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School of the Americas Deeper Duvalierist Pit Latrine vs Cu Chi Biodigester

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Not only is she responsible for taking care of the crops and the land in her village, but she is also in charge of feeding her family as well. “Since receiving the Flexi biogas, I can cook. I have light and I can buy some salt.” Her last statement is in reference to the fact that biogas is more affordable than wasting money on firewood and oil. Therefore, she and others like her are able to use the little money they have to spend on other necessities like salt. Renewable Energy Officer for IFAD, Jean de la Croix says that it is very easy to install the technology needed to use the Flexi biogas. In addition, it is easy to repair and maintain. The biogas is not just great for cooking but for the land as well.

Eventually the Vietnam war would be over, and the Vietnamese could get back to developing their biogas technology, which they had in Bac Thi province, 1964, but the US distracted them until 1975. Vietnam now has hundreds of thousands of biodigesters, no thanks to the US.

Haiti is currently occupied by UN troops propping up CIA dictator Martelly, self-confessed Duvalierist, and CIA puppet. UN Nepalese troops have murderred 9000 Haitians with cholera, sickening another half a million. Biodigesters and biosand filters would have been better than cholera, and continue to be the obvious choice for sanitation and clean water in Haiti, but UN troops refuse to pay for cholera consequences, going further in war crimes by attacking demonstrations which demand clean water. UN refuses to pay restitution for those killed by UN cholera, or sickened, or cholera continuing to be in Haitian rivers after the UN Nepalese cholera soldiers poisoned the water. UN troops and Haitian police are sometimes shot when they attack clean water demonstrators, some of whom have also been shot by UN occupation troops or Haitian police loyal to CIA dictator Martelly and the US/UN imperialist colonialist occupation which resists 92% of Haitians voting.

"We always lose" -William Colby, Phoenix Program, then future CIA director, to Ralph McGehee in 1967. In 1968, Colby became chief of staff at USAID--cover for running the Phoenix Program. The Thai government destroyed the villages that Ralph had helped on his earlier tours. "The CIA is not now nor has it ever been a central intelligence agency. Ralph says he has never once seen a CIA official tell the truth to Congress. Disinformation is a large part of its covert action responsibility, and the American people are the primary target of its lies.

"As noted in the Church Committee's final report, the Agency's task is to develop an international [ad hoc propaganda strawman] ideology(communism, 911, Iraq WMD 2003, al-CIA-duh, ISIS). The CIA then links every egalitarian political movement to the scourge. This then prepares the American people and many in the world community for the second stage, the destruction of those movements. For egalitarianism is the enemy and it must not be allowed to exist."

Ralph called for the CIA's abolition in Deadly Deceits and described it as an unsalvageable organization.

"The Jungle Is Not Neutral" -Noel Coward, War of the Running Dogs

The United Nations occupiers from the Uruguayan battalion, based in the Northeast Department, and a Brazilian battalion of the United Nations Police (UNPOL) are said to have descended upon the town in search of those responsible for the death of a Chilean United Nations soldier, Rodrigo Andrés Soto Sanhueza, killed during protests on April 13, 2015, AND TO PREVENT residents of the region from demonstrating FOR POTABLE WATER(..UN Nepalese cholera troops have murderred 9000, sickened over half a million), electricity, and a lowered cost of living(..since USAID/Clintons have bankrupted pig and rice farmers, forcing them into too much peanuts and tree-charcoaling, or to Site Solay concentration camp).

Descending onto the town of Ouanaminthe since April 16 and according to correspondents, their presence have inspired fear in the population and the curiosity of some. Among those arrested since April 13 is a popular senatorial candidate, Dr. Claude Joazard, who is accused of inciting violence, for having told the population prior, the only way to get Haitian authorities and international agencies, who promised electricity, was to mobilize. Dr. Joazard was arrested when the protests turned violent but far from the scene, without warrant, or in flagrant delicto. He was heard on April 15 by the government commissioner at the court of first instance of Fort-Liberté, Herod Bien-Aime.

On the same day of protests, an officer of the National Police, Joseph Lafrance Laforest, was shot and wounded.

In the US war against Vietnam, US green beret Adviser Teams, A-Teams, from the sky, From Above in hierarchy, not to mention profit for the Bush family in Bell helicopters, advised the Vietnamese to, free-ma-son-i-cally and merely, dig deeper latrine pits--for Bell-y helicopter and Dupont dioxin("Agent Orange"). Haiti 2015--

Haiti, CORAM DEO, Pastor Pierre, Kenscoff Mountains, Part One, latrine pit:

This is the toilet area. Eventually there will be walls put around it :) -Karen Bultje

Ralph McGehee told William Colby...'We have found that the Communists concentrate the majority, almost the entirety, of their time winning the cooperation of the peasants.'"

Ralph exposed the communist movement as a grassroots movement with peasant support, primarily because their goal was freeing themselves from colonial and neocolonial oppression, enforced by the Thai ruling class and their industrialized-nation sponsors. The Communist Revolution in Southeast Asia was an exercise in freedom, although Ralph would not attain that realization for years. In 1967, Ralph was ecstatic that his method had reversed communist infiltration.

Colby silently received Ralph's presentation and finally muttered, "We always seem to be losing." Ralph was astonished. Soon after Colby's visit, Ralph was removed from the field, his successful program was canceled, and he found himself behind a meaningless desk at Langley. He was shocked and confused. He eventually realized that his intelligence work, although arguably the most effective that the West had ever seen in Southeast Asia, produced an undesirable answer. Communism could not be damned as an evil if the people wanted it. If that fact became widely known, the USA's Vietnam adventure could be seen in an unsavory light: killing millions to prevent them from choosing a government that we disapproved of. The American experience in Vietnam was an attempt at reconquering the region, keeping it in the capitalistic fold, and keeping those people enslaved.

More Ralph McGehee.

Although the indigenous highland people, Hmong-olians, Rhade, called montagnards--stop saying "meo"--meo means savage(saying meo means you are a stupid American who learned all the wrong "lessons" from Vietnam!)--were fastidious in hygiene, the CIA had arranged for many North Vietnamese urban middle class to be displaced into jungle encampments and they had no rural hygiene. Mountain indigenous or Hmongs could still be advised, if paid, to dig deeper holes--the deeper the pit, the higher the broken circle ponzi pyramid throne, the more, or quantitatively and qualitatively deeper, the colonialist assay. Deeper holes were like Body Count to Secretary of Defense, Robert MacNamara's notorious two-dimensional Ivy League beancounters.

The Vietnamese were advised by Captain Ronald Shackleton's manual on Village Defense to dig latrine pits as deep as forty feet.

Occupier-funded ngo's(non-governmental organizations) are advising Haitians to dig latrine pits eight to twelve feet deep.

The Vietnamese responded to green berets, JFK's cadre-from-above, by digging the whole Cu Chi tunnel network, far exceeding Captain Ronald Shackleton's wildest and most speculative incitements for top-down Ink Blot Revolution.

Green berets went home and built wider latrine pits, ponds of chicken and pig feces, to pollute the water table at each such Koch brother Tea Potty firebase gloria, and then move on to make drinking water scarce at the next location, spreading profits for water bottlers like an Ink Blot Revolution, Dar Lac Province, Central Highlands, Vietnam, around Ban Me Thuot, using deeper latrine pits in the prototypical assay of centrally intelligent ponzi pyramid of insecurity and scarcity as job creation.

Green beret latrine pits, US corporate farm slash-and-burn type pollute-and-abandon septic ponds for pig and chicken farms, exemplify CIA Malta-Mason-Jesuit crusaderist overloading the male principal starting with breaking the circle of life. Vietnamese not only exceeded CIA centrally intelligent A-Team specifications for digging deeper holes, but did so in a way that reversed the fundamental security ponzi pyramid of fake job creation--the Vietnamese refused to build deeper s*t. In fact the Vietnamese lead the world with zero-assay, circle of life unbroken, biogas, enabling them to move out of green beret deep excavation strategy entirely. Cu Chi is only a museum for US tourists now, and fifty million Chinese are following the Vietnamese zero assay model for composting manure and vegetable waste into cooking gas and sanitized fertilizer water.

Gunga Din gave up trumpetting away precious gas pressure as music to colonialist ears appreciative of manufactured scarcity. Pakistan is now a net exporter of biogas generation capacity. China has fifty million people cooking with biogas made from bio waste, thanks to the Vietnamese joining the circle of life where the green berets broke it.

Biogas Power Generator
, a Farmer Invention, By Thu Tra, Friday, 02/07/2010, Calling on the house of Tran Van Tam in An Phu commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City(Saigon), I was so surprised when the house owner opened the refrigerator to take out a bottle of water, then he poured the cool water onto a glass and gave me. He also asked his son to turn on another electric fan. Before going there I was told that the area suffered from power cuts around the clock. To my surprise, Tam turned on several other bulbs and said gladly “I do not care if the power is out all month.” I ran my eyes over the room to find a petrol-driven power generator. Catching my intention, Tam said “Our countryside residents do not have much money to buy such a costly machine. We use home-made ones.”

Tran Van Tam said it took him around a year to mull over the idea of manufacturing a biogas power generator. At first, he used animal droppings to create biogas for cooking. Later, he thought of burning biogas to operate power generators. He spent much time on discovering ways to use animal droppings to create biogas for running power generators. His constant efforts were duly rewarded and he could consequently manufacture two power generators (7.5kW and 10kW) of this kind.

Tam said that the technology to manufacture biogas power generators was now commonplace in many rural areas. Animal droppings are the main energy source to run biogas power generators. A herd of at least 30 heads of pigs or cattle can produce enough biogas to run small power generators. Big pigsty farms with several hundred to several thousand heads can operate 10-50kW power generators.

Alongside serving their family electrical needs, these capable farmers also sell their home-made power generators to customers when there are orders. Tran Van Tam sold around 30 his power generators to people in diverse areas. Some power generators have capacity reaching 20kW that is sufficient to provide power to a small village. The cost of these machines ranges from VND10-20 million and they can be used for many years with careful maintenances.

Nguyen Van Duc, a farmer in Doan Ket hamlet, Giang Dien commune, Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province said that he used home-made power for more than a decade. His 7.5kW power generator could run around the clock using biogas from a 1,000-head pigsty system. Besides serving the pigsty and household needs, he had enough power to operate the husking and animal feed plants.

Nguyen Van Duc in Dong Nai province sold nearly 70 home-made power generators. The largest capacity power generator he produces was 60kW that could light a whole hamlet when this area suffers from power outages.

He used to design some small water-powered electrical generators also. “The uplanders often do small-scale livestock breeding that cannot produce enough biogas to operate power generators. Therefore, using water to operate power generators is a viable solution in highland areas,” Duc said. The power is low in capacity in areas with small streams; however, it is sufficient to light several bulbs and small TV sets to meet the uplander entertainment needs.

Meanwhile USAID not only killed all pigs in Haiti, but US corporate farms infected US pigs with porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, as the US continues to slash-and-burn, pollute-and-abandon, destroy farmland and aquifers, by centrally intelligent green beret industrial security policy of surface ponding, breaking circle of life to build masonic ponzi profit pyramid, instead of learning the lesson of the Vietnam war, which is to rejoin the broken circle of life in sanitation, in order to show an example of how to support the insurgency.

In 1950, then-future CIA director William Colby worked at National Labor Relations Board(NLRB), while listed as a full-time GS12 employee at CIA. Similarly, Colby was later the chief of staff of USAID in Vietnam, while at the same time running the Phoenix program in Vietnam. In Haiti, USAID carried out a deliberate ethnic cleansing program, driving over a million farmers into urban concentrations by killing all pigs and dumping Arkansas rice for nearly nothing.

UN cholera soldiers in Haiti must be constrained to Vietnamese circle of life anaerobic composting of biomass to biogas and sanitized fertilizer water, even if that means trucking UN cholera soldier septic waste from centrally intelligent, broken circle, deeper and deeper, slash-and-burn, pollute-and-abandon, green beret, School of the Americas, Duvalierist septic pits to Vietnamese circle of life biogas facilities. Save the river! Let the circle of life be unbroken.

Pacifique Musabyimana is a female farmer. Not only is she responsible for taking care of the crops and the land

in her village, but she is also in charge of feeding her family as well. “Since receiving the Flexi biogas, I can cook. I have light and I can buy some salt.” Her last statement is in reference to the fact that biogas is more affordable than wasting money on firewood and oil. Therefore, she and others like her are able to use the little money they have to spend on other necessities like salt. Renewable Energy Officer for IFAD, Jean de la Croix says that it is very easy to install the technology needed to use the Flexi biogas. In addition, it is easy to repair and maintain. The biogas is not just great for cooking but for the land as well. (Humans or..) two cows to produce the needed amount of manure to power the bio-digester...gas consumed per household in this region is 1,000 liters...cost of the digester is only 500 U.S. dollars which is half the cost of a conventional unit. In addition, the bio-digester can produce gas quicker than a conventional biogas unit(Cu Chi Vietnam circle of life green beanie pit latrine killer) which is made of concrete.

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