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Al Aqsa: Faith Transforming a Philadelphia Neighborhood

Images in my pbase galleries are Copyright 2005-2007. All rights reserved.

This gallery is part of a larger ethnographic study of all 83 congregations on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia that I am working on with Dr Katie Day from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. (See )
These photos document in detail the work done by a group of artists and muralists who, during the summer and early fall of 2004, designed a new facade for the Al Aqsa Islamic Society in the South Kensington section of Philadelphia. Included here also are photos of members of the Al Aqsa community - most notably students from the primary school and high school that comprise Al-Aqsa Academy. (see )
The photos were taken in one or two week intervals between July and November 2004. Unfortunately, because of the way the project was structured they are not in chronological order.
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AlAqsaFacadeFrntSW.jpg 2-NamesTiles2.jpg AlAqsaJoeWStrng.jpg 99NamesFrntClsUp.jpg
2-99NamesTiles3.jpg 99Names1.jpg AlAqsaFrntVwClsUp.jpg AlAqsaSWCrnr3.jpg
AlAqsaBkStr.jpg CathWFcdPlan.jpg 99NamesFrnt.jpg JoeHarveyOnScfld2.jpg
AlAqsaTileApprnt.jpg AlAqsaSWCrnr.jpg ImamSonClsUp.jpg AlAqsaCrftMn1.jpg
JoeHarveyOnScfld3.jpg AlAqsaFacadeSo.jpg CDCDir.jpg ImamWalking.jpg
FcdPrep3Aug04.jpg JoeHarveyOnScfld.jpg AlAqsaFrntVwSep04.jpg BROSLtrs.jpg
FacdPrepSWLft.jpg AlAqsawArtists.jpg AlAqsaCrftmen3.jpg 2-99NamesTile.jpg
AlAqsaColmDtleClsUp.jpg AlAqsaFrntUp.jpg AlAqsaBusDrvr.jpg AlAqsaWide4Sep04.jpg
2BoysOutside.jpg NabilCoatStv.jpg FacdPrepAug04.jpg FacdPrepFrntBlnk.jpg
MustPrin.jpg AlAqsaWideSep04.jpg AlAqsaWide7Sep04.jpg JoeOnScfld.jpg
ImamSonSmlimg.jpg AlAqsaFacadeNWCrnr.jpg AlAqsaCathPntng.jpg NabilCkStf.jpg
SHUMANLtrs.jpg AlAqsaFacadeFrntSW4.jpg AlAqsaWide2Sep04.jpg AlAqsaFacadeFrntW.jpg
FacdPrepFrntLftRt.jpg 99Names.3.jpg 99names.5.jpg 4-99NamesTiles.jpg
AlAqsaFacadeFrntSW2.jpg 99Names.2.jpg AlAqsaFacadeFrntSW3.jpg FacdPrep2Aug04.jpg
AlAqsaSWCrnr4.jpg HrvyJoeScfld.jpg TileDiamonds1.jpg 99Names.4.jpg
RenoWkrs1.jpg PortalsOfPeace1.jpg AlAqsaPeaceTile.jpg ArabcTileClsUp.jpg
2AlAqsaGrls2.jpg 2GrlsInShdw.jpg 2GrlsNoShdw.jpg 3AlAqsaGrls.jpg
3PlstnWmn2.jpg 3Wmn.jpg 3WmnPsng.jpg AAAFldTrp.jpg
AdabClgrphr.jpg AdabWPlstnWmn.jpg AlAqsaFacdSEVw.jpg AlAqsaFcdNEVw.jpg
AlAqsaGrl1.jpg Clgrphr1.jpg DualTls1.jpg FnlTls.jpg
FnlTls2.jpg FnshngSgn2.jpg FnshngTles.jpg FnshngTles2.jpg
Glur1.jpg JoeAdabFadwa.jpg 2PlstnWmn1Crpd.jpg JoeMsrng.jpg
JoeMsrngWClgr.jpg JoePlcngTrnsTle.jpg KeystonTle.jpg LvngSchl.jpg
MvngScfldng.jpg NabilFcd.jpg PaxPrtl1.jpg PaxPrtl2.jpg
RspnsvTle.jpg SmlPaxPrtl.jpg WmnSmlng.jpg BoyWBrshPcePrtl.jpg
LanceCrwPcePrtl.jpg VicPatrPcePrtl.jpg PntngBluDr.jpg ThreePrtls.jpg
DblDoor.jpg FacadeNoEaFnl.jpg FrontDoors.jpg PeacePrtlEmpty.jpg
PeacePrtlHope.jpg PeacePrtlLove.jpg PeacePrtlPeace.jpg SmlDoor.jpg
FacadeNoEaFnl.jpg 5GrlsWFtBl2.jpg BoysBBall.jpg PkngLotWdVw.jpg
PollingSign.jpg 2Grls1OnSld2.jpg 2GrlsBlkWht2Crpd.jpg 2GrlsGrnNck2.jpg
2GrlsInWhtScrvs.jpg 2GrlsRedJckt2.jpg 2GrlsWTchr2.jpg 2of9GrlsInPlagrnd.jpg
3GrlsWall2.jpg 3GrlsInBlu2.jpg 4GrlsTbl2.jpg 7GrlsTbl2.jpg
9GrlsTbl2.jpg 9GrlsInPlagrnd2.jpg BBallCrt2.jpg BBallCrt2.jpg
GrlInBlk2Crpd.jpg SusanAbdur.jpg 5of7GrlsTbl.jpg 3GrlsInBluClsUp2.jpg
3of9GrlsInPlagrnd.jpg 2of5of9GrlsTbl.jpg 5of9GrlsTbl.jpg The Finished Work
2Boys1GrlFrntPrtl.jpg 6KdsPrtl.jpg AbdurUnID.jpg BoysFrntPrtl.jpg
FadwaAdacKathEtAl.jpg GrlPkng.jpg GrpShtFrml2.jpg GrpShtFrnlTall2Crpd.jpg
GrpShtKidsBckgrnd.jpg GrWGrnNcklce.jpg JoeWChldrn.jpg KathrnSusan.jpg
PhotoShtPrep.jpg SofiaProfl.jpg SofiaSusanJoe.jpg SofiaWSgn.jpg
SusanAdabJoe.jpg 1GrlInWhtScrf2.jpg FcdeNEVw.jpg Al Aqsa Mural and Facade Dedication Nov 15, 2004
:: Al Aqsa Mural and Facade Dedication Nov 15, 2004 ::
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