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Graham Hallett | all galleries >> Galleries >> Landlord's Nightmare > The more I look at this, the cleaner it looks.
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The more I look at this, the cleaner it looks.

Sony Cybershot
1/40s f/2.0 at 9.7mm iso100 full exif

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Mark 20-Apr-2009 01:09
Tweekers don't eat that much.
Bruce 07-Oct-2008 05:40
It's pretty clear those former tenants (and people like them) really need to be behind a chain-link and barbed wire fence somewhere out in the desert..... or at the least in a mental ward.
leeshka 11-Sep-2008 02:06
God, that looks like some of the hovels that I've dealt with in the 10 years I've been doing property management. That poor, poor cleaning person who had to deal with the mess!
Graham Hallett15-Aug-2008 08:56
How many times do I have to say this...."I WAS NOT THE LANDLORD!!!
carolyn 15-Jul-2008 18:21
it looked like no one ever took a bath there and i feel really bad for the kids if they were military you would think they had at least one friend or acquaintence and they would call the police.because really this is wrong and i think u still should for thesake of the kids.also you as the landlord did you do a backround me it looks like the way the windows are allcovered with great detail trash never taken out alot of ordered food tou think they was hiding out.please at least make a report for the kids sake also did they have neighbors did the kids go outside.please atleast ask for the kids i think theres more to this than just nasty tenants.
Gail 13-Feb-2008 12:19
Somewhere, under all that mess, is likely to be a dead body.

Killed by one KFC meal too many.

We had our first eviction last week. They left a mess but nothing like this. Only 30 garbage bags of leftover stuff to get rid of.
Guest 08-Oct-2007 05:24
que asco!
ramrod 27-Sep-2007 19:49
these people are fucking scumbags
Passerby 15-Jul-2007 15:40
I can understand why people would think this gallery is all a fake. It's not. I've read news stories of families who have had their kids taken away because the house was so infested with fleas, the social workers had to wear those CDC quarantine suits just to get into the house to get the kids out. Trash was all over the floor and walls, just like this which as you can imagine is a breeding ground for insects of all kinds.
firefighter 19-Jun-2007 00:49
Guest 10-Jun-2007 16:49
i think they need bigger drawers
Guest 09-Jun-2007 12:48
Disorganized is a thought!
Teresa 08-Jun-2007 23:12
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is possibly the cause for living in utter kaos.
Guest 03-Jun-2007 12:47
Its so bad its funny. But where the hell would you live in there? Did the tenants give an excuse/explanation?!!! Excuse me, off to wash my hands, feel dirty!
clockwork 31-May-2007 22:36
It doesn't excuse the living conditions or the immense filth witnessed in these photos, but I wouldn't be surprised if the person/people that had lived there suffered from a severe form of serious mental/emotional illness. It certainly does not excuse the property damage or the responsibility those people had to keep the property in good clean working order and repair. But I've seen this before, and all I can say is I hope those people get professional help before they leave another f4 path of destruction through someone elses' investment, or hurt their children with that legacy of filth.
.cridrferi. 29-May-2007 19:36
Why shame on me? In context -
(1) I don't live like the people in the photos, which is what these comments are supposed to be about anyway and
(2) I'm actually an advocate for peace. I *go* to peace rallies, I *do* service for those less fortunate than me - in this country and outside of it.
(3) I passed judgment only on what I read. I have no feelings towards the person speaking except my opinion that they were out of turn in what they said. You may feel the same towards what I have written.
(4 and final) What I said about the "every person on the planet" was simply from my observations about GENERAL human nature - both in and outside of the United States. It appeared just as frequently in one as in the others.

Anyway, I again say "EEEEEW!" at this disgusting house and the horrors of the creepy crawly things that most likely live within it. *shudders* (I also apologize for the off-topic comments :) )
Guest 28-May-2007 13:56
I hope they took a security deposit!
Guest 28-May-2007 02:46
Well, the house HAD potential
Xazzaxas 27-May-2007 12:40
"the same can be said for NEARLY EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET" - true. But that doesn't change the fact that the americans remain the icon and the ideal wherereas in some countries it's so rare that you'd have to search for quite a while. Shame on you. Shame on the USA.
.cridrferi. 27-May-2007 08:38
Blech, I still shudder at all of these. I need to shower now, before the creepy crawlies from this place come and eat me through my computer screen >:P

To Zero Signal 1 and 2 - honestly now, why do you think that we -don't- care about those things? Just because we show distaste in how disgusting some people live doesn't mean we don't care about others who are in danger and such. Your claims have nothing to stand on, and it's really people like you, who show dislike and borderline hate for others who continue the path that you speak against. Aside from that, yes - a lot of Americans don't think outside of themselves. Yes - a lot of Americans don't really care what happens in countries have a world away. But, you know, the same can be said for NEARLY EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET. So stop your ignorant judgment and save it for the next Anti-War or Pro-Peace rally. It's more appropriate there.
Guest 26-May-2007 03:43
everything is stacked very artfully...
Deb 26-May-2007 02:46
I feel very bad for you but it does look like they were pigs and then when they knew they were being evicted they had planty of time to screw the place up
empeekay 25-May-2007 17:07
Have you heard the term "mental illness" before? It is so obvious.
Guest 25-May-2007 01:01
well I know where their money went, on take out food, it obviously wasn't going towards rent or cleaning supplies!!!!
Guest 24-May-2007 19:55
"Honey theres nowhere to put my mashed tater bowl from kfc." "Just put it in the silverwear drawer, babe."
Guest 21-May-2007 20:12
Why clean it, sell it as a horror movie set... =P

One thing i´m wondering about, if someone would use explosives in that room, would it be possible to tell?
Guest 21-May-2007 02:33
the cobwebs would have taking quite a while to get to the point....not to mention the tub. So I would say that even if extra trash was added to tick off the landlord they already had a really good start.
OZ Pablo 20-May-2007 14:42
Wots a TWEEKER??
Guest 18-May-2007 19:36
i had a ex that lived like that, the bathroom and kitchen was clean but thats it, tho, they threw away food and cans so it was manily just a bunch of shit the bought from big lots every week
babblepfish 18-May-2007 01:25
Are you sure they LIVED like that or just got pissed off about their impending eviction so they junked up the joint?
Graham Hallett17-May-2007 23:55
These "pepole" were NOT on drugs I assure you. I lived next door to them. I would have known. For a start, they only earned enough to feed their KFC habit.
Guest 17-May-2007 21:41
This Should be a good ejacational tool for all those that are thinking about or that have ever done drugs, This is a meth and crak house. Hum guess more pepole need to know what drugs can do to pepole. Pass these photos on to a anti drug org. Might help some young pepole.
Zero Signal with a Goatee 17-May-2007 05:17
Zero Signal you have absolutely amazing insight. I don’t even know what to say. How in the world can anyone ever again post anything but dribble or worthless babble after what you just wrote. It’s obvious that you’re a scholar of unbelievable magnitude, your intelligence and reasoning have no earthly equal. When you randomly interject your much-needed opinions, which is quite often I’m sure, how do you not leave a complete and utter path of destruction after your departure from the average man’s forum?
I'm sure that every time you post your thoughts homeruns closely follow.
Bravo! Bravo!
I truly believe the comments you've just posted will solve every American and Middle Eastern problem. It’s quite possible that this world will never be the same again. In fact, more importantly, you very well may have just told a new story worthy of the Star Wars franchise. Episode 7 maybe?
I’m actually crying right now, so I have no other choice but to wrap this up. If more of us would just admit that Americans are actually the cause of other people’s ignorance, and the true reason fundamental radicals commit murderous rampages, we could truly keep the young hawk hunters safely from the aspiring jihadists. We need to stop worrying about nonsense like individual responsibility and truth, or even messy apartments because our children no longer have pride for this great country. It’s America’s responsibility to keep the rage and hatred out of the innocent eyes of young hawk hunters everywhere, otherwise our doom is right around the corner.
Please remember our troops would much rather be attacked by the peaceful and kind insurgents only use highly trained hawks, than by the seasoned fully honed, vehement aspiring, jihadists. They often use AK-47’s and IUD’s instead of hunting birds.
Puker 17-May-2007 02:06
Simply amazing! An ex-friend of mine back in the early 90's lived like that. When I saw their living conditions I said never again. Like my mother used to say, trash begets trash, and there's plenty of it here. After seeing all this I need to take a shower. Ewww...
Guest 16-May-2007 23:08
Yo zero, I was not trying to insult you...

Koon Arse

(that was me with the parish thing)
Guest 16-May-2007 23:06
perish means death, unless you were thinking that in hte first place......

someone from Louisiana
Guest 16-May-2007 23:05
It's Parish you dum dum.......
Graham Hallett16-May-2007 21:02
Zero Signal...I have never read so much crap as your post in all my life. Get a life.
PMVail 16-May-2007 16:31
This is, I am sad to say, not even in my top 5 dirty ass places I have seen.
Zero Signal 16-May-2007 07:25
The question is why do you care so much about this and not this countries impending doom?Really people is this what upsets you and gets a reaction. At this moment in a desert somewhere in a far away place a 10yr. old is learning to hunt with a hawk. His eyes gleaming with rage and hatred. His will being honed by vehement aspiring jihadists. What did you teach your 10yr. old today about pride for this great country that surrounds us. So many people take for granted that we may move about county to county, perish to perish, state to state so easily. No military checkpoints with snipers in wait. No real anarchy on the streets like across the pond hell bound where our troops are.
guest 16-May-2007 02:45
i honestly think the tinfoil is an uncanny approach to keeping everything else around it from going up in flames
Guest 15-May-2007 20:50
look at all that tin foil. i wounder what they used that for..... im betting crack! A tweeker would have clean up.
lee 15-May-2007 19:50
its sad that people can live in this mess, its also sad that the landlord, does'nt do regular visits to there propertys. then maybe this could have not been so much of a mess
w olstad 15-May-2007 13:39
I owned several propertys in a collage town. i had some bad ones, so bad that we had filled up a grain truck 3 times before we could even walk through the place, my sympathys goes out to you.
w olstad 15-May-2007 13:38
I owned several propertys in a collage town. i had some bad ones, so bad that we had filled up a grain truck 3 times before we could even walk through the place, my sympathys goes out to you.
RickW 14-May-2007 22:52
One of the several reasons I'm no longer a landlord. This mess looks only moderately worse than what I was left with when 3 students moved out of one of my places.
Guest 14-May-2007 19:47
What do they put in KFC to make folks live like that?
Guest 14-May-2007 16:26
This can't be for real, can it? HOW could anyone live like this? It honestly doesn't even seem possible. I think the tenants must have done this on purpose somehow, or is it possible that homeless were coming in and using the place as a garbage dump?
ill give u 10$ for some head 14-May-2007 08:24
i bet it cost them like 30 thousand dollars just to make that big of a mess over time, with all the damn fast food and shit............ im too broke to live that messy lol
Guest 14-May-2007 08:18
I think they might have some problem with the Landlord and they are doing this on purpose.
Does not look like they live there alot, just eating and dumping the trash there!
Guest 14-May-2007 07:43
notice how the salt and pepper shakers are where there supposed to be
cadburyho 14-May-2007 07:41
I think this guy didn't bother to clear his rubbish. All the accumulations. Uurgh~
Rogue 14-May-2007 05:13
I wonder if they got their security deposit back?
John Laury 14-May-2007 05:04
It's really amazing that people can live in that sort of mess... It's a pride issue as far as I'm concerned. I just bought my first house about a year ago, and I take pride in my property both inside and out. That's certainly a convincing argument against buying "investment" property and becoming a landlord for sure. Honestly, if that was my mess to clean up, I'd call in the pros and dole out the cash to have it cleaned (and chase the previous tenant for the cost as well as the inevitable legal fees... jeez, what a mess, I feel sorry for ya!
Guest 13-May-2007 22:08
Look at the black mess around one of the stove burners. I don't even wanna guess what that is or what it once was. I can understand a little bit of clutter...but don't mess with food! Throw the un-eaten stuff (and its containers) away!
Tigerkiller 13-May-2007 15:44
Honestly, the landlord should thank his lucky stars a fire didn't start up.
Guest 12-May-2007 17:36
I don't think I could've made a mess this big even if I tried.
guest 12-May-2007 17:11
Jesus Christ on a stick!!! That might be one of the most messed up appartements I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of them. Thankfully in Finland there is usually a clause in the rent agreement that states that if the appartement is not left in the same condition as it was rented, They ones leaving will have to pay for a professional cleaners to fix it up.

Theres something to think about....
angeline 12-May-2007 16:03
im so sorry you have to deal with all that! i feel sorry for the people that live there. must be in a dark mental place.
angeline 12-May-2007 16:03
im so sorry you have to deal with all that! i feel sorry for the people that live there. must be in a dark menatl place.
Guest 12-May-2007 02:38
Guest 12-May-2007 02:17
Dear GOD. and I thought MY house was cluttered... don't worry, I don't leave garbage around, it's usually just junk mail and my kid's toys that seem to be everywhere. But DEAR GOD. how can someone stand to LIVE in that?!?
Guest 11-May-2007 22:47
I will never eat KFC again. Seems like these scumbags did their grocery shopping there.
Guest 11-May-2007 22:32
Don't know why but i've got some fast food cravings!
Guest 11-May-2007 17:23
HEY! I see trashbags everywhere!
Edward Bogard 01-May-2007 05:08
Hey Graham, How would someone even get through this place? Did they ever hear of trashbags?
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