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28-APR-2006 Karl R. Josker

PS 66

Parkside and Tacoma, Buffalo

Is currently known as North Park Academy.

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Richard Roberts 11-Apr-2018 18:03
Went there K-8. Graduated 1952. Bldg still looks amazing
Bob 24-Dec-2015 22:40
To Terry G.: That must have been the coolest experience to tour that building, and the memories that must have surfaced! The last time I went to school there was 1968, and then I attended a class day for a friend in 1980. Ms. Beck was then principal and she remembered me. Wish I would have had the nerve to ask for a tour at that time. Sure wish this site had interior photos.
Howie W 24-Sep-2015 17:39
I "matriculated" at 66 from 3rd-8th grade, ending in 1964. Loved it. Yes indeed, a trip to Mrs Bollard's office was not usually a joyous event! Played softball, and we did well in city tournaments.
Terry G. 11-Jul-2015 20:59
This is July 2015, and I just had the privilege of taking a tour of the building with current principal Dave Thomas. What a great guy. The aud is one of most beautiful parts of the building. They didn't touch it in the renovation, except of course to paint it. The cafe is still on the fourth floor. You still can access the patio over the aud. and have a beautiful view of Parkside ave. and the green in front of the bldg.
The gym is the same. No more "cloak rooms." Lockers are out in that halls. I didn't like that. The bldg is smaller than I had remembered, but 60 some years later will do that to you. Overall, I was impressed.
Bob 09-Feb-2015 00:17
I can't recall the name of the crossing guard, but do remember that she was a nice lady. Mr. Regan used to tell students that if he caught them putting chewing gum in the drinking fountain, he would made them chew it! Anyone remember Mrs. Singer who taught Kindergarten in the mid-1960s? She's now a Realtor. I recently emailed her. Anyone remember Miss Lord and her snakes? She was allergic to animals with fur. I can only speak for the 1960s, but they were a very magical time. I agree that it was a beautiful school, and I wish that this photo collection included interior photos.
Terry G. 03-Nov-2014 23:57
a great school. I went there from 1952-1961 (with 3rd grade in the annex on Taunton at Standish. (anyone remember that?) I remember going to the furnace room (bsmt.) to clean the erasers. There was a machine down there that sucked up the chalk dust! That was a thrill to go there. The school itself was beautiful. I full auditorium with balcony, gymnasium, and cafeteria on the fourth floor. We all walked home for lunch, unless you lived too far away. I lived right across the street, so I never saw the cafeteria. Remember the art room that had a door to the porch over the auditorium? The art teacher was crippled so she could only stand out there on fire drills. Can't think of her name. Teachers: Miss Bollard, Mr. Geoghan, Miss Kolb, Mrs. Vedder, Miss Ruth, Mrs. Miller, Miss Powers (Eltges) Mrs. Rudin. Mrs. Oliveri, Mrs Bowker, Mrs. McKinnon, Mrs Culver, Miss Zitzner, Mr. Cicatello, Mrs. Finkelstein,
Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Nowak (ins. music) Mrs. Tuthill, Mrs. Goldfuss, Miss Sullivan,
and on and on. They worked for peanuts, and were all good in their own right.
Bob 28-May-2013 01:16
Does anyone remember Mrs. Hahn in the late-1960s? She taught 2nd grade. Everytime she got on that intercom phone, everyone would start talking, to her utter chagrine! Her favorite retirt was, "I beg your pardon!" On one occasion, I responded, "You're pardoned!" Next stop, Ms. Bollard's office! And, in Ms. Lord's 1st grade class. I remember this girl Christine who would get into the puppet shoe booth and give us a show. She was the only female class clown I ever saw. Ah, the carefree wonderful memories of s special time. Yes, if those hallways could talk, would they have a story to tell!
Guest 26-Feb-2012 19:26
Does anyone remember Mrs. Goldstein (3rd grade), Mrs. Nelson (4th grade), Mr. Regan (industrial arts), Mr. Gehgan (gym), Ms. Agricola (1st or 2nd grade)? How about the crossing guard at Parkside & Tacoma? This dates back to the 1960's.
Deb K 06-Mar-2011 09:46
Love seeing my old Jr high school. Back in the sixties you went to ps 86 first then 66 for 7th and 8th grade. Had great times in the home economics classes, and trying to learn to sew on machines that had seen better days. I remember in 8th grade we started changing classes in preperation for high school. But we couldn't go by ouselves. The teachers walked us from class to class. Ah, the carefree days of walking from my house on Parkside ave on clear crisp fall days to school, are imbeded in my mind forever. In the winter it wasn't so much fun, but luckily principal Bollard allowed the girls for the first time ever, to wear pantsuits, instead of just skirts and dresses.
the stinky kid 08-Mar-2010 11:06
Oh my Gosh I remember mrs beck and mr farley and mr shoemacher mrs axlerod (boy was she hot)but very direct I was there from like 70-74 wow what memories I still remember the prettiest girls where karen linder and bitsy bozer and faith spencer and derrick Johnson was the big guy at school danny sancanees was the cool kid then there was cheryl doyle she was tall and my goodness I miss those days well feeling old I guess.
judy 03-Mar-2009 00:35
I graduated from 66 in 1955. What happy memories. Mr. Webster was principal and then Miss Bollard. Miss Wiley was my favorite. I also had Mrs. Rudin and Mrs. Elges and Miss Sullivan. What carefree and wonderful, safe times.
C 29-Aug-2008 19:27
Dear Friends from School 66 & North Park – I see you in my dreams, even after all these years. The days of our youth are long gone, but the memories remain with me forever. The names I will forever remember: JoAnn, Angie, Lisa M, Lisa D., Kelly, David, Laurie, Vinnie, Francine, Margie, Peter, Jackie, Dena. You were all so special to me back then. I never imagined I would reminisce about those days like I do now. They are the most profound to me, even more so than my high school days, which was after I had moved away from the old neighborhood. Maybe they are so great to me because I had moved away young, and always wondered what I had missed. Maybe you wouldn’t even remember me; however, I often wonder how you all are, and I am still in contact with one (though not as often as I should be), and do know of the passing of another. Wishing you are all well, and that your life is how you had imagined it would or should be. I hope you are happy, content, and loving life. I don’t know if you will even read this, but who knows, maybe you’ll see your name, and you will remember too. My best to you always.
Helene Estrach Kutnick 19-Feb-2008 03:44
I went to P.S. 66 from kindergarten through 8th grade and graduated in 1958. I always will remember my pre-primer year with Ms. Pemcil- I threw up constantly! Such happy times to remember- making fun of so many teachers. We were lucky to have had a very wonderful faculty led by Mr. Webster, the principal and Ms. Colson, the Assistant principal. I shared the title of Flash Card Queen in Ms. Carlson's 2nd grade class and I can still do arithmetic quickly in my head although I could never master higher math. I always will remember our so-called sex education taught by Ms. Kolb, the girl's p.e. teacher. They were the best of times- hope my grandchildren will have great memories from their elementary school
Guest 29-May-2007 17:17
I remember Mrs. Bollard (sp). She was there when I was in Kindergarten, 1970. Ms. Beck was Asst. Principal. Then I remember Mr. Farley as Principal, with Beck being Assistant for a very long time. I can remember sliding down an ice slope in the winter time and Bollard coming out and sprinkling dirt all over it so us kids couldn't slide. I remember running from the site and my shoe falling off and I had mud all over my foot and leg. I think my older sister wanted to kill me. How funny to think back! As I recall my Kindergarten teacher's name was Myers (sp). She was stern & older than the hills, even back then. Had the hardest time learning to tie my shoes, and she made it every more miserable :) When I was in the 1st grade, we were the first class to attend the Portables (little white buildings on the side of the school), probably not there anymore. Ms. Gearman was my 1st grade teacher. In the third grade (can't remember teacher's name) got into trouble for going to the Railroad tracks with a bunch of kids (we'd leave at lunch time). Had a run-in with older kids in a car and the cops came and took us back to school. Had to meet with Mr. Farley who called our parents. Boy were we scared and we learned our lesson, don't think we ever left the playground again. Smoked my first cigarette in third grade. Thankfully, I didn't like it much and never got hooked. Wow, I wouldn't be too happy with my son today if he did that. Good times, good memories. Beautiful school with much history. If the halls could talk, what stories they would tell. I'm sure everyone has a story. Would be great to hear them all.
Bob 25-May-2007 16:52
I went here from 1965 to 1968. Ms. Bollard was principal and Ms. Beck was assistant principal. Back then, when you went to the principal's office, that was serious business! I attended a class day in 1980, and Mrs. Beck was now principal, and she remembered me! I especially remember Mrs. Singer's kindergarten and the Disney songs. Does anyone remember that very stern teacher that taught wood shop during this time period? I always thought that he should have been a princpal; he really made you behave. Wonderful memories of a special time. Much thanks for these photos. Any photo of old School 30 at 709 Elmwood?
Guest 03-May-2007 20:08
In 1976 I was in the 6th grade (Ms. Weiss's class). We placed items in a box for a time capsule. I remember discussing the contents that were placed in the box. We all agreed we'd open it 20 yrs from that day and we talked about what we might be doing (working, married, kids, living in different cities). I wonder what ever happened to the box. We locked it and had it stored in the engineer's room, which I believe was near the gym. Makes me laugh to think about that. We were very innocent, thinking we'd get together some day to actually open it. Who knows, it still may be buried/stored away somewhere down there. What a kick if someone actually found it and opened it. Thanks for letting me reminisce. Those were good times.
dave bomstein 02-Apr-2007 01:50
graduated in 1958 ----- played on the 8th grade softball team we went to the playoffs that year but i came down w chicken pox and we lost in first round !! mr gegan blamed me for the loss
Joel Kollin 06-Aug-2006 17:15
Thanks for the photo. I went to this school and graduated 8th grade in 1953. I also remember the big delicious apples given out. Also, remember young men from the Phillipines hanging around outside of the fence at recess, showing the amazing tricks you could do with a Duncan Yo Yo. Yes, they were wonderful times!
Fay Carmichael 01-Jun-2006 12:21
I went to School 66 from K-5 when we moved to Wilmington, DE, in 1951. We had separate boys and girls entrances to the right and left. A big thrill was a huge barrel of apples by the door as we exited one day. One apple to each child - a wonderful treat in those post-war days. Also for 8 cents, we could stay after school and watch movies in the auditorium. I always sat in the balcony. I also remember a production of the Mikado with real actors! And signs pointing to the basement where English was taught as a second language to the many German immigrants in the late 1940s.

We gave our fifth grade teacher Mrs. Bowker a fruit roll when she took maternity leave - each child brought a single piece of fruit wrapped in tin foil or wax paper. On signal, we rolled all the fruit up the aisle to her desk, which was on a raised platform in those days in the European style. I always wondered what she did with all that bruised fruit! Such wonderful teachers - Miss Ruth and Miss Joilet (K), Mrs. Miller (1), Mrs. Elges (2), Mrs. Rudin (3) (who sent me to the office for daring to whisper to another student!) and so many more.
Guest 02-May-2006 14:51
Ahh, what sweet memories. I can see my old friends. Laughter in the air. No problems then, just great to be a kid. School is almost out, excitement everywhere. Summertime in Buffalo - the 70's, God how I miss those days. Wonderful memories of my youth and the years I spent at this school. Takes me back. Thank you!