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11 Pre-Sets and One User Progammable Charge Profile

The Sterling ProCharge Ultra packs a lot of features into this small form factor charger. Right out of the box it has 11 preset charging profiles. On top of the 11 presets it also has one custom profile that can be tailored for a battery not already met by the preset options.

Just Say No To "Dip Switch" Chargers:

Dip switch chargers, or as I fondly refer to them as; "dip $hit chargers", usually offer just three settings GEL, AGM & Flooded. The Sterling ProCharge Ultra offers 11 presets and then if one of those does not work you can easily make your own custom charging profile to match your batteries requirements. Please examine this list of AGM batteries below, and their charge voltages, and ask yourself if a 3 choice "dip $hit" charger would work...?

These are just AGM's:

Lifeline AGM's = 14.4V & 13.4V
Odyssey TPPL AGM's = 14.7V & 13.6V
Firefly AGM =14.4V & 13.2V
Mastervolt AGM = 14.4V & 13.2V
Full River AGM = 14.7V & 13.7V
Rolls AGM = 14.7V & 13.7V
East Penn/Deka = 14.6V & 13.6V
US Battery AGM = 14.4V & 13.4V
Trojan AGM = 14.4V & 13.5V

Also every one of these manufacturers requires temp compensated charging.

There are very few stand-alone battery chargers, at any price, that currently allow the user to build their own charging parameters. A very worthwhile feature for those who may need it, like the owners of a battery that may not fit a "dip-switch" profile...

Lifeline battery, the AGM battery manufacturer, wants to see 15.5V, temp compensated, for 8 hours to "condition" (equalize/desulfate) their batteries. Many other chargers have an equalization setting of 16 volts for 1 hour or 16 volts for 4 hours or 15.5 volts for an hour etc. etc.. With the Sterling ProCharge Ultra you can custom build a "conditioning" cycle that matches the Lifeline battery manufacturer suggestions or any other manufacturers suggestions if not already covered by the 11 presets. All charging, including equalization charges, should be TEMP COMPENSATED. Be sure the charger you choose has a temp sensor especially if you're going to be equalizing.

If you click the photo to make it larger you'll see the 11 presets, and their voltages, plus the custom user profile.

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