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51 Years - Memories: September '11

Apologies in advance if you have received this in error, if so, please inform me to be removed from the list

If you don't recognize some of the names of classmates below...
well, that's what yearbooks and reunions are for :
( KHS '60 & '61 reunion pics )

Please pass this email on to other classmates.
I'd like to keep this going, adding their responses to this list or one of yours...
as a reminder that hopefully for all of us, we have many years ahead to reunite again.

Hal Oshiro


Below are a few of the classmates believed to have been receiving the email 'memories'...
either directly or through one of the classmates listed below.
Apologies to those inadvertently mis-named, misspelled or unlisted.

Alvin HIrokane,Alvin Kajioka,Alvin Kotake,Alvin Shimokawa,Amy Higashi,Amy Morioka,Amy Murakami,
Amy Nakashima,Andra Dean,Andrew Nakano,Ann Miyamoto,Ardel Honda,Arlene Yamagata,Arline Hirahara

Barbara Baptist,Bessie Shimabukuro,Betty Ing,Beverly Davis,Brenda Ignacio

Calvin Ishizaki,Calvin Kang,Carl Yasuda,Carol Hamasaki,Carole Kunishige,Carole Masuda,Caroline Andrade,
Carolyn Amoy,Carolyn Chock,Charlene Mau,Chester Otani,Chester Toma,Clarence Fung,Clarence Shibuya,
Clifford Ching,Clifford Young,Clifton Yoshida,Clinton Chung

Dave Sato,Dennis Sakaguchi,Dennis Shibuya,Dolly Afalava,Donald Hiramoto,Douglas Abe.Duane Aguiar

Edward Inea,Edwin Matsui,Edwina Ahn,Elsie Awa,Elsie Oshiro,Elsie Tanaka,Elwood Lim

Frances Mise,Frances Takasaki,Francine Song,Francisco Tambunting,Frieda Taniguchi

Gary Tsukamoto,George Takamiya,Geraldine Barcenas

Irene Rocha

Jane Mock,Jean Nakamura,June Yanazawa

Karen Fukuji,Karen Iha,Karen Morisawa,Kathryn Mabe,Kenneth Ginoza,Kenneth Morimoto,Kenneth Taira,
Kenneth Yoshioka

Lance Ishihiro,Lillian Tarumoto,Lorene Watanabe,Louise Lung,Lynne Zane

Madge Stibbard,Mae Nakanishi,Manuel Mattos,Marian Tarumoto,Marjorie Mau,Martin Buell,Matilda Muraoka,
Michael Tang,Michael Yamaguchi,Muriel Masumura

Naomi Kuramoto,Norman Ginoza

Pamela Machida,Patricia Kiyabu,Patricia Yamaguchi,Paul Kimura,Paul Texeira,Pearl Chun,Pearl Shimooka,
Phyliss Tanabe

Ralph Yamasaki,Raynor Tsuneyoshi,Rebecca Paresa,Richard Shinn, Richard Shintaku, Richard Yawata,
Rick Nakamura,Robert Gore, Robert Moriyama,Robert Nukushina,Robert Yoshimura,Roger Kobayashi,Ronald Higa,
Rosemary DeJesus,Roy Morihara, Roy Okano,Roy Takamatsu,Ruth Kinoshita

Samuel Pang,Sandra Ishimoto,Sanford Murata,Seda Deguchi,Sharon LaTraille,Sheila Espindola,Shirley Tamashiro,
Stanley Miura,Stella Okamoto

Thomas Okuhara,Thomas Takushi,Thomas Yamada,Timothy Choy,Tony Ballesteros,Tremaine Lui

Vernon Wong,Violet Chung-Hoon,Virginia Kakazu,Vivian Hirahara

Wade Morikone,Wayne Kanai,Wayne Yamasaki

Xavier Ching,Xavier Ikei

Yolinda Agaria,Yvonne Tachino


September 2011 POSTS - posts, starting with March 2009, are archived in:

September 16, 2011

Amy, pleasure and enjoyment was mine through WIS '57 allowing this outsider to participate in some small way.

Roy, again being so magnanimous with your time and concern... actions certainly do speak louder than words...
that includes Jean, Irene, Vivian and others mentioned before and those we haven't yet heard about.

Iris, Seda, as I've pointed out many times before... that's what I've hoped and intended this 'blog' to be... a way
for classmates and friends to connect.

I was unable to attend the last KHS '60 reunion committee meeting and asked for a short input on what went on
at that meeting... Muriel responded with the email below.

Hope your son fared well Tremaine... and yes, aren't we all at that age where minds wander at times.


----- Original Message -----
From: amy kashiwai
To: Hal
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 11:05 AM
Subject: Re: 9/6/11

Hi, Harold!

Again, thank-you very much for ALL the help you so willingly provided, which most certainly contributed to the
success of our reunion.
Like I said earlier, it pretty much started with you and ended with you.
Having worked on the reunion committee has been a great experience for me, to be shown goodness and kindness
of friends like you and to learn so much more about each through a more " matured" heart and eyes.
Gary Yamagata made that initial call to Elsie, who so graciously and promptly contacted you to get the ball rolling.
And what a blessing it's been as I've been able to reconnect with dear Elsie.
Then you emailed me, so willing to help.
Squitty did my work for me and generated a list of the Kaimuki WIS classmates.
He got this list to you and you filled it as best you could so all I needed to do was to add to it.
What amazed me most is the manner in which the help was given.
Everyone took so much initiative and willingly provided the much needed help without my even having to ask for it.
Reflecting, it seems all I did was appear overwhelmed and worried and a huge part of the job was done for me.
In the end, I got the accolades and credit.
Not bad, huh?
And I would be amiss if I failed to acknowledge the kindness of all the others along the way.
Iris Okahashi Takayama, who led us so effectively and admirably, and Merle Kaya Higa, our secretary/chaplain,
who thought of everything and helped with everything, were there to "hold my hand" and help me all the way,
Frances Takasaki Nakamura, Sadie Shishido Silva and Phyllis Tanabe Takeuchi, who I will always be grateful
to for representing KHS so well, worked hard on the committee and provided door prizes, dessert and games,
Frieda Taniguchi Sen donated door prizes, Nancy Uyehara provided almond float for everyone, all the committee
members who worked very hard...Carole Hajime Kajihiro, Lloyd Nakahara, who did the newsletters and efficiently
handled the correspondence, Ronald Hata, Robert "Squitty" Watari and George Nakashima, who emceed, George
and Roland Wong, who sent out the newsletters, Fred Tanaka, Ruby Choy Miyao, who did nametags, the banner
and centerpieces, Lynette Kong Oshiro, Walter Aramaki, Gary Yamagata and, very important, all of our classmates
who attended the event... Walter Ebisu, Jane Futenma Nagamine and her husband who came from California,
Aimie Hamada Takahashi, Jeannette Hasegawa Oshiro and her sister, Melvin Kaili, Carol Kunishige Matsuura,
Walter Lau, Evelyn Lee Char, Leslie Lum, Clifton McDermott, Sadie Shishido Silva, Frances Takasaki Nakamura,
Shirley Tamashiro Matsuo who came from Kauai, Phyllis Tanabe Takeuchi, Frieda Taniguchi Sen, Harriet Tanouye
Yamaguchi, Gary Tsukamoto, Nancy Uyehara, Carolyn Watanabe Kaneshiro, Ralph Yamasaki and Richard Yoshikawa.
A great big MAHALO, ARIGATO, THANK-YOU to all you wonderful people.
The success of the event was truly a combined effort of everyone involved.

Amy Nakashima Kashiwai

----- Original Message -----
From: Roy Okano
To: Hal
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2011 6:43 PM
Subject: Re: Doug, Chester, Jan

Hi Harold,

Yes, I was able to connect with both Chester and Jan on Wednesday.
Due to the time difference, Doug spoke with Chester first.
It was good to talk with Jan even for just a short time.
Doug and Jan had a nice reunion; talked about motorcycles and girls. It was well.
And I still have about 5 hours on my cell.
Chester wrote to Doug. Doug has someone to write his letters while he dictates.
He received letters from Jean, Irene and a few others.
He told me he watches the reunion DVD from time-to-time.
Jan is well and participates in the "Meals on Wheels".
How it's changed since I used to do it; frozen food.
I'm hoping he'll attend the Hawaii reunion.
It feels good to have old friends reconnect after decades.
Doug told me Vivian may visit him since she knows someone else at the facility.
All-in-all a very good day.


----- Original Message -----
From: Iris Okahashi Takayama (WIS-MHS)
To: hal
Sent: Friday, September 09, 2011 4:00 PM
Subject: Re: Of possible interest

Thank you, Hal, for relaying Seda's comments to me.
I hope we can get together one day when she visits.
I would be so happy to see her again.

----- Original Message -----
From: Seda Deguchi Pratz
To: Hal
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2011 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: Of possible interest

Dear Hal,

This email made me smile.
Last week when I read the comments from the people who attended the WIS reunion I was surprised to see
Iris Okahashi Takayama's name,
I quickly looked her picture up to be sure it was the Iris I knew growing up.
I found her picture and she looked as lovely as I remembered her.
Iris's mom and my mother were childhood friends.
My memory of Iris is that she was the sweetest person.
I think of her and her family often.
The world is so small, I did not realize that Elsie knew Iris.
Would be great to get together and catch up.

Brenda and Bob congratulations, may your lives be full love.
Aloha Seda

On Sep 7, 2011, at 7:26 AM, Hal wrote:


Just thought you might want to read her comments.


----- Original Message -----
From: Iris Okahashi Takayama
To: hal
Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 10:08 PM
Subject: Re: 9/6/11 - Iris, Gary, Ron

Good evening Hal!
Thank you so much for relaying Elsie's comments to Gary, Ron and me re the WIS reunion.
It was very nice to hear from her (I didn't think she'd remember me).
I was very good friends with Seda Deguchi (her mom and my mom were best friends) and
we saw each other a lot as we were growing up.
Unfortunately, we grew apart since we went to different high schools and she moved to the
mainland soon after.
Memories of reunion night still give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
I ran into Ralph Yamasaki about a week later and we caught up on what's been happening
since 1957.
That was nice 'cuz I didn't have chance to talk to him that night.

Thanks again Hal............................................Iris

----- Original Message -----
From: Muriel Masumura
To: 'Pearl Mori' ; 'Hal'
Cc: 'Karen Iha Chung' ; 'Roger Kobayashi' ; 'Ron Higa' ; 'Roy Okano'
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2011 9:16 AM
Subject: RE: Meeting

Hi Harold,

Next meeting is set for Oct. 19, Wednesday, at Unity House, 6:00 p.m.
We plan to prepare a newsletter after the next meeting with some preliminary information/dates for a
November mailing.
Menu choices for the Pearl Country Club luncheon on April 22, 2012, will be made at the next meeting,
since there were so few in attendance.
The room is reserved from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Pearl will be confirming our Las Vegas reunion date (end of Sept or beginning of Oct) with the venue
before the next meeting.
Bobbie will call Milton to confirm a date for a possible Polynesian Cultural Center excursion, (April 13 or
20) preferably the 20th; and that’s pretty much all that transpired

----- Original Message -----
From: Moana Keulana Dyball (Tremaine Lui)
To: Hal
Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 8:09 AM
Subject: Re: 9/6/11

Must stick in my two sense not two cents.
I haven't even asked my son about the E Q in DC.
Shame on me. I assumed he was vacationing in Fl.
As soon as I'm done I will call him.
Much Aloha n lol.

September 6, 2011

Reminder: reunion committee meeting, Wednesday 9/7/11, 6PM at Unity House... you're encouraged to drop by.

Thanks Elsie, but as I keep saying, there'd be no one to keep 'in touch' with without classmates like you and
others emailing in with their messages and responses... you all are what make this possible.

Manny, Manny, Manny... what can I say... other than it's good to hear from you again.

Bing, didn't realize how much you were affected by those events... good to hear you're OK otherwise.
I should have definite word on the proposed April '12 Hawaii reunion when I listen in at the upcoming meeting.
I'll post on what I hear on the next blog.


----- Original Message -----
From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 7:22 PM
Subject: RE: 8/31/11

Hi, Hal…you continue to do so much to keep us all “in touch”, which is so appreciated!

Amy Hiroko: (Amy Nakashima Kashiwai), just clicked onto WIS class reunion picture.
What a great turnout!
I’m sure you worked hard with your committee to get this many classmates together…congratulations for a
successful reunion!
You look cute as ever and so does Frieda, Iris and so many others.
Of course, recognized Gary Yamagata and my goodness, Ron Hata, who hasn’t changed very much.
Ron, let me know if you want a copy of the group picture of us in kimonos…really precious.
(Taken at Nuuanu YMCA’s Model Legislature, remember???)
Gave copy to Gary sometime ago.
Amy, because of this recent reunion, you have encouraged many classmates to attend future KHS or their
respective Alma Mater’s reunions, which is quite an accomplishment…great job!!
Could this also lead to a combined high school reunion in the future?

Good to hear from Frances Takasaki and hope to see you and Sadie at the next KHS reunion.
Bing: Sorry, that we’ll miss you next year, but maybe plans may change.
Hello to everyone and my thoughts and prayers for good health to all.

Elsie Tanaka Ayers

----- Original Message -----
From: manuel mattos jr
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 10:16 AM
Subject: RE: 8/31/11

Dear people of my youth.
Well I'm still here.
Sorry i haven't been talking to all of you.
Have been so busy, even my wife has to make an appointment to see me.
I see, Pearl is saying such nice things about me.
She's still the Pearl of my dreams.
It's nice to hear that Bob and Brenda are having blank (xxx) again.
I hope they still remember how.
Bob I know you still see Brenda as the young sexy high school girl that she is.
Keep that image.
Let me tell all of you a story, remember when I first saw my wife as a young girl on the bus, she was pure and
without any human faults because I didn't know her yet.
I didn't know then, but GOD revealed to me at that moment what eternity would be like with her, a pure soul.
What a lovely image to look forward to.
Carol, thanks for thinking of me.
It warms my heart.
Bing, I guess everone was shaken by that event, even though it was only 5.8.
Remember in science class which i didn't attend, that energy travels better through cooler rock, then hotter rock .
Well if you go down 10 miles, the rock layers on the east coast is cooler then the rock on the west coast.
So even with a small event like 5.8, the energy will travel at that same magnitude a lot further.
If the event was say, 7 or higher, a lot of buildings would fall.
Well I hope and pray that everone is well.
When I think of you all, I think about the ones that have gone.
All young faces in my mind.
Hope their pure souls are in the presence of our creator.
GOD bless, Manny

----- Original Message -----
From: Bradshaw, Bing (Betty Ing)
To: Hal
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 7:58 AM
Subject: RE: 8/31/11

The earthquake was really, really scary because we thought it was a terrorist attack.
My office shook vigorously, the books fell out of my bookcase and everybody vacated the building via the stairways.
We thought it was only our building but were amazed to see the streets filled with people evacuating buildings all
around us.
Hank was at home.
Our townhouse suffered structural problems from the quake.
Our homeowners insurance doesn’t cover quake damage so we will have to finance it ourselves.
But we are thankful to be safe.

Three days later, Hurricane Irene comes up the east coast.
There was a lot of wind, rain and trees were down, some crashed on cars.
Luck for us, only two neighbors cars were affected.
We have a two car garage so our car is fine.
Our basement got a trickle of water but none of our things were damaged.

We look forward to seeing you all next April.

Bing Bradshaw


DISCLAIMER: This is not an 'official KHS '60 newsletter' but merely a voluntarily provided vehicle to pass on
information from the reunion committee, as an aside to the primary purpose of providing a focal point for your
classmate 'memories' and communication. Please refer to the Bulldog Bulletins mailed out by the reunion
committee for definitive 'official' information ( most recent issue dated September 16, 2010 ) .

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