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If mopeders are taught safety rules, they wont abide by them.

Started a blog and replies to it are below...... Should an unlicensed or revoked license moped operator accident even be worthy of making the news ?..

A person with no license or a revoked license should not be allowed to operate a scooter or moped ! PERIOD ! They should also be made to pay registration fees, carry insurance and pass a safety inspection if allowed to use public roads !

I agree with above. If it has wheels & a motor it should follow the same rules that I have to follow. Hope the person is ok.

Anyone operating a motorized ??? should be required to have a license and follow the same rules as the rest of us.

No it shouldn't Holland, as did the one that happened in front of McDonalds about a month ago and the guy had to be airlifted to the hospital it wasn't on the news. This one was a hit and run where the supposedly more responsible one (person in car) hit the lest responsible one (person on scooter) and left the scene (which is very unresponsible and criminal). The person that was hit could have very well be on a fatboy, ninja Goldwing, or bicycle. If you ride anything with two wheels you are required by law to follow the rules, turn signals, stop at stop signs ect. Holland I know you ride alot so please stay safe, and for those that drive these deadly weapons (Cars) please look twice before pulling out and keep a close eye out for those who are on two-wheels whether it be a Harley Davidson sportster, full dresser Roadking or a vintage Honda 350 -4.

Astute observation Christopher. The other thing everyone should keep in mind is that those scooters have very small diameter wheels and are unstable at most highway speed so a little movement in the handlebars equivalence to a huge dart out into traffic so giving them more space than they need is necessary to avoid collision with those road hazards

Thank you Moatsy, I just in DC recently, and the traffic omg!! It was insane with all the pedestrians, metro buses, tour buses, trucks, cars and scooters and even Segway riders (seen a group of 20+ several times) all sharing the road peacefully. And yes while slow moving things like pedestrians, bicycles, a farmer on his tractor, scooters (which I believe the law for scooters is 37 to 40mph tops) does create obstacles, but only does it become a hazard when we in the car become impatient and pass at whatever cost, whether it be running the on coming vehicle off the road, or running the farmer, the pedestrian, the scooter rider, or the person on the bicycle off-the-road. With that impatientness, it endangers all involved. Having tags, insurance, hefty scooter tax, tractor tags and insurance, bike tags and Insurance, etc, does not cure that.

I guess what I'm saying is share the road with others peacefully, like they do in our nation's Capitol. Maybe the solution is for more places to have bike lanes for the scooters, bikes, seaways, or any other alternate means of transportation other than walking that would solve the passing /impatient problem making it easier to get by . Tags, insurance won't. Problem is still there.

the main problem Chris is first allowing unlicensed and revoked license the operators on the road. secondly allowing vehicles that can't keep up with traffic compelling others to pass them in unsafe and illegal areas of the road. if I don't pass they cause traffic jams... another traffic problem. the only solution is to get them off the road.... and that includes bicycles.... however mopeds create a greater hazard and bicycles .
It should be noted for all that neither bicycles nor moped are allowed to impede traffic at any time by law. I they start to back up traffic, by law they are supposed to pull over and allow for traffic to pass. Ask any law enforcement officer about it, and they can give you the statute, I had a sheriff show it to me at school because I didn't believe it. the problem is that it

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