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FujiFilm FinePix S100FS Product Photos
FujiFilm FinePix S100FS Information and Samples
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Press Release


Advanced Prosumer Model Offers DSLR Control and Functionality

Valhalla, NY, January 24, 2008 FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. today unveiled the FinePix S100FS (Film Simulation) digital camera, its most advanced SLR-styled camera to date. The FinePix S100FS provides an all-in-one solution for photo enthusiasts and advanced amateur photographers seeking the manual controls and functionality of a Digital-SLR, without the hassle and expense of additional lenses and other accessories.

The FinePix S100FS is equipped with a 14.3x Fujinon manual zoom lens, Fujifilm's 8th generation Super CCD sensor with 11 MegaPixels, RP III processor, 2.5" tiltable LCD and ISO capabilities of up to ISO 6400 at 6 MegaPixels and an incredible ISO 10,000 at 3 MegaPixels. Photographers will appreciate the ease of use afforded by Dual Image Stabilization which combines optical image and picture stabilization, and Fujifilm's acclaimed Face Detection 2.0 Technology with Automatic Red Eye Removal, while enjoying a wide dynamic range of 100-400% typically exclusive to the highest-end D-SLR cameras, and film simulation modes that only Fujifilm can provide.

"This camera benefits from the culmination of Fujifilm's 8th generation Super CCD and 3rd generation RP (Real Photo) Processor technology development," said David Troy, senior product manager, Consumer Digital Cameras, Electronic Imaging Division, FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. "This powerful combination allows the S100FS, with its wide dynamic range, to capture the subtleties in color, tone and detail to deliver perfect shot conditions every time."

One-Of-A-Kind Lens Design for a One-Of-A-Kind Camera

Through a unique collaboration among Fujifilm and Fujinon R&D engineers, the development team approached the design effort as a single project, creating the lens and CCD for express function as a single unit. This design allows the ultra-high precision Fujinon lens to achieve maximum resolution at all focal lengths of 28mm-400mm equivalent and aperture stop settings. Because of the composite body and lens structure, there is no penetration of dirt and dust onto the CCD of a bright F 2.8 (wide angle) or F5.3 (telephoto).

A Feature Set Borrowed From the S5 Pro

Fujifilm's engineers have incorporated some of the FinePix S5 Pro's features that have been most appreciated by professional photographers, including film simulation modes and settings that expand the camera's dynamic range. The FinePix S100FS has an extended dynamic range (100% , 200% , 400% ) that is similar to that of negative film, thanks to the newly developed 2/3" 11.1 megapixel SuperCCD VIII "HR" and the new RP Processor III. This camera prevents overexposure and underexposure, regardless of whether the subject is a landscape or a portrait, and Fujifilm's unique Film Simulation modes (FS) allow photographers to select the ideal "film" mode for the scene with a choice of four modes that optimize for portraiture, low-contrast (soft), vibrant colors (Velvia), or general use (Provia). Only Fujifilm has developed its camera technology from its photographic heritage in film which uniquely gives subtle changes in tone and color reproduction to provide the photographer the widest technical range for the best creative expression possible.

Face Detection 2.0 with Automatic Red Eye Removal

Fujifilm's proprietary Face Detection 2.0, featuring Automatic Red Eye Removal, debuted on the award-winning FinePix F50fd. This one-touch selectable mode enables cameras such as the FinePix S100FS to detect up to 10 human faces in a scene, correcting focus, exposure and white balance automatically as fast as 0.05 seconds to ensure that photos of human faces are clear and properly exposed, no matter where subjects are located within the frame. Fujifilm's Face Detection 2.0 has an advantage over the other face detection systems currently on the market because it can identify faces at extreme angles - even in full profile. The system allows for up to a 90 O movement in either direction for profiles and up to 135 O for leaning or lying down in either direction, for a total range of 270 O.

The Automatic Red-Eye Removal feature works in conjunction with Fujifilm's Face Detection 2.0, automatically correcting red-eye directly after the shot is taken and then saving both the original image and the corrected file. The user can then perform a side-by-side picture comparison in playback mode and select the most pleasing image.

Other noteworthy features found on the FinePix S100FS include:

- Dual Image Stabilization: The FinePix S100FS features Fujifilm's Dual Image Stabilization technology to ensure clean, sharp and blur-free images, even in low-light conditions. This combines image stabilization through a mechanically stabilized "floating" lens element to reduce blur from the photographer's hand-shake, with Fujifilm's Picture Stabilization Technology, to reduce blur caused by subject movement, for the ultimate in stabilization technology.

- Multi-Bracketing Function: The S100FS has three bracketing functions useful for high level photography: Film Simulation Bracketing, Dynamic Range Bracketing and AE Bracketing.

- High-Speed Shooting: Reliable high-speed performance is possible through Fujifilm's newly developed Super CCD VIII "HR" and the new image processor RP (Real Photo) III Processor. At 3-MegaPixels, a maximum of 50 continuous shots at 7 frames/second is possible. In addition, 14 scene settings and customer settings can be selected, as can four auto-focus modes offer convenient high-speed, high-precision shooting and focusing for a diverse range of conditions.

- Image Formats: Capture images in both JPEG and RAW format.
- Movie Mode: Movie mode with sound at 30 frames per second in VGA quality, and zoom capable with manual zoom ring while in movie mode.

- xD/SD/SD-HC Compatible Slot: The FinePix S100FS features an "xD/SD Compatible Slot" which accepts not only Fujifilm's traditional xD-Picture Cards but also Secure Digital (SD) and SD-High Capacity/SD-HC cards too.

- 2.5: Tiltable LCD: The FinePix s100FS features a tilting 2.5" LCD that makes it easy to frame shots from a variety of shooting positions.

The FinePix S100FS will debut in February 2008 at a retail price of $799.95.

About FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc.

FUJIFILM U.S.A. Inc., is a marketing subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, providing digital and analog photographic Imaging Systems, Recording/Storage Media and Motion Picture Film products and services to consumers, professionals and businesses. For more information on Fujifilm U.S.A. products, customers can call 800-800-FUJI or visit . To receive news and information direct from Fujifilm U.S.A. via RSS, subscribe free at .


Fujifilm Corporation (NASDAQ:FUJI) brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of imaging industries including medical, life sciences, consumer electronic, chemical, graphic arts, information systems, photography and office products based on its vast portfolio of digital, optical, fine chemical and thin film coating technologies. It was ranked number 15 for U.S. patents granted in 2006, employs more than 75,000 people worldwide and in the year ended March 31, 2007, had global revenues of $23.6 billion. For more information, please visit

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FinePix S100fs Digital Camera – Specifications*

Number of Effective Pixels

11.1 million pixels

CCD Sensor

2/3-inch Super CCD HR

Storage Media

Internal memory (approx. 25MB) /
xD-Picture Card™ (16MB - 2 GB)
SD memory card / SDHC memory card

File Formats

Still image : JPEG (Exif Ver 2.2 )
Uncompressed CCD-RAW (RAF format, RAW conversion software included in CD-ROM).
Movie : AVI (Motion JPEG ) with sound
Audio: WAVE format, Monaural sound
(Design rule for Camera File system compliant / DPOF-compatible)

Number of Recorded Pixels

Still image : 3,840 x 2,880 / 4,032 x 2,688 (3:2 format) / 2,816 x 2,112 / 2,048 x 1,536 / 1,600 x 1,200 / 640x480 pixels
Movie: 640 x 480 pixels, 320 x 240 pixels (30 frames/sec.) with monaural sound


Fujinon 14.3x Optical zoom lens , F2.8 (Wide) - F5.3 (Telephoto)

Lens Focal Length

f=7.1mm - 101.5mm, Equivalent to 28 - 400mm on a 35mm camera

Digital Zoom

Approx 2.0x

Aperture F2.8 - F11 (Wide) / F5.3 - F11 (Telephoto) max. 13 steps in 1/3 EV increment


Focusing Distance


Normal :
Wide angle :Approx. 50cm / 1.6 ft to infinity
Telephoto :Approx. 2.5m / 8.2 ft to infinity

Wide angle: Approx. 10cm / 0.3 in. to 3m / 9.8 ft.
Telephoto: Approx. 90cm / 3.0 ft to 3m / 9.8 ft.
Super Macro: Approx 1cm / 0.4 in. to 1m / 3.3 ft.


Auto / Auto (1600) / Auto (800) / Auto (400) / Equivalent to ISO 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 /
1600 / 3200 / 6400 / 10000 (Standard Output Sensitivity)
*ISO 6400: 6M pixels or lower, ISO 10000: 3M pixels or lower (Number of recorded pixels)

Exposure Control

TTL 256-zones metering

Exposure Modes Programmed AE, Apeture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual

Shooting Modes

Mode dial: Auto, FSB, SP1, SP2, C1, C2, P, A, S, M, Movie
SP1: Nature, Nature-soft, Nature-Vivid, Flower
SP2: Portrait, Portrait-soft, Baby, Portrait Enhancer, Sport, Night, Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach,
FSB: Film Simulation Bracketing
C1/C2: Custom setting position

Image Stablilizer Lenz-shift type

Shutter Speed

AUTO mode : 1/4 sec. to 1/4000 sec.
All other modes : 30 sec. To 1/4000 sec.
Bulb mode : Up to 30 sec.

Continuous Shooting


Top-7: (max. 3 frames/sec), (CCD-RAW: Top-3)
Top-50: High speed (max. 7 frames/sec., 3M pixels)
Last 7: (max. 3 frames/sec.), (CCD-RAW: Last-3)
Long-period: (max. 1.1 frames/sec.)

Bracketing Mode

Film Simulation BKT (Provia, Velvia, Soft)
Dynamic Range BKT (DR 100%, 200%, 400%)
AE BKT (1/3EV, 2/3EV, 1EV)


Auto focus (Area, Multi, Center) / Continuous AF / Manual focus
(One-push AF mode included) AF assist illuminator available

White Balance

Automatic scene recognition
Preset (Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White), Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light), Custom


Approx. 10 sec./ 2 sec. delay



Auto flash
Effective range : (ISO AUTO (800)) :
Normal : Wide: Approx. 0.6m / 2.0 ft. to 7.2m / 23.6 ft.
Telephoto: Approx. 2.5m / 8.2 ft. to 3.8m / 12.5 ft.
Macro: Wide : Approx. 0.3m / 1.0 ft. to 0.8m / 2.6 ft.
Telephoto : Approx. 0.9m / 3.0 ft. To 1.3m / 4.3 ft.

Flash mode:
Red-eye removal OFF: Auto, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro
Red-eye removal ON: Auto, Red-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Red-eye Reduction & Slow Synchro.

Electronic Viewfinder

0.2-inch, approx. 200,000 dots FLCD monitor
(R/G/B colors are displayed in a single pixel)

LCD Monitor

2.5-inch, approx. 230,000 dots, Amorphous silicon TFT color LCD monitor (WV type), approx. 100% coverage

Movie Recording

640 x 480 pixels, 30 frames/sec.
320 x 240 pixels, 30 frames/sec.
With monaural sound

PhotographyFunctions Film Simulation mode, Dynamic range selection, Face detection (with Red-eye removal), High speed shooting, Best framing, Frame No. memory, Histograms

Playback Functions

Face detection (with Red-eye removal), Multi-frame playback including Micro thumbnail mode, Trimming, Image rotate, Slide show, Sorting by date, Histograms (Highlight warning), Voice memo, Automatic Vertical-Horizontal detection

Video Output

NTSC / PAL selectable

Digital Input/ Output USB 2.0 High-speed

Power Supply

Rechargeable NP-140 Li-ion battery (included) / AC power adapter AC-84V (sold separately)


133.4 (W) x 93.6 (H) x 150.4 (D) mm / 5.2 (W) x 3.7 (H) x 5.9 (D) in.
(excluding accessories and attachments)


Approx. 918g / 32.4 oz. (excluding accessories, batteries and memory card)

Accessories Included Li-ion battery NP-140, Battery charger BC-140, Shoulder strap, Lens cap, Lens cap cord, A/V cable, USB cable, CD-ROM: FinePix Viewer (RAW conversion function included), Owner's Manual

* Specifications subject to change without notice.

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