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I was presented with the opportunity to follow a peregrine chick from pre-fledge to flight over a short period of time beginning mid July. The objective was to photograph her from the time she was removed from the nest box to hunting for herself.

Meet Riley.

After Riley had been removed from the nest, it's time to become accustomed to humans. This will involve being around the trainer and exposed to a domestic environment.
Feeding a falcon removed from a nest site is done at first with forceps then by hand as well as on the glove.
An important part is regular checking of the birds weight...this is another part of things that the bird needs to become accustom to.
The process is slow, which means that the falconer needs to be patient as the bird over comes it's natural instincts and learns to trust the human.
The growth rate is amazing...going from the nest box to flight in close to 2 weeks.
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