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QUIET IMAGES/Peaceful images

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86DSC01827.jpg  New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND 49DSC01534.jpg122 THE QUEEN! - Portlad Head Light - taken just before my arrest last year 276DSCN5278_1_2.jpg a possible wedding card??? created from horizontal by Lois 22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below AGLOW Portland Head Light see linked belos
Karen Montanaro 5671PROUD WOMEN at Nubble Lighthouse Maine... do you know her... reward $ 2771alternate///2718   AMAZING GRACE little white church eaton nh new hampshire ... 5312jpg 4930*PEACE..9% of moon illuminated.
204THE KISS! see yesterday's pad linked below...Portland Head Light... see link below.. 2202Today's dawn... for my friend, Niall   5131.JPG 1387FIRE LIGHT!/ BROODING LIGHT! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger see 2 others in this gallery, more tomorrow  journey home.  St J' Academy;;; ps this image is a fave of mine.. languised on pbase... MayDSCN1335
2674Little White Church Eaton NH jpg/9994  5 ANGELS/GULLS RIDE THE LIGHT!!! portland head light, lighthouses, by donald verger DSC00053jpg...THE GRAND LADY AWAITS SUNRISE AND A NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  best, don 3786328! BROODING moments of light at the Nubble, once again my daughters birthday!!!!... very different moment below, DSCO 9107 DSC00533x600 BRIDGING THE DARKNESS.. WITH LIGHT!   LIGHTHOUSES PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 29
09902 ANGLER FISHES THE DAWN... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE by donald verger, can you see the angler? 1290..TRANQUILITY 1427October... Barn Cat no longer April per youall 732DSCN9906.jpg/657//660///661 HAPPY NEW YEAR! A DAWN USHERING A YEAR OF PEACE!
DSC00077.jpg Tranquility or meandering fence  at PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER SUNSET MAINE LIGHTHOUSES May 3rd, 2005, above lake thompson 00173 BEACON of HOPE, hand held :( PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger lightouse september 15 1056<26GREEN TO BLUE 5360jpg 2474!2453 GRANDEUR at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine DSC03432
2308!a last image...  NUBBLE LIGHT, maine... please comment on this or last nights pad image, also 2693A ROSE for my daughter CAROLYN!!!! overlooked image... Pohnpei, Micronesia from Black Coral Island... SPIRIT OF THE LIGHT... RAINDROPS in the FOG jpeg 9932 279''275;67//66xxx49..My morning today!//36(39///42) PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, MAINE
DSC07235.pad well i guess i am enamored by this lighthouse... and i love blue and pink and white.. and red! 1529/590#4 printed in my living room! DSC08501.jpg After the Storm portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses DSC00211.jpg THE LIGHT in the DARK... portland head light lighthouse by donald verger sunrise september 19 2456DSC08733.....     #63.... my neighborhood... Munjoy Hill, Portland, Maine... i rarely regret getting out of the car
THE GIFT... another dawn, and other day 34b 583DSC03522.363.jpg SUN SHOW SQUALL DSC00103.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT #5 IN A SERIES TAKEN THE OTHER NIGHT 328n205..lateTAKING CARE! a peaceful 11/51/67/68/77 moment in Pohnpei, Micronesia where my son  teaches H.S.
DSCN5572.jpg//242 LUPINES AWAIT THE DAWN... please comment of this one or my profile DAWN EARLY LIGHT at portland head light, my first finisded panorama 3/20/07 2263.8954. dedicated to Lois A Rainbow Hunter... THE NUBBLE, nubble lighthouse, york, maine, i left, then saw a white cloud 2207DSC08221.jpg this was an after thought after shooting the barn you can see at... August!!! 23rd, 2004 fog in august!...9928.JPG
DSC08027.jpg nubble lighthouse last night.... see DSC02540jpg .........AMAZING 15 minutes before sun rise... allusive short lived moments... at Portland Head Light FLYING DREAM 66DSC00054.jpg HAPPY NEW YEAR! THE DAWN WARMS THE QUENN! healt and peace... see 3 more... 1641MY BREAKFAST FRIENDS... a bit of aerial ballet... ps Karen, have you mimed a hummer? :)
DSCN0096greenyellow.jpg A quiet little overlooked soft and darkish take on colors... 47DSCN9760.JPG add 45 to number...monet 159DSC07268.jpg SUNSET PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE DONALD VERGER WAS WILLING TO HAVE MY CAR LOCKED IN! DSCN4144.JPG A LOST LOST found at 3am shot... again quiet like yesterdays 23DSC00059 just found image... WISHING YOU A YEAR OF LIGHT AND DRAMA... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2006
ARMS...  ps... my pad yesterday is an image from dec 18 last year... old but a favorite!!! 298.DSCN2364.JPG 130add 336 to jpeg 2363 SERENITY...DSCN0009.JPG Please see my 3 calenders galleries for hurricane relief... this shot is walmart home... a moment of wonder and peace
jpeg7259?this was the very last shot/an afterthought... handheld at 1/20 :(, but a bit dreamy and quiet 1406i have shot this barn so many times now and never gotten a shot i like... until now?, ps i decided just now i love it!!!! #1 Safe at harbor...#2 Planets repose... #3 people on earth...#4feelings/muted light9181.JPG 1447QUIET DAWN OVER THE ATLANTIC  DSC09403 DSC06838.jpg
...  THE BREEZE ... p1040605 DSCN2770.JPG 44 HAPPY DAY! one day at a time... one of many happy days! nature imitates woman? FEEKING THE STILLNESS.........take a look at my last 4 pads if you get a chance.... DSCN9911.JPG DAWN OF A NEW YEAR... HAPPY NEW YEAR! all my pads for the last days....
 VERMILLION DAWN LASTED 40 SECONDS 20 MINUTES before sunrise and gone!, DSC00118 17DSC07247.jpg INCREDABLE CALICO SKY PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE DSC03245.jpg 'YOURG LOVE ........ sense of scale at Portland Head Light, wb=flash -3 this mornings POhnpian dawn..44/65/71  too suble for most... 81DSC04433.jpg
DSC09924.jpg NIGHT COMES... portland head light by donald verger... all hand held, no photoshop DSCN9982.JPG awaiting sunrise... ps yesterdays pad i discovered was 1/18th hand held DSC09369.jpg................. MOONRISE OVER THE ATLANTIC........ DSC00181.jpg TWO GULLS at SUN RISE!  for Lois touched by fire
1423DSC00827.jpg..........  Flowers for Lois  .... a lovely spot we shared together ... with other images seen/taken DAY'S END... two faint planets slip into sleep ... CLOUDS GOODNIGHT KISS 186DSC03395.jpg 81DSC00045.3.jpg i like quiet shots, THIS is a quieter, earlier image of one of my most clicked lighthouse images, which?????? DSC05436.jpg TALL STORM SKY SUNRISE AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT BY DONALD VERGER
DSC09557st.jpg DAWN COMES   ... portland head light 103mDSC05649croppedmotherdaughterinfog.jpg DSCN9971.JPG the quiet light before dawn 7 lamps... what do you see in this shot... what story do you imagine... c 10/13 pad 82/84/94DSC03902.jpg BRIALLIANCE OR ABLAZE  sunrise at Portland Head Light seamoke dawn as fishing boat heads out
DSC00348 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 22 see more... 30/DSC07272.jpg DSC00558.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger DSC00141.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AT DARK DAWN DSC04051.jpg
DSC00562.jpg #2 in a sequence PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger dawn breaks red... DSC09130.jpg See my all galleries page... for many island shots...DSCN4017.JPG Dec 16th 04, see my first gallery... Amazing Day... DSC07472.jpg DSC04762.jpg THE FACE the face of PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER
120DSC03556.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT SQAULL FRONT ... id love to know your fave and why in this gallery, this... DSC06295....   FOR LOIS :) PINK FOG DAWN over Easter Promenade portland maine 6,DSC08222.jpg 29DSC00043.jpg FROM DARKNESS LIGHT  the Proud Lady, Portland Head lights awaits a new dawn and a new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR! DSC08218.jpg which of these three do you like best?, plse comment on the one
DSC01005.jpg A Moment of Irish Light and Beauty DSC03812.jpg predawn MAGIC... a long story... but this moment lasted only about 30 seconds and was gone! portland head light DSC07590.jpg DSC01690.jpg DSC09963.jpg FULL MOOM RISING: out of the Atlantic at Portland Head Light
DSC09985.jpg SKY RIDE at dawn... coming from Europe to ? DSC06262_2.jpg how might you improve this image? P1000363.jpg DSC03160.jpg rock at the base of what else? PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSC00196.jpg balanced on rice bag on car window, HOLIDAY MAGIC at NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE
DSC00007set.jpg VENUS SLEEPS last moment of hand held light, venus sets over the New England landscape DSC05140.jpg Happy Sledding and Holidays! DSC03339.jpg last moments of quiet light and magic DSC06105.jpg DSC07203800.jpg
DSC00008Amish.jpg DSC06158.jpg  distant Ram Light Lighthouse portland maine at sunrise HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS :)))))))))) DSC07136.jpg 3 QUESTIONS????????????  does this read as a fire scene?? which do you like better DSC06593.jpg