, feudalist, dark age reactionary.

Bottom line of Odessa's industrial security and scientific racism will always be medieval, feudal, non-merit feudal-patriarchal dark age. War on drugs? Hitlerian strongmen pillagers don't do treatment. War on Terror? They don't do development or nation-building. FEMA Katrina, Haiti Earthquake, Indonesian Tsunami? They don't do relief, development, or nation-building. US Iraq military occupation czar Paul Bremer did not want to let the Iraqis hold an election. Development, no, feudal-patriarchal pillagers demand to know, what do YOU have in YOUR wallet?

"During the McCarthy era in America, suppression of dissent became synonymous with anti-communism. But the witchunt in Japan during that epoch was far more severe, and bloody...Despite being head of G-2, at this late stage in his career Willoughby was involved in dirty tricks rather than intelligence-gathering or counter-espionage. Among other things, his Yotsuya Fund financed a Korean Liaison Office that sent spies into North Korea, Red China and the far eastern USSR...Yotsuya, the district for which Willoughby named his underground fund, was a seedy Tokyo tenderloin populated in the postwar years by gangsters, prostitutes, and bottom-feeders, a hub for the blackmarket, awake all night with illegal gambling casinos and attached brothels... Kickbacks from postwar dives like the Mandarin Club, a casino and brothel in Yotsuya run by American Ted Lewin, a pal of Kodama, funded the Cannon Agency, Willoughby's dirtiest and wettest operation in Japan. Named for U.S. Army Colonel J.Y. Cannon, this was a military version of Murder Incorporated, a death squad...Jack Cannon arranged the beatings and killings of student leaders, liberals, leftists, socialists, labor union organizers, scholars, journalists, and anyone else who got in the way. Cannon worked closely with Machii Hisayuki, Kodama's Korean lieutenant who headed the ethnic Korean Tosei-kai gang of yakuza. Jack Cannon initially worked for the U.S. Army's Counter-Intelligence Corps, or CIC. His job was to ferret out and to murder dissidents. A Nisei interpreter employed by Willoughby's ATIS, who once had helped Cannon blow open a safe, recalled that the colonel always behaved like 'a movie style gangster.' Once the Cannon Agency was set up, Jack Cannon became something that would have chilled the blood of most Americans. He is thought to have been behind the kidnapping of a prominent left-wing writer, Kaji Wataru. Also attributed to him was the torture, dismemberment, and murder of Shimoyama, the president of Japan's national railroads whose body was found scattered along the railway tracks. Whenever he needed a hand, Cannon called on Machii's Korean yakuza. He also was suspected of arranging plane crashes that took the lives of British and American diplomats and military officers who were investigating links between Willoughby and indicted war criminals like Kodama and Colonel Tsuji Masanobu. When the job was so wet and dirty that it had to be completely divorced from Washington, Willoughby bypassed Cannon and brought in a murder squad called KATOH, the acronym of five Japanese Army officers who did surgical assassinations for money." The Gold Warriors, Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, pgs. 110-111.

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