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JUST DROP ME A LINE... or donaldverger@gmail

they are $4.00 each any quatities and $5 dollars to mail... worldwide available

thanks, don i have enjoyed doing these cards and seeing images be seen/had without framing and big costs... more cards/images being added each week
DSC06033.jpg 22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below SLEEPING PUMKINS 12112SPIRIT purchase this and other photographs and postcards from my website 10561FLOWER DANCE WIZARD OF OZ'S BROOM jpeg 6599?
RAVENS FLIGHT below zero ANGEL wedding flower! for Jack and Norma AGLOW Portland Head Light see linked belos 6839.4158jpg Sea smoke over thompson lake ottisfield maine WINTER SERENITY
Karen Montanaro 3529THE COVER?  #3 for id y2250///3421 4140jpg YOUNG LOVE!.............................same color pallete as yesterdays PAD.   DSCN0992.JPG DSC04951...  ANGEL #2  Pamela and the Monarch  driving thru the Maine countryside ...this monarch landed on her hand! 3257August0060jpg... note 1/06///3194 this pink a blue shot is one of my very favorites! POHNPEI,  SEEN FROM BLACK CORAL ISLAND TROPICS THUNDERHEAD
5671PROUD WOMEN at Nubble Lighthouse Maine... do you know her... reward $ peace jpg5549? HAPPY//2565 BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER CAROLYN! 24 :) 2952))2493alternate y2111///2863 2949GREEN LACE/2858//2861///2862 3036... WINTER QUIET
  AMAZING GRACE little white church eaton nh new hampshire ... 5312jpg Pohnpei Micronesia as seen from Black Coral Island 204THE KISS! see yesterday's pad linked below...Portland Head Light... see link below.. 2219...thisis 9981 AND i think 9982! is better! because of branch reach and deeper color 2404DSCN3846.JPG  WINTER APPLES 1943revisted this old shot in lawrence massachusetts............DSCN1144.JPG
2379*726164  84.  117..DSCN5128.JPG new one 60 2202Today's dawn... for my friend, Niall   5131.JPG 2087January 2145is thistoo subtle? Jan? 1387FIRE LIGHT!/ BROODING LIGHT! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger see 2 others in this gallery, more tomorrow i loved the motion and the light and sound, came out of the phili train
DSCN9504.JPG my last 2 pads are of this dawn, which do you think is best?... MayDSCN1335 2006*April**525page DSCN4404.JPG/100 2674Little White Church Eaton NH 89FARMER ROBERTS and his WIFES...LUPINES!
don verger... Frank Loyd Wright... Fallingwaters... with Carolyn :)  Karen Montanaro... poised for dance jpg/9994  5 ANGELS/GULLS RIDE THE LIGHT!!! portland head light, lighthouses, by donald verger Women this is not photoshopped, but a pieace of a giant wall in tornorto advertising DSC00053jpg...THE GRAND LADY AWAITS SUNRISE AND A NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  best, don 09902 ANGLER FISHES THE DAWN... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE by donald verger, can you see the angler?
3786328! BROODING moments of light at the Nubble, once again my daughters birthday!!!!... very different moment below, DSCO 9107 2981DSCN9638.JPG 732DSCN9906.jpg/657//660///661 HAPPY NEW YEAR! A DAWN USHERING A YEAR OF PEACE! 1469mseeing... sweet vestige of summer gone by... soon to return... :) ... oct 29th, 200...4! 1092February... RED and White.1036//1038///1038 no longer April per youall
DH000076.JPG DSCN0074.JPG/685//693///696  Which do you like better... this new image, a bit dark... or if you go May 3rd, 2005, above lake thompson DSC00077.jpg Tranquility or meandering fence  at PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER SUNSET MAINE LIGHTHOUSES 00173 BEACON of HOPE, hand held :( PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger lightouse september 15
2614Monarches filled the sky migrating when i drove to see Jack a few days ago 2693A ROSE for my daughter CAROLYN!!!! 2474!2453 GRANDEUR at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine DSC03432 SPIRIT OF THE LIGHT... RAINDROPS in the FOG jpeg 9932 FOUR LIGHTS... don takes the train to boston... 2308!a last image...  NUBBLE LIGHT, maine... please comment on this or last nights pad image, also
DSC00160.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES cruisin to port/SENTRY by donald verger september 25 1382DSC09975/stnd PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, by donald verger lighthouse angler meets the sunrsise! 24DSC00070.jpg Char kindly says Fabulistic :) you could help me by..... 775,649m583jpeg 89...72///525///538//541///542THE SPIRIT OF THE LIGHT... joy and freedom... taken a few moment ago sitting on DSC07235.pad well i guess i am enamored by this lighthouse... and i love blue and pink and white.. and red! DSC08501.jpg After the Storm portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses
2212!DSC09945.jpg A FEW MINUTES AGO! EXTRAORDINARY LIGHT AT NUBBLE LIGHT HOUSE YORK MAINE DONALD VERGER DSC00211.jpg THE LIGHT in the DARK... portland head light lighthouse by donald verger sunrise september 19 2456DSC08733.....     #63.... my neighborhood... Munjoy Hill, Portland, Maine... i rarely regret getting out of the car THE GIFT... another dawn, and other day 1025...233DSCN8201.JPG 103/109 yesterday's pad had my first example of a little logo and more words about it
PEACE 55;DSC06905.jpg 1993quiet DSC00548.jpg SUNRISE! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger... lighthouses, long story DSC00103.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT #5 IN A SERIES TAKEN THE OTHER NIGHT 2052DSCN9712.JPG 69,  globe thistle gone wild!
DSC00001.jpg RIDE THE SUN portland head light lighthouses maine donald verger 583DSC03522.363.jpg SUN SHOW SQUALL DSCN8108.JPG 2055Pohnpeian Flower!39/57/71 ... see a now growing gallery from Pohnpei at... DSC05782.jpg GRACED BY THE LIGHT  a rarish moment of light at the PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER DSCN5984.JPG
382DSC08547.jpg.... SPLASH after the storm PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE DAWN EARLY LIGHT at portland head light, my first finisded panorama 3/20/07 DSC04543.jpg nubble light house! wedding photographer waits for the moment 2207DSC08221.jpg this was an after thought after shooting the barn you can see at... 2417!2383462DSC03440800/108.jpg   WATERSPOUT OVER DISTANT BOON LIGHT STORMFRONT RAGES THRU NUBBLE LIGHT WITH SNOW AND SUN DSCN1014.JPG 208/245
DSCN9948.JPG 64...200 DSC09224.jpg AFTER THE SMALL STORM... SALT WATER FILLS THE AIR... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER 85 DSCN2826.JPG 82=144 82+56=138/12/8/ DSC08027.jpg nubble lighthouse last night.... see DSCN9985.JPG 63...ADD 90 GOT MAIL? ... laundry? +60
44DREAM.................................................................................DSCN4758.JPG 1808DSC04907PANSIELINE.jpg PORTLAND HEADLIGHT CLOUDS  996DSC09979.jpg newly discovered framing today... the only image where i included the right side DSC08459.jpg see all my newest images and lighthouses at... DSC02540jpg .........AMAZING 15 minutes before sun rise... allusive short lived moments... at Portland Head Light my last exhausted shot... today,,, all the others are of winter conditions,,, MT W
The spirit of the Light... hope faith love :) 2263.8954. dedicated to Lois A Rainbow Hunter... THE NUBBLE, nubble lighthouse, york, maine, i left, then saw a white cloud one of two logos i am considering... what do you think??? which June? DSC08573. DAWN Greets the LIGHT....Quoddy Light, lubec, maine... a packed pizza box away DSC07773.jpg CARDS FOR SALE :)... $4 EACH.... MY FRIEND CASEY!
1854DSC07958.jpg GLORY available as a greeting card DSC00428.jpg :))))))) pre dawn magic at portland head light 1641MY BREAKFAST FRIENDS... a bit of aerial ballet... ps Karen, have you mimed a hummer? :) DSCN0096greenyellow.jpg A quiet little overlooked soft and darkish take on colors... 462DSCN3496.JPG 106/454//459///459 Dec 22 - Pano with draft text........... whatdayathink? .... and HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEARS TO ALL MY FRIENDS!!!
DSC00300.jpg BLUE BRAIDED SKY OVER PORTLAND HEADL LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER POEM... ps if you like this strange little shot... try to tell me why, thanks, d Wedding Boquet for Jack and Norma! DSC00053/86/103 just found this one!!! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT CREATION LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER MAINE 159DSC07268.jpg SUNSET PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE DONALD VERGER WAS WILLING TO HAVE MY CAR LOCKED IN! 566DSC09907st.jpg The Little White Church in the FALL Eaton NH  ... see them all at...
298.DSCN2364.JPG 130add 336 to jpeg 2363 182m43DANCE OF BLUES... an old image from trip to my sister Linda in Michigan... overlooked 23DSC00059 just found image... WISHING YOU A YEAR OF LIGHT AND DRAMA... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2006 DSC00797.jpg  720NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE DISTANT VIEW .... DSCO9126 looking east at sunset! DSCN1165.JPG
DSC09208.jpg  SPLASH!- sky and surf portland head light donald verger lighthouses maine DSC00675.jpg ' MORNING MAGIC OVER THE ATLANTIC OCEAN AND PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT'  a new day of hope and beauty i am in Canada!!! mont tremblay! and i took this shot when we stopped at a Please see my 3 calenders galleries for hurricane relief... this shot is walmart DSC00141.jpg i just decided, quickly, that this is my favorite of my portland head light images... see DSCN0370 girl sleeping in wagon.jpg
1707IRELAND FLOWERS   DSC00448.jpg upon seeing us stop in the mini... a women poked her head out from the peat fired home DSC08467.jpg portland head light JOY lighthouses maine donald verger DSCN0497_1.JPG +74 1406i have shot this barn so many times now and never gotten a shot i like... until now?, ps i decided just now i love it!!!! DSC00139 raw/jpeg... THE MAGIC OF THE LIGHT OF DAWN this may be my favorite of all my images... taken yesterday in florida May?
DSCN0028.jpg .... MAKE PEACE tranquility.jpg DSC00189.jpg GOLDEN DAWN AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER 1542DSC04535.jpg just found!  i like this pansy and image 1447QUIET DAWN OVER THE ATLANTIC  DSC09403 WHOOPS.........DSCN0037.JPG
DSC00120.jpg this lasted maybe 1 minute and dissapeared to gray 10 minutes before sunrise DSC00201pano.jpg center image of a Portland Head Light panorama dec 22, 06 same day as finished pano... 395DSC09895.jpg The Little White Church Eaton NH see them all, have you a fave, a need to make a postcard DSC09166.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AFTER THE STORM AND self portrait... also see a fleeting moon at... 27old shots of this barn in barns galleryDSCN5281.JPG DSC09980.jpg nubble lighthouse lighthouses portland head light aslo donald verger
965This image is one of Jack's very favorites! and he has been painting it Beautifully, striving to get the wheel just right! My Haystack... i return to this barn & ash tree all the time over these 3 years in maine... DSCN9952.JPG DSC02385.jpg MONSTER WAVE ... Nor Easter at moment of High tide, Nubbel light, york maine DSC00040.jpg VERY HAPPY FLOWER BOX FLOWERS! DSC07959.jpg 1 vertical every thousand shots  ... seems weirt seeing it...
 VERMILLION DAWN LASTED 40 SECONDS 20 MINUTES before sunrise and gone!, DSC00118 1067good morning Dan!!! and freinds... Monhegan island...  i will add this image... WINTER, COME SHE WILL... WINTER AND FALL HOLD HANDS... my view yesterday 1115HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAUGHTER CAROLYN TODAY june 11th!!! 25 years!!! she and Rob DSC00119.jpg Peace... title #2 curvy white wire... oh, i.. love this image... i love white, and red, and green/rusty wheel
197DSC03593.jpg  SUN AND STORM 43mDogwood Dance DSC09887.jpg 'PROMETHEAN DAWN' portland head light lighthouses maine donald verger DSC08455.jpg with magical red lit window form the setting sun MEMORY GARDEN :)... a winter's gift/of memories for you DSC05634
DSC06932.jpg DSC09959.jpg.... SKY OF HEAVEN thanks to Knox O ... sunset at portland head light maine DSC06338pinksaltrisottomarket.jpg 82/84/94DSC03902.jpg BRIALLIANCE OR ABLAZE  sunrise at Portland Head Light seamoke dawn as fishing boat heads out DSC07414_3.jpg DSC07769.jpg
DSC09776.jpg THE SUN RIDES THE WAVES at portland head light! see a 2nd image at... DSCN6140.JPG 81DSC00045.3.jpg i like quiet shots, THIS is a quieter, earlier image of one of my most clicked lighthouse images, which?????? DSC07197.jpg just found this one and love it! doing a 3 day show..ahhh! DSC09907.jpg RECOVERY
DSC09908.jpg DSC07414 found on a side street near the lighthouse DSCN0098.JPG...8x10 112DSC03684_2.jpg SMALL LIGHT OF HOPE in the darkness of a wild storm at Nubble lighthouse, maine click!.... SUNFLOWERS SEEN THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS... DSCN9914.JPG
DSC04075.jpg DSCN6396_1.jpg sugar hill nh lupines... see... DSC06767veticalgeranium1.jpg 32...DSCN3962_1.JPG DSCN9670.JPG DSC09350.jpg THE NEW MOON RESTS IN THE NEW MOON'S ARMS WITH VENUS OVER PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT
DSC06476.jpg DSC09904.jpg also see DSC06295....   FOR LOIS :) PINK FOG DAWN over Easter Promenade portland maine  Happy Thanksgiving! DSC01383 DSC06733.jpg WISHING YOU A YEAR OF PEACE AND WELLBEING... :)))) sunset Portland Head Light 9131.focused at infinity and then pop!  a surprise to me, drove an hour to get here, cold,  scene of  most popular iamges
DSC09126.jpg portland head light   .. also see DSC06158.jpg  distant Ram Light Lighthouse portland maine at sunrise DSC07590.jpg