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Dundee Stu

High tech... 1950s style

23 March 2005

Would you look at the number of days that I have been doing this! 346 - would you believe it! I must have miscounted, because it just doesn't seem that long. Still, when I look at pictures I took of Liam when I started on Pbase, and compare them with ones I have taken recently, I am amazed at the changes that I notice in him (for one thing - his top lip is now covered in bumfluff). He has changed from a boy into a teenager, and while I have noticed the change in his interests and behaviour (yes, he is less interested in going to the 'Den' to dig holes in the ground and pro-wrestling, and much more interested in girls and - believe it or not - politics. Of his own volition, and reading the books that I have in my possession, Liam is becoming a socialist - just like his old dad! Chip off the old block!), the change in appearance has been much more subtle. One thing I have noticed, however, is the increasing amount of grey hairs that are sprouting from my body - mainly in my beard, but also around the temples. I will skip past my steadily expanding waistline, and put that down to my inability to do much in the way of exercise just now (and a liking for chocolate and ice-cream - preferably in the same dish). Linda, on the other hand, has been losing weight - putting me to shame she is. Almost a year under the belt, and during that time I have had (and still have) three cameras - my old and trusty point and shoot M603 (which will soon be going on Ebay, methinks), the superb S7000Z (which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in macro photography, and who can't be bothered humping around huge macro lenses and tripods, or who lack the patience to stick lenses on backwards), and finally, my new friend, the D70, and its colleagues, the Nikkor f/3.5 18-70, Tokina f/3.5 28-200 macro zoom, Tokina f/3.5 28-85 and finally, my borrowed friend, who will soon be making one mile journey back to Gavin's house, my favourite lens of them all, the little Tokina f/2.8 28mm. Time and technology halt for no man. Talking of which, a couple of days ago I told you that my old and fully functioning 300-type bakelite phone was ahead of its time: it had a telephone number storage device. Here's the proof - a drawer on the bottom, with a plastic folder into which a piece of card on which the numbers were written could be stored. Much easier to use than those modern gizmos - well at least for Luddites like me!

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Carmen29-Mar-2005 16:09
Ah, the good old days -- I remember waiting for the 9 to swing round myself, then on to the next number...
Ian Clowes25-Mar-2005 10:55
I remember the phone number of my grandparents shop - 3144, no more no less.. although it had been 144!

Grey hair - hair in unusual places - that mid-spread... so it's not just me then!
David Clunas25-Mar-2005 10:08
Perhaps this is also the first prototype card reader! At least this way you remember the numbers.
Gary Winters25-Mar-2005 07:17
Love those old your composition, as well.
Guest 25-Mar-2005 06:17
a beautiful old telephone, I like your commentary, too
Susanne24-Mar-2005 23:27
I love the story you told, especially the one about your child. My son makes those changes now too and it is very difficult for me to keep up with him. The gray hair, which I still insist to my hairdresser that they really are blonde..not gray and your photo which has a great crop and I would love to see that old phone. I love old phones they are so beautiful.
Guest 24-Mar-2005 23:14
great picture, very innovative!
Guest 24-Mar-2005 22:41
Still more useful than one of those amstrad video phones!!!
Guest 24-Mar-2005 22:38
Good place to jot down those really long, hard to remember numbers :-)
Guest 24-Mar-2005 21:45
I REALLY like this old telephone...
bravo Stu !!!
Wenche Aune24-Mar-2005 20:34
Nice! I like the light.
Guest 24-Mar-2005 12:05
Time is running fast !
Rgarding Liam becoming a teenager, AMHA, the most important is to have opinions and politics is an important commitment in our societies (socialist or not ;) ).
In your 1950s look-like pic, I pointed out the european emergency number (112)...
Hope you'll give us 346 more :)
Cherrs, Nicolas.
Karen Stuebing24-Mar-2005 11:13
Bakelite! That is old. And I remember when phone numbers were only 4 or 5 digits and had letters. Like LY435. And party lines. You've brought back a lot of memories with this shot.
Zak24-Mar-2005 10:44
high tech!
Johan Toll24-Mar-2005 10:36
Very interesting photo, I like the light.
Guest 24-Mar-2005 09:09
Good to see the lens collection is going well! You should record the ringing sound and sell it as the latest ringtone... :-)
Lee Rudd24-Mar-2005 08:44
I'd probably forget where I stored the numbers! 'Old' technology really had some simple and practical solutions.
Dominic Kite24-Mar-2005 08:35
You know this is incredible. The next thing you'll know they'll be broadcasting in glorious technicolour etc. Great shot Stu!
northstar3724-Mar-2005 07:17
Ingenious. Like the twiddly tuning knob for car radios.
Elaine (etfitz)24-Mar-2005 02:29
That year is coming up quick! Nice shot!
Guest 24-Mar-2005 02:20
keep it up Stu, nice work.
I got one of these & its still working
every day
Gayle P. Clement24-Mar-2005 01:26
Almost a year. Wah!!! You guys will all finish before I will.
I do like your info storage.
Robin Reid24-Mar-2005 01:08
Well old aged one with growing son, thanks for this proof that such a device did indeed exist with a "hi-tech" attachment.
You've had quite the year picture-wise and therefore life-wise ;-0
Karen Leaf24-Mar-2005 01:06
That's my kind of phone/address book-never gets lost. Nothing wrong with the old days. The time gets away doesn't it? Hard to believe.
laine8224-Mar-2005 00:09
My problem is I can't remember any numbers now since they are stored & no longer need to dial, just press.
I still like this style of phone better even though it ways a ton & I'm with Coleen on the mobiles/cells & all creators of anti-social behavior.
Guest 24-Mar-2005 00:05
I love the look of these phones but I'm too impatient to be dialing each number and waiting for each dial to finish....
Coleen Perilloux Landry23-Mar-2005 23:56
This is a collector's item. But, I hate cell phones, necessary evils that they are, and I don't know how anyone with big fingers can use them.
Herb 23-Mar-2005 23:55
So hi-tech
jypsee23-Mar-2005 23:49
You should put this PHONE on eBay; I bet there's collectors who would love to have it.