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Francesco Sinibaldi 03-Oct-2022 15:51
While death is walking alone.
( third version )

Like fear that
is shown in
the sound of
a permanent
weeping, through
the light of
frightened eyes
and then in
the shades of
a sullen present:
here comes the
death, carefully
dressed while
a different smile
is describing
the pain.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Francesco Sinibaldi 11-Aug-2022 15:45

While death is walking alone.
( other version )

Like fear that
is shown in
the sound of
a permanent
weeping, through
the light of
frightened eyes
and then in
the shades of
a sullen present:
here comes the
death, carefully
dressed and with
a different smile...

Francesco Sinibaldi
Francesco Sinibaldi 24-May-2022 15:44
Una imagen viva.
( third version )

Amistoso canto
en el vivo
rayo de la fresca
mañana y una
rima templada
de nuevo regresa
cuando el sol,
besando los setos
y la dulce llanura,
exulta gozoso como
un soplo de luz:
siento la dicha en
mi frío corazón,
escucho el sonido
de ese viento

Francesco Sinibaldi
Francesco Sinibaldi 24-May-2022 15:44
Una imagen viva.
( third version )

Amistoso canto
en el vivo
rayo de la fresca
mañana y una
rima templada
de nuevo regresa
cuando el sol,
besando los setos
y la dulce llanura,
exulta gozoso como
un soplo de luz:
siento la dicha en
mi frío corazón,
escucho el sonido
de ese viento

Francesco Sinibaldi
Francesco Sinibaldi 04-Jan-2022 16:54
The candor of the summer.
( last version )

For the breath
of a soft wind
leaves me giving
the rhymes of
the joyful birdies
and so, out of nowhere,
happiness returns
in the light of her
smile, with the
lasting impression
of an infinite love:
I can find in the
darkness the trace
of a luminous

Francesco Sinibaldi
richard l saylor 11-Feb-2021 21:15
Hi. I was at NKP 68'-Jul 69' Worked in the Gun shop. My Email is .Richard Saylor
Francesco Sinibaldi 20-Dec-2020 13:07
Torno in Belgio e inserisco il secondo passaggio.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Guest 30-Nov-2020 17:55
I'm a County Veterans Service Officer in IN trying to help an Army veteran who visited U Tapapo on a regular basis in 1967. He has several presumptive conditions of Agent Orange but was not a dog handler or fence walker. Question: 1) Was the perimeter road paved, gravel, or dirt? 2) Were the areas around the gates sprayed with AO? 3) Was the Officer's Club located within 500 yards of the base perimeter? Many thank for any replies. D. Randall
Francesco Sinibaldi 26-Nov-2020 16:19
Comunico che sto per iniziare.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Francesco Sinibaldi 09-Oct-2020 21:23
Attribuisco al presente sito il nome di “ Sito celato “.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Guest 09-May-2020 13:50
Mike Jones Udorn 70-71 432 puppy pusher handled Buck 12M3 . Still around and kickin email
John Smallwood 09-May-2020 02:53
My name is John D Smallwood. I served at Udorn from October 1972 until October 1973. I handled Tarzan which was a great dog. I missed him alot when I left Udorn and went to Kunsan Korea. Looking to here from anyone that might remember me. Lost all pictures from there and would appreciate anyone that would have any pictures of me from that base. My email is
Computer 04-Dec-2019 19:19
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George Reischling 07-Nov-2019 19:01

I came upon your name while surfing the net and knew that the above statement would have special meaning for you. Different branches of service, different areas of training but we all worked together to accomplish the same mission and objective. Vietnam has left us all with many memories of those with whom we served and those who didn’t make it back. I served with 3/22nd, 25th Infantry Division out of Tay Ninh as an infantryman. Fought the NVA on the slopes of Nui Ba Den twice with numerous firefights in and around the area bordering the Cambodian border. Remember your Christmas in Vietnam? Mine was spent on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. Awarded Purple Heart and three Bronze Stars with “V”. After 5 months in the field, I was pulled to the 93rd Evac at Long Binh to work with soldiers suffering from combat fatigue. Coming home was one of the most difficult parts of our tours. Over the last 10 years, I chronicled my tour of duty and the response has been overwhelming. There are presently over One Hundred 5 Star Reviews worldwide. It’s free to Amazon Prime members on kindle, Phone, i Pad or download to computer. Courage on the Mountain

Thousands of Vietnam Veterans have proudly endorsed these memoirs. Please check out the website at with the accompanying introduction. It will make you proud for your service and all the men and women who served our country during the Vietnam war.

I proud that you made it home brother! Thank you for your service and May God Bless!
George Reischling
Courage on the Mountain
Paul Jones 17-Jan-2019 17:07
Looking for Dennis Voight who I served with at U-tapoa Thailand in 1971-1972
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IBU SERI 30-Jun-2018 15:40

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DUKUN PESUGIHAN 30-Jun-2018 15:39

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Scott James Soenksen 08-Mar-2018 05:01
My dad, Jim Soenksen was a k-9 handler at Korat 68-69. His dog's name was "Rinny" but his favorite was "King" Although Jim was not "King's" hander, he said the "King" didn't like any handler except for his own. I have pictures of a baseball game and other things from Korat AFB. Also, Jim was guarding the runways at night when an SR-71 came in for an engine swap.
Guest 25-Aug-2017 17:42
GARY LEE: I was a k-9 handler at Karat 69-70. Dogs name was Herman. I got him from Sgt Wade. I saw a post by Ron Rutledge...Hi Ron. My Email address is I'd like to get in on a reunion
Elizabeth Gilligan 16-Apr-2017 19:50
I was married 52 years to Captain John R, Gilligan, supply officer, who was at NKP from May 1968 to May 1969. He died from pancreatic and liver cancer on 18 November 2014.....three and a half weeks after his diagnosis.

I did find the website with Bob Hope's Christmas visit in Sgt. William R. (Bill) Paddock.
Elizabeth Gilligan 16-Apr-2017 19:49
Michael Hare 25-Mar-2017 19:12
I was stationed at NKP in 1974 as the wire chief for the base.
you can contact me at
Guest 17-Jan-2017 21:46
Bob Ralston-----I think I remember you from Udorn. Kilgore is my name. You remember? I handled Thor.
Kenneth G. Reese 21-Nov-2016 19:59
Kenneth G. Reese
NKP Thailand 1967-68 TFA
Special Security Office
I am in search of any of my fellow NKP Vets, who might have been at NKP during this time frame, and worked at TFA. I lived in the Hootches that were adjacent to the perimeter and walked through the jungle to the TFA compound. I have applied for VA Compensation for herbicide poisoning attributing to my Ischemic CAD Heart Disease. My claim has been denied because my heart condition is "not service connected". Have there been any NKP Vets granted compensation for herbicide poisoning or PTSD not connected to SP Dog Handlers? I worked 12 hour shifts and made many trips to the flight line to deliver classified material to Air Force Couriers. Hope everyone has a blessed and Happy Holidays. My email address:
Hans Gaston 26-Sep-2016 19:22
Hans Gaston
Korat AFB 1974 Military Dog Handler Dog King
Utapao AFB 1974-1975 Military Dog Handler Dog Yogi - Picked up from Kadena Afb
J S PEARSON 29-Jun-2016 19:17
Found the site at last. I was at NKP Nov 70 to Feb 71, then got traded to Udorn for a left hander and a player to be named later. I handled Rowdy at NKP. I recognize a lot of the names listed here, but can not put a face or place to them. I returned to Udorn in 73-74 Handled Prince both assignments. Its really great to see the names of the DOG family and to hear how your all doing. Later 'J'

Ken Van Arsdel 02-Mar-2016 20:26
I was TDY at NKP from 12/67 - 11/68, one of the MACV-SOG personnel in the Heavy Hook compound. The Heavy Hook facility was at the core of a multi-fenced area with very limited access. If memory serves, one had to pass through three gated fences to reach the interior. After sundown, the innermost layer of security was manned by a handler and his dog. I can still remember what it was like to approach that final gate after dark. Long before I could make out the fence, I could hear a low, rumbling growl. The dog never actually barked at me, but god almighty, that growl raised the hairs on the back of my neck like nothing before or since. I was told I'd be fine as long as I never stepped off the road, and believe me, I never made a single misstep. I call it, navigation by motivation.
militaire25-Sep-2015 13:07
More beautiful photos like that please:)
Mike Clark 10-Jun-2015 16:28
I was at NKP from 71-72 in the 6908SS. We hid out in Task force alpha Building. had our own secure section inside. Was Vietnamese linguist. Looking at all these pictures from then and what it looks like now brings both good and sadness.

our barracks were up at camp Tarbox away from the main section of camp.
Linus Wade 29-May-2014 13:59
Dog Handler 1969-70 at Korat. My dog was Herman. This site brings back a lot of memories.
Bob Ralston 20-May-2014 13:31
Looking for anyone that's was there in 71-72
Guest 18-May-2014 01:55
Stephen owens again my email is Give me a shout if you see this
stephen owens 18-May-2014 01:51
Stephen Owens 1971 72 Dog handler. Great website brings back memories. For the record I did handle duke and Shannon. I do not remember rex. The paper on the attack was part right but Daggete was the one that shot the sapper. I was on the next post about 50 yds away when it happened. All in all I love the site Thanks for keeping it alive.

This is a tale about how I got to this point and the welcome feeling that I got just reading some of the notes on the website about N.K.P. I guess I had conveniently forgotten about those days.
I arrived at NKPin April of 1971 not having a clue what I doing there. Here I was in K-9 division because I had made the decision at Lackland AFB that I was not police material and instead I volunteered for the K-9 unit. I was 19 years old and had sold everything I had at home because I really did not know if I was coming back. It didn’t take long to get in the groove and fit in with the group.
The people I remember are Bill Gunter, Ogletree, Arnett, Sartin, Westbrooks, Cooper (does anybody remember our K-9 monk), McIntosh, Gerald Sheets, Smoots, Basani, and Cottingham. I can’t remember the name of the witch guy that put a spell on Cooper but I was always very nice to him. I looked through some old photos this weekend and was surprised I remembered this many people and their names.
About two months ago when school was still in my niece was required interview someone from the Vietnam War to write a report on. Before she came over to interview me I was trying to re-familiarize myself with the area around NKP when I came across a few websites about Thailand. I was really surprised at the number of websites I found. At first, I thought who would care about what we were doing and where we were 40 years ago. Are these people living in the past or what? It wasn’t long before I started thinking back to those days and realized how few people really cared what happened in Thailand. This made me realize how important it was to keep up the memories of the times we had.
All the memories of old friends and places we use to go have often kept me up at night. I remember going to the nickel slots at the NCO club, the 20 cent Olympia beer and the 17 cent cigarettes. I preferred the 2.00 pack that looked like Salems). Does anyone remember Noey, the bar tender at the bar. I also remember the lady who sold the food at the main gate and the outdoor walk-in theater with the hooch area after a Bruce Lee movie.
How about the perimeter, the drop zone during an inflight emergency and stingers shining that bright light on you saying here I am to the panthers and cobras. I learned one thing pretty quickly, do not shine your flash light. I also remember racing down the perimeter road in the deuce while posting to see which truck would make it back first. The old dog food utility can. Good seat and carried everything you needed.
Okay, I don’t really know where to stop but I will end this now sorry for the writing in circles but when I think back all kind of things are rushing into my mind.

I am going to post some photos when i get them put on a disk. My phone number is 251-209-7624 e-mail
6701 keese court
Mobile alabama 36695
clarence w prater 05-Jul-2012 22:45
c.prater 67/68 supply in command capt smokey t Ellis chief mtsg davis,snrmtsg dwyer, I worked for tsgt Trujillo, other sgt woods. princes bar/civilizz club jonnies bungalo off limets, the stake house niko all down town nkp, a little place at the bus stop cafe type don't remember the name.
Harold L. Hartford 04-Jul-2012 21:57
Harold Hartford, Here with the 635th SPS Canine 1972-1973. A few of us came from Kunsan Korea to U-Tapao in late 1972. My dogs were Sport who placed a lifelong scar on my left arm with his four canine teeth. Tiki and I patrolled together during my time at U-Tapao Steve Hughes was my sgt, a very nice guy. I recall one post we worked where the mortar shell casing would fall back to earth after shot 500 or so feet into the air and light up the night sky. As the shell casing fell back, they would make this load sound as if a bomb was falling right on your head. We would run looking for cover but there was none to be found. Some of the guys would collect them and the parachutes and place them up in there room areas. During the heavy rain we would set on our MSD cans and our ponchos over us and our canine partners until pick-up time in the morning. Sometimes during the late evening when all was quite in a star lite ski a trip flair would pop off killing your night vision and you hoped the guys in the towers did not open fire on you and your dog. Once the SAT teams arrived we would take a slow walk forward to the perimeter to check for a possible zappers. Thank GOD, I never ran into one, who would write this story to remember fun times. Then you would turn to walk back up to the road and view armor vehicles with security personnel aimed in, in your direction. Something here is very wrong you would find yourself saying. One time I recall someone firing off a slap flair into the night ski to lite up the area and the load sound in the still of the night while you were at point would almost make you shit your uniform. Sometimes they were called for to burn off the high grass in some areas and sometimes because it was the 4th of July, new year’s or something. I seem to recall a loss of hair on my arm after the shot was made into the air. Zappers did hit the base a few months prior to my arrival and the guys were a bit on edge or should I say ready for anything as the B-52’s were bombing hard in North Vietnam. Some were returning shot up never to fly again. I seem to recall we lost a total of 18 B-52’s, but they may have been just from our base I am not sure. Most night tours went without incident, but some nights will never leave us. We were the only security team to wear the brats with our canine patch units name on them as no other security units at the time were permitted to wear them, Only Canine handlers.
clarence w prater 02-Jul-2012 04:52
my name is clarence w prater I was at NKP Feb 1967 to Feb 1968. My first day there was out on the flight line sweeping the gravel off the psp run way,with all personal from col to airmen using shovels and brooms. I was assinged to BEMO/EMO 56th supply sq, Inventory management, I went to every org on base and inventoried all government property from chairs to guns by stock numbers to searial # on weapons.before I left NKP I ordered random drilled bowling balls and bowling pins for a three lane bowling alley. Nkp realy changed after 1969.
Jennings 24-Jun-2012 22:21
I was in the in the Air Force 1966 thru 1970
I was assigned to the 432 FMS Repair an Reclamation Group.
MAJOR Repairs performed F4C,DS RF4, AIE

Does anyone remember the blue moon bar.

Paul Casteel 24-Jan-2012 02:53

For those who may be looking for CAT 75-76, K9, Tiger Flight, Cobra Flight, Or the recovery of the downed bird at Camp Roberts, i am back on line. I have missed my brothers for too long from U-Tapao.
Bob Stinson 10-Dec-2011 19:05
I was one of the first permanent air force groups. I was there 1965. A1C Bob Stinson and would like to hear from any if the magnificent 11 in supply.
Mike Wilcox 16-Nov-2011 00:31
Mike Wilcox Ubon Oct 72 -73 Bobo was my dog-

Ralph Crosby Not sure if it's me you're asking about but I chain smoked back then 1 off the other.
Be glad to hear from any of the old group.
Guest 11-Nov-2011 20:00
george conklin
address ans email below in last comment
Guest 11-Nov-2011 19:59
keep in touch....I'm back!
box 902 fort benton, MT 59442
Frank Hall 18-Oct-2011 17:10
Lost track of the internet sight until trying to track down Steve Valentine. Udorn 70-71. Dog Sarge.
Peacock 01-Oct-2011 20:28
Hello to anyone who remembers ole Peacock 635 th
Larry Cook 25-Jul-2011 02:47
I was at Phouc Vinh in 1970 ,where a former scout dog ,Tasha, was left in my care. He had been saved from being put down (he had become too aggressive ). If anyone out there knows anything about Tasha 58X1, or was his handler ,I would be interested in hearing from you . When I DEROSED Dec of 1970 , I left Tasha with whom I thought would take the best care of him. I am thankful that some one disobeyed the order to put him down. You can reach me at .
Ed Murphy 06-Jul-2011 21:36
I handles Tag "the wonderdog", X933, from 6/69-7/70. Remember more dog names than handlers. Knew Phil Ilaoa like everybody does. He must have been there for 5 or 6 years.Hung out with "Milo", Gino Cervantes,Fraley, Valente,Donaldson,remember Miller, Stafford, Kaltenbach,Bingle,several others, K-9 was a breed of our own.While Vic Shelton was there, K-9 ran the place, anybody else remember it that way?
Guest 01-Jul-2011 21:13
Dear James Caldwell,
I'm sorry that I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I received your e-mail from your wife about the barrels and I was glad that you seen them. I've been pretty sick here lately, one Dr. Told me that I was a walking dead man. Another Dr. Told me I should be 6 feet underground and that was while I was on the operating table. I do believe it was caused by the stuff they used overseas. James do you remember them using other people to help guard the base perimeter?
if you do remember or if you know someone that does please let me know it, be cause it sure would help. You can reach me at
steve hughes 15-Jun-2011 01:47
Jim Garcia please contact me. Steve Hughes K-9 Utapao 72-73 also would like to hear from robert hughes, Devalle, Noonan,Fred guidry get back in touch with me, any other k-9 also SPS charner, slater, wagner
AF1891975905-Jun-2011 02:06
Michael (snake) Houghton, 56th SPS, 69/70, email,, is anybody out there (old friends).
Rothe,Sp/4 01-Jun-2011 03:31
Dean: Worked with Champ Y070, at Camp market. 1976-77 will trade photos of your era with some of mine . Champ was great dog. War Dog certified. from Japan to Thailand to Seoul/Kimpo
Allen Workman 29-Apr-2011 17:30
Hello all! Name is Allen Workman and was at NKP with the 56th SPS in 1973-74. Great to see all the photos and relive some great memories. Served on the perimeter in towers and on some entry points of the flightline. After making NCO was a sector supervisor, mostly in Bravo and Charlie sectors. Worked with many dog handlers. Thanks for the work you did. Also belong to the Vietnam Security Police Association and at their 2010 reunion in San Antonio, TX met several SPs from NKP... Had a great time.
Welcome Home to all!
Guest 16-Apr-2011 22:17
I was stationed a NKP in 1968 with the 56 AEMs, in the aircraft radio section. I have many found memories of my timew there. I remember the hooches, the airman's club, going to town and drinking beer while watchin the a-1s dive on the enimey in Loas, and Ho's clock.Any one remembering me I can be reached at 936-634-0302, or atmy email
Ronnie Potts 27-Mar-2011 22:53
There are a lot of great memories and stories of our youth. Those years were some of the best of my life. The close friends and good feelings will never be replaced. I love the site. 56th Security Police 70-71,71-72, 72 to closing then to U-tapao and closed that base also. Mad Doctor
Larry G Link 22-Mar-2011 00:52
Vietnam dog handler, USAF, served in CamRahn Bay and PhuCat, VN in 1966-67. Neither base was hit during by tour so I feel very fortunate. Member of VDHA (VietNam Dog Handler Assoc.) and received this email address from them with an article in our last newsletter about Old Dawgs and Pups. Keep up the good work!!!
Guest 12-Mar-2011 01:43
I was in the Navy and worked at USSAG in 74-75. Was that complex previously used as Task Force Alpha?
Guest 10-Feb-2011 15:08
Was in ubon from 1968-1969 dog's name was duke my name s bill switzer good luck to all of you and have a nice day. I live in lagro indiana
Guest 25-Jan-2011 17:40
Guest 25-Jan-2011 17:38
thailand 21-Jan-2011 15:27

your website is good,think you verry much this website show
you about thailand see you again from
Ralph Crosby 17-Jan-2011 01:18
Hello all, I was assigned to the 8th SPS at Ubon 72 thru 74, Lately I had been thinking about those times. I sort of remember people by what they did but not their names a couple stick out. Would one of of you remember a dog handler who chained smoke the night away on the perimeter patrol? That guy could light a Marlboro in the Monsoon rains.
Fred P. 10-Jan-2011 14:25
1987 Comm. 3/69 -3/70. Non-tac radio. Looking for Bill C. and Joe E.
kit S. 27-Dec-2010 08:55
Wondering if anyone knew a Barry Ballis or someone with a similiar name stationed at NKP around 1974/1975. There was a woman who ran a bar right off base I think she went by the name Pen. She recalls the mans name as Barry Ballis but because she spoke thai only she may have confused the spelling or pronounciation. We belive he knows my dad and can get a hold of him
James R. Dixon 17-Nov-2010 00:21
I was a sentry dog handler at NKP from Mar 1969-Mar 1970. I handled a dog named Ruff. Would love to hear from anyone there at that time. Has it really been 40 years ? Contact me at
marvin "crash" crockett 19-Sep-2010 14:54
hello fellow 1968 "556 red horse" brethren. I often find myself day dreaming about the cruddy life we led during our banishment at nkp, and how much we loved the excitement, thrills, mekong, singha, pu-ying, rain, heat, snakes, 18 hour days, lousy food and most of all the camraderie.
"Can Do, Will Do". May not like it, but we did it anyway. Ma-Dang, Ma-Dang number one
Thailand Dog Handlers02-Sep-2010 16:32
Request that anyone who leaves a comment, to please consider leaving a reply e-mail address so that we can get back in touch with you, please!
Kindest Regards,
Dave Broeker
VDHA Webmaster
wayne hogstad 21-Jul-2010 01:41
security police written by wayne w. hogstad., barnes& toll free no. 1-888-795-4274
JohnC. Moran, Sr. 23-Jun-2010 15:28
I was a technician at Invert from Aug 66 - Aug 67. Fond memories of a desolute place. Thanks for the postings..John Moran
wcb869215-May-2010 13:42
I just wanted to add to the comments of this site. Great site! I was with the US Army 167th Signal Company and our base camp was in Udorn. We put installed communications from Udorn to Ubon 1962-1963. Trained Thi Army and turned all of our equipment over to them in 1963. Air America was across the air strip and other than a small terminal building that was it. I appreciate the site although I wasn't a dog handler. Thank you and good luck to all.
Tony Mullet 10-May-2010 16:24
My name is Tony Mullet. I was at NKP from January 74 to July, 1975. I have a picture of you the day you left.I was on B flight, K-9. Phil Iloa was my sargeant. I knew most of them. I h ave seen Marc Hebert, Bob Riviera and Mark Zweig, the AFTN DJ. I know alot of people on your site. Hope to hear from you. Thanks for what you are doing.
Jim Williams 10-Apr-2010 18:33
Hey Charlie the youngen from Takhli and is life treating ya. Miss them days. Not so young anymore. Get a chance drop me a line at:
Jim Garcia 05-Mar-2010 15:46
This is to Steve Hughs,

Hello Steve,

Just looked at the wonderful photos you posted of U-Tapao. The early days are fantastic and the ones from 72-73 brought back a lot of memories.

I was only there from Feb 73 through Nov 73.

Do you remember the night you was doing Ksat and we were talking by the bomb dump and the sky lit up turning bright green?

Bob Ralston 02-Mar-2010 14:27
What a thrill, checked out the photos and saw Paul Benjamin, Jim Caruso, Ted Marshall, Bob Gruedder, Charles Brideson. I was stationed at Udorn in 71-72 worked K-9. Memories are probably the best I have of the Air Force. Would love to hear from anyone from K9 from those years.
bill clifton 27-Feb-2010 16:41
hey, bill clifton here. stationed with POL at NKP from june 66 til june 67. would love to hear from anyone there at that time or anytime for that matter.
Bill Basler 26-Feb-2010 13:55
SAWADEE KAAP! Bill Basler Cape Cod, Mass. I was stationed at Ubon 72-73 USAF E4. (afsc 602). Worked in Traffic Management directly across runway from F4 revets and take off area. Man, those things were LOUD!! (I personnally served as U.S. Customs representative as the air force wanted to keep us all honest.) I remember the situation where the SP had the crap scared out of him when the Thai Army was disposing old ordnance at the ammo dump one evening. :) And of course who could forget the Christmas Bombing 72 or the brawl at the top of the Ubon Hotel New Years eve 1973. Cheers to "Wolfpack".
Sure would like to hear whats up with some of the other guys from that time. Rivera, Faxon, White, Eddy...
austin Jaggie 23-Feb-2010 03:31
hey guys Austin Jaggie here, I was stationed at NKP in72&73 I had a old buddy contact me a few years ago Ed Henderson he sent me a pic of me and him together,god a life time ago! I remember one time we found the bases co hooker on base after hours and took her to the front guards gate and about ten of the guards banged her befor they let her go!none of our guys were there.Big stink about that one,I had alot of pictures but had a house fire back in the 90s and lost it all
james 22-Feb-2010 18:34
hello all
Fred Freeman 21-Feb-2010 18:53
Hey Bob Fred Freeman here call me at 251-424-0257 I can"t wait to talk to you guys either. I have been trying to find Barry for over forty years I may just cry this makes me so happy to find you guys.+
Guest 20-Feb-2010 18:21
Fred Freeman contact Ernie Childers on VietNam Dog Handlers Association web site. He has all info on our dog handlers. Can't wait to talk to you. Bob LaRue
Guest 18-Feb-2010 00:57
Fred Freeman it's great to hear from you. I have been trying to find you. I made contact with Barry and Rod a few years ago. We would all like to talk to you. Can't wait. Post your phone number and I'll call you. Bob LaRue
Amy Taylor 15-Feb-2010 21:33
Daer Bruce Jones
lickle play ball aout ganden and please come my hues see Amy in shrewsbury and day over my houes soon and plaes ring Amy up on Thursay nith Igive my home number is 0169431261 and lickle dog Food and wick in park and please sand video fro Amy
love from
Amy Taylor
Fred Freeman 06-Feb-2010 04:36
Hey Freeman again where are you guys?
Guest 06-Feb-2010 04:34
Hey Bob LaRue Fred Freeman here, I left messages on your posings and haven't heard from you. Any of you dog handlers from Udorn 1969 I would love to hear from you guys. Hey Barry Newsome, Rodney Herdigan. Don Poston. I can't believe the photos LaRue posted are 41 years old......Oh wait I'm 60 now ok I believe it.....God bless you fine men....Fred Freeman 2/5/10
DEAN 28-Jan-2010 23:07
Fred Freeman 27-Jan-2010 01:58
My name is Fred D. Freeman I was a Sgt/E-5 in 1969 and a dog handler at Udorn RTAFB Thailand. My dog was Silver 41M0. Our NCOIC was I believe a MSSGT Hammermeister. My supervisor was a Sgt Livingston. My best bud was a Sgt. Barry Newsome from Massachussetts. Anyone there in 1969 I would love to heafrom you..
Jim Evans 18-Jan-2010 03:11
Was a dog handler at NKP from Jan-Oct 1969. Most of my 40+ year old memories are vague with only a few pictures to help. Remember the seemingly endless nights out on the perimeter and guarding the supply areas. The jungle was so sinister at night, but as the sun came up and you could see - it was actually beautiful. I remember riding in from post in the back of a duce-and-a-half with a dozen or so dog teams. For the first time I heard Blood Sweat & Tears singing "You Make Me So Very Happy." The radio the guy had was completely unauthorized. And I listened to the radio broadcast the moon landing while looking at the full moon in the jungle. I still think of my faithful companion Sparky. Where did the 41 years go?
Ernie Childers 02-Jan-2010 21:27
Any Udorn handlers or Thailand Handlers that are just finding us please contact me, ernie childers at as I would like to make contact with you or I can get you to the Unit Director of the Base you were stationed at....thanks.
Robert Schupbach 01-Jan-2010 23:12
I really appreciated these photos. I was stationed at the NKP airbase in 69-70 with the 809th Engr Bat. We were building the road to Sakon Nakon and supporting the airbase with various building projects. We are going to Chaing Mai on Nov 10th 2010 and back to NKP. I can`t believe it as it was so long ago, I guess us old guys want to try to relieve some of those times..God bless you all. SP/5 Robert Schupbach
wayne grohn 12-Dec-2009 23:01
If E. Childers would contact me I would appreaciate it.
Charlie Brideson 11-Oct-2009 04:00
Oct 10, 2009: Charlie Brideson K-9 handler, Udorn 71-72 worked Misty, Takhli 73-74 worked Sam, and Korat 74-76 worked Sam. I've been back to Thailand twice, once in 1990 with my family and once for a day passing through in 1999. Now, I'm going back by myself for leaving here Nov 7 and may go visit Takhli and Korat. Living in VA now and working in Washington D.C. Really enjoy seeing these clips and hearing about buddies from long ago.
Dan Kilgore 20-Sep-2009 13:03
Dan Kilgore Udorn 71--72 Am I the only one that feels like that was a thousand years ago? Was that really me? Wow......I got a German Shepherd pup a year ago. I am having a hard time accepting him because I just see him as a pet and not like the dogs we worked with. Any suggestions???????? dan
Dan Kilgore 20-Sep-2009 13:03
Dan Kilgore Udorn 71--72 Am I the only one that feels like that was a thousand years ago? Was that really me? Wow......I got a German Shepherd pup a year ago. I am having a hard time accepting him because I just see him as a pet and not like the dogs we worked with. Any suggestions???????? dan
Guest 18-Aug-2009 02:30
Mike Mirror
Mike Mirrors 18-Aug-2009 02:27
Hey Alex Liverano its me hooks or presto I would like to know how you & your family are been to many years bro your near my Mom & sister I come down alot its all good hope your ok & get this message & thx to all the Guys from NKP 355 Takhli dog handles
Clyde Holmes 06-Aug-2009 02:58
I was stationed at NKP from Oct. 1970-Oct 71 as a Medic. I ran the emergency room at the dispensary, Sgt Lightfoot was my Supervisor in charge. I helped a lot of GI's who came through there with everything from the clapp to suturing lacerations to performing a couple circumcisions. I began my SEA tour at Takhli and when it closed was sent up country, NKP wasn't that bad, I use to go out in the field with a medical team of two Dr.'s one Dentist ,myself and Sgt Ivy. Sgt Ivy would test the local girls who worked in the Bar's for VD and give them a red mark in their VD books if they were positive and they weren't suppose to be able to work the bar scene for 10 days(of course most guys didn't ask for them). I feel I did a lot of good there even if all I really saw of any fighting was sitting on my pourch at night along the back street overlooking the the river and staring right into Laos. I use to watch the bombing going on what looked like a thousand miles away but was just the other side of Laos. There was a group called "Heavy Hook" they use to drop behind enemy lines and pick up two weeks later, those guys didn't salute or talk very much to most GI's, they were trained to kill and lived basically under ground. They would bring the wounded in for emergency minor surgery and then ship them straight out to Utapo Air Base. I was fortunate (or unfortunate) to have been able to do some of that emergency treatment and felt damn good about it. I Love all of you who did whatever jobs we had to do to support the effort the other people made with their lives, man do I long to go back and get another piece of that place under my skin.....
lynn A. Strouse 03-Aug-2009 01:26
I was at NKP 68-69 red horse civin engineers. I helped build the K-9 bldg. next to the dump. I would like to contact any one who was in red horse 68-69 as I need some photos of nkp.It was a place I never forgot to the point of waking up nightly. I also attended the bob hope show red horse gave him a pair of green suede jungle boots. Thanks to all who served and may god bless you.
Don Moss 31-Jul-2009 01:42
Sorry about my dates. Was there from Sept 66 to Sept 67. CRS desease!
Don Moss 31-Jul-2009 01:28
I was stationed at NKP sept 66 to sept 68. 1987th Comm. Radio Relay-30450. Was also at Sakonalcorn(sic) Relay site-35 army guys and 5 AF. When I was at NKP we called it the armpit of the world. But you have to understand I came from 3 years at Bitburg Germany. I couldnt get the smell out of my closthes when I derosed so I threw them away. But all in all it was a great adventure and I wouldnt pass it up for anything. Something about being a part of the whole damn war never lets you go. Damn proud to be a part of it!
Thomas McGinn 01-Jul-2009 18:59
I am looking for Sgt. Marc or Mark A. Smith stationedat NKP RTAFB, Thailand 96310 in 1974 and at Grand Forks AFB, ND. Also, if you know Marc my email is If you were at NKP in 74 drop me a line - Tom McGinn
Bill Flanigan 23-Jun-2009 03:04
Anybody have any photos of AIC Steve Opbrook? Sept 69-Sept 70. Three of us graduated from high school together & were at UT with over lapping tours. We planned on having a great big party when we got back & discharged. Steve Opbrook died in a car crash when he was home on leave before we could get together. Bill Flanigan
Sgt. John Garlewsky 18-Mar-2009 03:48
I was stationed in Korat in 1973. I handled three dogs...King 754A; Clipper 65M5; and King 5K79.
Guest 15-Jan-2009 16:05
i was with the army ststioned at rum chit chi in sakondkon. i saw the bob hope show and it brought back memories. john
John Kiss 22-Oct-2008 05:22
Brings back memories of my tour at the 6908th from 73-74, when I DEROS'd.
Mike Schwenn 27-Sep-2008 17:24
WOW " A blast from the past" I was just searching out K9 Thiland and came upon this site... I was stationed at Udorn Thailand Dec 70- Dec 71.. 432nd SPS.. Damm I see Maloy Poor 2 names down HEY DUDE . whats up.. Yes I'm still living in Rock Springs Wyoming...
Nybo 21-Sep-2008 00:30
Looking for anyone who was with 37th AARS Redro unit at Phan Rang 69-70
Maloy Poor 07-Sep-2008 00:37
I servered at Udorn 70 nov. to 71 nov. My dog was Rowdy after S. Fuller went stateside.
donald foy 17-Aug-2008 14:30
would love to see pic's of bien hoa, lost everything from over there, anyone from 71-72 may remember me. don foy 320 briner rd. elliottsburg, pa. 17024 717-582-7832
donald foy 17-Aug-2008 14:15
hi, name is donald foy, came in to bien hoa feb. 1972, dog man, criss was my dog, haven't talked to anyone since, would love to hear from someone. any dogmen out there??
Guest 14-Aug-2008 23:54
Hey Hudspeth......I think I remember you. I was there at the same time but worked with k9..........DAN KILGORE
Brad Hudspeth 08-Aug-2008 18:38
I was stationed at Udorn from July 71 through June 72 as a cop. I was on Tiger Flight and manned the mortar pits most of the time. When I wasn't in the mortar pits, I was manning one of those blasted steel towers somewhere. I just happened to run across this website and was surprised about how much stuff has been written about it and all of the pictures that were taken. I've lost all of the pictures I ever took over there, so I enjoyed viewing them. Thanks for the memories.
Guest 06-Aug-2008 16:02
Great site! I just found out about it.

I was at U-Tapao from Feb.'69 to Feb. '70. My dog was Whitey 18M3 - my buddy for almost 2 years.

Great to see the photos of the guys, the dogs, and the base, then and now.

Craig Smith (Smitty)
Jim Hoyland 17-Jun-2008 23:09
I was a "night-fighter" at NKP,72-73. I handled Victor or did he handle me? He was 78lbs of twisted steel. Where you at Shoemaker?
Bob McCarthy 16-Mar-2008 15:01
Great site, served 67-68 NKP in POL would love to hear from some old buddies
roger 12-Feb-2008 21:52
Ubon 71-72 Fritz M272 my name is Roger Lucarelle (Luke). Never ran into any k9 folks from that era. If you were in k9 at Ubon from aug71-72 drop me a line. Love to hear from you.
Karl Niemeyer 25-Jan-2008 01:30
I was stationed at NKP from April of 1970 to 1971 and did OJT with Frey to become a dog handler there. It was a year of my life that I will never forget and am trying to touch base with anyone else that was there with me. Feel free to write at this address:
Karl Niemeyer
121 N Clark St.
Carroll, Ia 51401
tim twiss 10-Jan-2008 19:03
Hello, My Girlfriend here in Thailand would like to say hello to her "Papa". His name is Daniel J Evans and was stationed at NKP around 1973-1974. from what i know, "Mama's" name is; Daeng Moonma and maybe was a cashier at the BX or PX, he was a courier? Girlfriend says, he delivered messages from somewhere to somewhere on a Bicycle? (wouldn't a jeep be better?) 33,34 years old...Anybody see an "Old Man" riding around on a Bicycle? Thanks for the Help..Tim Twiss
Guest 18-Dec-2007 00:59
My name is Dan Kilgore. I was at Udorn 71-72. My dogs name was Thor. Hey big Al Didomenico. Are you still a Yankee ?.I live down in Gods country....Arkansas. It was good to read all of this.....THANKS
rothe 18-Nov-2007 01:50
Just found site I was a patroldog handler in south korea in 1976 . My dog was sgt Champ YO70
from satahip base in Thailand. Great dog donated from jeffcoat washington state 1973. Any on remember this dog. All the dogs at camp market came from thailand.
Gary Smokov 03-Nov-2007 09:37
I along with six of my Comm buddies were reassigned from Operating Location Golf (OL-G) 1964 Comm Gp Bien Hoa AB Viet Nam to the 1987 Comm Sq NKP in Apr 1973. We were some of the very last Air Force guys to leave Bien Hoa. The VC were blowing the hell out out that base right up to the very last day of armed conflict. Several days before the official cease fire agreement in late Jan 1973, a fully loaded F4 sitting on the flightline about 100 yds away from the communications center where I was working took a direct rocket hit. It was a miracle that we all survived with just rattled brain parts and concussions, but the Marine guards posted just outside our operation weren't so lucky. The fact that those guys got blown away with just a couple of days left to stand watch still bothers me. When we got to NKP, it was like we were all born again and had gone to heaven. Our little group continued to stay tight at NKP. I've lost contact with those magnificant six warriors, but they will always be in my heart. I'm a retired Air Force and civil service guy living in Alaska. I've been up here 27 years and I'm in my element. I grew up in New Mexico and always wanted to come up here since I was a little kid. Thanks so very much for this terrific website. Actually, a military history buff friend of mine found it and fowarded it to me.
I was stationed at Udorn from Oct 71 thru Sept 72 as a dog handler. My name does not appear on the list of Thailand dog handlers, My name is Alphonse DiDomenico, (Dido) my dogs name was Duke #4S06 we called him baby Duke since he was the youngest dog. I was stationed with Danny Gomez, Mike Fisher, Dan Kilgore (Kilgore's name dose not appear) I stayed with the dog program till I retired in 1990, I was also stationed at Kadena Dog school as an instructor from 1974 - 1977. I was there when many of the Thailand dogs arrived at Kadena. Many of the dogs were put down due to age and health issues. I can remember walking past a row of cages on dogs that arrived, when I walked passed one cage I had a weird feeling come over me, when I looked at the dog in the cage, it was Duke, It was like seeing a family member, I cried. I did not want to know what Duke's status was, to this day I have no idea what happened to Duke. I lost many photo's of the K-9 handlers and of Duke when I was flooded out. I have one photo of me and duke by the 432 K-9 SPS sign. I lost many memories. Your site brought back many memories, thanks
Al DiDomenico a K-9 Handler for life
Guest 09-Jan-2007 03:06
What an education...thank you for sharing. The photos are amazing.
Bill Morris 20-Nov-2006 01:50
Excellent -- absolutely excellent!

Bill Morris
Binh Thuy, 1969-1970
Cam Ranh, 1970-1970
Michael J. Dunn 04-Nov-2006 16:21
Great site...Stationed Takhli 11-66 11/67 355th FMS EB-66's
BOB CAPPS 28-Oct-2006 11:12
I was there in almost the beginning 1965-1966 Base Fire Dept/Crash Rescue,seeing this site brings back many memories
Mark Hemphill 21-Jun-2006 02:29
I was over in Thailand 73-74 at NKP 56th sps k-9 Sentry Dog Handler. My Dog's name was BLITZ tatoo number was 014A If any of the Handlers want to get ahold of me contact me at I was real treat to see the old base again and some of the old gang again. Very well done with the web site. keep up the good work
Paul Smirnoff 16-Jun-2006 13:18
I love this site, there is so much information to be found. Thank you.
Daniel Griego 12-Jun-2006 01:37
I was station at Don Muang between Nov 1968 and 1969. Looking for others during that time period. I was in the 631 SPS.
Jean Opbroek Shay 30-May-2006 02:05
Jean Shay 29-May-2006 20:38
I am Steve Opbroek's sister. Steve died in 1971 in an auto accident. Pierre, SD is hosting a memorial to our vietnam vets this fall (registration now) and I am trying to find as much info as possible re: his service, friends, activities, etc. Is Steve in the back row of the picture "The "Night Shift" " ? He is on the 12 Feb 1970 duty roster.

Thanks very much.

Jean Opbroek Shay
Michael G. Allen 10-Mar-2006 16:29
Very nice Website
I was stationed at NKP with the 56th SPS 72-73. Brought back some nice memories Thanks Guys.
Charles E. Jones 06-Mar-2006 05:37
I was stationed in NKP furing the TET of 1969. I hated Bravo 29 and those of you that were there can appreciated me saying that. NKP had some good times and bad. Cobras every where but the coffed was always hot. The long ride to and from town on the baht bus was always an adventure. I had a little band called the Shades of Soul" and we played at the Banyan Tree and the NCO club. I played the guitar in the band. We were a soul band in a country torn by conflict. I'm glad I was there and I'm glad that I met the people I met. If you want to share any memories contact me.
Chip Seiple 05-Mar-2006 01:31
Great web site.
After closing Cam Ranh Bay in 'Nam I had a choice. DaNang or NKP. Guess where I chose? In comparison, NKP was Paradise. I was in the 56th Dispensary. 1972. Altough I visited Baghdad several times, I never had the chance to visit Chiang Mai. Nice website.
Mike Diercks 388SPS 75-76 13-Dec-2005 04:32
Looks great guys, Job well done. Looking at these pictures brought back a lot of memories both good and sad for the dogs that gave their life for us.
Terry W. Colvin 22-Nov-2005 04:16
Howdy from Arizona,

I know little of how the air police and their K-9 partners worked the airbases in
Thailand. I see few air/security police posting on the SEA mailing lists. I belong
to several: TLC (Thailand-Laos-Cambodia) Brotherhood, U-Tapao/Camp Samae San,
519th Trans Corp, and USARSUPTHAI. The first two are primarily Air Force
although TLCB has folks from all the services, including Coast Guard, and Air America.
Please e-mail me if you are interested in visiting these groups.

Terry W. Colvin
Long Binh, RVN - HHC, 1st Aviation Brigade, 1/71-8/72
Camp Samae San, Communications Detachment, 1/73-8/73
Phu Mu Signal Site, Intel & Scty, 8/73-1/74
[halfway between NKP and Ubon Air Bases
Dale Burton 16-Nov-2005 14:11
Thank You Dave for the site. I served with my dog "MISTER" in "69". I have always thought about him and wondered how he faired. Your site brings up alot of memories. Dale E. Burton Utapao,Thailand "69"
Patsy Perrotto 17-Oct-2005 22:53
Great site Dave. I was pleased to met up with you and the rest of the guys at Valdosta this year. All of you made Bob (Citrano) and me feel like we were one of the guys, even if we were from NKP. Thanks again for the goodie bag. And we will see you in Vegas next year, but hope to hear from you way before. Stay safe and heathly. Patsy.. NKP K-9 Pig
Arlene OToole 25-Aug-2005 01:59
Thank you to all of you who have been so very kind to me in my time of such deep sorrow. I know Tim would thank all of you, for being so very nice to his wife. He was such a very nice man, and so protective of me.