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50 Years - Memories: December '09 pg 2

Apologies in advance if you have received this in error, please inform me to be removed from list if so

If you don't recognize some of the names of classmates below...
well, that's what yearbooks and reunions are for :
( KHS '60 & '61 reunion pics )

Please pass this email on to other classmates.
I'd like to keep this going, adding their responses to this list or one of yours...
as a reminder that the 50th reunions are just around the corner.
Pearl Country Club - Aiea - April 17, 2010 (confirmed)
Main Street Hotel - Las Vegas - October 10, 2010 (confirmed)

Have them post their responses as below, chronologically - latest first.
( any kine memory-recollection or response to a response OK )
Edit posts for improper content
Edit posts for brevity
Edit out email addresses
(though, with their permission, would appreciate having their email addresses)

Hal Oshiro

Below are a few of the classmates believed to have been receiving the email 'memories'...
either directly or through one of the classmates listed below.
Apologies to those inadvertently mis-named, misspelled or unlisted.

Alvin HIrokane, Alvin Kajioka, Alvin Kotake, Alvin Shimokawa, Amy Higashi, Amy Morioka, Amy Nakashima, Andra Dean,
Andy Nakano, Ardel Honda, Arline Hirahara, Arlene Yamagata, Bessie Shjimabukuro, Betty Ing, Beverly Davis, Brenda Ignacio,
Calvin Ishizaki, Calvin Kang, Carl Yasuda, Carlos Gouveia, Carol Hamasaki,Carole Kunishige, Carole Masuda, Caroline Andrade,
Carolyn Amoy, Carolyn Chock, Charlene Mau, Chester Otani, Clarence Fung, Clarence Shibuya,Clifford Ching, Clifford Young,
Clinton Chung, Dennis Sayegusa, Edwina Ahn, Elsie Oshiro, Elsie Tanaka, Frances Mise, Francine Song, Gary Tsukamoto,
George Takamiya, Gerri Barcenas, Irene Rocha, Jane Mock, Jean Nakamura, June Yanazawa, Karen Fukuji, Karen Iha, Karen Morisawa,
Kathryn Mabe, Kenneth Morimoto, Kenneth Ginoza, Lance Ishihiro, Lillian Tarumoto, Lorene Watanabe, Louise Lung, Lynne Zane,
Madge Stibbard, Mae Nakanishi,Manuel Mattos, Marian Tarumoto, Martin Buell, Matilda Muraoka, Melvin Cabang, Michael Yamaguchi,
Michael Tang, Muriel Masumura, Naomi Kuramoto, Norman Ginoza, Patricia Kiyabu, Paul Kimura, Paul Texeira, Pearl Shimooka,
Phyliss Tanabe, Ralph Hind, Ralph Yamasaki, Raynor Tsuneyoshi,Richard Shinn, Richard Shintaku, Rick Nakamura, Robert Gore,
Robert Moriyama, Robert Nukushina, Roger Kobayashi, Ronald Higa, Rosemary DeJesus,Roy Morihara, Roy Okano, Roy Takamatsu,
Ruth Kinoshita, Sandra Ishimoto, Sanford Murata, Seda Deguchi, Shirley Tamashiro, Stanley Miura, Thomas Okuhara,Thomas Takushi,
Thomas Yamada, Timothy Choy, Tony Ballesteros, Verna Chang, Vernon Wong, Violet Chung-Hoon, Virginia Kakazu, Vivian Hirahara,
Wade Morikone, Wayne Kanai, Wayne Yamasaki, Xavier Ching, Xavier Ikei

----- Original Message -----
From: June Yanazawa Kobayashi
To: Hal
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 7:14 PM
Subject: RE: 12/30/09

To the Wonderful KHS Class of 1960 …

Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2010 is a happy, healthy year for you and your families.

I am looking forward to our reunion (or reunions!) and seeing all of you.
When I tell friends that I will be going to Hawaii for my 50th class reunion,
some of them tell me that their classes cannot get enough people together to hold a reunion
and are surprised to hear how many classmates attend ours.
One friend from the Big Island said that they could only get something like 10 people who wanted to attend
their reunion so they decided to cancel it.
I cannot imagine it happening with our class until there are only 10 of us left
(maybe in the year 2047 when we are 105 years old!)
And they are even more astounded when I tell them that our class also gets together in between the regular
reunions for special birthdays (like our 60th).

Hal, thank you so much again for keeping this e mail going.
It’s hard to believe it started back in March with Roger’s question.

Ray, Steve and I are so sorry to hear about your nephew.
He was so young and had his whole life ahead of him.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


----- Original Message -----
From: Paul Texeira
To: Hal
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 1:23 PM
Subject: Re: 12/31/09

Happy New Year Gang !!!!!

See you in Vegas

Paul Texeira

----- Original Message -----
From: Roy Okano
To: Roy Okano
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 10:04 AM
Subject: Happy New Year!

I wish you good health and much joy in the new year.

----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Shimooka Mori
To: Hal
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 8:47 AM
Subject: Re: KHS Bulletin

Thanks for reminding everyone again.
New email for George Takamiya
Did you see my email for Tues. gathering?
Do you think anybody would join me instead of going to Kincaid's.
I'm thinking it might be a little cramped there and somebody would have to go early to save that area Geri is talking about.

Pearl B. Mori,

December 31, 2009

Guess I procrastinate as much as a lot of others here also... emailing my response to the 11/5/09 KHS Bulletin today : )
As I look at it, you have until midnight HST to send yours in but I guess you can fudge it a little as I'll be passing on the
email responses that come to me sometime this weekend anyway.
Posting the Bulletin below in condensed form again for the convenience and use of fellow procrastinators :


READY, SET, GO !!!!!
Join your classmates in celebration of Kaimuki High School's Class of 1960 "NIFTY FIFTY" reunion in 2010.
The committee has planned a fun-filled schedule of activities to create a nostalgic and memorable getaway with your classmates
Please indicate in the space preceding each line how many participants in each activity and the number of items (medallions,
decals, cookbooks) you are interested in so the committee can proceed with finalizing details, dates and costs.
We would appreciate your responses by DECEMBER 31, 2009 to Pearl Mori, 1448 Lunalilo St., #2, Honolulu, HI 96814.
ANY and ALL volunteers, suggestions and recipes are welcome !
A follow-up newsletter will be mailed out when plans are finalized.

____ April 17, 2010 Banquet, Pearl Country Club
____ April Round the Island Bus Tour
____ Craft Fair / Silent Auction
____ Class Medallion sale
____ Bulldog Patches ( $5 estimate )
____ Cookbook Sale ( $10 estimate ) All you gourmet cooks, submit your favorite recipes ASAP to: Hal [ ]
or Pearl Mori at address given above, no later than January 31, 2010.
____ April 15, 2010 Golf, 1st Round ( Late morning tee times )
____ April 13 or 16, 2010 Golf, 2nd Round - based on interest / available reservation. Courses to be announced.
____ October 7 to 12, 2010 5-night Las Vegas travel package is being negotiated at a Boyd hotel, including air, hotel, 3 meals daily,
airport transfers and baggage handling. Departure HNL: 1:00p.m. Price will be available after January 2010.
____ October 10, 2010 Luncheon, Main Street Hotel and Casino
____ October 8, 2010 Golf, late morning tee times ( 2 days ).
____ October 11, 2010 Golf, courses to be announced.
____ October Craft Fair ( dependent on number of crafters participating )
____ October Slot Tournament $20 ( prepaid with reservation )
____ October Possible pre or post reunion with mainland classmates in California in conjunction with Las Vegas event.
Looking for mainland organizers.

And... as in the past, donations and door prizes are always welcome and sincerely appreciated.
Checks may be made payable to KHS Class or 1960

PHONE NO.:_____________________________________________________
COMMENTS / SUGGESTIONS:______________________________________

Thanks Muriel, have added Karen.

Roger, that's good to know for the others with upcoming travel plans... also glad to know you weren't stopped for
altered underwear.

Great thoughts Irene, I'm sure the rest have the same sentiments.

The Ground Floor sounds intriguing to me too Ruth... one thing I noted reading about it, it's a no-alcohol restaurant...
no bodda me... don't drink... might be turn-off for some though.
Gerri, I also read that Kincaid's has their happy hour set at 4PM to 6PM but that changes on 01/06/10... 3PM to 7PM and
well drinks and pupu still at happy hour reduced price... other happy hour places I've heard mentioned: East Side
Grill, Indigo Eurasion Cuisine, Restaurant Epic, Side Street Inn.

Keep those thoughts-prayers flowing for loved ones past and present... stay safe and enjoy the Eve as we look forward
to the upcoming New Year with our reunions.


----- Original Message -----
From: Muriel Masumura
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 6:11 PM
Subject: RE: 12/29/09

Please add Karen Fukuji Yabui.


----- Original Message -----
From: Roger Kobayashi
To: Hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 5:58 PM
Subject: Re: 12/30/09


A trip report (of sorts).

December 30, 2009.
a. Flew from Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, WI.
It seems as though there were a lot of TSA folks.
Since this is only our second trip through, not sure that this was unusual.
Ticket and ID was required at the initial checkpoint.
Nothing required before entering the "magnet machine".
Only change was TSA employees checking boarding pass and ID at the gate.
b. Flew from Denver International Airport.
Nothing to report because we didn't have to go thru the security checkpoint.

No different procedures on either flight.


----- Original Message -----
From: Irene Rocha Elson
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 2:07 PM
Subject: Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

Dear Harold,

As this year comes to a close I would like to thank you and the many others who have kept this site going.
It has been very enjoyable to hear from many of our classmates and learn so much about them.

Looking back on the months gone by, and as a new year starts and an old one ends,
we think about what brought us joy, and we think of our loved ones and our friends.

Recalling all the happy times, remembering how they enriched our lives,
we reflect upon who really counts, as the fresh and bright new year arrives.

When I ponder those who do, I immediately think of family and friends

Thanks to all my family and friends for being one of the reasons
I will have a Happy New Year!


Irene Rocha Elson

Raynor, please accept my condolences on the passing of your nephew, Sean,
who was taken so tragically and young from us.

----- Original Message -----
From: Ruth Kinoshita Gushiken
To: Hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 12:08 PM
Subject: Jan. 5 gathering

The Ground Floor sounds good to me, never went there but always wanted to, having worked downtown forever!
Happy holidays to all!

----- Original Message -----
From: Boyd & Jean (Nakamura) Worley
To: Hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: 12/30/09

Raynor: Our sincere condolences for the loss of your nephew. What a shame to lose such a promising man
to a senseless accident. Our prayers are with you and the rest of your family.

Keep healthy and safe everybody. We want to see all of you at the reunions.

----- Original Message -----
From: ayershome
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 8:15 AM
Subject: RE: 12/30/09 - Misc

Hi, Hal and all our precious classmates:
We really do have the best of the best of all graduates of Kaimuki High.
I was sadly going over the list of classmates that have passed away at such an early age.
So many of us that have health issues, but still hanging in there….
thank God for the ability to celebrate our lives with such good friends.
This site has brought together so many of us in ways that would not be possible otherwise.
I’m having lunch today with Kiki and Pearl Chun Louie.
My wishes for a safe and Happy New Year to all!
Hope that 2010 will bring a better quality of life for all.

Love and Aloha,
Elsie M. Tanaka Ayers

----- Original Message -----
From: Ray Tsuneyoshi
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 6:31 AM
Subject: Re: 12/30/09

Mahalo Nui for all your words of comfort and condolence.
Monday, we returned to Lompoc.
Closed his apartment, turned in his keys, picked up his urn from the mortuary.
Yesterday, I took my sister and her daughter to LAX at six thirty AM where they were on standby.
As if it wasn't enough challenges, they missed the first two Hawn Air flights and finally made the five PM flight.
It returned to LAX three hours later with generator problems.
Ultimately, the flight continued leaving at eleven PM PST and arrived safely in Honolulu.
My nephew's remains will be placed in Punchbowl sometime in the new year.

December 30, 2009

Eh Pearl, you starting to sound like Nuk : D
That was a reference to Pearl CHUN who was a classmate in the 5th Grade at Waialae.

Well, tomorrow is the eve of another, hopefully better, new year... and the start of the 50th year since high
school... take your time... it'll sink in... 50 YEARS... how about that.

Anyway, if you'd like to join Seda and the rest to leave your best wishes for the new year and/or a fond, or not,
farewell to the old... we'd be happy to hear from you... will probably be trying to recover on Friday the 1st
along with everyone else so will post those tomorrow the 31st and/or Saturday the 2nd and thereafter.

Quick note... was informed that the 'memblogs' link above wasn't working for a while... should be OK now...
if not, try the 'khs60lv02' link above and look for the link on that page that will lead to it.


----- Original Message -----
From: Seda Pratz
To: Hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 5:41 AM
Subject: Re: Seda

Dear Hal,
This site gives so much pleasure to so many of us.
Thank you
And a Happy New Year!!!!

----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Shimooka Mori
To: Hal
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 8:33 AM
Subject: Re: 12/29/09

Please give Raynor my condolences on the passing of his nephew.
So young.
God Bless.

Pearl B. Mori,

---Original Message -----
From: Pearl Shimooka Mori
To: Hal
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 8:30 AM
Subject: Re: 12/29/09

Sorry Hal, you sound like Manny.
I was not here during our elementary years.
Moved to Honolulu in the 9th grade.

Suggestion for our nite out on Tuesday 1/5/10 called the Ground Floor.
It is a bar restaurant across the street where I work.
Located on the corner of Queen and Richard Street in the Melim Building.
After 5pm free parking or you can park in Harbor Square after 4pm for $5.
Pupus are great & reasonable.
Drinks too.
Music next Tues will be Patty Girl Williams, a friend of my husband and I.
We patronize this place at least 2-3 times a week.
My husband usually waits for me until I actually leave work around 6-6:30pm,
but will leave earlier if everyone joins me there.
I'll even pickup the food tab.
Manny sez he's on a low income budget & I'm still working.

----- Original Message -----
From: Brenda Ignacio
To: hal
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 8:07 AM
Subject: Re: 12/29/09

A quick hello from a very busy classmate........
Manny knows that I got the go ahead for his beautiful work being in the White House,
sent with island alohas from him.....
yeah, team!
Yes to Kincaid's from my end.
Thanks, Gerri,....great idea.
Also, will give it my best shot for answering the questionnaire by the deadline, and will send in my recipe soon!

Loved the Ala Moana gathering; it was potent.
Great to see the group, and I was so touched by the generosity of spirit,.........
the coconut cream crackers, the apple pie, Hal, Carol, Manny, and a special thank you to Chester,
who was amazingly kind with his priceless binder!!
Thank you all so much.

Love and gratitude, Brenda

December 29, 2009

Kudos to Tim, great story... sounds like the Tim we knew in KHS... thanks Chester.

Roger, I'm glad you're able to remember being there at Abe's demonstration, since you are in that 50 year old photo.
What is it with Hawaii folk... know what you mean by 'splaining yourself' in winter... in the Pacific NorthWest, the
NorthEast, Canada, Europe... but also in 'fill a bucket with it' summer humidity.

Gerri, Kincaid's is starting to sound real good to me too... haven't heard any more suggestions on venue.

Thanks Pearl, happy to have you aboard... I do remember being classmates since elementary.
I've added another photo to the Pbase website that might be of particular interest to you too.
Waialae 1953 (name corrections appreciated)

Clarence, passing on your prayers-thoughts through the blog... I'm sure Raynor and the family will much appreciate them.


----- Original Message -----
From: Chester Otani
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 5:28 AM
Subject: Timothy Choy - A heart for art

10 Who Made A Difference... Our classmate, Timothy Choy.

----- Original Message -----
From: Roger Kobayashi
To: Harold Oshiro
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 1:28 AM
Subject: Greetings from Oconomowoc, WI


Yes, I remember Douglas Abe demonstrating the divining rods in the school yard.
(I believe that the rods were two different materials.)
He got them to move when he crossed what he guessed to be the location of underground irrigation pipes.
Someone else tried it, but couldn't get the rods to move when he/she crossed the same location.

We survived the Christmas weekend, just barely.
To regain our sanity, Jane and I spent a couple nights in Door County (Ephraim to be exact).
What's in Door County in December?
Snow and not much else.
Rode a horse-drawn sleigh through a combination orchard (cherry/apple) and vineyard.
It was kinda nice to have a few snow flurries as we rode-Would have been uncomfortable if more snow had been falling.
Also had to "explain" our sanity-Folks were concerned that we had left Hawaii to visit snow country.


----- Original Message -----
From: gdigmon
To: hal
Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 9:42 AM

Harold/Raynor, So tragic that such a young vibrant life with so much promise is gone,
Jack and I extend our deepest condolences, our prayers and thoughts go out to your whole family in this great
devastating loss of your loved one.
Me ke aloha, Gerri and Jack Digmon.

Harold, on the gathering before Manny Mattos leaves, if there are no problems with us lingering on to enjoy chatting
after dinner (i.e., Ige's 5p- to about 10pm for both dinners that we had there, not that we will be so talkative again)
that everyone seems to do and enjoy Big City or Zippys are fine.
For a Tuesday evening chances of a crowded restaurant are rare depending on the location and also the most convenient
table arrangement to keep our group in close proximity to each other is important.
Which Big City Diner and Zippy's location are we talking about so that we can finalize the location for dinner and/or pupus
and not necessarily alcoholic drinks.
I still opt for Kincaid's where we have had previous classmate gatherings where family style pupus were ordered and shared
and dinner can be ordered even though it is called the "Bar" area and one is allowed to linger as long as they wish unlike
the dinner section.
Also we do need to check the hours of operation since Zippy's have closed some of their restaurants.
These are my thoughts, so we just need to decide on which Big City Diner, Zippy''s, Kincaids or back to Ige's,
we just want to gather again before Manny leaves for Hilo, Comments please.
Mahalo, Gerri DB

----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Chun Louie
To: Hal
Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 8:05 AM
Subject: Re: 12/24/09 - H-Yahoo

Hi Hal,

It's okay to put me on the e-mail recipient list - has been great to learn what former classmates in our class are doing.

Pearl Chun Louie

----- Original Message -----
From: Clarence Fung
To: Hal
Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2009 8:07 PM
Subject: Re: 12/27/09

My prayers of support for Ray's and his nephew's families and all the families involved as a result of the crash.
I've driven that highway many a time in the past to/from Vandenburg AFB and it can be trying; two-lane most of the way,
curves and speeds above 50 mph.
Blessings and Peace,
Clarence Fung

December 27, 2009

That is sad news Raynor, I think all here sympathize and will keep him in their
thoughts-prayers... as we should, and do, for all the others who have passed
on recently.

More Bulldog newsletter excerpts posted on the Pbase website:

Anyone remember also being at Douglas Abe's 'experiment' on the campus for physics class... this was supposedly
to determine if 'water witching' with a forked wooden stick could indicate the presence of water... I became more
convinced eventually that it was actually more of an experiment to show how a group of people could be made to
almost believe in something ( mass indoctrination ? )... myself included : )

Gerri, have heard a couple of suggestions from others on the venue for the Jan 5th get-together-dinner... one was at
Big City Diner with several locations... and to get really budget-conscious, one of the larger Zippy's.
Anyone else out there with suggestions for a good, friendly, reasonable venue where lingering to talk-story for a while
is acceptable or even encouraged... besides Kincaid's, Big City Diner, Zippy's.

Haven't heard yet how all of you fared for the Christmas weekend... with the kids or grandkids... shopping nirvana : )...
maybe traveling... or just hanging loose... would like to hear about it.


----- Original Message -----
From: Ray Tsuneyoshi
To: hal
Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2009 6:35 AM
Subject: Re: 12/24/09

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hauoli Makahiki Hou to all the 60 KHS Classmates
Sorry but not so happy in my Ohana.
My nephew Sean who worked at Vandeberg AFB near Lompoc, CA about 50 mi north of Santa Barbara
died in a head on collision last Friday afternoon.
He was an Iraq vet and worked in the NASA space program.
Such a terrible loss.
Only 27 years old and had just been promoted to program manager.
My wife, sister Louise, her daughter Kristi have been cleaning his apartment gathering his personal belongings,
settling his accounts and making funeral arrangements.
He will be interred at Punchbowl
Please rember him in your thoughts and prayers

December 24, 2009

Any other suggestions out there for a great casual place to have that party/dinner/talk story get-together ?
Kincaid's does sound good though, but if you have something similar in mind, let us know.

Thanks Takush, have seen this item many times before but it never fails to amaze me.

Well, tis the eve so hope everyone will have a great weekend and holiday, whatever the plans are.
Unless one or more of our prolific posters sends me more of their fascinating posts, I will likely not be sending a blog
out until after Christmas... which means a reprieve or withdrawal for you for maybe just a day or two : )


----- Original Message -----
From: gdigmon
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 10:31 AM
Subject: Manual Mattos-dinner

Harold, etal, we always enjoy seeing old friends and meeting this past Sunday was such fun.
Of course it always takes a moment to figure out who is who of the new faces that came.
Jean Inouye looks the same, almost like in our 4th grade class except the "innocent look" is gone.
Sandy, we are trying to watch our weight during the holidays, did not want the apple pie, but when I tasted it I had to finish
the thing along with my rice and spam, mahalo.
Also nice to see Stephanie, who Jack had no clue who she was, so I pulled out the old annual.
Surprised to see Kipapa who just told me the night before on the phone that he would not make it.
Brenda Ignacio, Carolyn Andrade, so nice to talk again.
Well, since Manny leaves for the Big Island on the 7th, the next Paina(small party with meal or dinner) for our class of 60's
talk story time is set for Tuesday, January 5 at 5pm for dinner with our visiting classmate fabulous artist/entrepreneur etc.
Manny Mattos and Janice for hoonanea(pass the time with ease and pleasure).
Understand a meeting place somewhere between Leeward and Hawaii Kai is desired where we would not be limited to
hour and a half.
Well besides yummy Ige's at Pearl City or Zippy's or Uncle's on pier 38, Jack and I occasionally patronize Kincaid's at
Ward WareHouse and while lunching there on Sunday, I recalled that we have had small gatherings in the comfy bar area.
So unless there are other suggestions, I suggest Kincaid's where as you enter the upstairs bar area to inside to the immediate
right side of the bar area we could fit as much as 15 bodies possibly more to eat and drink as long as one wishes which
we have done.
Drinks, pupus, and they do serve from the dinner menu if desired, then again, you also need not order anything, just talk story.
So, did we say 5pm, remember anyone is welcome.
This confirms the date so what say you all.
Warm Christmas and New Year's Blessing to everyone and your families.
Mele Kalikimaka e hauoli makahiki hou. Gerri DB and Jack

----- Original Message -----
From: Thomas Takushi
To: Hal Oshiro
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 4:10 PM

Hi Hal,
Mele Kalikimaka and Haouli Makahiki Hou.
I think this video my friend sent to me should be shared with all of our classmates on your list.
I think it would make a great gift for someone who has everything.
I always thought those Chinese were very clever and did a better job than the Japanese in making something out of nothing.
Have a nice holiday season and I'll be waiting to read many more interesting stories from our classmates.
Till laters, Malama Pono !

No posts for 12/22/09

Thanks Pearl, have added Alvin to the list.
BTW, he and his brother were my next-door neighbors for 14 or so years in Waialae... relatively next-door... homes
were far apart back then and they now would have been considered several blocks away... 'back then' would be
from birth although I don't think I can remember them until we were maybe 4 or 5 years of age.

Bing... or maybe I should revert back to Betty, as all the others here seem to prefer calling you... my daughter sent
photos of the area just outside of D.C.... seems to be just as much or more snow there too.
The snow pushed off from streets and sidewalks and piled on the curb was high enough to bury her well above her
head... they had to look for openings to cross the street.
Have to laugh when people here in the islands shiver when the temperature drops to the mid-60s.
Keep safe and warm you two.

Thanks Francine, Xavier added to the list.

Frances, hopefully that's the last of the blocking problems will see from all the others too... for a while anyway.
That's another good reminder to pass on to others... may help to place my email address in your contacts list or 'safe'
list to avoid future blocking if possible.


----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Shimooka Mori
To: Hal
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 12:50 PM
Subject: Re: 12/21/09

Email for Alvin Shimokawa: ****

Pearl B. Mori

----- Original Message -----
From: Bradshaw, Betty Ing
To: Hal
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 10:19 AM
Subject: RE: 12/21/09

So glad that the Jean and Boyd are fine.
Boyd I enjoyed the half-breed website.

So jealous we couldn’t meet to talk story.
Oh well, next April ….

I am out of hibernation for a few days, ironically because of the heavy snowfall in DC.
DC hardly gets snow.
It is usually in January and just a few inches.
This weekend alone we got 22 inches and another snow storm is scheduled to arrive on Christmas day.
Both of us were scheduled to work this weekend but our bosses called early on Saturday to tell us not to come in.
The snow continued through Sunday.
At each break in the snowfall Hank went out to shovel so the snow would not turn to ice on the walks as it thaws
and refreezes or flood the basement.
In DC you can be fined if you do not shovel the sidewalk in front of your house.

Our neighbors sidewalk was not shoveled so Hank shoveled theirs also.
Most of the time the husband shovels our sidewalk without us even asking.
They have two adorable little girls Vivian and Alice.
Just as Hank finished we heard a voice yelling “Hank and Bing”.
It was Vivian running up the sidewalk ahead of her parents at the corner.
Vivian, a friendly 5-1/2 year old blue eyed blond is also quite a chatter box.
She told us that they were walking because their car was stuck up the street in the snow.
While walking home she had made snowballs and threw them at a tree.
She said it was Alice’s first snow so their mom had to carry her.
Alice almost 2 years old had trouble walking in the snow and had her face buried in her mother’s coat.
Vivian said since there was enough snow she would build a snowman for Alice.
We thought it was unusual that Bill and Melanie, both brunettes, would have two little blonds.
The girls resemble both parents in features except for the hair.
Then we met both sets of grandparents.
There were 3 blonds out of the 4.
Who knows what beautiful mixtures are created.

There were highway accidents galore.
On the news channel all the newscasters ask their viewers not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary because
the roads are treacherous.
The last I heard 7 tractor trailers had jack knifed on the beltway.
Cars stuck in snow were abandoned on the highways.
But from inside a warm townhouse looking out the living room window, gazing at a lit Christmas tree decorated with
White House and other ornaments, stuffing the Christmas stockings hanging on the fireplace, a warm woodfire crackling,
and hot chocolate, so romantic.
The Federal Government, schools, and many businesses were closed through Monday.
A welcome break for us at an otherwise hectic time of the year.

Today is Tuesday and will be the first day since last Friday that we could leave our house.
The snow is beautiful and such a bummer at the same time.
Two annual birthday celebrations were called off on Saturday.
The restaurants closed because of the snow: a brunch for our long-time friend Candy and a dinner for our grandniece Jasmine.
I know, I know, Jean and Boyd are probably laughing at all the wimps in DC.

Gerri, I am also not fluent in any language.
I can understand some and I can write some, but so help me if I say anything no one understands me.
As an example, on my first trip to China I said “thank you” to the maid in my best Cantonese.
She giggled, whipped out her English to Chinese translation book and tried to look up what I had said.
She thought I had spoken to her in English.
I tried again.
At the restaurant, I offered to order in Chinese for our American tour group but my uncle insisted on ordering instead.
The waiter took his orders and we sat there for a long, long time.
Then the owner came rushing in regretfully bowed to my uncle saying: so sorry, we do not serve dog.
That was it.
My uncle was the best Chinese speaker in our family.
I never tried to speak Chinese again on any trip to China.

Hal thanks for the videos of Brenda and Manny.
Loved both of them!

Well folks, back to hibernation.
Happy Holidays to you all.

----- Original Message -----
From: Francine Song Kaneshige
To: Hal Oshiro
Sent: Monday, December 21, 2009 3:33 PM
Subject: Add classmate to list

Happy Holidays Hal:
I saw Xavier Ikei last night and mentioned your blog.
Please add him to your list.

Thank you very much, Francine


----- Original Message -----
From: Frances Mise Shinjo
To: Chester
Cc: Hal
Sent: Monday, December 21, 2009 3:26 PM
Subject: RE: Problem

Got Hal's email w/blog.
His email address is in my contact list.
I checked his address as "safe" and computer response indicated that Hal's email address will henceforth be recognized as "safe".

December 21, 2009

No posts for the 19th and 20th.

Thanks Chester... fascinating stuff Manny !

The video was almost the first thing that popped up doing a Google search on random classmate names...
like Brenda Ignacio ; )
Great thoughts to keep in mind Brenda, especially in this evermore materialistic age.

Got it Pearl, will remove Roy from that list... hope there are more to be 'found'.

Thanks Bing, more great thoughts and gift-giving options to keep in mind.

Good friendship and stories at the Makai Market get-together:
In no particular order, those who dropped by: Jean Inouye, Stephanie Prevo, Pearl Shimooka, Jack Digmon,
Gerri Barcenas, Sandra Akiyama, Carol Andrade, Brenda Ignacio, Manny and Rosalind Mattos, Marjorie
Morimoto, Chester Otani and Sam Kipapa... also spotted, by Brenda Ignacio, was James Pestana who
happened to be passing by.


----- Original Message -----
From: Chester Otani
Sent: Sunday, December 20, 2009 7:13 AM
Subject: Manny Mattos - Traditional Hawaiian Weapons

Our classmate, Manny Mattos:

----- Original Message -----
From: Brenda Ignacio
To: hal
Sent: Saturday, December 19, 2009 10:10 PM
Subject: Re: 12/18/09

Hal! How in the world did you "happen" to find this youtube video??!!
I am stunned!
I just found it myself only after seeing a colleague mention it on their facebook site.
I'll be darn.

Everyone is so busy, and notice shorter sharings.
Let's remember to keep the season simple and give gifts of meaningful words, gestures and kindness.
Keep the stress levels down and breathe.....................

Carol - when you do write, it is so fantastic.
Hope to see you soon.


----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Shimooka Mori
To: Hal
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 10:09 AM
Subject: Re: 12/18/09

One of your leads was good for Roy Takamatsu.
Apparently he has been reading your blogs.
Would like you to remove him from your "unable to locate list"

He writes: Left the islands in 1962 and returned in 1999 and have been in touch with all goings on in Hawaii.
The "Memories" blog is interesting reading.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bradshaw, Betty Ing
To: "Hal"
Sent: Friday, December 18, 2009 9:43 AM
Subject: green gift ideas | 18 Creative, Green Gift Ideas-No Trip to the Mall Required | Rodale News

December 18, 2009

Thanks Gerri for the mention on the website with Pamela Kim... I know the Worleys would love to hear from her.

Sorry about that Patricia... change done... got your original email from someone else and assumed it was an OK one since
there was no bounce back.

These are good lead-ins to to repeat myself... the people on the email recipients list above may not be receiving the blog
because of either wrong or blocked messages... there's no way for me to be really sure other than to have respondents
inform me directly like Pat and others have done... which brings up another point... I don't / won't post contact info w/o
an OK from the person(s) involved... my usual procedure to do so is to pass on a contact request, with the requestor's
contact info intact, directly to the intended, and let them respond... or not... with their contact info... or not.
This is not to say that they wish not to respond but could be, as noted above, that they aren't actually receiving these emails.
Like Gerri, if you run into another classmate, let them know about the blog and/or the Pbase website... especially if they
are planning to attend the reunion(s)... would be great to have everyone reestablishing contact or communication, or
just catching up on each other's lives before the reunion(s)... one of the original intentions of this blog.

Stumbled on this little gem... a bit of insight on one of our classmates:


----- Original Message -----
From: gdigmon
To: hal
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 10:36 AM

Harold, Jean/Boyd, Bing etal, Mele kalikimaka e Hauoli maka hiki hou.
Love to hear tales about others and their experiences in foreign lands as well as the whole world.

Bing are you fluent in lingquistics, fantastic, you probably are, that is my greatest regret not speaking a foreign language.
Having travelled to many places to me it is a great embarrassment to visit these wonderful places and envy the fact that
many of the residents do speak several languages as more of a way of everyday life.
However, in visiting other countries we endeavored to communicate in the visiting country's language to get by.
The bi-linqual talent is probably due to the fact that European countries for instance are adjacent to each another and it's
only a matter of crossing the borders to do business etc.
I find that unless one can converse with another in the language being learned, for me it is difficult to retain.
While working at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, I took 3 Japanese language classes but had difficulty in conversing with others
but am now basically aware of conversations that I overhear.
Overhearing local Hawaii Japanese speaking broken Japanese to the Japanese tourist was actually a shock to me but it
was a form of communication and the message got through.

Jean/Boyd good to hear that you are both in good shape, life is so fast that we tend to not live as healthy as we should.
In your case, you guys have quite a pace with your family and work.
Jean, I believe that some messages back you mentioned names of people you have not heard about.
Well, I briefly spoke with Pinky who was surprised when I mentioned this website and your name.
Pinky did say that you were a close friend of hers.
Pinky is very busy, I told Pinky when she has a chance that she should just look into Harold's website for stories especially
the Worleys from our 60's class and make comments only if she wishes.

I also have been running about and still not able to read all these good stories perhaps after the holidays.
Wishing everyone a wonderfuly Holiday Season, happiness and good health in 2010. Gerri DB

----- Original Message -----
From: Patricia Kiyabu
To: hal
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 9:19 AM
Subject: e-mail address

You have my husband's e-mail.
He thought the mail was junk mail and has been deleting them.
Recently he happened to open one and saw my name and called it to my attention.
So please delete his address and replace it with mine.

Thank you for all your hard work.
Pat Kiyabu

December 17, 2009

Boyd/Jean, good to hear you're both doing well... we were concerned not hearing from either of you, knowing
of the tests and check-ups.
Great stories on Okinawa... brought back some memories... loved the food and the people (but then I'm Okinawan : )
but you're right, the summertime weather sucks.

Hey Roger, do a belly flop on Lambeau Field for us if you visit there... as cold and hard as it may be.
I'll send you the email blog every morning... blank posts and all.

Don't know about you Gerri, but my memory cells need more than a jog to revive long-time-ago stuff... the posts
on this blog sure help though.

OK Bing, we'll know not to worry too much when we don't hear from you for a while... we'll leave the worry for
when we see where we seniors stand when the budget comes out : )


----- Original Message -----
From: Boyd & Jean (Nakamura) Worley
To: Hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 5:59 PM
Subject: Re: 12/16/09

Hal: Jean and I went to Anchorage (800 miles away) on 120109 for our cardiac checkups and her hearing test.
On 120209 Jean did the tread mill test and a few others.
And on 120309 she had a "nuclear" test of some type and a few more.
On 120309 I had an echocardiogram of my heart to check on my bypass of 2001.
Afterwards we both met with our cardiologist, a great doctor named Stanley Watkins, who told Jean that her heart
was perfectly normal.
He then told me that my echocardiogram was also very good and that we should see him in a year or so.

I then took my locally made x-rays to an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Greg Schumacher, an Army vet with a ton
of integrity, who reviewed my x-rays, noting that I had been experiencing right hip pain for seven years
(I refused to go all 7 years despite the pain and consumed lots of Aleve and Glucosamine) and then said,
"Mr. Worley, there are plenty of surgeons right here in Anchorage who would be happy to give you a new hip,
BUT I'm not convinced you even need one.
I see a bit of arthritis and some major bursitis, so I'm going to try one of those injections of a steroid and cortisol in
your hip and see what happens.
You'll probably sense that the pain is already subsiding before you even leave my table."
And, he was right.
That was on 120309 and - knock on wood - I'm still pain free.
My goodness.
Why did I wait and suffer so long?
He said most patients come back 6 months to a year later for another injection, but he has also had patients who
took one shot and have never come back.
Right now I feel great and am so appreciative of Dr. Schumacher.

On Friday the 4th Jean went to Miracle Ear for testing and, as she figured she would, came home with a newly
designed and hard to see hearing aid that she really likes.
Now she'll be able to hear all those great classmates this October.
She's pumped and happy.
Thanks to those of you who asked how it went for us.

I also enjoyed Bing's most recent submission, especially the part on Okinawa.
As a 20-year-old in 1960 I went to Onna Point on Okinawa with the U.S. Air Force where I worked as an analyst of
intercepted morse code from target countries.
It was fascinating work that took long hours.
I needed a diversion from all that stuff so I once drove to Ishikawa High School and volunteered to help them with
their English classes.
I did a lot of reading aloud, worked with the kids on pronunciation, and just enjoyed it very much.
Okinawa can be so miserably hot and humid that I used to spend a dollar and bring 100 ice cream sticks to the school
each time I visited and that was a big hit with the kids, and the teachers.
They in turn shared their lunch, usually soba noodles cooked in a wash tub, with me and that got me started on
Okinawan food.
My favorite?
How about "ome rice" or "omelet rice" which was fried rice wrapped in a thin scrambled egg blanket, with a thin bead
of ketchup running the length of the omelet.
Two Texas toast size pieces of garlic bread and a glass of great ice tea for about $1.25 for the whole meal would have
any GI grinning like a possum with a mouthful of sweet potatoes. :-)
Oxtail soup and rice wasn't far behind.
Great folks, those Okinawans.
They spoke a local dialect called "ho gen" that was so different from Japanese.
I learned enough of it from the school kids that I could crack up a group of mamasans in their 70's or so waiting
at a bus stop.
In Japanese "where are you going?' goes something like "Doko iku no" (or something like that) but the Okinawans
would say "Ma kai ga?".
And "how much is this?" came out "Cha sa yebi ga"?
I would try my "ho gen" on these elderly ladies and they would really crack up.
"What's that pale white boy doing trying to speak our language?"
Some of the really old women had tattoos on their faces and one of the high school teachers told me that a long time ago
it was a pretty common practice to tattoo the young ladies so that sailors from other countries sailing past Okinawa
would be afraid of the tattoos and not kidnap the young women.
He (a Masa Kinjo) also said that the reason so many Okinawans had coarse hair was because of the Brazilian sailors
who came ashore and bred with some of the locals, probably by force.
There may have been some truth to that claim because I once saw an Okinawan young lady who was stunningly pretty,
but she was wearing shorts and a tank top.
She obviously didn't shave her armpits because when she raised an arm over her head it looked like she had Tina Turner
in a headlock.
I'll never forget that!
Jet black hair and clearly wet from the heat and humidity.

I was also on Okinawa when then U.S. president Dwight Eisenhower paid a visit.
The Okinawans were very upset over allegations that the U.S. was storing nuclear weapons around Naha City and a huge
protest was likely.
The U.S. military stationed U.S. Marines about 10-15 yards apart the length of Highway One between Kadena Air Base
and Naha City.
We later leared that while the Marines were holding rifles, they had NO ammunition.
The general in charge was so afraid of someone freaking out and starting to shoot.
Nothing really happened other than some serious posturing by the rally leaders.
I can still remeber the banners that read in Japanese "Okinawa no gensui baku kichi ga hantai", something about protesting
the storage of nuclear weapons on Okinawa.
I was on Okinawa from 1960 until early 1963 when I returned to the USA and went to Yale University's Institute of Far Eastern
Languages in New Haven, Connecticut, to take a 3-year course in Mandarin Chinese that we would have to complete in
ten months, and did.
Then it was on to Taiwan for two years.
But that's a different tale.

Thanks for putting up with this, those of you who did.

Much love,

Boyd and Jean Worley

----- Original Message -----
From: Roger Kobayashi
To: Hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 2:56 PM
Subject: Re: 12/16/09

Aw shucks. I was looking forward to the early morning edition while I'm in Wisconsin.


Saw Milton Napuunoa at the Dole Plantation on Monday.
I'm surprised, he's still working

----- Original Message -----
From: gdigmon
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 10:26 AM

Harold, fantastic, these Kaimuki intermediate pictures are probably beginning to jog our long stored memory cells.
Asked Chester if there are any Palolo grade school pictures, so far none, so if any of our classmates who attended
Palolo School have stored school pictures of any kind that would be super to see.
See you on Sunday, Dec. 20th about 9am. Gerri DB

----- Original Message -----
From: Bradshaw, Betty Ing
To: Hal
Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 7:43 AM
Subject: Happy Holidays

It is now my busiest time of year working on President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2011 Budget.
I’ll be hibernating until the first week in February.
Best Wishes everyone.

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou!

Maligayang Pasko Naragsak a Paskua

Natal feliz e um Feliz Ano Novo!

¡Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo!

Manuia le Kerisimasi, ma le Tausaga Fou!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 16, 2009

No further posts today and none for 12/15/09... it seems the holidays are upon us... most of us are either
traveling, shopping, tree hunting-hugging, joining in or planning festivities, or other holiday activity.
Posts will likely be sporadic at best until everything settles down and we have time to reflect on this
recent past... and just as importantly the distant past and in between... will wait to hear from you.

A few more newsletter excerpts will be added to the website
hopefully by the time you read this.


----- Original Message -----
From: Mae Nakanishi Matsushige
To: Hal
Sent: Monday, December 14, 2009 8:56 AM
Subject: Re: 12/14/09

That is a very, very nice picture.

December 14, 2009

No blog for Sunday, 12/13/09... everyone probably out shopping, or running the marathon, or getting a life, or looking for trees...
Christmas and/or Statehood type.

Thanks Chester and Muriel... will post the 7U2 class photo on the Pbase website:
And thanks Ruth for informing Amy... will be adding her to the blog recipient list.

Good reminder... if you don't see someone you have contact with on the recipient list above please let them know about the blog.

Jerome and Katherine, Mahalo, great photo of the group... will post on the website:

Another good reminder... anyone with a similar type photo or something relevant to the class of '60, I'll gladly host that photo
on the website... Mahalo again.


----- Original Message -----
From: Chester Otani
To: "Hal Oshiro"
Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009 10:23 AM
Subject: Kaimuki Intermediate School - 7U2


Names of students can be obtained from 1955 Annual.
If you don't have a copy, I can supply names.

This photo is courtesy of Muriel Masumura.
She also gave me photos of 8U1 and 8U2.
I checked your blog and you already have them posted.

----- Original Message -----
From: Chester Otani
To: "Hal Oshiro"
Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009 10:01 AM
Subject: Name to be added to your blog website


Ruth Kinoshita saw Amy Nakashima recently and told her about your blog.
She would like to be added to your mailing list.

----- Original Message -----
From: Jerome Ching (and Katherine Mabe Ching )
To: Hal
Sent: Saturday, December 12, 2009 9:57 AM
Subject: Marionettes


Attached is a picture of the Marionettes at their annual Christmas gathering.
Picture was taken at the Halekulani Hotel, Friday, Dec. 11, 2009.
Some of the girls that attended last year were not able to attend this year.

Pictured l-r Katherine Mabe Ching, Mae Nakanishi Matsushige, Vivian Hirahara Hayashi, Amy Higashi Tokuda, Seda Deguchi Pratz
and Elsie Tanaka Ayers.

Jerome L. Ching
Jerry Ching Realty, Inc.

November 12, 2009

Carol, although there's a prominent sign out front and it's also stated in the KHS Handbook that all visitors must report to
the main office, I'm guessing it's not a big problem just to gather for a short while at the half-circle... when I dropped
in the main office to report and request permission to take photos, the gal gave me the impression that it was not a
problem or a big deal at all... albeit she apparently was just an office aide or such... but no registering, names or
anything else asked for... until she recommended I see the Assistant Librarian, which means walking around and
through the buildings, and which required a name tag... suggest a courtesy drop-in at the main office just prior to
any activity we plan to announce our presence and (honorable : ) intentions... this of course if during school hours.
Sekiya's... now there's a place I haven't been to in nearly 40 years... and you just can't get away from running into
classmates around KHS... walked into Sekiya's then with my family and at the first table sat Impy (Stanley Miyachi)
and his wife Carole Fukuji with their kids, small world... Sekiya's might have to do for lunch since KHS may frown
upon picnicking on school grounds... of course there's always Crane Park adjacent to park okoles for some bento.

Hey thanks Arline for the effort and pix !... but there is a consensus that the 'Tree' is on the half-circle fronting the school.
The particular tree in mind, or at least the spot where the tree would have stood, appears to be on the Makai-Ewa corner
of the half-circle ( Tree 59-09 )... according to the KHS tree trimming plan copy
that the Assis. Librararian graciously provided me, all of the trees in front of KHS are monkeypod except for a shower
fronting Kapiolani by the parking lot, an opiuma next to Crane Park, and a couple of plumeria trees.
If it's any consolation, my initial instinct was to ID the tree just D.H. of yours as THE tree... but comparing photos, things
just didn't line up right or seem the right distance... Tree 59-09 did... but glad so many are jumping in and trying to
help Manny locate 'his' tree... eh, girl, I get one Oly too... not the very best camera maker but still good cameras.

Echoing Gerri... Ala Moana Makai Market food court, 12/20/09, Sunday at 9AM in front of Paradise Cafe... totally informal
get-together from what i saw the last time... 9AM is just a suggestion, dutch-treat menu, breakfast or lunch, come and
go as you're able to or wish to... main ting, drop by, talk story... so Gerri, wen you running for City Council.

Bing, that name Diane Nakama sounds so familiar... is she related to any of our classmates ? Yeah, I know, I know...
all these asian names start to sound alike after a while : )

Added photo in courtesy: L. Lung Iwamoto


----- Original Message -----
From: Caroline M Gouveia
To: hal
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 5:51 PM
Subject: Statehood Tree Hug-In

Aloha Kakou,
It's Carol Andrade.
The tree saga continues.
I must confess that I went to check out the site the day after posting my thoughts on our locating our KHS Statehood tree.
Yep, all of the landmarks are correct.
I believe our tree is there but so are about 5 other trees in the same half-circle.
Can't help laughing when I think of my reaction when I got out of my car.
Thought it would be a shoo-in but it wasn't; don't remember that many trees being there.
I have so enjoyed all the back and forth about locating the tree; the Class of '60 is the smartest ever!
So, Manny, Hal, Brenda, et al...we really may have to gather for a class picnic and dance around the trees to see which
one responds.
Manny, you can lead the way with the plaque that you design and craft in your wood shop (heard you are very talented);
we will all follow you.
Menu, food. Hmmmm, with all the talk posted about food the last few months, how about a potluck so we can sample
some of the ono-licious recipes.
To start, a giant football shaped musubi would be great, Brenda's giant ume will fit in perfectly, Manny's soup (or was it chili?)
would be ono, along with Bing's latest...fried scallops in purple potatoes.
And for dessert, my mouth waters just reading about Raynor's butter mochi.
No excuses about not being here in Hawaii.
Not to worry, FedEx okay.
If I provide lunch, we will all have "air biscuits", sugar free and non-fattening.
Seriously, if we gather, I suggest purchasing bentos or lunching at Sekiya's Restaurant.
Hal, do you think we would need permission to be on school grounds?
Walked the KHS corriders before attending functions this year, let me tell you I got chicken skin each time.
Such memories.
Manny, Geri, Brenda...if meeting at Ala Moana Center this month, please let me know.
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays,
Carol Andrade Gouveia

----- Original Message -----
From: Arline Hirahara Gokan
To: "Hal"
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 4:52 PM
Subject: Statehood Tree

HI All;
Even though I live within walking distance of Kaimuki High, it took me until now to go down and take a couple
of photos of the tree, that I believe to be "Da One".
Took the pix on the Kaimuki Ave. side of Building "D".
Got the restaurant that used to be Beas Drive Inn and the renovated apartment building, as well as the bridge
that runs along Kapiolani Blvd.
I think that the tree is a Shower tree and it is so big that it would take about 3 people to give it a "hug".
See attached.
Sorry not too professional, alls I got is an Olympus.


----- Original Message -----
From: gdigmon
To: hal
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 10:06 AM
Subject: Ala Moana 9am Sunday, Dec. 20.

Harold, Manny etal, Yes, Manuel Mattos you got it right, see you at Makai Market adjacent to Paradise Cafe,
it will be so good to get together again, so please, whoever wants to join in with great old friends for reminiscing
about our young time or other stimulating matter, no shame, drop in for as long as you like,
we are not particular at our age.
For those who like breakfast, restaurants are open at that hour.
Unfortunately, McDonald's cannot accommodate group sizes in their restaurant.
Manny, you are such a good guy and I'm sure Kamehameha Schools were unaware of the dangerous situation that you
pointed out, they are fortunate to have you.
We had a situation here in Aina Koa when the City Council unbeknownst to the mostly senior citizens residents until it
was too late that the school grounds at Star of the Sea was being rezoned from residential to 60 ft apartment zoning
across the street from their homes for a luxury Senior home.
This group then removed all residents and park users street parking on one side of the Malia street,
creating double parking and congestion on Kilauea Ave. next to the park.
Many seniors and park users were upset with the no parking signs on Malia.
We made numerous calls to the city council, Dept. of Transportion, Mayor's office, Land Use, on behalf of the community
and the buck was passed many times, even the neighborhood board which I was on did not change things.
Anyhow, by ourselves in checking with the department of transportation, we were verbally told that the no parking signs
were not officially on their records, a big surprise to all.
It was bogus parking signs and police officers were issuing tickets on this bogus signs and it was assumed that the developer
had erected the signs on his own volition but he got away with this.
We called the city on it, no luck so after almost a year we started a petition to the city council and mayor and eventually
somehow the city worked with the Senior home to allow parking fronting the senior home.
A newspaper reporter called me and started to argue about the placement of the sign for her article, after her accusations
about the placement I became suspicious and asked what day did she come to the neighborhood to check out the signs.
Guess what, she never did so did not really know what she was talking about,,,,so much for the news media, the article
never materialized and I left a message for the editor to have his reporters do proper research before assumptions.
Unfortunately our gracious senior citizens are so perplexed in how to have community improvements done and cannot
understand why they need to attend so many meetings since once they attend that should be enough and feels our
public service politicians will not listen any way.
Besides many are afraid of retribution to their families.
A common philosophy with our elderly local culture, many do not realize that money drives many of these actions.
Anyway see you at Makai Market on the 20th about 9ish.
Aloha, Gerri DB


----- Original Message -----
From: Bradshaw, Betty Ing
To: Hal
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 8:20 AM
Subject: RE: 12/11/09

Hi all.
Last night my one of my brothers-in-law couldn’t make it to my house for our weekly family dinner.
So I invited a relatively friend who works at the Pentagon to take his place.
She is an accountant named Karen Nakama.
I served the Okinawa potato strings separately, grilled teriyaki scallops, fried rice, and an arugula and fennel salad again.
Lo and behold at dinner we found out she grew up in Kaimuki, went to KIS and KHS and graduated in the class of 1972.
Small world.
She is Okinawan but she said her family kept a lot of the food traditions but she never had the Okinawa potatoes this way.
She ate at least 3 servings.
When I told her that Tsuneo’s butter mochi recipe and a few of mine, including the Okinawa potato strings,
would be in our cookbook she ordered 20 for her relatives.
Ray, Karen is the accountant that Ellen Law lured to join AAGEN to help with the books.

----- Original Message -----
From: manuel mattos jr
To: hal
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 9:36 PM
Subject: RE: 12/10/09

Hi everyone, Manny here.
Gerri are we meeting on Sunday 12-20-09 about 0900hrs, at Ala Moana Shopping Center.
God willing, I will be there.
Maybe we can find a day to meet at our tree.
Brenda, can't wait to hear your tsunami story.
I know I will use it in my program.
Today is the kind of day I live for.
In Keaukaha , is a preschool and Hawaiian speaking school right across the beach.
Last month when all of Keaukaha's school did a tsunami evacuation drill, I found out that both schools were
having all the students walk on the hwy about 3/4 mile until they reached a road that would lead them to the
airport fence.
That was not acceptable to me because by walking on the hwy, all of the preschool and students were in danger
not only from a tsunami, but from vehicles.
I told the schools, they needed another way to get to the Hilo airport fence.
We are talking about over 100 students.
I contacted Kamehameha Schools, who owns all the land in that area.
We all met today and Kam school agreed to clear a walking path from the school to the Airport fence.
In the Samoas, three types of people died, people over 75yrs, children under nine yrs and people that got into
their cars.
As I was driving out of the school the young preschool children were playing.
I waved to them and said to my self, don't have to worry about all of you, you are not going to die in a tsunami.
Yes, today was a good day.
Hope to see all of you on Sunday.
Think and stay young, just me Manny


----- Original Message -----
From: Roy Okano
To: Hal
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2009 11:55 AM
Subject: Re: 12/10/09

Brenda: You're gonna like Sedona.
I was there two years ago.
I did not know that Sedona is the mecca for the supernatural.
I took the helicopter ride and got some beautiful photos.
If you get a chance, go to Jerome.
It is a great little town with an old gold mine "ghost town".
Of course the Grand Canyon was an awesome sight to see.
I went there three times at different times of the day to capture different lighting conditions.
It is an artsy town with lots of galleries.
The old Indian structures with paintings are something to see.
I was there for about a week and enjoyed every minute.

"The human mind is a wonderful thing, but it is so easily influenced by its own imagination."
Roy Okano


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In response to Betty Ann’s query about whether or not my recipe is the “original” tell the prospective buyers that
I never made the stuff the same way twice.
I constantly tried to better the taste of the product.
The so called “ doctored up” batches were experiments that did not further the quest for excellence and were
crossed off my list of potential ingredients.
What I did learn is that new ingredients needed to be added not to overpower the dish but to make a taster think,
“I know it is different but can’t quite identify what is different about it. “
What you will get in the recipe is my base ingredients.


December 10, 2009

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