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Food for thought!

For years I was blinded to the marvel of Creation. I was preoccupied with my own pursuits, not interested in the origin of existence. I rejected religion and adapted a modern scientific lifeview based on my own desires. It wasn't until I was humbled through life's many knocks and turns that my eyes were opened to something greater outside of myself. I went for a search and was told that the answer would be in God. Once I opened my heart and asked Jesus to come in, my life truly changed.
I now had faith and could believe that things were simply made by God and as a constant sign of His Love for us and His creatures. I hope to write the whole story sometime. For now I would like to share the following. I have found that so many lovers of nature simply don't see the connection to the Creator. Evolution is now taught as a fact in many places but quite frankly, it takes more faith to believe in Evolution then in God as the Creator!

Pls feel free to comment or write with questions.


Evolution is a philosophical world-view, meaning how someone views or understands life. It is a theory--it cannot be proven. A theory must be proven before it can be considered as fact. There are no eye witnesses to the beginnings of the universe (except Jesus --Col.1:16,17) and no empirical evidence. Therefore, Evolution must be believed by faith alone. In other words, it is a religion. Essentially, Evolution is a religion of UN-belief in God. A true scientific theory is developed by studying ALL the relevant information and then forming a scenario that allows all that information to fit together as much as possible. But when Evolution had its conception in the 19th century, all of its leading, humanist intellectuals openly declared that they were willing to consider any and all theories but not the Biblical account nor any theory that supported it! No valid scientific theory can be formed like that. IN SPITE OF THAT, Evolution is mandatory and taught as scientific fact in schools and textbooks. It is not Science! Evolution and religion are both philosophy.


THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS Unlike the theory of Evolution, these are LAWS of the physical universe.
The 1st Law states: "Matter can not be created or destroyed." --So how did everything get started? Evolution has no answer to this whatsoever. Creation says simply that God made it all by outright miracle. And He made it so that it couldn't be added to or destroyed. This answer fits perfectly--& it's the only one available!
The 2nd Law states: "Everything tends toward disorder." In other words, if you leave something alone long enough, it doesn't get better, it gets worse (i.e. decay, corrosion, "wear and tear", etc.) This is the absolute opposite of the theory of Evolution which says that everything is getting better and better all the time, evolving into higher, more complicated life forms. However, the Bible agrees with science. Hebrews 1:10&11 says, "...Earth and Heaven are the work of Thy Hands; they shall perish...they all shall grow old, as does a garment."

THE LAW OF "CONSERVATION OF ANGULAR MOMENTUM." Big, long words! This law says that if a spinning object explodes, the pieces that fly off will be spinning in the same direction. In other words, if an object is spinning clockwise and it explodes, all the pieces that fly off will all be spinning clockwise. This is a LAW. It always happens. It never "doesn't happen"! This is bad news for the "Big Bang" theory!
IF the Big Bang had actually happened, then everything, by law, should be spinning in the same direction. It's not! Even in our own solar system, all the planets (according to Evolution) are supposed to have come from the Sun, but Venus and Uranus are spinning backwards! There are 60 moons in the Solar System and many are spinning backwards, and several are even orbiting backwards! This is very damning evidence against Evolution! ...And that's probably why God did it that way!

First, lets establish some dates for reference: EVOLUTION: "Big Bang"=20 billion yrs ago; Earth "formed"=4.5 billion yrs ago; Dinosaurs extinct =70million years ago.
CREATION: 6000 yrs ago; The Flood = 4,400 yrs ago; Dinosaurs extinct = Sometime after the Flood.

Dinosaurs. In all fairness, the question about what happened to the dinosaurs cannot be answered briefly nor comfortably. We have been exposed to such intense indoctrination about evolution that it is very difficult to look at the evidence objectively without saying "It just ain't so!" The bottom line is this: The question is not when did the dinosaurs go extinct but are all dinosaurs extinct?!
There is not much doubt that almost all of the larger, land-roaming dinosaurs slowly died off when facing the new, more harsh climate of the Earth after the cloud-covering ("waters above the firmament") came down in the Flood. After the Flood they were also hunted and killed by Man for food, or from fear, or as a test of bravery to become a hero. The word "dinosaur" was invented at the same time as the theory of evolution, in the mid-1800's, --before that they were called dragons! Dragons are mentioned in both folklore and in the Bible. Accounts of men slaying dragons are common and well known in a great many cultures. But by 1000 A.D. they had become very, very rare.
As for today, we cannot completely dismiss the hundreds of thousands of reported sightings of dinosaurs, and the increasing amount of photographic, and even video evidence of the existence of these creatures. From Loch Ness in Scotland, to Lake Champlane in America, to the swamps of the African Congo, and many other places with deep bodies of water, the consistent reports of sightings may be hard to accept, but they can't be totally ignored. The best we can say is that most types of dinosaurs no longer exist today; but we cannot say with absolute certainty that ALL dinosaurs are completely extinct.

If a sunken ship had a treasure chest full of old coins, and the youngest coin was made in 1720, when did the ship sink? It sank some time after 1720. The limiting factor is the youngest evidence. So it is with the Earth--regardless of how old some things might look, if there is any evidence relating to the origin that CAN"T be that old, then that is the determining factor.
Adam (and everything else) was created fully formed. That means that he looked several years old even when he was one day old. Some trees have to grow for 40 to 50 years before they bear fruit, but the trees were created with their fruit on them. They looked years old when they were one day old.
If there is anything about the origins of the Earth or Universe that CANNOT be billions of years old, then none of the rest can be older than the youngest factor, regardless of how old it looks. But ARE there any scientific indications that the Earth/Universe CAN"T be billions of years old? Yes! Read on!

The physical Universe declares the Glory of God! --Ps.14:1. With the advent of LASERS and ATOMIC CLOCKS, measurements of time, size and distance are far more accurate than ever before. Did you know?:

THE SUN IS GETTING SMALLER. (It burns off 5 million tons per second!!) That means it used to be...BIGGER! 6,000 years ago (Creation) is no problem! But 70 million years ago?--that's when evolution claims that there were still dinosaurs and many other life-forms. But only 20-30 million years ago, the Sun would have been big enough to touch the Earth! No life, not even germs or viruses (forget dinosaurs!) would have been possible! Also, INCREASED GRAVITY would have meant that even the planets could not exist except in far, far more distant orbits.--More problems for Evolution. Because, as the Sun decreased to its present size, the planets would not have been pulled in to smaller orbits, but due to less gravity from the Sun, their speed would have spun them in ever-widening orbits until they drifted off into space.

THE MOON IS MOVING FURTHER AWAY. (2-3 inches per year.) That means that it used to be...CLOSER! If the Moon is 6,000 years old there is no problem. But 70 million years ago? The Moon affects the tides, and the closer it gets, the greater the gravity! ( Gravity increases by the "inverse square"--meaning if you half the distance you quadruple the gravity.) Only a few million years ago the Moon would've been close enough to cause the tides to drown the entire surface of the Earth--twice a day! And, as everybody knows, you can only drown properly once a day! Ha!

THE EARTH'S ROTATION IS SLOWING DOWN. You've heard of Leap Year but not everybody knows about Leap Second! (No joke!) Every 10 months the scientific community sets the clock back one second. (Atomic clocks are very picky!) The Earth is presently spinning at a speed of 1046.6 miles per hour at the equator. If the Earth is slowing down, that means it used to be going ...FASTER! If the Earth is 6,000 years old like the Bible says, that's no problem. But 4.5 billion years old? 70 million years ago the Earth would've been spinning too fast for life to exist! If we believe what Evolution teaches, that the Dinosaurs went extinct around 70 million years ago... they didn't die off, they were thrown off into outer space!

THE EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD IS GETTING WEAKER. We're slowly losing it. Of course, if it is getting weaker, that means that it used to be ...STRONGER. 6,000 years ago is still no problem. But if you go back only a few million years, it would've been too strong for life to exist.
By the way, the declining magnetic field is one of the things that explains why carbon dating doesn't work! That's because more C-14 is being formed today than it was 6,000 years ago because more radiation gets through to us now than it did then because the magnetic field is weaker today than it was then. Thus, every old thing judged by today's amounts of radiation will appear even older than it actually is. One other thing that can block out C-14 is water, and if you read Genesis you find that there used to be a cloud-covering over the whole Earth ("the waters above the firmament [sky]") that came down during the Flood. After it came down, not only was there more C-14 but also more ultra-violet rays which cause us to age faster and thus die sooner!

JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE, PLUTO ARE COOLING OFF. ( Two times faster than the Sun can heat them!) If the Solar System is 6,000 years old, then all those planets are in a scientifically justifiable condition. But if the Solar System is 4.5 billion years old, they should have been dead cold a long time ago.

SATURN'S RINGS ARE EXPANDING. At their present rate of expansion, If Evolution was true, those rings would've been gone by now.

THE MOON ISN'T AS DUSTY AS THEY THOUGHT! Did you know that space is full of cosmic dust? Everywhere! NASA space modules, traveling at speeds of 18,000 mph, return to Earth with scratched, "sand-blasted" window glass. The Earth and the Moon are traveling at 60,000 mph. We encounter a lot of dust but most of it is burned up as it enters the atmosphere. Whatever doesn't burn up is spread around by wind and weather. BUT the Moon doesn't have any atmosphere, wind or weather! So, it just collects dust and the dust remains. NASA calculated from their measurements that the Moon would collect about one inch of dust every 10,000 years*. Assuming that the Moon was 4.5 billion years old, they figured that the dust should be about a mile deep. (That's why they put those big landing pads on the lunar module.) But when they got there and measured it, there was 1/2 - 3/4 inch! By their standard, that's about 6,000 years of dust! The Moon is not 4.5 billion yrs old!
* The accuracy of NASA's calculations can be argued, but remember that their desire for accuracy was strongly motivated by the possibility of a disaster that would mean great loss--human lives, billions of dollars, worldwide disgrace and the end of the Space Program--not necessarily in that order of importance.

THE SEA IS GETTING SALTIER each year. After 6,000 years, it doesn't seem odd that the salt is at its present level. But millions of years? Or a billion years? The salt levels should at least be a lot more than 3.6%!


THE GREAT BARRIER REEF IS GROWING. After a 20 year study of the coral formations of the Great Barrier Reef, all the measurements were gathered and it was found that the reef was growing at an average rate that indicated it was about 4,200 years old! According to Bible chronology, that means it began to grow shortly after the Flood, 4,400 years ago, when the water level changed! This doesn't seem strange at all. But, if Evolution is true, the reef should reasonably be expected to be much older and bigger! Very much older & bigger!

UNDERGROUND OIL DEPOSITS ARE UNDER GREAT PRESSURE. 20,000 pounds per square inch! Geologists say that that much pressure is so great that it should have cracked through the Earth's crust within 10 to 15,000 years after it was formed. They can't understand why it hasn't cracked yet! If the Earth is billions of years old, they're right!--It should've cracked a long time ago! But the Earth is not billions of years old.
Oil is made by vegetation and once-living matter being trapped under great pressure. In school text books this process is usually described as happening under the sea. But that doesn't account for the massive oil deposits under the Arabian deserts and other places not under the sea. That is very likely a result of the Flood!
A brief word about the Flood: The Flood was more than just bad weather! The cloud-covering over the whole Earth came down and all the "waters which were under the earth" erupted in great fountains. (There is evidence of this along the floor of the Pacific Ocean, but that's another subject!) Within 40 days an unimaginable amount of water forcefully moved into place and then only slightly slower drained to it's present locations. It's not far-fetched to assume that most of the animal & plant life wasn't just drowned but swept about, along with tons of rock and soil, and in many places formed great piles and were covered by countless tons of debris, thus forming today's land-based oil fields. Neither is it unreasonable to understand how this massive movement of water could account for many unique things we see today, not the least of which is the Grand Canyon!
This would all make a great disaster movie with computer graphics stretched to it's limits! But it is a far better example of a scientific theory than Evolution! It takes into account as much information as is available, it puts it all together in a justifiable scenario and it doesn't contradict any laws of physics or nature. You'll see in some of the following examples, that the drastic effects of the Flood explain away a lot of minor points that evolutionists use to claim that the Earth is not 6,167 years old. Sorry, they can't even stretch it to 10,000! The Bible is not a science book, but when it deals with science (geology, archeology, etc.) it is acurate.

NIAGRA FALLS IS MOVING. Up until the 1930's, when much of the water was diverted for hydroelectric generation, the edge of Niagra Falls was moving 5-7 feet south every year. It has moved about 10 miles, give or take a couple of miles.Scientists estimate that, moving at its present rate, the Falls seem to be about 9,900 years old. Some say that this disproves the age of the Earth being only 6,000 years. However, when you also consider the obviously cataclysmic first few moments/days of the Flood, it does not seem inconsistent at all. The first few miles of erosion could have easily happened in the torrents of water of the first days of the Flood. But given Evolution's millions and billions of years, Niagra Falls could've moved to Florida by now!--Or anywhere on the continent!--Or completely out of existence!--But not just 10 miles!

THE NEW ORLEANS DELTA IS GROWING. The Mississippi River is washing dirt into the Delta, located at the mouth of the river in the Gulf of Mexico, at a rate of 80,000 tons per hour! It has been measured and calculated from the size of the Delta that it must be about 30,000 years old. Having read all the examples above, what would you say to that? Most of that delta was probably formed in the first few days of the Flood! A lot of water moving very fast through soft dirt --and now the measurements were taken when there's a lot less water moving slower over harder ground--sorry, the erosion rate has changed and all that dirt can be easily accounted for. But if Evolution is true--millions or billions of years or whatever--the whole Gulf of Mexico should be full of dirt by now!

If you haven't met Jesus personally, you can do so right now by simply saying this prayer and meaning it : "Dear Jesus, please come into my heart and life. Thank you for laying down Your life for me so that I can be with You in Heaven. Forgive me for my mistakes and sins and help me to show Your Love to others." If you prayed that prayer and meant it, you now have Jesus and Eternal life! You'll never lose that!