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Ducks of Ontario

Mostly Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos)
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Male Bufflehead Duck DSCN55487 Ring-necked Duck Couple DSCN55785 Feather-billed Female Mallard DSCN58245 Mama Mallard & Her Eight Ducklings DSCN58262
Two Mallard Ducklings Swimming DSCN59084 Duckling On The Rocks DSCN59198 Three Eclipsed Male Wood Ducks DSCN61838 Wood Duck Family Among Lily Pads DSCN64490
Duck Dock DSCN66643 Great Blue Heron Landing DSCN69854 Wood Duck Couple DSCN72760 Male Hooded Merganser DSCN75984
Two Female Hooded Mergansers DSCN85091 Female Ring-necked Duck Reflected DSCN85215 Female Ring-necked Duck Stretching DSCN85349 Female Hooded Merganser Stretching DSCN85829
Female Hooded Merganser Rising Up DSCN86415 Wood Duck Swimming With Head On The Water DSCN86516 Male Wood Duck DSCN86555 Two Female Mallards DSCN86672
Dripping Male Hooded Merganser DSCN87203 A Raft Of Mallards DSCN88077 Female Common Merganser With A Catch DSCN88166 Female Common Merganser With A Catch DSCN88175
Female Common Merganser With A Catch DSCN88184 Female Common Merganser DSCN88189 Dripping Female Common Merganser DSCN89117 Male Goldeneye Duck DSCN89354
Female Common Merganser Coming Up DSCN90023 Laughing Wood Duck DSCN90659 (crop) Male Hooded Merganser At Sunrise DSCN91582 Hooded Mergansers Beyond Red-winged Blackbird DSCN91719-20
Male Hooded Merganser Showing Off DSCN91758 Hooded Merganser Couple DSCN91924 Common Merganser Pair In Flight 90D18043 Wood Duck Couple On Ice DSCN92221
Male Ring-necked Duck Stretching His Wings DSCN92291 Mr & Ms Bufflehead Duck DSCN92558 Male Common Merganser In Rough Water DSCN92983 Female Common Merganser In Rough Water DSCN92994
Male Bufflehead Duck DSCN93131 Goldeneye Duck Swimming Away DSCN93418 Ring-necked Duck Couple In April Snowfall 90D20054 Blue-winged Teal Couple DSCN93517
Two Mallard Ducklings DSCN96698 Mallard Duckling Telling Mama To Slow Down DSCN100430 Wood Duck Dispute DSCN102590 Wood Duck Wing Stretch DSCN107624
Eight Wood Ducks DSCN112584 Three Wood Ducks On A Wetland Mound DSCN112506 Wood Duck Couple Reflected DSCN112052 Fog Beyond Ducks & Geese On The Rideau Canal 90D40793
Female Common Merganser Mouth Open DSCN119056 Three Common Mergansers DSCN120297 Male Common Merganser DSCN120260 Common Merganser Pair DSCN121976
Dripping Black Duck DSCN120772 Hooded Merganser With Catch DSCN122402 Male Common Merganser Rising Up DSCN122534 Female Common Merganser Spreading Her Wings DSCN122429
Two Male Mallards In Snowfall DSCN122639-40 Female Common Merganser With Catch DSCN122820 Male Common Merganser At Sunrise DSCN122585 Two Green-winged Teals with a Mallard DSCN123768
Three Male Wood Ducks DSCN123572 Ring-necked Duck Couple DSCN124696 Male Bufflehead In Flight DSCN126407 Wood Duck On A Stump Reflected DSCN126463
Mr & Ms Wood Duck DSCN126223 Male Common Merganser In Flight At Sunrise DSCN125960 Male Common Merganser In Flight DSCN123489 Mr & Ms Wood Duck DSCN126221
Mallard Family Swimming In Foam DSCN131265 Wood Duck Head-On DSCN132983 Mallard Mother & Nine Ducklings DSCN134451 Common Gallinule & Wood Duck DSCN134594-5
Male Hooded Merganser DSCN150782 Four Hooded Mergansers DSCN151486 Swans, Mallard, Merganser DSCN151520 Female Common Merganser DSCN152581
Female Common Merganser Wing Flap DSCN152347 Male American Black Duck DSCN152725 White Muscovy Duck On A Snowy Rock DSCN154473 Mergansers Beyond Trumpeter Swan In Flight DSCN154958
Snow & Ice Beyond Mallard Couple DSCN156277 Five Common Mergansers DSCN156460 Female Common Merganser In Open Water DSCN156893 Male Mallard Spreading Its Wings DSCN157396
Female Common Merganser On Ice DSCN157374 Mallard Pair Makin' Whoopee DSCN157408 Swans, Merganser, Muskrat DSCN157200 Female Common Merganser Reflected DSCN157822
Female Common Merganser Reflected DSCN157942 Female Common Merganser Surfacing With Small Catch DSCN158242 Female Common Merganser With Catch DSCN158142 Three Female Common Mergansers, One With Catch DSCN158793
Female Common Merganser Spreading Her Wings DSCN159797 Mr & Mrs Wood Duck DSCN160243 Male Common Merganser Surfacing With Catch DSCN160187 Three Mallards In Flight DSCN160433
Male Hooded Merganser DSCN160275 Common Mergansers Taking Flight DSCN160722 Seven Ring-necked Ducks At Sunrise DSCN160888 Male Common Merganser DSCN161904
Common Goldeneye In Flight DSCN161844 Male Northern Shoveler DSCN162629 Male Bufflehead Duck DSCN162060 Male Hooded Merganser Taking Flight DSCN162046
Male Common Goldeneye DSCN161825 Mallard Drake In Flight DSCN162882 Female Ring-necked Duck On The 'Alligator' Mound DSCN162949 Female Red-breasted Merganser DSCN163553
Male Bufflehead Flapping His Wings DSCN162924 Wood Duck Duckling Train P1100976 Eight Wood Ducklings DSCN002849 Male Wood Duck Taking Flight DSCN003069
Female Redhead Duck & Ducklings DSCN004994 Redhead Duck Family Reflected DSCN006503 Female Redhead Duck & Ducklings DSCN006357
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